Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Fireman Only

It’s Ruby Tuesday. Go by MARY’S PLACE and check out all the red.

Ever since I mentioned ‘naked firefighters’ in yesterday’s post I’ve had firefighter on the brain – which is really not the place I’d like one but we take what we can get.

This is the side of an old firehouse in a town ‘down dah pawkway’. Right behind that window there are cots and firefighters sleep on those cots – I’ve never had the balls to peek – they do deserve some privacy.

I don’t want to objectify firefighters – but really, come on – they’re so freaking sexy it hurts my eyes. It’s more than the uniform. It’s more than broad shoulders. It’s more than knowing how to handle a giant hose.

Firefighters are sexy because they’re courageous. In putting their lives in jeopardy as part of a routine day they have developed a sense of priority that is keen and crisp and clear. The dictionary describes courageous as – “… inborn quality of mind or spirit that faces or endures perils or difficulties without fear and even with enthusiasm. “

Need I say more?


CrystalChick said...

No, you pretty much summed it up. Yes, courageous is sexy.
I love brick. And I love red. I have always wanted to have an accent wall like that.
Our bedroom is RED. It's a very asian theme and I have a gorgeous picture of it, from when it was clean. Or maybe I just photoshopped the dirty clothes and pets right out of it? But I'll have to try and remember to post another week as my blogaversary is today and I've posted a little giveaway.
Happy day to you! :)

Akelamalu said...

Ah sexy firefighters! Whenever one of the little tykes at school sets of the fire alarm we get the 'B' team of firefighters turning up - you know the oldest, baldest, baggy-arsed ones! Still they are definitely courageous and do a brilliant job, just not easy on the eye.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I met one on the dock last week when we were turmoiling over the boat. DAMNATION he was hot stuff! How do they do that? Be all hot and not even know it?

Jay said...

Firefighters are usually badasses. Unless they're just volunteer firefighters. Then they just like to have the red flashing lights on their trucks. ;-)

fermicat said...

So I'm guessing you watch and enjoy "Rescue Me". I've missed it this summer.

Ralph said...

Dianne, surely you have a sense of priority...like firemen?

We have the utmost respect for firemen after Patti's mom was rescued from her house fire last November. Understand that the fireman carried he down the ladder over his shoulder.

A sense of priority, indeed!

mark's tails said...

Nice pic and great comments!

Sunshine said...

Would you like me to loan out hubby to you? He likes chicks who dig him in his bunker gear with soot smudged on his face.

He needs a girlfriend...we can work something out.


Ivanhoe said...

Good one, Di! Love firefighters and marines. There's just something about them with a capital S. And it helps that most of them are hot :o)

Anonymous said...

Good one. Lots of red too.

Deborah godin said...

Gee, you'd think the town could have sprung for a more impressive sign, considering...

Daryl said...

Hubba Hubba how they handle those hoses ... Dianne, I am feeling the heat!


Shelly said...

We have the balding saggy butt firefighters in my neighborhood...but hey - I saw a hottie guy from the Dept. of Fish & Game. He was purty too.

Dianne said...

crystalchick - Happy Blogaversary, I'll have to come by and properly congratulate you!
the wall sounds beautiful, look forward to seeing the photos.

akelamalu - "the B squad"!! LOL
Next time get them talking about the old days, they immediately become sexier.

RLL - and the not even knowing it only makes them even hotter!

jay - badasses indeed! a few of our volunteers had to be disciplined!! as you point out - they were abusing the flashing lights!! idiots! pissed of the real FFs.

fermicat - 'Rescue Me' is amazing at so many levels. The wonder that is Denis Leary. The hot cast. Amazing guest stars. Sick and twisted scenarios with brilliant dialog. I could go on and on ;)
We have to wait til next year I think.

ralph - I assume no one was hurt in the house fire!! my Nana's house caught fire when I was a child - I still remember the terror feeling.
and I hope I have a similar sense of priority - having gone thru hard times usually does that for folks and is what I find so attractive in big ole brave guys!

Dianne said...

thank you mark!!

sunshine - you had me at bunker gear but then lost me at husband! ;)

ivanhoe - capital S indeed ;)

ilana - thank you. as red as the sign is I love the dark brick more.

deborah - the signs have been there forever, part of not disturbing the past. I think the building itself is headed toward landmark status. I wish I could get some shots of the front but the guys are always there and believe it or not I get very shy. I'm going to see if I can muster up the nerve to ask them to pose.

LOL Daryl!! Hubba Hubba is one of my favorite phrases.

shelly - it must be me but I still find even the baldy saggy guys to be sexy. maybe not hot but still sexy. can you invent a pond problem to need help with? ;)

Rambling Woods said...

I like firemen..or at least one of them. My husband has been a volunteer fireman for over 25 years...

CG said...

Oh, you got me all excited, I thought it was going to be a naked fireman. Yes, I have the fireman fantasies too...rescue me!

Knight said...

I would peek. Just once. Just to check the place out and make sure the firefighters are okay. Who knows, maybe they are into courageous women ;)

Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Great photo... and wonderful commentary, haha. Red brick, red on sign, and all that drool. Wow! Yes, firemen are sure sexy!

See my post here, and/or my whole blog I Was Born2Cree8.

Carletta said...

It's a little hot in this blog this afternoon! :)
Loved the post - I'm leaving here smiling.

juliana said...

oh, i love that sign... and what you say about firemen :)

bobbie said...

They sure do put out nice calendars.

On the other hand - I know a few firemen I'd rather not know.

ellen b said...

The sign against the red brick is great.

Kimmie said...

"Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"

Wait...What? Did I just sing that? Oh goodness, I am with Carletta, it surely is HOT in here today! ;-) Now I am going to sing that song for the rest of the day! LOL! Maybe even get a little jiggy!

SUNSHINE...send me your hubby, I am in need of one as bad as he is in need of a girlfriend!

Okay now...Hey Dianne...PEEK!!!! I would have by now, whats a little PEEK gonna hurt? Oh, if you need any help with the asking to take the pic's of the fireman in the front...I can get on a bus, and come to visit you wherever you are and we can go together and ask them to pose for us. If you chicken out, I will ask them! I'm not shy! LOL!

Thanks for the fun post!

My guilt men are COWBOYS!!! Check out my new MY SPACE page when you get a chance. I am going to be putting up the link on my blog today. ;-) Oh Yeah!


Raven said...

Well said.

Now, of course, noble though they may be, I'm hungering for a picture of one or more of said fire fighters looking all buff and hunky and brave. Maybe you could get a shot of them one day soon in their nice red truck.

Dianne said...

rambling woods - kudos to your husband :)

cg - when I go back to try and get some shots of the actual firehouse I'll see how much I can convince them to 'show' ;)

knight - well if I was young and hot (not mentioning any names now) maybe I'd feel more confident of their reaction to my peeking. then again there is something to be said for experience LOL - and I could bring them food ;)

alice - thanks!! made me laugh - 'all that drool'

carletta - I've been feeling a bit flush too ;)
Imagine if I had pics of actual firefighters!!

Dianne said...

juliana - thanks so much :)

bobbie - our town banned any calendars or other "inappropriate and unprofessional conduct" - some of the guys got a little frisky at some stupid event on the beach and as usual everyone over-reacted.

thanks ellen! - I really like the red brick too.

kimmie - everyone is having a wee bit of fantasy today - isn't that cool/hot!? ;)
Cowboys can be very sexy.

raven - I hear ya! I'm practically starving for some firefighter - uh - I mean photo ;)

laura said...

Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a nice comment on my blog. I'm glad you liked it.
Loved your Ruby Tuesday post!

jientje said...

You made me smile!
I'm going off to bed now, and I'll dream about the sexy firefighters, no doubt about it! I would save a
parking space like that too, that's for sure!
Thx for visiting me!

WillThink4Wine said...

Yeah, they're HOT! Have you seen their calendars! Oh, man!

quilly said...

You want to move here. On the other side of the island is a fire station on the beach, and it is not at all unheard of for the fire fighters to be outside washing the truck, the windows or whatever, sans shirts. Lovely scenery. Almost puts the beach to shame.

dot said...

Interesting! I've seen some pretty sexy looking garbage men on one of those calendars. lol

Dianne said...

laura - your blog is one of the happiest places on the Internet! and I'm glad you liked mine :)

jientje - I'd love to have one of those signs and a firefighter to go with it ;)
sweet dreams!

willthink4wine - I've seen a few calandars :) but actually I like the more regular looking guys.

The Mulligan Family said...

Just love your post and pic. And, I'm totally with ya on the Firefighters. But, I have to say Policemen "ain't bad" either! (Hubby is a retired one!) Thanks for checking in on my blog and for your kind post. Cheers!

April said...

Wonderful post about a great group of people - male and female. Love the red brick and neat red sign.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

We have a couple women firefighters in our city (hate to break up the drool fest :lol:).
*God Bless Them*

Interesting photo. I like the composition.

Tammy said...

Fireman are hot! ;o)

Patti said...

I agree that firefighters are sexy for their courage..

Nice photo of the brick and I like the sign.

I haven't been visiting many blogs lately. Must do better. Thanks for visiting me.

Columbo said...

Great post and photo. Yes, firefighter are a bunch of crazy, sexy (not for me, ha!), and couragous men or women..
Thanks for the nice comments on my posting. I enjoyed it. Three of us out here in Oregon got in to it today and will be frequenting Ruby Tuesday again.

Roger said...

Lol Di I think you need to be hosed down! ;D

Bobbie said...

But where are the sexy firefighters?? Seriously, that's a very nicely composed image, and a good one for Ruby Tuesday.

Jim said...

Hi Dianne, I like your sign better than the red building! Do you think you could move that sign over to your place? :-)
hank you for peeking in on my baby quilts. This is a nice project for us.

Gattina said...

Very funny, lol ! hope the space is always empty !

Minkydo said...

lol Great post!

the walking man said...

I used to fight fires by peeing on them. Eventually it corrupted my sense of smell, now I have to tote water and use my eyes for aim.

Dianne said...

quilly - sounds like a great place lol - do you have a telephoto lens!?

dot - I used to date a sanitation worker (he hated the word garbage lol) - he had the most amazing shoulders and arms I've ever seen. He used to do a charity thing where all the guys from the depot would race while carrying refrigerators on their backs.

hey mulligan family! - glad you liked the post, thanks

Dianne said...

april - that's why I always say firefighter - women tend to get forgotten. when my son worked at Ground Zero he met many female firefighters, really opened up his eyes.

digital - glad you like the composition, I wanted to show the sign and capture the building - the sign is small and faded so that was tricky. As I just said to April - women firefighters can NOT be overlooked. And they're hot too ;)

tammy - yes they are ;)

patti - I love the brick, thanks. blogging is supposed to be fun so don't stress about visiting. you do when you can.

columbo - it's the courage and the mindset that defines sexy ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed RT - your blog is a great place to visit!

roger - I'm taking applications!

bobbie - I really have to get up the nerve to ask them to pose lol
thanks for the kind words about the photo.

jim - your quilt project is wonderful! kudos to you!
I'd move the sign in a second if I thought the guys would follow. ;)

gattina - I've never seen anyone parked there but they do have a lot in the back.

minkydo - thanks :)

mark - what are we going to do with you! (rhetorical) - wouldn't change anything about ya ;)

the teach said...

Dianne, I agree about sexy firemen! Great RT post! Have you watch "Rescue Me?" Great series with Dennis Leary. First season is on DVD - very funny, a little dark, a little sexy. You'll love it! :)

Dianne said...

teach - I'm a huge fan of Denis and of Rescue Me. I've seen every episode at least once. It is so truly NY and so well written.

Michael Manning said...

Dianne: I am wishing you a "Hot Fireman" to the rescue!!! lol!!!!:D)!

tt said...

It's a men in uniform thing for me....I don't care what uniform either.. lol
But...your line about "it's more than knowing how to handle a giant hose"...made me giggle-snort! Cereal was coming outta my nose!! Lordie that was funny!

Dianne said...

michael - that's a wonderful wish! thanks!!

tt - see, you can't ever have breakfast with me LOL

Jackie said...

I read the first bit of your sentence, "Ever since I mentioned ‘naked firefighters’ in yesterday’s post..." and mentally found myself finishing it with something along the lines of "I've been having the weirdest google searches ending up here!" :D

Dianne said...

jackie - see great minds think alike! In the previous post - all about post labels - we were discussing how labels attract traffic lol

Yrsa said...

But where is that sexy fireman?

Dianne said...

yrsa - I'm working on catching an actual, real fireman! LOL

ETK said...