Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh Say Can You Wordzzle ...

This week marks the birthday of our founder. Please stop by with song and salutations at RAVEN’S NEST. After a piece of cake and as much wine as you can handle give Mr. Linky a little love and check out the other Wordzzlers.

And consider trying it yourself. Everyone who has says they’re having fun and that was before the birthday wine.

Ten Word Challenge: gouged, symmetrical, Spanish moss, ATV, parallel parking, Luscious, origami, amphibian, turkey, gravy train

And for the Mini Challenge: pouring rain, mastiff, church bells, wedding dress, stock car races

My mega will continue Finola’s story – If you’re sufficiently sauced up you may want to read all of Finola’s adventures

and now for Part Four …

The day started with the sound of church bells and pouring rain. Finola was suffering from a bad case of cabin fever; she had been at Dormancy Estates for over a week and she had to get out. In addition to the anxiety of being cooped up she had practical concerns. She needed to consider a new location and she needed supplies. Since it was risky to stay and risky to leave she decided leaving at least opened up new options.

In her boredom Finola had used all of the newspapers she found in elaborate origami projects. She loved the symmetrical lines she had created but she needed to research surrounding towns. She gouged her way through the twists and turns of her creations looking for clues into her next steps. She passed an ad for wedding dresses and her eyes rested for a moment on the photo of a huge English Mastiff available for adoption. A traveling companion would be fun and she loved dogs but how would she feed him? Unless they both dined on Gravy Train another mouth to feed just wasn’t possible.

Stonepoint Stock Car Races – free admission before noon. Stay all day. Eat, drink, and be merry. “That’s it!” Finola told the old house, “I’m going to the races”.

By the time Finola tried to get the stolen jalopy out of hiding the rain had stopped. Being a novice at parallel parking she had pulled the car as far up against the house as she could and had covered it with what she thought was Spanish Moss. “Please sweet luscious car, please start” she pleaded. She turned the ignition again – and again – and again. “You miserable old pile of junk” she screamed in frustration, “you’re such a turkey, a lemming, a lemon – that’s it, you’re such a lemon!” Her teary gaze turned to the ATV sitting in the open shed. It was rusty and dirty and sported an odd little license plate that read ‘Amphibian Asshat’. “I can’t take that on the main road” she muttered as she flooded the jalopy’s engine; “but I can take it along the back roads and find a better ride”.

My ten word:

Luscious Origami got to the theater early. She made several attempts to parallel park her ATV before she decided to just leave it where it was. She’d get one of the guys from the house band ‘Spanish Moss’ to move it for her; she had bigger issues to deal with. Her mind went back over the early morning telephone call from her agent. “Lu honey - ya gotta get your ass in gear girlie, your last three shows have been turkeys and the residuals from the Gravy Train commercial ain’t gonna last forever”. Luscious shuddered at the thought of Stan Sumppump. He might be a powerful agent but talking to him always left her feeling like her soul had been gouged out. “What do you want me to do Stan; there are no good parts for a former porn star from Japan”. “Ya know kid” Stan said sternly, “you’re going to have to take the part as Symmetrical Sally in that summer theater production”. Luscious could barely control her voice as she explained, again, that she could not see herself doing such a ridiculous play. “Lu – I know the play is absurd but the Salamander Sisters are investing heavily in it, they’re rolling in the green Lu. If they like you they could take you places”. “Take me places Stan! Take me places! Where the hell could a couple of crazy amphibian bitches take me Stan?” “Guess you’re gonna find out Lu, I told them you’d be at the theater in an hour”.

And for the Mini Challenge:

Tina Trashenwhit grabbed the hem of her wedding dress in one hand and her Bull Mastiff’s leash in the other. She rolled her eyes at the recorded church bells as she took a deep breath and ran through the pouring rain toward the tent. She really hoped Bobby Butthinker was worth having her wedding ceremony at the stock car races.


Raven said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Your names are getting more and more interesting and enjoyable every week. Poor Luscious Origami... in the hands of both Stan Sumppump AND the Salamander sisters. Oh my!. Those sisters really get around. Next they'll show up in Los Vegas with Darth Vader. As for Fiona, well I can't wait to find out how her adventures continue. I was hoping she'd get the dog, though.

Richard said...

You've outdone yourself with names this week. Of course any name with Asshat or butt in it is funny, but still, I think these this week were great.

Thanks for the heads-up on Katherine's birthday. I will compose a birthday ditty and post it on her comments.


Jay Simser said...

Hmmmm, The Salamander Sisters investing in the theater. Calling them bitches. Bobby Buttthinker, former porn star from JAPAN (of all places) - You (once again) have outdone yourself. Hmmmmn

Akelamalu said...


I just love the names you come up with Dianne. :)

Jay said...

A Japanese porn star and somebody named "Bobby Butthinker?" Oh I'm there! ;-)

Fun and entertaining babe!

Dianne said...

raven - you're welcome :)
I just couldn't trust Finola to care for anyone but herself right now, never know what's in the future.

rich - your poem for raven is wonderful!
and thanks for appreciating my silliness

mr. simser ;) - so many things make me go hmmmmmm - these wordzzles unclutter my mind
hope the sisters weren't offended!

akelamalu - thanks! they do make me giggle.

jay - sometimes during a story I'll type something and think "Jay will like this!" and sure nuff you did! makes me feel close to you.

bobbie said...

I really love the mini this week!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! The names are great. You have really outdone yourself this time. Lisa

tt said...

girlfriend you did it again! I'd just love to crawl into that grape of your and see what's hiding in those storage boxes up there...ya know? Where do you get those names?? I can actually picture you with some passive/agressive road rage....mouthing those names to people as you pass them..the mental pic I get cracks me up!
Can't wait to see how Finola gets the ATV going!!

Dianne said...

bobbie - thanks, I had fun with that one ;)

lisa - thanks so much! I really appreciate how supportive you are all the time :)

tt - I do make up names for people!! All the time, have since I was a kid. How wonderful that you got that image - just goes to show how connected we are.

Michael Manning said...

Hi dianne! Hey! What could be cooler than RAVEN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY?! Okay, but first, here's my attempt at the 10-word in Honor of Miss Raven, who is so cool!

In a world where my car is considered Green, I still be gouged at the gas pump! There's really nothing symmetrical about it. I stared into the gas pump and read the gallons and then the price and asked myself. "What am I? Spanish moss?" Maybe I should throw in the towel and sell my old used car with 120,000 miles on it and use the pittance I'd get for it to buy an ATV! And why not? I could be a whiz at parallel parking (assuming the ATV has a Reverse gear). Oh, by the way, I was in the grocery and spotted a woman who was Luscious. After eying her, I couldn't help but take note that she had placed origami, amphibian, turkey, and gravy train products into her cart. This led to a conversation about dogs and we exchanged phone numbers for a date! :)

Dianne said...

another excellent "closet wordzzle" Michael!!
have a happy Sunday :)

the teach said...

Like Richard, I love the names you've chosen... Bobby Butthinker! Ha! :)

Pagan Sphinx said...

Tina Trashenwit! Brilliant!

Raven said...

Michael manning - come out of the wordzzle closet. You are very good at it and you may as well own up that you enjoy it and do it for real. Thanks for the birthday wishes, by the way.

Dianne said...

mary and pagan - I'm sure they'll make a lovely couple and go on to vote for McCain in November

raven - I think Michael enjoys the sudden drive by Wordzzle :)

Jeff B said...

I thought I was at Jay S's place for a moment. hehe How cool to tie into the Salamander sisters with your own story.

All of these continuing stories are quite entertaining. Now I'm wondering what sort of trouble Finola will find next week.

Great job as always.

Kell said...

That was so funny. Those names are terrific. I'll be tuning in next week to see what new names you come up with!

Dianne said...

jeff - I love the continuing stories too!! and I'm enjoying stealing a moment or a character from jay and jay s. rich also has a saga going so I'm hoping Finola can cross paths with some of his law enforcement characters - heaven knows she's on the path to prison (maybe!)

kell - thanks!! I really enjoy making up names that (I hope) bring the character to life. Enjoy your Sunday kell :)

Britt said...

i am loving the kitty clock & little green man magnet!

Dianne said...

thanks so much britt :)