Saturday, May 3, 2008


I set aside work for a bit to tackle this week’s wordzzle. It always makes me feel better, I find it so relaxing. Thanks Raven! Go check out Raven’s Nest to read all the wordzzle posts and check out the words for next week’s challenge.

I have to get back to work now but I’ll be around to read all the other entries soon.

Ten Word Challenge: cranberry sauce, amber, laundry list, coffin, morning glory, shalom, mystery, sparrow hawk, pumpernickel, stained glass

Amber sat in the rabbi’s office and stared through the opening in the stained glass window. Every bit of her focus was directed at not thinking about Nana in her coffin in the next room. She felt so removed from the temple she had attended as a child but now a laundry list of emotions and memories came flooding back. The rabbi’s shawl was draped over his desk chair and she smiled at the color, she had always said it was cranberry sauce color and Nana would try to get her to say maroon. The thought of cranberry sauce brought the smell of Nana’s fresh baked pumpernickel bread into the room and Amber smiled again. The power of Nana’s spirit had always been a mystery to Amber; this tiny woman who barely spoke English yet touched the lives of everyone around her. The sound of a motor roused Amber from her thoughts and she saw the rabbi pulling into his parking space. He still drove the silly motorbike he had named Sparrow Hawk and this made Amber feel comforted; he would have no objection to helping her drape Nana’s coffin in the quilt she had made as a child. It was the color of morning glory and Nana had painstakingly helped Amber stitch Shalom into its center. Nana would be pleased.

And for the Mini Challenge: margarita, gum wrapper, spring fever, Darfur, lace

Lace sat at the corner table of the outdoor café sipping her second margarita. For weeks now she had blamed spring fever for her mood; this was no spring fever, this was a feeling of uselessness that overwhelmed her. The wind picked up as Lace finished her drink and fished around in the bottom of her bag for a twenty. A gum wrapper landed on her table and as she went to crumble it up the blood red writing caught her eye – “Save Darfur”.


Raven said...

Well done as always. Your first one is so moving and lovely and tender. Beautiful. The second one seems like it could be the start of a mystery novel. Cool. What does the gum wrapper mean? Is it a message? Is it code? Is Lace a spy? Tune in next week...

Hope work is done soon and you can put your feet up and relax for a while. I think I'm going to go take a nap and see if I can shake the flu that's trying to get hold of my nose and throat.

Betty said...

Very good. The first was very touching, and I'm like Raven. I'd like to know what happens next in the second one.

Jay said...

I agree that first one was very sweet and touching. Great story!

And the second one would be a great intro to a very awesome adventure.

Dianne said...

thanks raven and betty and jay!
I saw the gum wrapper as the universe's message to Lace that there was much to do rather than feel useless.

If it wasn't for these nagging deadlines I might have kept writing as Richard has suggested to me.

and I loved all your wodrzzles. it was the equivalent of putting my feet up to go and visit and read them.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! As always well done. Lisa

tt said...

Still as awesome as ever. Save Darfur.....good one! I'm thinking Lace has something to occupy her time now...
Great stories kiddo!

the walking man said...

She runs down court, having taken the inbound throw. No one it seems is able to keep apace her lanky stride. She stops short in 3 point territory and let's the ball sail; Rockin'! it falls noiselessly through the net, the crowd roars.

Peace Dianne


R.E.H. said...

Really liked the first one. A touching Wordzzle story right there.

And, the second one was cool too. As other's have said... it would be interesting to read on.

Well played!

bobbie said...

Excellent, as usual, Dianne! (And a Well Done! to Walking Man as well.) Both pieces were wonderful, but I especially liked the first. Very moving.

Jo said...

Give you a small space & a few words & you just rock it, Dianne. The first story was beautiful, I just love the mood & depth you captured. Nana would be pleased :)

The mini was great just rolls along & then--a quietly startling reminder.

I heart you more & more all the time!

Dianne said...

Lisa - as always thank you! :)

tt - yes Lace does! thanks tt - you're always so lovely to me.

ahhhhhh TWM - I believe there are awards out there for comments and you should have them all. thank you - my poetic friend.

REH - "well played" has become one of my favorite phrases :)
thank you.

bobbie - walking man is wonderful. all my "peeps" are! it really helps to start a long, more work to be done day, by reading all these kind and generous comments.

jo - "a quietly startling reminder" - that was what I hoped to convey. thank you so much.
and then to please Nana as well - bliss.
I'm hearting you right back oh sunlight one.

Akelamalu said...

I loved them both but the first one was very touching. :)

Dianne said...

thanks akelamalu :)

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, I am touched by the first one. Wow.

I agree-the Wordzzles can be relaxing. ;)