Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project Black: The Kitchen

The next stop on my PROJECT BLACK home tour picks up at the side door.

We're greeted by Kitty Klock, a gift from my nephew.

This is the far side of the kitchen complete with brand new fridge - it was delivered Friday. The box by the doorway is waiting to be kicked into the basement so I can spend Sunday working on it - arghhh


Little green magnet man appears to like his new home


This is the other side of the kitchen


Here's the range. I like the reflection and the bits of color.


Another cat accessory, a spoon rest. He had a partner who I suspect was killed in a tragic dishwashing accident although no one has confessed yet.


My DIL loves knives and orange and loves Rachael Ray (insert your own joke) so I got her this set for Christmas. The microwave is also brand new. Apparently the old microwave had a suicide pact with the old fridge.


More knives under the microwave. I tend to stay out of the kitchen when I'm in a bad mood. Oy!


The uh very ripe bananas are for banana bread and a puree that my DIL makes. I was playing around with light and shadow to compensate for the glare from the window and liked the way this came out. I call it "Bananas in the Fog".


I just got the black dish drainer because it stays clean longer. The towel under it is some weird super water absorber thingie from QVC. My son and his wife bitch about not having a dishwasher which I find hilarious since I wash the dishes 99.9% of the time.


We're back at the side door again. This shot is titled "Nothing is Simple". The lamp post is supposed to come on based on the timer but it doesn't so I gave up and just turn it on at sunset. The carport switch MUST stay in the on position for the motion sensor to work. If you turn it off because you can't freakin' read and pay attention (they shall remain nameless!) then it has to be set again. This involves my son on a ladder fiddlin' with tiny tiny knobs while I walk up and down the driveway saying - "does it come on yet?, does it come on yet?".


At night Kitty is visible from outside. He was up there for years before I ever realized that. A friend's little granddaughter freaked out one night and was screaming "black cat on the ceiling!!" and "that cat will get me!!". She refused to come inside until we figured out what she was seeing. She now comes in using the front door.


So there ya have it. Believe it or not I took 53 shots of the kitchen yesterday. These were (I hope) the most interesting to look at, they were the most Project Black'ish.

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Shelly said...

Oh, that's funny - 53 shots! I like the home tour. I see lots of black here but it all seems so boring, of course I would have to spend the day dusting before I could do my own home photo shoot....naaaa, I'll go look outside.

Raven said...

What a glorious tour! I love all the kitty things of course especially the black and white one on the stove. That knife set is pretty cool... Looks like a giant robot hand or something. I love your new refrig. I don't have a microwave yet. I still live in the dark ages. And I love the banana shot! Great project black!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

I LOVE those kitty clocks that is in your first photo! I always wanted one, but my husband just rolls his eyes at me. LOL!!

Thank you for visiting me today and for saying such kind words. You really made my day!

CG said...

I loved this because a) i love kitchens and b) I'm really nosey!!

Tammy said...

I love your kitchen appliances! Mine are all white and pick up dirt really easy. :o(

Cherie said...

Do you know what?! I have a spoon rest EXACTLY like yours. I KNEW that we were cosmically linked! LOL What are the chances? Pretty high now that I think about it. ;) Oh well. :D

Great photos. "Bananas in the Fog," is that your tribute to "Gorillas in the Mist?"

Have a Happy Sunday! :D


Bunny Trails said...

Fun tour! I love your black appliances - they're beautiful. And the retro kitty clock is great. Takes me back, even though we never had one.

Even though they're not black, the orange knives are awesome!! Cool stuff! :D

Thanks for dropping by, my fellow 2-N Dianne!

Granny Annie said...

Thank you for commenting on my project black photos.

Yours photos are very clever and great.

You and I have the same kitchen stove!

Jeni said...

Ha Ha! People who don't wash dishes bitching about needing a dishwasher sounds like my house and the ramblings of a few select people here. (Yeah, I'm frequently not only the chief chef but also the bottle/dish/pot washer too! And as to the dishwasher idea, I have no idea what two-bit space they seem to think one would possibly fit into either! Loved your pics though -great kitchen.

MyMaracas said...

You have a beautiful kitchen, and I love the Dutch angle effect. The banana shot gave me a much-needed laugh, too.

Thanks for stopping by at Marca! And you're right about New York, both upstate and the city are magic.

bryan said...

I had to laugh at the banana shot -- you'd actually see the same thing in my kitchen right now :)

Jay said...

Rachael Ray knives? Yum-O!

Those bananas are just perfect to make banana bread with.

Your kitchen is very clean.

June said...

I used to have a clock like that! Lots of good PB pics...

Elizabeth said...

Orange knives?!
That's a new one on me.
I am neurotic and have to put all knives in drawers at night.......
Re the banana bread. I always used to make it; but when you add bananas+walnuts+butter+time+ clean up etc etc etc it all gets too much.

When we lived in Morocco I would put any slightly over-ripe fruit in the lane and it would instantly vanish.
Very effective re-cycling of everything.

Dianne said...

shelly - part of why I cut some shots was dust and grime, especially on the range :)

thanks raven - if I didn't have a microwave I wouldn't eat. I cook once or twice and then freeze and nuke.

karen - I'm glad! and thank you. tell your husband those clocks are very retro and chic lol
I saw a widget somewhere with that clock, if I find it again I'll send you the link

cg - oh that made me laugh

tammy - my fridge and microwave were white until they both died on the same day - looked silly with the black and steel range but we had inherited from former owner and were in no mood to spend until we had to.

cherie - actually I'm having trouble finding a new spoonrest to replace the "missing" one.
And thanks for elevating my rotten bananas to a higher level :)

hey 2-N-Dianne!! the orange knives never looked as good as they do now that they sit next to the black&silver microwave.

welcome granny annie - I really liked your site :)
does your stove "lock" for no reason at times? ours does and so does a neighbors - also the same one.

ahhhh jeni! - we should run away together!! then see how they manage lol
I have the same question about space for a dishwasher but I just get dumb looks lol

mymaracas - your shots pay homage to upstate! they're lovely
glad the banana made you laugh - it was the intention ;)
and thanks for such kind words.

bryan - I left out the empty black paper towel holder and burnt toast - 2 more staples around here ;)

jay - I couldn't remember if you love or hate RR but either way I was thinking of you when I wrote (insert joke here)
I will admit to being very tidy but I did crop the messy sink and the spots on the floor didn't come out in the shots. If you look closely at the lampost/carport switch shot you can see a smudge of flying food that I missed. My DIL is reckless with a blender.

Dianne said...

thanks june - now I'm hunting for black in the bathroom
I love that clock! :)

elizabeth - orange is rachael rays signature color and my DIL just loves her
we don't have any little ones around otherwise I think the knives would have to move - we don't have many drawers though
I agree about the banana bread work - I don't do it often.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Thank you for inviting us into your home. Your kitchen is cozy. I don't know about the orange knives though. The address for the retro kitty widget clock is Lisa

Leora said...

Loved this:
Another cat accessory, a spoon rest. He had a partner who I suspect was killed in a tragic dishwashing accident although no one has confessed yet.

Dianne said...

lisa - I don't know about them either!! lol
thanks for the retro kitty clock widget link, appreciate it!

leora - lol! thanks
when you share space with grown children you have to develop a humorous slant on things - or know where to hide the bodies ;)

lissa said...

lots of black appliances but they're so modern and useful, cute clock

thanks for your visit

JC said...

Lol... that's quite a collection! Your coffee pot looks very familiar. A piece of transparent tape, horizontally, over your carport switch will help folks remember ;-)

Tranny Head said...

So - I'm hella jealous of your fridge/stove/etc . . . You know you're a grown up when you lust after appliances.

fermicat said...

Love that clock! And it looks like we have the same exact fridge...

Mike said...

I love your project black home tour, that is so clever.

Carletta said...

And I thought black was hard to find - look at you!
I love the cat clock and the story about the little girl. The photo of the clock through the door window is my favorite.

Gattina said...

We should put our kitchens side to side, mine is all red and white and yours black and wood colored lol ! One thing we have in commun are the little cat decorations, I have cats everywhere !

Casdok said...

Thank you for the tour of your lovely kitchen. I do like your cat accessories, and bananas in the fog!!

the walking man said...

Electricians will put a piece of electrical tape over a switch that is not to be flipped.

The orange knives are delish!

So many knives in all...hmmm I sense there was a vaudeville knife thrower in your past.

What the hell...wheres the clutter? We want your real house Dianne, not the builders model.

Claire said...

Awesome! And I love little green magnet guy!


Ivanhoe said...

Nice kitchen, Di! We were sinking fence posts all weekend so I know what you are talking about. I'm exhausted. Went to work "happy" today so I can relax a bit (lol).
I took about 43 pics of fireworks last night and guess how many I think are worth of looking at? Well, about 5 :o)

Dianne said...

thanks lissa - they're only modern out of necessity, had the others decided to live there'd still be more old white clunkers than black

jc - would you believe we had the tape!! a certain person would just fumble around with the switches until one of them clicked. A good smack, horizontally, across the head might do! lol

ahhhh tranny - you're so cute. I stopped lusting over appliances so I may be having my second childhood. Now I want a fast car and a good camera.

fermicat - I adore my clock. the fridge is a "kenmore elite" from Sears. I love that the freezer is on the bottom, especially when my back is out.

thanks mike!! I was concerned it was boring or not "artsy" enough - but hey I did do bananas in the fog lol!

Dianne said...

I'm glad you like that shot carletta - it was hard to get a good one, during the day the sun is a problem and at night the carport light causes odd shadows

gattina - my Grandmother's kitchen was black and red! so that would have combined both of us. I remember my uncle saying it was like living in a Chinese restaurant lol

thank you! casdock :)

mark - you said "delish"!!!! just savor that for a moment lol
not a knife thrower but perhaps a homicical maniac?
I hate clutter mark. it makes me very anxious. the only cluttered place is the basement office and that will stop as soon as I have time to clean.

thanks claire - little green guy also had friends, 2 of them. one lost his head, the other his limbs. it's rough living here ;)

ivanhoe - ouch - my back would be done for! fireworks are hard to shoot, 5 out of 43 is pretty good.

Minnesotablue said...

Dianne: I've seen your kitty clock in antique shops. I think it's supposed to be Felix the cat

Patti said...

I also loved the kitchen tour...our appliances are black also

Love the kitty cat accessories. Thanks for visiting me this morning. I just posted another "cat inspired" post.

have a nice Monday!

Jackie said...

I love little green magnet man - what a cute touch!

Odat said...

I just love it!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Dianne said...

minnesotablue - I think so too!! I loved Felix and his bag of tricks, I call my purse that.

patti - happy Monday to you too! and thanks :)

thanks jackie - along with the spoonrest I really wish I could find replacement friends for him.

odat - so glad you enjoyed, thanks!! happy monkey monday!

Sparkling Red said...

Bananas in the Fog = a perfect snack for Gorillas in the Mist.

Dianne said...

sparkling - I can't tell you how I can NOT believe I didn't think of 'Bananas in the Mist'!! ;)

Daryl said...

Oh if ever I get to have a BIG apartment with a REAL kitchen I want one just like that ...

Come visit next time you're in the 'city' .. and we can go look for odd shots together!


Farmer*swife said...

Congrats on the new stuff! I love me a gas range top!

And, love the kitty clock! I've seen them in all different colors but don't really have a place to hang one -- too cute, though!

Thanks for poppin' in on me! I too have trouble making all the rounds lately!

Happy Monday!

Jo said...

Nice digs, Sweets! I loved the tour. You have a great kitchen! I like your kitchen towel & the green magnet man--little funny touches that make me smile.

Foggy bananas make the best bread.

I love Felix but I've always been scared of that clock...the eyeballs move, right?

I have a dishwasher but I still wash by hand...I'm just old-old-school I guess.

jientje said...

53 shots huh?
I believe you, I'm just like you!
I love your new kitchen, must be great!

Dianne said...

daryl - I'll remember that invitation, thanks!! would be great fun.

farmer's wife - every time I hear someone being *bleeped* on TV I think of you LOL
and I too check in on REH, I just gave up on leaving comments.

jo - yes the eyeballs move, and the tail. the eyeballs move from all black to all white. He's very sweet though and swears he would do nothing but adore you ;)
my favorite part of anyone's home is all their little quirky stuff and of course you'd notice them - I loves ya!

jientje - and I probably would have taken more but I had to stop for work LOL
If only the camera would see what my mind sees!!

Melli said...

WOW! Now that's an entirely different way of doing the projects! LOL! I love that cat spoon rest... and those orange knives are ummmm... BRIGHT!

Dianne said...

melli - I'm always looking for a way to change it up a bit. Maybe I should start a "share your home" project. I gotta admit it has made me look at color in my house.

quilly said...

I think I could be very comfortable in your kitchen.

tt said...

I love getting peeks into your nest. Tell me you're not as tidy as those pics show...please...And I so covet your fridge and Stove!!!!!!! Just what I've been drooling over when I go to the sotres!!!! **turning a wee bit green here ;)***
I label my switches too...only not as neatly as yours. Put some tape over the carport one...that way that 'nobody' kid will leave it alone.ETK's gonna want those orange knives...she LOVES orange!
Looking forward to more of the tour!

Geraldo said...

You found such a nice collection of black subjects just touring your kitchen! It's amazing how much we don't see until we have an Anna project to motivate us... :-)

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Dianne said...

quilly - thank you. the one thing I wish was that there was enough room for a little table or an island with stools - then we could hang out and have some coffee :)

tt - I do tend to be on the tidy side although in my quest for in-home black I have noticed how dusty some things are ;)
I'm glad you liked the peek.

geraldo - those black flowers you shot are amazing, that's one of the best photos I've ever seen!! there is a link on my sidebar for 'Creative Photography' - you should check it out :)

Rebecca said...

I'm loving the kitty cat clock. And I love black "stuff" in kitchens. But I had a navy blue kitchen (with white cabinets), so I like the dark colors, I guess. :)

Dianne said...

thanks rebecca! I love dark colors with splashes of light.
that clock is very popular with everyone.