Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cloris Leachman

I confess, I watch Dancing With the Stars. I’ve watched since the first season. Mostly I enjoy the dancing and the costumes. I love watching Max’s (one of the pros) butt twitch. I adore Bruno’s (one of the judges) insane metaphors. It also presents more than its fair share of opportunities to be snarky.

And it offers up …

Enter from whatever side of the stage she wants – Cloris Leachman!

The DWTS web site bio for Cloris reads:

Actress Cloris Leachman's storied career has been recognized with nine Emmys, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. She has the distinction of being the only woman to win eight Primetime Emmy Awards and one Daytime Emmy. Leachman has starred in a wide range of theater, television and motion picture projects, creating such indelible characters as Phyllis in the TV series Phyllis and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, Nurse Diesel in High Anxiety, and Ruth Popper in The Last Picture Show (for which she won an Oscar and a BAFTA). In 2008 she has already completed three new films; The Women, American Cowslip and New York I Love You. She is in the process of writing her memoir and is currently touring the U.S. with her one-woman show CLORIS!

82 years old! She makes me feel old. I know that Jane Seymour (prior season) and Susan Lucci (this season) are both recognized for looking wonderful at their age BUT come on – neither is near 82 and both have that pained emaciated look of women who try to hard. Cloris just is. She looks healthy and robust. She doesn’t wear make-up during the filmed rehearsals and she glows. She is my heroine and I want to grow up to be just like her.

I adored her Phyllis character. I know Mary was everyone’s darling of the working girls and Rhoda was everyone’s favorite wise cracking tough girl but Phyllis was the most wonderful blend of sarcasm and grace. As is Cloris.

I saw Cloris on the Comedy Central Roast for Bob Saget. It was hosted by John Stamos. She opened with – “I haven’t come here to roast Bob Saget, I’ve come here to fuck John Stamos”.

Imagine my delight when I tuned in to watch her first night on DWTS – Lord I wish it was on cable, just for her segments. ABC censors must be on high alert. And she did not disappoint. Besides looking wonderful and joyful she danced beautifully. And she looked like she could care less about anything but the moment.

She shamelessly flirts with the judges; she openly offers them sexual favors and money. She caused the stuffy elder judge to plead “please remove your cleavage from my eyes”. She responded by encouraging him to become her ‘toy boy’. In all the seasons I don’t remember the backstage inane chatter ever being bleeped. They bleeped Cloris numerous times!

I’m sure Cloris won’t go too far in the competition. And I know she doesn’t care. She will simply be outrageous and free and a joy to behold for as long as she’s there and then she’ll move on. So much to do with the second half of her life.

I got these photos from the DWTS site.

Behold the glory that is Cloris Leachman.


gabrielle said...

dancing with the stars while rome burns. Please we need you now.

Pagan Sphinx said...

That's quite a chest for a woman in her 80s. Wow.

kenju said...

Cloris always has been and still is great in my opinion. She's terrific on the show for her age and her antics are exciting (if a bit off-putting to some). I think she'll get a sympathy vote for a good while on the show.

Shelly said...

We've been watching from the first season as well...The Farmer Husband even watches it when I'm not home - and he's soooo not a dancing kind of guy. I'm with you, I really want her to last a few more weeks...she made me laugh so hard I cried - it felt great. I hope I have that kind of spunk and joy when I'm her heck...I'll be thrilled if I live that long!

Jay Simser said...

And she is from Iowa! Graduated from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines in 1944 (I was 3 years old living 35 miles north) - I could not even begin to raise my leg that high or rest it on the table.

I am so happy that she is in our world. I shall have to watch Dancing. j

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Can you say firecracker?

Rambling Woods said...

I noticed all the bleeping, but I confess that I tape it and then fast forward through a lot of the stuff except for the actual dances..I do enjoy a woman who says what she is thinking...

Bear Naked said...

Another DWTS junkie signing in.
Monday night I thought Cloris was funny.
But I was really disappointed tonight when Ted McGinley and Inna Brayer were bumped because even though I like Cloris, Ted did a better job at dancing and had higher scores from the judges.
Unfortunately it is not a dance contest but a popularity contest when the fans have this much influence over who stays and who goes.
I am watching for the dancing not the comedy.

Bear((( )))

Dianne said...

gabrielle - I don't want to assume I understand your comment although I think I do but if you truly would like a response then be less cryptic.

pagan - I'm most fascinated by how toned her arms are! How is that possible lol

kenju - I love her antics, especially on a show with so much cheesy fake emotion and trauma drama. I'm voting for her not so much in sympathy as selfishly - she's just too much fun :)

shelly - I love that your husband watches on his own!!
and yes - she made me laugh
I just watched the most recent show, she's definitely on for another week
I cheered LOL

jay - watch! she is a joy lol
and I couldn't do what she did either!!

Jay said...

There's just so much freedom that comes with being in your 80s and having accomplished so much. She just doesn't have to care what people think of her anymore.

Roger said...

I'm not watching that stuff!

Dianne said...

queen size funny bone - firecracker it is :)

rambling - I do the same but I stop for every moment of Cloris

bear - so much of DWTS has nothing to do with a real dance competition. neither of the bottom 2 got eliminated. plus the match-ups are crazy - Lance Bass IS a dancer! an 18 year old vs. an 82 yar old! so you're right it comes down to popularity. personally I wanted Kim to go, she is as interesting as paint drying :)

jay - isn't that cool!! We're gonna be that way when we're 82 ;)

roger - there's gorgeous women wearing very little clothes - reconsider.

Karen said...

She is a horrible dancer, but she is quite entertaining. Just wearing high heals at 82 is an accomplishment.

Dianne said...

karen - "Just wearing high heals at 82 is an accomplishment." - I love that :) I still can't believe how easily she got her leg up on that desk.

SnoopMurph said...

I actually remember her from the end of Facts of Life show. Anyway, I didn't see the show, but I hope that I'll be dancing at 82, whether I'm any good or not. Way to go Cloris!

bobbie said...

Cloris is quite a lady! I love her.

the walking man said...

Never saw the show. But 82 huh? There's hope for us yet kiddo!


CrystalChick said...

I don't watch DWTS, but I think I recently saw a preview where she kept slipping her hand down someone's butt in practice. LOL
What a fun woman. And who knew she is 82. OMG WOW!
I used to watch the MTM show and Phyllis was a great character.
Kudos Cloris!! You rock!

Dianne said...

snoop - I loved Facts of Life LOL
Of course my favorite was Jo - from the Bronx, with attitude ;)
I don't remember Cloris on that show. Remember George Clooney?

Bobbie - She IS :)

Mark - there is ALWAYS hope for us.

crystalchick - that's Cloris LOL
She brings a new meaning to deliciously inappropriate

Matt-Man said...

Cloris Leachman has and always will be one of my faves. As far as the MTM show. I always wanted to nail Rhoda. It would be fun to screw from right to left for a change. Cheers Di!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh, I adore her! I didn't know she was on DWTS. I don't watch. But I will just for her!

Diane Mandy said...

Oh how i miss DWTS! It's one of my few guilty pleasures that I haven't found a way of watching here in Germany!

Farmer*swife said...

I caaught a peep of it last night! But, I didn't like the dress as it wasn't as flattering as the pretty purple one!

Sparkling Red said...

Go Cloris! She's fantastic!

Ivanhoe said...

Oh my Lord! I'm sorry I missed it due to my school. She is a trooper! I wish I looked like that at 82 :o)

Dianne said...

Ya know Matt I've been told I'm an awful lot like Rhoda - just sayin'

RLL - do try to catch the show this Monday - I'm sure she's close to being eliminated so get her while the gettin' is good ;)

diane - - then find the show. The site has tons of video. Hope that helps.

farmers wife - I agree! that second dress was like Carmen Miranda on crack! And that thing on her head, even her make-up was wrong. They better leave Cloris alone LOL

sparkling - she is, she is :)

ivanhoe - gotta get TiVO or a DVR. I couldn't live w/out mine lol
It's so great to ff thru all the crap. I hope school is going well for you :)
try - there should be some video.

Daryl said...

Loved watching her on YouTube ...

Great post, Dianne!


Kimmie said...

I LOVE Cloris Leachman and am enjoying her so much on DWTS. I laughed so hard when she put her leg up on the desk and Bruno kissed it. Dang, she still has some hot looking legs for a woman of 82. :-) She is definately a woman to admire. Bless her heart.

Wonderful Post Dianne! :-)

CG said...

Over here it's called "Stricyly come dancing" and we are all addicted. I think we have two jusges the same - Len and Bruno!

tt said...

Isn't she just fabulous!! I've also watched DWTS forever!...and she is my absolute fav of all time. I love that she has always had a bit of the " I don't give a shit what you think" attitude. that's my kinda gal right there. She's figured out that this isn't an audition for life that we're's the real deal and we might as well have some fun untill our last curtian call or bow...or joke...or sly wink in the direction of some hunky guy!!! OOO-lala!!!
Go Cloris!! kick all those other bitches to the curb!

And I soooo love all the costumes. How fun to actually have the the scrumptious body to put in one of them...and watching Max!!...yummy!!!


Reb said...

I don't watch DWTS, but maybe I will have to try to watch one with her. I have always admired her acting.

Knight said...

I don't watch this show but if I could manage to just watch the parts with her antics I would.

Dianne said...

daryl - I'm so glad you found her :)

kimmie - thanks, glad you liked!!
she is a firecracker as queen size funny bone said ;)

cg - yep Len and Bruno. Love them both. Len is far funnier than the average person realizes, he's so dry.
And Bruno is just plain hilarious!!

tt - Oh I love everything you said about her! You're so perfect.

reb & knight - try Youtube and check out the official site - if you're not into the show overall then you have to either find clips or DVR it and ff. I'm a fan and many parts annoy me too. :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I am a DWTS junkie too. I have also watched from season 1. I agree about Max. Oh-la-la. I was very disappointed that he wasn't on last year. I also agree about Bruno. Sometimes he is so innocent, but most of the time I love when him and Len go at it.

Cloris is a treat. At her young age, she is teaching us not to take things so serious and just to enjoy the moment. I don't think that she will last long either, but she will bring so much.

Thanks for posting this. Lisa

Dianne said...

Lisa - I think I'm going to post something about DWTS once a week or so. It is fun and a lot of us appear to enjoy it. I love when Len and Bruno go at it. I have to admit I think Len is very handsome and distinguished. And quite funny in a very reserved way.
I'm using all my votes for Cloris and then I'll move to Warren Sapp - my next favorite.

Travis said...

I say "Brava Ms Leachman, Brava"!

She is delightful. I too am a regular viewer of DWTS...since the very first season. I do full reviews and recaps twice a week.

Hilary said...

I've never given the show much more than a passing glance, but now I'll have to try to figure out when it's on and watch. I do love CL. And Daryl's idea is even better.. YouTube!

Dianne said...

travis!!!! - I have to come by and read your DWTS stuff. How cool!! I do visit you but lately you've been posting a lot of baseball and I have to admit I'm kind of turned off to baseball now. It was never my favorite sport anyway - football is.

hilary - definitely check her out!! and while on Youtube check out Warren Sapp's dancing. Giant football player suddenly becoming twinkle toes. And he's so funny. He mutters to himself during practice - "Fat boy's gotta get this"

Anndi said...

I saw the Saget roast with my honey and never realized what a mouth that woman has! I laughed my derriere off!

When I saw she was going to be on DWTS I actually squeeeeed!

The young whippersnappers should pay attention to her and take notes on what it takes to be a lasting entertainer (without needing plastic surgery!)

Cloris rocks! I wanna be like her when I grow up too!

I'm past sick and tired of Kim K. Let's boot her off, she's an insult to entertainment.

Dianne said...

anndi - she was the best!! I love how easily filth just flows from her, all the while she looks like such a lady. Kim is so boring. And up against Cloris Lucci looks ridiculous, with her pained face and bird like limbs. I think all Lucci's calories come from Botox.

Dianne said...

anndi - she was the best!! I love how easily filth just flows from her, all the while she looks like such a lady. Kim is so boring. And up against Cloris Lucci looks ridiculous, with her pained face and bird like limbs. I think all Lucci's calories come from Botox.

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