Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Red White ... (And Black) and Blue ... And Black and White

It is a world without context.

I got an e-mail Saturday morning. It was a forward and that should have tipped me off but it was from a friend who is usually OK about e-mails – she sends great animal pictures or some silly joke.

The subject line of this e-mail was ‘Where is the American flag’. Yet another warning but again I decided it was most likely some lovely series of photos – you know, the flag created by colored crystals on the beach or a hot air balloon all red, white and blue – drifting across the majesty of the Northwest.

We have become fixated with the flag and not in a good way. Since 9/11/2001 flag waving has turned into a way of communication and a way of self-righteous judgment. It has gotten so out of hand, this meaning that has the wrong meaning, that I took down the flag that flew above my home. It no longer stood for just simply being proud. It said you supported Bush, it said you hated “them” – all of them. Those who are not Christian, those whose skin is darker, those who have different ways of loving people, those who speak different languages…

So I open the e-mail and the first line is:

Followed by:
This has been verified by snopes

Ahhhh – they have learned that if you give people the idea that you did a little homework …

If you claim to verify they will believe. The field of bullshit.

Under this is a picture of Senator Obama’s campaign plane.
Under that a picture of the plane before the Obama campaign had it refurbished.

And then a tiny paragraph – the highlights are:

he decided to remove the American flag from the tail...

Obama is such a despicable human being.

Please forward this if you're not ashamed of our country and our flag & if think this is a disgrace.

If Obama is elected president of the United States we are in trouble. If you think the Liberals can lead our country just look what Pelosi and Reid have accomplished for us.

All of this is in font size ranging from 14 to 18 pt and in red, blue, and green. Yes green. I guess they couldn’t figure out how to do white on a white background and they didn’t know how to change the background.

The bad grammar and missing words are verbatim. Can’t really stop and fix things when you’re in the grips of flag fever.

The thing is – all they’ve done is redo (badly) the original e-mail – origins unknown – and then sent it out into the world claiming it had been verified. They didn’t actually show the verification.

The photo of the Obama plane is taken from an angle that obscures the fact that there is indeed an American flag on the plane – right next to the plane’s call letters.

The flag he removed – personally I suppose while dressed as a Muslim terrorist – is actually the logo of North American airlines – the corporation he got the plane from.

The full snopes verification also shows McCain’s plane – no American flag in sight. Which is fine with me since I do not suffer from flag fever and prefer to choose my President based on ideals and policy, not airplane d├ęcor.

I also wish they could explain how the US will be in trouble if Obama is elected. Will flags everywhere just suddenly disappear on Inauguration Day? Oh – and we’re not in trouble right now?

Then there is the ‘L’ word.

No not Lesbian although that is a close second.

Liberal. We soldier hating, flag destroying, gay loving, illegal immigrant worshipping – uh – um – infidels. That’s the ticket. And what could possibly be more American than calling people who don’t agree with you names and casting doubt upon their character. And trying to frighten people into hating the same people you hate.

I will give them one thing – Pelosi and Reid have accomplished nothing for us. Well maybe raising the minimum wage for the first time in ten years. And Pelosi did recently explain clearly that there is actually land/water set aside to drill in but the Republicans don’t want to drill there first because the oil companies won’t make a fortune developing new drilling sites.

Has the war stopped, is Bush and Cheney and Rove in jail, has torture stopped, are those being held without a voice freed …


And we come full circle.

The Democrats are afraid of looking like soldier hating, flag destroying … you get the picture. So spreading fear and lies works. It’s a lot like – what’s the word – oh yes – terrorism. But now I’m confused. Aren’t we fighting terrorism? I guess we are, just not in our own backyard.

Taken on its own this e-mail is nothing to get all riled up about. It’s nothing compared to “secret Muslim” and constantly saying ‘Osama’ instead of ‘Obama’ and then claiming to have had a brain fart. It’s nothing compared to showing Cindy McCain looking like she just baked a dozen cookies while showing Michelle Obama looking like she just ripped off the head of a white baby. Since Michelle is animated and engaged she is usually shown with her mouth open and her eyes all afire. Cindy, bless her heart, always looks so composed. I wonder if she takes the same meds that Laura does.

So why did this e-mail get me going? Going so that I found the entire SNOPES ARTICLE and sent it to every single e-mail address in the original.

It came on the same morning as did the last time I will ever allow someone to tell me they won’t/can’t vote for Senator Obama because they “don’t trust him”.

As the white mother of a black son I speak the code. If you “don’t trust” a black man and you can’t explain why then it is simply because he is black. I have watched my son being watched in stores. I once had a salesperson confide to me, snickering, that they were watching “that big black kid” because “you can’t trust them”. I was too disgusted and weary to enjoy watching the top of her head explode when the untrustworthy big black kid turned and called me Ma.

I am better than this, many of us are better than this. I don’t care how exhausting it becomes. I don’t care if it forever changes friendships (as it has with the person who sent me the Saturday morning e-mail). I absolutely believe that we are fighting for our lives. I don’t want my future grandchildren to go to Iraq as part of the 100 year war. I don’t want to see any more abandoned homes in my neighborhood. I don’t want to feel sad about the way we look to the world.

And I don’t want to be silent when an honorable, accomplished, decent man is disrespected because of his name and his skin color.

I imagine my future grandchildren running for office one day.

My future white/black/Christian/Jewish/French/Irish/Russian/Greek/African/Native American grandchildren.

I will open a can of the fiercest whoop ass known to humanity on anyone who plans to block the path.


fermicat said...

Gack, I hate those forwards. I get 'em from my uncle and have been trashing them unread for months. They are NOT how I prefer to get my information, thankyouverymuch. When I did read them, they almost caused me to go blind because of how far my eyes rolled to the back of my head at every silly, false distortion. I was afraid they'd get stuck there.

Good for you, trying to enlighten people. Don't expect them to like it. I did the same thing a while back and got a snippy response from one of the recipients. That is when I just started ignoring everything that I get with an inflammatory title.

meno said...

Those sorts of e-mails leave me at a loss. I just can't understand why anyone would think i'd welcome this sort of crap.

I would have enjoyed watching the top of the sales lady's head exploding. I'm small like that.

Tammy said...

Those sort of email really annoy me too. As for that email I think it must have been started by someone who not only has a lack of something better to do, but also not a very good human being. Why people do and say stuff like that is beyond me.

Jay said...

It's been a while since I got one of those anti-Obama emails. Probably because most of the Hillary supporters have finally given up. I'm sure I'll start getting them again from the lizard brains that believe every email they get.

When I get these though, I do the same thing you did. I REPLY TO ALL with the truth.

Dana said...

I get these forwards from my father - all gears towards Obama gossip. What's even more funny is that I'm the "R" word - it's not likely that I'll vote for Obama because of his politics - I could care less about any of the rest of the rhetoric. I cherish the right to vote far too much to quibble over how people vote, as long as it's an educated vote on their part. I've been known to pull the Snopes card on him as well - I'm sure it infuriates him *giggle*

Jeni said...

There are a few relatives and some friends as well, we do seem to revel in sending me crapola like you wrote about here. I see who the sender is, ya know, and before I even glance at what is in there, I take into my thoughts if this person is a notorious conservative, Republican type in my knowledge and then if so, I usually just deep-six the e-mail. Don't even bother looking at them, veryifying them and I sure as hell don't ever pass them along to others either. I don't know why they seem to believe this crap, but they do. And I know my explaining anything to them from simply stating this is not true, to sending them a verification from Scopes, or telling them I don't appreciate this type of "information" -none of it works, or they don't believe me in any case. I have to consider that source and the lack of knowledge per se, but the best thing I've found thus far -my trash can! Maybe a beer or two if it gets really deep too and that may sometimes help me to forget the junk. Ignore it and it will go away -and sometimes, it actually does. I do feel -and share -your thoughts and attitude about this crap though, trust me, I do!

the teach said...

Oh Dianne, I AGREE WITH YOU 1000 per cent!! I read the snopes article I see that the flag that was removed was a trademark of the airline...and that an American flag was put up on the aircraft. But none of that matters... I am the great aunt of an African Caribbean/American little boy (2 1/2) who will be so proud when Obama walks into the White House as President of the United States as I will be! I think there is a lot of hidden prejudice against people of color and hatred of liberals in people's dislike of Obama...but HE'S GOING TO WIN, Dianne! Mark my words!! :)

Jay Simser said...

You go Girl! - I get so sick of racism thinly disguised as warnings. John McSame (the republiscum as opposed to some people who are Republicans) is doing the same thing on his TV ads. It is reprehensible. These people think we aren't smart enough to verify with scopes ourselves or hope that we won't and sending the truth back at them is very effective.

But I must warn you to be careful or you may find your blog shut down as mine was - right after I posted the Youtube of Senator Obama speaking in Cedar Rapids. Love you my dear. j

Dianne said...

fermicat - I have already gotten several responses. Most were of the who the hell are you and what is this all about variety lol
they didn't read the original so my response confused them
I did get a lovely e-mail fro a woman thanking me and 2 nasty ones - one told me I would burn in hell.
oh well ;)

meno - "I'm small like that" - LOL

tammy - in this case I truly believe it is racism

jay - reply to all with the truth - we should start a club :)

Dianne said...

dana - an educated vote - exactly! I have friends who tell me they won't vote for Obama and they tell me economic policies, or his past record, whatever. Fine. I disagree but fine. You may be my favorite Republican Dana ;)

jeni - the thing about this, besides coming right after a thinly veiled racist rant from another friend, is that it came from someone I considered a decent, intelligent person. I knew she was Republican but we always had great conversations. I think it will get uglier and uglier as McCain becomes more desperate.

mary - I'm marking your words, I'm marking them :)

jay - oh well, I'll open my big mouth somewhere else :)
It is racism Jay, I know it when I see it/hear it/read it - been dealing with it for 35 years. Enough! Love you too

Raven said...

BRAVA!!!! BRAVA!!! Those emails make my blood boil. As a rule I just delete crap that comes to me from people who ought to know better but I have gotten a couple of this type and have felt a need to reply with a treatise on truth, liberty, what democracy REALLY means and so on. You have said it perfectly so I won't bother to add my speech. I agree about flying the American flag too. There was one on the house when I moved in and I took it down for just the reason you mentioned. It seems now to be a symbol of bigotry, hubris and hate mongering instead of what it used to stand for. That new Snopes trick really ticks me off too because it's an additional level of dishonesty... it's designed to keep people from checking the truth. Grrrrr. Well, I could rant on, but you have said it all with your usual wonderful gift, so I'll just repeat my first words. Brava! Brava!

emily said...

GOD, do I love reading you when you are 1) So very right and 2) so very riled up. My heart sings with your words... and I will be next to you with a can opener shoudl the need arise :)

bobbie said...

I received this same Snopes thing. I knew better - but I actually tried to talk to the person who sent it. She played dumb at first. We went back and forth a few times. I tried to be patient and give her the benefit of the doubt. She ended in telling me that it was "exhausting" trying to talk to me.
Don't you just want to cry sometimes?
I don't really mind if I lose this one as a friend. But I do know another who has been a good friend for many years. Apparently she isn't speaking to me any more. That one hurt.

Dianne said...

raven - "an additional level of dishonesty" - is brilliant.

emily - thank you! that is just such a genuinely lovely comment. and keep that can opener handy ;)

bobbie - I have actually cried several times this weekend. It is exhausting! And having lived in the 60s and 70s I'm so sick and tired to realize there is so much more to fight.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm so sick of all the trash I can't wait for the whole thing to be done and over with. and still no one will be happy.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Besides everything else that is terrifyingly awful about that email, calling Obama a "despicable human being" is despicable in and of itself!

I hate that the Bushies have Hijacked the Flag...As far as I'm concerned this is not the Republican Right Wing Facist Flag...THIS IS The American Flag: MY FLAG! So, I will NOT be intimidated into feeling like I cannot have a Flag or post it or honor it because some horror show conservative hateful people might think I'm one of them. I know who I am and what I'm for and I LOVE my country and want it to survive the people in charge now. We ARE Fighting for our lives here, I agree. And The Flag is a symbol of ALL that the conservative right wing people have taken from all of us. I pray that Obama gets elected and is safe, always. Because if someething happens to him, there will be a Reveloution...! I have been around for a long time and I will never understand how we are still in The Dark Ages in so many minds in this country. I do not understand how anyone with half a brain could continue on the road we are on now. Our country is going down the tubes and the Right Wing Conservatives not only don't see it, they are aiding and abetting it.

As to Pelosi and Reid? Well....lots of bold talk and no rewal action. I am deeply disappointed in them---Particularly Nancy Pelosi.

Enemy of the Republic said...

For all I know, I've gotten one of those and deleted it. If I get another, I will follow Jay's lead. I agree with you on the nonsense about the flag. We have a huge American flag hanging in our living room, and yes, we support Obama, even give money to his campaign every month. This is the same crap that the right pulled on Kerry, but I hope that Obama fights them instead of hoping it will go away as Kerry did.

kenju said...

I got the same email, and I went to Snopes to verify. I read that ALL candidates for president paint their planes to reflect their campaign logos, etc. So I sent an informative email to the man who sent it to me, and I also replied to all he had sent the original to, telling them to quit singling Obama out and trying to make him look bad when the information was either an outright lie or a misrepresentation of the facts. It makes me so mad!!

the walking man said...

Because I always delete a hundred times more e-mails then I read I may have missed this one, but then most people know not to forward such bullshit to me.

I hope one small benefit of having Obama as resident is that the rampant nationalism of the past thirty years is subdued for the less disingenuous patriotism. Maybe then I will feel feel somewhat more free to display a symbol of something I believe in, Until then it, that flag of my nation, will stay folded in its tri-corner fold.

I would have loved to have been there when your son called you ma. Nothing better than to eat the brains of the dumb.

dale said...

You tell 'em sister. Put on those shit kickin' boots and open the whole can o' whoop ass on 'em! Things like this type of ignorance makes me really ashamed to be an American living abroad! My 2 children are japanese, mexican, scottish, and native american and I expect that one day they will be able to hold a public office without discrimination and prejudice like this! Thanks for sharing.

On a different note, Roger is away this week and Chica and I are manning the Creative Photography Fort, if you wish to judge again, please drop me an email - dale(dot)rogers(at)gmail(dot)com.


Dianne said...

queen size funny bone - isn't it a shame that the election process can't be enjoyed, that the media and hateful groups ruins it for the average American.

oldoldlady of the hills - the 'despicable' part really got my dander up! And I too am deeply disappointed in Pelosi. I have tried to make excuses for her (and the rest of them) but the bottom line is the Dems wimped out.

enemy of the republic - isn't it great how so much of Obama's $$$ comes from people like us. :)

Dianne said...

Brava Kenju! Did he or any of the others respond to you?

mark - this particular time I didn't stand up as I usually do. It was so blatant and ugly that it took me by surprise - plus my son was in his "Ma don't make a scene" phase. One day I'll have to post some anecdotes of my feasting on the brains of the dumb.

dale - thank you!! perhaps my grandchildren and your children will start a new party - one that works! I'll e-mail you right now

Bob-kat said...

There is so much I want to comment about but I fear it would turn into an essay. I need to go away and order my thoughts. Just wanted you to know that I have been by and basically, even though I'm a Brit I agree with you. I will be back with more thoughts.

Thanks for popping by and as ever for your lovely comments. I get a big lift from them :)

Sparkling Red said...

My ex is black with a white mom. They ran into the same ignorance. He could not get a cab to stop for him when coming home alone late at night. He looked like a big scary guy. In face, he was a teddy bear most of the time.

I'm glad there are no Republicans in Canada. Our Conservative party is financially conservative, but not socially so, or at least not as much as in the U.S. We're lucky here.

The Mountain Cat said...

Dianne, I work in Manhattan where I encounter more liberals, or so called liberals, who just want to argue that George Bush is a horrible human being without knowing all the facts. I refuse to argue with people who just talk nonsense. If I even remotely disclouse that I support our preseidnet, I've been called an idiot. I decide to end the coversation right there as that kind of person should not be acknowledged. They are in increasing abundance in my fair city.

Dianne said...

bob-kat - you may essay here any time you like. and thank you for always letting me know my comments are appreciated - that gives me a lift :)

sparkling red - ahhh yes, the cab at night issue. Back in NYC we lived in a predominately white neighborhood. My son worked the early AM shift for UPS so he left for work at 2 AM. At least once a week while starting up the car he was stopped and questioned by an NYPD patrol car! Once he was tackled from behind by a cop. If you're black you must be stealing the car - goes back to the whole "don't trust" thing.

Mountain Cat - I think a lot of what you encounter comes from frustration and anger. Plus Manhattan is just plain a rough place to have any calm discourse lol I hope I would never treat any individual poorly based on anything they believed. I've mentioned that I visit my local VFW a lot, a lot of the guys support Bush and I'm proud to say we have wonderful fights - uh - discussions.

Knight said...

I'm so glad you replied to all. I used to get those e-mails from old friends and family members. I would do the research and reply all as frequently as possible. Sure it pissed people off but at least they stopped sending that crap to me.

I want to address so much more but I'm shaking so bad I need to look away from the computer now.

Matt-Man said...

After 43 years on this Earth, I am still amazed by how shallow and well, stupid some people are.

We have a radio guy near here who touts this same garbage on the airwaves everyday. And the masses eat it up.

My head is about to explode from all of the flag wavin', White-Christian-American Uber Alles shit.

Here's to ya, Di. Cheers!!

Dianne said...

knight - don't let it make ya shake sweet girl - asshats abound!
I noticed on Matt-Man's post today we both called ourselves "Mutt-Americans" - the evidence of you being the daughter I never knew I had just mounts!! ;)

matt-man - I got 10 years on ya and I'm still stymied!

Matt-Man said...

You said "Stymied". Wasn't Stymie a black Little Rascals character? You racist, you. Cheers!!

Shelly said...

I wanna *return to sender* those stupid hater e-mails, but I want to attatch a note that says
"I thought you were smarter than this, please turn your brain on".

Dianne said...

Matt-Man - Stymie was an "African-American height challenged mischevious being" - please read your label manual!

shelly - I just got yet another e-mail from the person who sent me and dozens of others the original. Now she tells me my politics are no excuse for insulting her to her family and friends. So she includes me in there, for all to see my e-mail address and then calls my proving her wrong "politcs". She spreads a document that calls Obama a despicable human being based on lies but I'm the guilty partner!
As Bobbie said - it is exhausting!

Bond said...

Wait? You mean to tell me there is no Italian in your heritage and you expect me to vote for your relatives some day? How could I possibly do something like that.

Dianne...this was wonderfully written and spot on. It is the main reason Obama began a web site just to respond to these allegations that seem to be percolating every day.

But did you hear that McCain has three black mistresses and loves to read the Koran at night? Maybe I should send an email...

This is the internet..why does it have to be true???

Akelamalu said...

Some people don't have two brain cells to rub together do they, that is really disturbing.

You did exactly the right thing and I salute you m'dear.

Daryl said...

Dianne ... I am standing at my desk applauding you ... this is the most spot-on post 'political' post I have read ever ... and its not because you said everything I am thinking but better .. its because you are absolutely right.

I especially LOVE that you sent all those misinformed the Snopes link ....

Amen Sister!


CrystalChick said...

Dianne, You are AWESOME! Bravo!
I did not vote for Barack Obama in the primaries, I was supporting Hillary, because I am a registered Dem and she was my choice at that time. Now that he is the Dem candidate I absolutely will be voting for him in Nov. and cannot wait to do so.

I did my own post on him/this awhile ago. Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste to the browser if the link doesn't work or go back to that March
10th post if you wanted to read it. Yeah, I droned on forever, but I was so pissed about some of this very stuff.

Ramblings of a Damn Yankee Democrat

Thank you for addressing all of this. It's important!
Have a great week. Mary

Dianne said...

LOL Bond - I did spend the first 40+ years of my life in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn so I do believe I am Italian. Have you ever seen Craig Ferguson? He's on after Letterman. He does this wonderful bit about how he "Googles everything he knows" and "If it's written down it must be true" Funny stuff!
Welcome Back :)

akelamalu - thanks lady, I also sent the e-mail to Obama's 'fightthesmears' watchdog e-mail - this one isn't listed on there yet.

daryl - thanks - When I followed the chain of this piece of crap backwards I saw that it had been forwarded through to 100s of people - just from this one small group of people who know each other - and I sent my reply to every single one of them! lol
I can't tell you how wonderful your comment made me feel because I've been getting a little bit of grief over this.

Dianne said...

mary - I went back and read you piece of absolute art! the link worked fine.
Even the title was great. Around my little town I do believe I'm referred to as "Oh Christ It's the Freakin' Liberal Again" - you should see me at township meetings when I'm holding up business by asking about open space and animal protection.
And I love when you suggest the people who forward these e-mails turn in their voter cards!

Ivanhoe said...

People will believe to what they want to believe. But you did a great job. I got this mad after watching Stop-Loss movie last night. I just want to get something done....

holly said...

i get so BOREd having to go to snopes all the time, i now have an auto-filter. if it has something political in the email, i have my mail program automatically respond with "this is probably too stupid for me to read, and furthermore i have been hit by a bus. please don't send any more forwards here."

HOWEVER, if it has multiple colors in it? i will so believe every last word, particularly if those words are large. i mean, anything multicolored and varying in size MUST be somewhat true. ..

[i came over from daryl's blog. i heart her to bits, and do what she tells me. and she knows her stuff. 'behind the sarcasm' there is applause.]

Minnesotablue said...

As usual you are right on! Sometimes I become so angry I can hardly control myself. I stick to all the liberal blog sites and opinions because if I don't, I will put my fist through the computor screen and I can't affordd a new one. I never open mail from sites I am not familar with any more. YOU GO GIRL!

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - they will. this election is exposing a lot of prejudices and fears and downright ignorance. If all that is handled calmly imagine how much we could all learn and change. unfortunately I'm discovering a side of some of my "friends" that is unacceptable to me.

holly - I heart Daryl too! thanks for visiting. I love your theory about large colored fonts - so true. ;)

Dianne said...

minnesota - I know! the really disturbing thing is that this e-mail was forwarded all over by a friend. someone who has worked with me for several years, someone I thought had better values and a much higher IQ. Her dark side is certainly coming out over Obama and that hurts me and makes me angry.

Kim said...

Beautifully done, my friend. Perfect.

Reb said...

As a Canadian, I really have no say in the political part. As for the racist comments, that is so dark ages! You tell 'em girl!

Dana said...

Your favorite Republican? No! Tell me it isn't so *gigglesnort*

Quite frankly, there are just as many of these emails directed at McCain, Bush and the Republican party as there are directed at Obama. Personally, I don't think there is a place for any of it!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you, infact I peed off some friends earlier this year when I politely told them to stop emailing me this junk about Obama!

Lisa said...

every single time one of my friends sends me something that begins with "This was verified by snopes". I immediately bust them, reply to all with the fact that NO, IT WAS NOT VERIFIED BY SNOPES. I have friends that choose to think I'm just mean... instead of doing homework and taking me off the forward list.

geesh. i hate the topics, the lies, and worst of all, the ignorant people who fall for them no matter how many years we've all been online.

Charlene said...

left you a little something something over at my blog


RiverPoet said...

Dianne -

Oh, it really riles me up when I get crap like this from my MIL who researches NOTHING! Then I get it from my Republican friends. And sometimes (only sometimes) I get the emails from Christian friends, though mostly I find that they steer clear of politics for fear of any of us offending each other and losing each other's friendship.

Like you, I"m tired of the way this country has drifted (or not drifted, if you're talking about old prejudices). I'm glad that people like you get on the soapbox and shout!

You can thank Daryl for my visit.

Peace - D

TSannie said...

I hope one of yours marries one of mine - then you can add Swiss, German, Norwegian, Scots, English, Welsh, Prussian, Spanish to your blood line...and I will be THRILLED - (well, only if the two of them loved each other).

Where I work, we have a new nurse coming on board who is gay. Her health aide isn't sure she can work with this new nurse and that bothers me greatly. If there's anything I can do about that, I will, but I don't know that I can.

This is not exactly what you've posted about, but it is in the same onerous vein.

I'm here because a Daryl, as well. I respect her opinions very much, and because of her endorsement of you, yours as well.

LingoVise Says... said...

Very Well Said! Amen!

My delete finger has been heavily used lately... I don't even bother to read tripe like this - it scares me. To think people are STUPID enough to believe fabrications without checking the facts themselves.

travelling, but not in love said...

Great post. Shows how low the right are having to stoop to discredit Obama. I mean really, the flag on his plane?!?! Bunch of fools.

As a non-american living in Europe, I should have very little interest in American domestic politics. But like the rest of the world, I realise that your choice of president affects us all.

Shame on those who use such stupid, ridiculous, and evil attempts to influence the influence-able.

(I came via Daryl, BTW...)

Dianne said...

kim - thank you, I appreciate that!

reb - the racism is far more widespread than most people, myself included think. As Obama gained steam and began to look like a winner I see more and more of it. Sad but true.

Dana - it's twue, it's twue
and I agree no place for slander and trash period. I have received a few McCain e-mails and I've done the same thing - I am a fair minded person - which is probably why I'm nuts! I have to say though that the McCain smears never have the same tone of pure hatred. "despicable human being" for allegedly re-decorating a plane!!

Dianne said...

brit'gal sarah - I think I'm going to have a much shorter Christmas card list by the time this is done. But that's OK, they closet bigots that I was too kind to.
thanks for the visit :)

lisa - I'm still getting the 'virus warnings' even though they've been proven to be crap a million times! the verified by snopes is new to me - and I think especially ugly since as Raven said "it's a new level of dishonesty".

charlene - hey gorgeous! thanks, I'll be over soon.

Dianne said...

riverpoet - Daryl is wonderful. Thank you for the visit and for the encouraging words. It gets lonely and a little scary on a soapbox :)

tsannie - I have a lot of respect for Daryl as well, I first thought her blog was purely photo but then as I visited each day and read the text with the photos the whole person emerged and she is quite special.
I would love for one of yours and one of mine to marry ;)
and Scot blood would sure be welcomed!! LOL
I'm in fake menopausal love with Craig Ferguson and have become fascinated by all things Scot ;)

lingovise - thank you! I'm thinking I need a whole lot of Amens :)
The purely stupid don't bother me as much as the closet haters who think they can spread this crap into the world without taking responsibility. The 'friend' who started all this has proven to be one of those.

travelling - what's even more absurd is that the part of the snopes they didn't show clearly shows that McCain's plane doesn't have a flag on it. And as I said - that's fine with me. This flag waving fervor is absurd and mindless. The whole world is watching us and I hope we don't let them down - or ourselves
thank you for visiting, Daryl is the best.

tt said...

This was great Babe! I'm deffinitely an Obama supporter...and I must say you have a passion I don't encounter very much. Around here, in our Red shaded state...I'm constantly hearing about what Obama 'can't' do or 'won't' do if he's elected. Occasionally I'll hear about what's wrong with McCain but its not often. And of course, it's Obama's color. Most people keep referring to both their ages. What??? Age and color??? As if that's the most important quality. WTF??
I love and adore your passion girl.
Very well written and spoken.
I'm thinking I need to get you a brand new shiney can opener!! Cuz, me thinks you're gonna need it! :)
Love you awful!

Willie G said...

I'm new here. Linked over from the Matt-Man. I will be back to check out more of what you have to say. This was a great post. More of us need to fight back against the crap that is being perpetrated out there, not just against Obama, but against all progressive thought. Peace.

aims said...

I am Canadian and have watched your political arena with a hand held over my eyes and my mouth in a round O in gaping horror!

I'd vote for Obama any day.

Dianne said...

tt - thanks for the can opener offer but I'm thinkin' I'll keep using my dull rusty one LOL - it causes more damage.
love you too!
you could buy me a helmet

willie - thank you for coming by and thank you for the encouraging words. I'm going to keep at it, it's just too important. and you're right, it's not just for Obama - it IS for progessive thought. Peace Willie G :)

aims - imagine being here! and watching it!! sometimes I just want to pull a blanket over my head - but that's what they're counting on. if he accomplishes nothing else - Senator Obama has rejuvenated folks like me and has gotten the younger ones more enagaged in government than ever before.

Rambling Woods said...

People know we well enough not to send any forwards..If you don't care enough to send it to me with an explanation, I delete it. I knew right off when you said the "L"..word what you meant. But I am disappointed in my party at present as I had high hopes and nothing has come to fruition...

Anonymous said...

My dad forwards this kind of stuff to me. The last time I replied to him with the link to snopes about how it wasn't true. His response was that he wasn't sure but he forwarded it "just in case". I love my dad, but there's no reasoning with him on this.
Why do we have this attitude of email "sniper shots"? Why are there no emails saying "here's all the great things about my candidate"? Because social engineering shows the "flesh eating virus in the Costa Rica bananas" rumor travels faster than truth and veracity ever will. Sigh.

Dianne said...

rambling woods - I had such high hopes after the mid-term elections! and I'm so disappointed but that's one of the reasons I support Obama - I truly believe he was stir things up and get folks moving. I've already seen a bit of it in the way he handles stupid questions - how in the moment he is and how he appears to be able to do many things at once. This current guy can't do on thing at once! ;)

asthmagirl - I chuckled over your Dad saying "just in case"
I send positive news all the time! I don't forward though, I hate that nonsense. If I have something that I think would interest others I bother to send it to them personally.

i beati said...

I will give them one thing – Pelosi and Reid have accomplished nothing for us.

This is indeed true. I am so disgusted with this bunch sorry had to say it sandy

ETK said...

This is SO one of the reasons I love you!!! Now, get back in my purse damn it! :)

Richard said...

Dianne, loved this post and as always you are right on.


Diane Mandy said...

ONE OF YOUR BEST POSTS YET--and this is saying a lot because they are always so good.

It reminds me of an experience I had the other day. A friend of my husband's (who as you know is from Egypt and not only black, but also from a Muslim background) said she could never vote for Obama. She offered no reason, and then said "I mean, what would the world think of us?"

I gasped, remembering that here in the country we both live, 200,000 just gathered to hear Obama speak. But only said in response, "I'd think the world would think America is finally ready for change."

I could have said more but there is no overcoming that sort of ignorance.

Dianne said...

sandy - don't be sorry, they have let us down with their meekness and their puny attempts at change.

etk - I'm in their! I'm in their! love you too kid

rich - thank you, you know how much I appreciate your opinion

diane - there is no overcoming that ignorance, although heaven knows we try. Obama's candidacy is exposing a lot of what I like to call "closet bigots", what my ex used to call "undercover tolerance" - I gotta tell you it's shaking me up a bit.
and thanks for the kind words - you're a good soul diane.

Jackie said...

Spot on Dianne. I agree totally.

Someone told me about a great bumper sticker today:

"01/20/09 - the End of an Error"

It took me a while to figure it out (we do our dates differently this side of the pond!) but I got there eventually :)

Dianne said...

jackie - they have T-shirts with that slogan now too. Let me tell ya the excitement over getting rid of that horror show mounts - as does the ugliness of what I fear will be a rough election.
when I worked for the Brit company - I now refer to it as "the Evil Empire Corp" (long story) I was always confused about dates - some went our way, some stayed their way and of course the Americans refused to budge lol

Anndi said...

The thought of you opening a can of whoop-ass just makes me smile. I pity the fool.

Dianne said...

anndi - "I pity the fool" - love it!!

magnetbabe said...

Love the rant! Reading it got me all riled up for you, but like always you handled it beautifully. I too have pulled the "reply all" trick, much to the dismay of my friends and family. But I can't just watch ignorance beget more ignorance.

I also had to shake my head at "the code" - my two favorites are "I can't trust him" and "he doesn't share my values". I really thought that after the last 8 years things would be different this time around and people would really look at the issues. We still haven't truly woken up from the 9/11 hysteria and the politics of fear.

Dianne said...

magnetbabe - Now there are people who have voted Dem since the beginning of time and they're telling me "they're not sure" or as you said - the trust and values crap. I call them out each and every time! If you can't be specific and factual then shut the fuck up - my new credo!
love ya auntie babe

Starrlight said...

Oh for god's sake. This is a stupid as the whole McCain has a viet cong baby bullcrap Bush pulled in 2000.

I am voting Obama although I am not one of those people are are convinced it is going to be a turning point of some sort for America or that he is anything other than a politician at heart. I hope to be proved wrong.

But this kind of crap is just pathetic. I have one friend here who forwards me this crap and I ask WTF she does it for. I'd vote for a ficus plant over McCain and I could give rat's ass what the candidates have on their lapels or planes.

Frankly nationalism (which is what all this rabid flag bullshit is - it's piece of fabric people) sucks in every country and frankly the good ole USA ain't all that and a bag of chips.

In fact I will say it. America the concept is great. America the reality - on BOTH sides of the aisle - is FUBAR'd.

That should win me some friends :P

Lake Lady said...

First time here...came in through Rambling Woods...will definitely have to check Daryl out! YOU GO, GIRL! You have a great collection of backers here, too. Enjoyed their comments almost as much as your blog! I come from a very diverse family, too, and echo your sentiments.