Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wordzzle - and the long weekend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend. I’m not much for official celebrations; they always seem so forced, so insincere and under this current stifling administration they seem outright obscene. Yet another opportunity for Bush and his boys (and Condi) to self-promote while trying to pave the way for McSame.

I’ve mentioned before that I do some volunteer work at a local VFW Post. Where actual soldiers with real stories gather. I do this because Nana would have been proud, one of her few complaints about life was that older folks are so easily forgotten. When I first went to the VFW I was a bit worried that my political leanings and my refusal to be quiet about them would be a problem. It’s not that I carry a soapbox with me, it’s just that when someone asks me a question I honestly answer it.

Well I underestimated my buddies. They love that I keep coming back, that I clearly, genuinely respect them and that I put my actions where my mouth is.

I’ve even seen a few Obama bumper stickers in the parking lot. And I was told they all voted strictly Republican. Oh and yes, I was the one who left the Obama bumper stickers in the lobby.

So - do something for a soldier. Buy them breakfast if you see them in a local diner. Honk the horn and wave – flash a peace sign even – if you pass them on the street. Stop by a VFW BBQ or open house – you will meet living legends.

My greatest hope for this and every Memorial Day is that we will find leaders who value our young men and women. Value them enough to not use them as pawns in a deadly game.

OK – I’m off my soapbox and I have folded away my podium.

On to Wordzzle…Drop by Raven’s Nest and take a peek at the other entries.

Ten Word Challenge: flamingo, monster trucks, Darth Vader, cucumbers, sugar-free, banking, determinate, thurible, sarcasm, drums

Sol was questioning his rebellious career path as he walked out into the center of the arena with his mother’s sarcasm still ringing in his ears – “You could have been a doctor, an accountant, even banking would have been okay. This is just craziness! What grown man dresses up like Darth Vader and …?” Mercifully the sound of the drums drowned out Mom’s voice and Sol followed the flamingo dancers into the spotlight. He hoped his sugar-free Tums would take effect soon; the smoke wafting from the thuribles the dancers carried was making him gag and the cucumbers from his salad were repeating on him; there was but a small determinate number of times that he could gulp back the bile. “Oy Vey!” his mind screamed as the monster trucks revved their engines.

And for the Mini Challenge: procrastinate, memory lane, alley cat, argument, Florida

Katherine Harris sat in the make-up room at ‘The Daily Show’ taking her own private hellacious trip down memory lane. She had procrastinated as long as possible and had finally lost the argument with her book publisher; she must appear on the show. She glanced in the mirror and was dismayed that she looked more like a matronly woman than she did a whorish alley cat and longed to be home in Florida.


Sunshine said...

You make an excellent point. Not all soldiers vote Republican and not all Democrats hate the military.

You know my hubby is a veteran and he has a hard time with Memorial Day because he does feel that insincere vibe and he'd rather remember his fallen brothers in his own way than go to the cemetery to listen to speeches - it's too hard.

Thank you for your work with the VFW, what a wonderful service and selfless thing to do for those truly need and deserve your time.

Jay Simser said...

Loved your Wordzzles (Especially the second one) - Loved to hear what you are doing with the Vets. Love your Blog - but then you know that. j

Richard said...

As a Viet Vet I would like to say thanks for caring and sharing yourself with my peeps.

As your writer/cyber buddy let me say I loved both stories. I am still trying to get the picture of Darth Vader and monster trucks out of my mind.

As for Katherine "give to Bush" Harris, Blah......... She is unworthy of mention and a very sad footnote in our country's history. Those who enabled this administration are flirting with very, very, bad karma.

She will no doubt be able to join her buddy Falwell in the Matt man's version of hell.


Raven said...

You do the best soap boxing of anybody I know. Brava. You are so right and I'm glad you left them the Obama stickers. I'm still praying that Obama and Clinton will team up but it seems less and less likely.

LOVED your wordzzles, especially the first one. Poor Sol. I think you were too kind to Katherine Harris, but.... You are such a gifted writer. Well done.

Akelamalu said...

If you can't get on your soapbox on your own blog where can you? You go for it gal!

Loved your wordzzles Dianne. x

Jeff B said...

Soapboxes and Wordzzles, It's an action packed post today!

Nothing like richochete cucumbers to ruin your day.

Nice job on both. I took your encouragement and joined in this week.

Oh, BTW, I voted for "W" way back when and have been kicking myself daily ever since. I have (too late) determined that he is a mental midget.

Dianne said...

thank you sunshine - and thank you to your husband for his service. as for the stuff I do at the VFW - I get more than I give. I have met some truly remarkable people.

jay - thank you Mr. Simser (I love calling you that). I do know that. Cause you're kind enough to tell me often. Isle of Power. (I hope I remembered that right)

richard - as I said to sunshine, I get more than I give but you and your peeps are welcome :)
I loved matt-man's hell post and you are right - katherine has a special place there

raven - frankly I don't think Clinton is worthy of an Obama VP spot but if it would unite people and stop many of her supporters from saying they won't vote or they'll vote for McCain then I'm good with it.
As for Katherine Harris - as Rich said, she already has her own special place in hell. I must admit I felt bad comparing her to a whorish alley cat - alley cats deserve so much better than that ;)

Dianne said...

thanks akelamalu! I just didn't want the soapbox to disturb the purity of Wordzzle ;)

jeff b - welcome to Wordzzle, I'm coming right over to check it out!

Leighann said...

I really enjoy your writing doll, do you know that?

And as far as your contributions to the VFW.... I have a feeling you're quite a ray of sunshine for them.

Dianne said...

thanks leighann! I'm really glad you enjoy my writing, means a lot to me since I worship you!

I think my VFW buddies enjoy me LOL
I do make them laugh and I cook great Italian food.

Happy Camping sweetie.

Tammy said...

Happy Memorial Day and have a great long weekend!

Jay said...

Yeah, those cucumbers can be pretty brutal when the decide to tumble around in there.

Great Wordzzles!

Love the Katherine Harris one. One couldn't make up a character like that monster. I especially love the way the Bush family kicked her to the curb once they no longer needed her services. She got what she deserved.

the teach said...

Dianne, great, great, great! For the good words about our soldiers... for the 10-word wordzzle "Oy Vey!" And Katherine Harris story - I remember who Katherine Harris is/was. Tomorrow night "Recount" on HBO (I think) will take us all down memory lane! :D

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I agree, about most holiday's actually. They have become to commercialize or just a reason to party. The true reason we have and celebrate these days are lost, sadly, on most people.

I liked both your wordzzles, but I liked the second one the best.

Have a good weekend. Lisa

Betty said...

Great Wordzzles. Especially the second one. What a piece of work that woman is!

bobbie said...

Great Wordzzle, as always.

I'm happy to hear of your interest in VFW. My sister worked so hard for them over the years. And my brother-
in-law was one of them. He fought in WW I.

Jo said...

I admire you so much, Dianne. Regardless of political differences, I think if everyone lived their opinions, we wouldn't have such a gulf in this would be so much harder for stuffed-puppets to convince anyone. You must bring so much joy to the good people at the VFW! It makes me proud to know you.

Your writing & ideas are so good, it's always a treat to read your stories & see where they'll lead...I especially liked the first--Oy Vey made me giggle :)

Dianne said...

tammy - I hope you have a great weekend as well.

jay - every time I saw Harris during the hey day of the election stealing fiasco all I could think of was the Wicked Witch music.

teach - thanks so much. I plan to watch recount - it got very good reviews.

lisa - so many younger people don't even get the point of a day like Memorial Day - it's sad. And others take advantage. a real estaye agent around here put little flags on everyone's lawn with her business card attached - pathetic!

betty - piece of work indeed. hope you're feeling better

bobbie - thank you. I really love the older guys. so no nonsense, so grateful for little things.

jo - poor Sol, he thought he was being rebellious and all he got was a crappy job and heartburn. thanks for such kind words. and I agree - if we just dealt one on one with each other the world would be a happier place.

the walking man said...

Man Dianne that's a hell of a shindig leading up to a monster truck event! Darth Vader, dancing girls, regurgitating cucumbers. Thank God LSD explains everything.

Every generation has its war, and its veterans, this new generation it seems will not esteem them as they deserve. Maybe, just maybe, that is how it should be. No one honestly appreciates freedom until they witness its cost eh? All of the kids are going to have to learn why, where and, what the fight is now.


Odat said...

Loved the stories, as usual!!!!

I bet you make those soldiers day!!! Good for them to have someone like you in their lives!


Dianne said...

mark - how could I forget LSD - and mesc!! That DOES explain so much ;)
and yes - I suppose this next generation is going to need to pick their battle - I hope they choose wisely.

odat - glad you enjoyed the stories. I'm up early this morning because one of my buddies hurt his hip yesterday and can't get around for a few days so I dropped by his place to bring breakfast. He was sitting on his porch with his dog - at 7AM! - and when I pulled into the drive his smile just made my day. He swears he is part Native American and that my tribal name is 'Crazy Ass'.

Tranny Head said...

As somebody who's husband is currently serving in Iraq, it pleases me to no end that somebody . . . you know . . .gives a damn and remembers what Memorial Day is actually for. I hate it when people just view it as a day off. There are countless thousands who have fallen and thousands more whose lives have been affected by deployment/military service. It's nice to know somebody notices.

Bob-kat said...

Well done fo getting thuribles in rthere! :) As ever though these are beutifully written. I love how these take you inot the mind of the person adn really convey the emotions they are feeling. It's almost tangible.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my photos - I'm glad you like them! :)

Dianne said...

tranny head (that name always makes me laugh) - I think of your husband often as I do you and of course the outrageously gorgeous Sumo Baby. There are more of us than you think - the problem is that we just do and feel and as Jo put it, we work one on one. this administration has made sure to keep the public disconnected from the war and I (and others) just won't stand for it.

bobkat - thank you! saying the feelings in my story are almost tangible makes me so happy, what a wonderful compliment.

magnetbabe said...

Oh and yes, I was the one who left the Obama bumper stickers in the lobby.

Once again - rock on, soul sister. McCain is going to be in for a shock when he realizes the Veteran vote isn't a lock this campaign. Especially with his lack of support for the GI bill. What a slap in the face.

tt said...

I bet you've got a really cute soap box! It's great that you go to the VFW...kudo's to you and your very large heart. xo

And that Mini.....what did Katherine do next???? I loved the line" whorish alley cat'....that made me giggle...I secretly always wanted to be one i think...{{snicker}}

Shelly said...

Cool always, holy-lotta-talent girl!
K, you were cool before..but now the VFW volunteer thing took you up another notch, and the Obabma stickers...loooove it.

the walking man said...

Some of the best chemical interruption I ever had as a young 'un was obtained out on Long Island Sound.

Somethings simply remain unforgettable eh Dianne?


Matt-Man said...

I like it when you get on your soapbox. Very nice. But, why? Dear God why did you have to conjure up images of Katherine Harris. Cheers Dianne!!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Lovely post and I echo what the others have said about the good work you do with the Veterans. We can learn so much from each other when we open ourselves up to it.

Warm regards,
Pagan Sphinx

Dianne said...

magnetbabe - Bush called the GI Bill "overly generous"!!!! Disgusting creature that he is.

tt - thanks sweetie :)
takes a big heart to see another big heart

shelly - holy-lotta-thanks!!

mark - I used to 'hang' by the Sound. Perhaps we passed each other in an interrupted state ;)

matt-man - sorry ;)
hope you didn't have breakfast before the image of Katherine appeared.

pagan - you're so right about being open. I'm surrounded by some very closed people and their politics make me cringe but I am trying to open up some awareness with facts and kindness. It's what I see Obama do.

Minnesotablue said...

Dianne: Once again you've out done yourself. I love your leaving the Obama stickers. We love the soldiers but not the war. Keep up the good work girl

Quiet Rage said...

Great write. I'm sure your Nana is VERY proud of you...

Dianne said...

thanks minnesota - I get so sick of Bush trying to portray his opponents as un-American.

quiet rage - awwww - thanks. I think Nana would approve :)

Mary said...


What a lovely tribute to veterans. Though we don't have Memorial Day here in Canada, we do recognize our veterans on other days. Each time I get the chance, I give a veteran a hug, thank him for his service and shake his hand. I have never had one that didn't appreciate being recognized for his service.

Enjoyed your stories. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my photos of the nature walk. I hope you will visit again soon.


Michael Manning said...

While taking a walk down memory lane, an alley cat from the nearby Memory Motel Meowed at me in such a sinister way! I was in no mood for an argument with this feline. I just wanted to be on the beach in Florida at sunset with Kate Hudson!

TA-DA________! :D

Dianne said...

thank you mary :)
I will visit again soon - your photos and your blog are wonderful.

Michael - if I had the power I would get Kate Hudson for you ;)

Doc said...

Thanks for sharing your Memorial Day views... I agree with most of what you say Dianne (with 2 n's) ;-) I have a tough time with the policies of the current administration too.

Dianne said...

thanks doc! and thanks for remembering both my n's :)