Thursday, September 25, 2008


I never post this close together but this is just too topical to wait. I hope you'll scroll down and say Hi to Cloris Leachman.

The delightful thing about comedy, good comedy, is that it is rooted in truth. The Loves of My Late Night Life proved that Wednesday.

Christopher Webber from Political-Machine describes David Letterman’s monologue -

McCain was supposed to appear on "The Late Show" tonight but canceled at the last minute to (stage a political stunt) focus with a laser-like intensity on the economy. At the taping this afternoon, Dave showed his unhappiness, and his political savvy -
"You don't suspend your campaign. This doesn't smell right. This isn't the way a tested hero behaves." And he joked: "I think someone's putting something in his metamucil.""He can't run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sarah Palin. Where is she?""What are you going to do if you're elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We've got a guy like that now!"

It's funny cuz it's true.

Here’s the video of Dave’s monologue

Dave went on during his Top 10 List:

Top Ten Questions People Are Asking the John McCain Campaign
10 - "I just contributed to your campaign -- how do I get a refund?"
9 - "It's Sarah Palin -- does this mean I'm Pars'dent?"
8 - "Can't you solve this by selling some of your homes?"
7 - "Hi, this is Clay Aiken. Is McCain single?"
6 - "Do you still think the fundamentals of our economy are strong, genius?"
5 - "Are you doing all this just to get out of going on Letterman?"
4 - "What would Matlock do?"
3 - "Hillary here -- my schedule is free Friday night"
2 - "Is this just an excuse to catch up on napping?"
1 - "This is President Bush -- what's all this trouble with the economy?”

All of this is especially wonderful to me since McCain showed what a douchebag (Hi Brooklyn) he is by pulling this transparent stunt at the 11th hour – as Dave so gleefully points out – again and again. And the only coverage of Caribou Barbie that I caught was her wagging her Mommy finger at the camera and talking about how the whole country is looking to John McCain for guidance. Bitch Please!

The night continues into Craig Ferguson’s show. I quote him in the title.

Dave is never more sexy to me than when he is saying stuff without saying stuff but making his point crystal clear.

Craig is never more sexy to me than when he is indignant and on one of his incredibly articulate rants.

Here is the link to Craig’s monologue. I could not find a version to embed.
Craig at CBS

Ya know – I made myself sick yesterday – physically, mentally, emotionally sick – over how crass and cold and disgusting McCain/Palin and many of their supporters are. This country lies on the brink of a huge upheaval and they are nothing but dead rock in our way. Unfortunately many of the rocks have far more power and money than they are entitled to – greedy bastards.

BUT – there is always laughter. Laughter heals – Laughter brings people together – and Laughter can carry a message far and wide.


Daryl said...

Standing and applauding .. couldnt agree more.

The political take on this is that McCain is needed to swing the vote in the Senate to back this bail out .. a bail out is now going to provide Golden Parachutes for all the bigwigs in/on the sinking ship(s) ... WHY? Those men/women dont need it .. those who mortgages the Parachuters bought/sold and then foreclosed on DO...

So McLame is trying to make Obama look bad by playing this game .. well McLame its not working ... you with SEVEN homes and FIVE cars .. or is it five homes and seven cars? Whatever ... because Obama is right .. more than ever WE the VOTERS deserve to hear just how this mess is going to be cleaned up.

It's the economy, stupid.


Raven said...

I almost posted the Letterman thing myself but instead posted a wonderful (another one) Ohio Rep. and Mr. Obama... and this morning (well afternoon, I guess) a long raving rant about a bunch of things.

Humor is such a healer and makes it bearable, doesn't it?

I enjoyed your piece on Cloris Leachman too. Man, she looks great.

Hope you are having a better day today.

Kimmie said...

Dianne you did a fantastic post here. I know where you are coming from as far as the ones who are stuck up the ass's of the republican party. But such people as these live well, they have not had to struggle for anything. Maybe their biggest worry they have to deal with is what *pose* to strike for HNT if you get my drift. But one thing such people should always remember is, the good life can all be pulled out from under you no matter how well you have survived this economic fallout thus far. Will they be so harsh with their points of view when the table is turned on them? I doubt it.

I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. We need Obama and Liberman for our future. There is no question about it.

Thanks for the videos, they were both a riot. :-)

Knight said...

Oh I'm with you Dianne. I've been making myself sick thinking about it as well. This clip just made my day. I watched it while eating my lunch canoli and laughing at my desk.

Dianne said...

Daryl - "It's the economy, stupid." LOL - But didn't the great leader just last week assure us everything was "fundamentally" OK!!? And we are to trust his experienced view aren't we!!?
Interesting. LOL
and pathetic

raven - I loved (yet another)that great voice from Ohio :)
There is so much still to come before November 4. I must find a way to deal with how much I care about this. It can be toxic if I don't. Not to mention that I need to live my daily life. I just got an e-mail that Aetna plans to cancel my healthcare coverage. They have changed their definition of a small business and I no longer fit. How much you wanna bet most small businesses don't fit. That way they can cover us as individuals at a much higher rate.

kimmie - one very important point my friend - BIDEN - it's BIDEN
Lieberman has joined the ranks of the trash party but hell, they can keep him and his spot on Droopy Dawg impersonation.
I am weeding out of my life (real and internet) those people who clearly have no heart or soul Kimmie. I try and I try longer than most people would and then - there is the line and when they cross it they are of no consequence to me. They are as relevant as a book in Bush's library is - in other words invisible!

Dianne said...

knight - I know you have, your last post made me feel a little bad, I wondered if some of my posts bothered you. But I assume you would tell me and I'm thrilled this made you laugh!!
Canoli eh? Yummy and God knows the calories won't affect you :)

DivaJood said...

Oh, my god, this Ferguson monologue is brilliant! He recently became a US Citizen, and truly his passion for the Democratic process mixed with humor makes the point brilliantly. I am going to update my post, with that link!

DivaJood said...
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Dianne said...

Jood - I knew you would love it/him!!! He did another monolgue a week or 2 ago - he called it his grumpy political rant. It was the day of all the "lipstick on a pig" crap. He was talking about how the media does not serve us well and the importance of listening to ourselves and then voting. I will try to find it!!

Tink said...

"Bitch Please!" Bwahahaha. You said it sister. This whole thing is ridiculous.

Jay said...

Poor Johnny Mac ... he dropped everything to head to Washing .. well talk about heading to Washington cause still hasn't gotten there yet .. and they reached an agreement this morning without him.

And hey, Palin answered FOUR whole questions from the media today.

Bond said...

It is all a political ploy of a deeper nature... I really think you will hear an announcement that McCain will ask the date to be changed to the same day as the VP Debates were to be held, with a suggestion that the VP debate be canceled and the Presidential debate held instead...

The man can not multi-task and he wants to run our country???


Dianne said...

tink - ;)
I swear she wagged her finger at the camera, just like my Mom used to do to me. And trust me, my Mom was NOT qualified to run the country

Jay - he isn't there yet!? How the fuck is he getting there, walker?
I haven't had the TV on yet. Were the 4 questions spontaneous or from the flash cards Johnny gave her.

Mrs. C said...

Hey, Diannne, FWIW true conservatives are just as hopping mad as the liberals on this one. I can't tell you the number of links I've read where people are STEAMED like all get-out on this issue.

Don't blame me LOL. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries because while I'm not his ditto-head, I see where he keeps going BACK to the Constitution as making a lot of sense.

I think conservatives and liberals alike should be squawking on this bailout issue. We're borrowing money from our grandchildren (or great-grands) for this stuff.

Did everyone forget about paying down the deficit??? Because people used to care about that and I'm still stuck in that time warp of "don't spend money you don't have."

I know. I'm very old-fashioned. You seem to tolerate me pretty well anyway. ;]

Dianne said...

bond - "It is all a political ploy of a deeper nature... " Yep!
and it also had to do with his sudden dip in the polls, the largest gap between him and Obama since the Palin debacle. And it was brought about by the economic news and he did what he does so well - deflect, manipulate, and then just make shit up.

Mrs. C said...

LoL I didn't mean to offend you by spelling your name wrong, Diannnnnnne.

Dianne said...

Mrs C - I tolerate you just fine! :)
You're a kind soul and a respectful person and as I've said before we have a lot of common ground in our hearts and souls.
My son and his wife are right now trying to have a child and I often think of what world that child will have - and I want to fix it for them.
Peace Mrs C :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Daggumit, I'll have to watch the clips at home.

Thank Jesus that our economy is fundamentally sound. WTF? I wonder if he'll ever get asked about this? Or will he hide forever?

Dianne said...

RLL - damn opressive workplace! keeping folks from blogging! ;)
McCain and Palin did answer that - or so they say they did - actually I think Palin answered first but then again she does think she's in charge.
Anyway - they both said that Obama took his words out of context. They were talking about the fundamentals of the "American people" they meant "our work ethnic, our ingenuity, our courage"
same old

bobbie said...

Great post, Dianne. And to think, I didn't watch Letterman last night, thinking McC would be on and I can't stomach him. Should have realized.

Mojo said...

I wonder if my retired, widowed and living-on-a-fixed-income mother would agree that the "economy is fundamentally okay" after losing $15K on a Lehman bond?

Maybe if you're in the same tax bracket as the Senator things really are "fundamentally okay". Maybe he can afford to see thousands of dollars evaporate.

We peasants down here on the ground have a whole other view though.

Thanks for posting this Diane.

RiverPoet said...

Aye, aye! I couldn't agree with you (and David and Craig) more! As soon as I heard the news, I went, "Political stunt! GEEZ!!!!"

Peace - D

kenju said...

AMEN, again! I appreciate the Letterman link; I never stay up that late without blogging. Now I'm going to hear Craig.

Dana said...

Just a thought ('cause you know I love you Dianne)! How 'bout giving me some food for thought regarding why Obama *should* be voted into office rather than all of this cutting and tearing down of McCain? Seriously, those who dig their heels in and focus on the perceived negatives of McCain do little to make me want to change my vote. Convince me that Obama is the right candidate rather than telling me over and over again that McCain is the wrong candidate!

would-be Themis said...

At this point, does the US really have to hear from Palin? Haven't her actions spoken loud enough for her? Why WOULD the US want to hear from her at this point? As always, great posting Lady !

Kimmie said...

Holy Cats Batman! I can't believe I typed the wrong guys name!




I must be on some freakin' good drugs! *Winks*

You know I know I meant "BIDEN", but thank you for pointing what I did out to me!

Must have had a "Sometimers" moment. ;^)


Dianne said...

bobbie - I used to enjoy McCain's visits to The Daily Show! But that was such a long time ago

mojo - my son's 401K lost 40K, thankfully he's young. I haven't checked my pension account. what difference would it make? most of us will be working til we die.

riverpoet - I've just finished reading 3 different accounts of how bad today's meetings were. I'm not sure what to believe. News is becoming as much of a risk as banking.

kenju - I hate to sound like Craig's publicist but he's wonderful, the freshest monolgue on late night in years and years and the best part is puts all the segments up on the site.

dana - a while back, probably at matt's site, I never comment on your political posts - seems rude to argue with someone in their own house. Anyway - a while back you and I went back and forth about healthcare. You quoting statistics and me telling you actual real life stories. Finally your response to me was that you were glad YOU and YOURS didn't have any health problems. Yesterday your opinion was basically that poor or naive people are greedy. Even after Matt presented you the very real and human side of how easily first time home buyers could be tricked your only response was to go from calling them/me greedy to calling them/me entitled. There is no conversation we could possibly have. Remember when I told you that my basic gut feeling my first few times at your site was that we had nothing on earth in common. My spider senses are virtually 100%. I hope you remain forever healthy and that you and yours never feel the way I (and millions of other decent Americans) feel.
I'm voting for Barack because he comes from the same place I do and has lived a life on tracks close to mine. I'm voting for Barack because he has no ties to Bush. I am voting for Barack because he chose a VP candidate that could run the country. He could have done a publicity stunt. He could have had so little respect for women and thought that any vagina would do. I'm voting for Barack because when he looks into the camera and speaks to me I hear genuine words, not the same old crap. I would absolutely have voted for ANY Democrat at this point. Hell - if any group runs anything into the ground any sane person steps back and says they need to try something else. Lucky for me I don't have to vote for ANY Dem, I can vote for the one I wanted since the day he spoke at the DNC.

would-be - you would think so wouldn't you! But apparently there are still some in love with her - funny actually, they are treating her the same way they have accused many of us of treating Obama. All mesmerized!! At least I'm mesmerized by education and accomplishment and ability. They're apparently mesmerized by titties with a gun. And then there are (I'm ashamed to say) women who seem to only care that she's a woman. Well if they're raped and have to pay for their own forensics I hope they still think she's one of them. She is certainly not one of me!

kimmie - of course I knew you meant Biden!! I just jumped on the chance to dis Whiny Joey.

Dana said...

Dianne, for the record, what you don't know is that Matt and I continued the conversation off-blog as I felt I was addressing an issue that wasn't really relevent to his post. My last comment on the blog wasn't the end of the conversation.

You and I have always been able to have respectful conversations even though our views are different. My guess is you recently felt disrespected by something I said because your tone seems to have changed.

If it seems I jumped down your throat on this one, I apologize. I am frustrated by what I see on many blogs, from both sides of the politics. There seems to be more time spent on cutting the other candidate down than there is discussing what makes either candidate the best one. Maybe that's just politics *shrug*

I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me why you plan to vote for Obama. Believe it or not, although I have strong opinions, I am very open minded to the views of others.

Dana said...

One more thing, you wrote, "I never comment on your political posts - seems rude to argue with someone in their own house." It just occurred to me that maybe this wasn't just a statement on how you handle yourself, but an expectation of how you feel I should handle myself (not being goofy, but sometimes I miss subtleties in communication if they aren't whacking me over the head). If this is your expectation - if you feel I am being rude by communicating an opposing or questioning view, please let me know. I will honor and respect your request that I no longer comment.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

what a circus..and who will be the next ringmaster?

Dianne said...

dana - you are welcome here any time. I was trying to say that my reaction to your comments over at Matt's didn't just come out of no where but were a cumulative feeling based on things I read but never commented on. I never went back to Matt's after my second comment to him. I did not like the way I felt nor did I like the fact that it appeared some people were hoping for a fight they could then enjoy vicariously. I do wish you'd comment on fun posts. You usually turn up when it's political. Other than your very kind comments on the 9/11 post. I don't like a lot of what I'm seeing and reading either although I will stand by my opinion that the hate and fear and nastiness comes far more from McCain and his "side". And I also think a lot of it comes from people and groups that in his earlier life McCain would have never tolerated but now it seems he just lets them happen hoping it will help him slide into the White House. Peace Dana - see ya around campus.

queen size funny bone - a circus indeed! I have friends and clients all over the world from my days at an international firm and my business now and they have all been calling or e-mailing. Asking if I'm OK. Asking if it is as bad as it seems. One person who lives in West Africa asked if I was "afraid". Afraid!! Imagine that. People worrying if Americans are afraid of their own government!! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see days like this here. Shameful.

the walking man said...

What a grand game politics has de-evolved too. Personally I have come to savor Obama's lack of political expertise. The fact that he hasn't spent thirty years in D.C. is a good thing. A different perspective on a national F4 tornado that is spinning off from an F3 hurricane.

The question is what will the landscape look like when we emerge from the root celler?

tt said...

Well, I must say the conversations between you and Dana were interesting. :)

Keep the laughter going sister!We're all in this together right?
xo {{squeeeeeeeezers}}

Dianne said...

mark - I see it more as a lack of political guise rather than expertise. I think it comes from being a black man living mostly with white folks, especially during his formative years. You either cave in and lose half of yourself or you become very genuine in who you are and what you believe. You basically breathe in and out your idenity - this makes it rather difficult to reinvent yourself every 5 minutes the way McCain can. And it also gives Barack something I think is critical right now - the ability to see and consider ALL sides without losing himself. McCain sees all sides and wonders which one will do the most for him. I wonder - if Obama were to offer McCain an office in the West Wing would he suspend the campaign. Clearly all he wants is to get there. Clearly has no vision of what the fuck to do once he's there. So I say give him a place to nap. Hell - give him a situation room so he can make believe he's Bomb Bomb Bombing the shit out of the world.
Oh - most root cellars would have been forclosed so we'll all be hanging in the wind.

tt - Squeezers right back at ya sister :)

Karen said...

I know my views tend to differ with yours politically, but I always respect your views.

Personally, I understand the concept of suspending the campaign (though in reality, come on!). I understand wanting/needing to be in DC to do the job that you were elected to do. I understand not wanting to go on late night comedy show during crisis.

I think it is too easy to jump on either candidate for their every move. I honestly feel both are smart men and I don't like attacking either one personally.

Frank Baron said...

I've been a Dave fan since his first year in 81 or 82. The McCain show was one of his finest hours. Haven't been able to get into Ferguson though. I'm still mourning Craig Kilborn.

Ivanhoe said...

I'm afraid it's going to go worse before it gets better. I must admit that I like the plan B (yup, the one that Reps offered) better, as I'm not sure how high our taxes would go if we, taxpayers, would have to bail them out.
Obama must win, there is no other way...

Ivanhoe said...

It's me again. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that there is some bling-bling posted for you at my place :o)

Micky-T said...

Letterman is the master of saying so much, without saying anything.

Enjoyed my visit here very much!

Dianne said...

karen - I feel the same about you. I also understand the difference between Katie Couric and David Letterman as I think Dave does - most of Dave's routine feels aimed at Palin or just plain funny.

What bothers me is that Obama suggested what McCain said No to and then McCain turned around and did it on his own!! That seemed so underhanded and so cynical.

This morning I read that the conservatives have introduced a new bailout, the Republicans won't back their own President, Obama demands that McCain make his stand clear and McCain says pretty much nothing.

The treasury secretary (it is reported) literally begged the Republicans to stay at the meeting and then they walked out. So I'm left to think that McCain - in his need to distance himself from Bush - is allowing, perhaps even encouraging all this added turmoil.

Plus it is hours from the debate and McCain hasn't said a word about whether or not he's showing up. And if he does and doesn't do well? Will he blame Obama for it - saying Obama didn't care about the bailout and cared more about the campaign. Will he blame the meetings for not being prepared?

Wow!! I am going on again!!!
But - one last thing - I think the McCain of a few years ago was an incredible man. I do not like who and what he has become, a part of me thinks he doesn't either since he often appears conflicted and frustrated. The pull on him from Bush vs. conservatives vs. desperate Republicans wanting to keep their seats must be beyond human endurance. I wish him nothing but peace as a human being but I do not want him anywhere near decisons that affect my life.
Have a great weekend Karen :)

Knight said...

Whoa! Looks like a lot happened over here yesterday. It's too scary to think about and I just want to rock in the fetal position until something good finally happens. If something good happens. So why do I keep reading the fights? Must be masochism.

CrystalChick said...

I have been round and round with a repub cousin for awhile now on assorted things. Sometimes we just tease each other, sometimes it's more serious.
In one of our last lengthy emails, one thing he said was that I should be happy that since we've been in Iraq the woman and children there are not being raped and murdered anymore.
Dianne, I about went thru the computer!!!
I sent him all my rebuts with info. that I had found, not just on that little misconception, but on other stuff.
His reply, basically that there were more deaths under Clinton's admin than under Bush. OMG
So again, I had to address the bogus email that was circulating last year and again the beginning of this year and explain that the info. was twisted by whoever first concocted it.
Of the 7500 or so deaths, only 76 of them during the Clinton years were attributed to combat. Cuz had the number at like 14,000 with no breakdown.
I went thru 3 different places to get at the info. and gave him one of the links. Also asked if he wanted to discuss it any further. We'll see what comes back.
But you know, that's just ONE person. The other day, I was wearing my Obama button and someone I know made a face. And went on to say something about him being a Muslim and that he'd like to take him out himself if no one else does. I was horrified. He said to me, 'I'm a Christian' and my head was then spinning. I was like... so is BARACK OBAMA!!!! Not to mention thinking that as a Christian, should you really be saying you'de like to take someone out???
I said, OMG, did you get THAT email too. He said yeah. I said DO THE RESEARCH!!! He didn't want to hear it. So sad.
I totally get that maybe because of policy issues you will differ with friends/family and vote differently. I'm cool with that. Might not agree but it's okay. But to go THERE with it. What do you even say?

I know that I do not always say the right things. I sometimes speak from emotion and don't present all the facts or reasons I've come to certain conclusions but when I do have to go off and check facts or do other research I still find over and again that I'm even more solid regarding my choices.

Yes, the laughter is important. I'd go crazy some days without it. :)

Dianne said...

frank - ahhhh yes! the Dave of the 80s. I used to love when Terri Garr was on and when he did remotes - I'll never forget driving thru LA with one of the Gabors. It's a shame you can't get into CF, he's really quite good and his interviews are so spontaneous. The other night he had Michael Clark Duncan purring as he described how he feeds his cats LOL

ivanhoe - I have to say I don't even know which plan is which anymore. I want every head of every Fortune 500 company to be investigated. By someone from somewhere else - I don't know Fiji maybe. I have so little trust at the moment.

micky - thanks!! the comments are fun around here at times. and you're so right about Dave - last night all he did was look into the camera and it cracked me up.

knight - no scary here! I swear. As I told Dana I felt like there were some who wanted a fight (not her) and I just moved away. I think Dana and I had a lovely conversation so did me and Karen - poor Karen, she leaves a little comment and I respond with another freakin' essay. Like I told Dana it is so hard to make yourself clear in written words only. Especially when you're as fervent as I can be - I think I might need to cool that a bit. Saturday is Wordzzle fun and I think I'm going to do a lot of photos next week - Mia has been more adorable than usual - I feel a slideshow coming on.
Love ya kid. NO FEAR.

Dianne said...

crystal - I have been having a hard time visitng my brother. He himself is pretty apolitical but his friends!! And I'm the minority and it gets so uncomfortable and they think it's funny. I don't think they even care about half the crap they spout they're just hateful and bigoted.
I had a guy at the grocery call me a "nigger loving leftie cow" when he saw my Obama bumper sticker. Charming eh? A neighbor told me she can't vote for Obama because all she can picture is the White House full of black people. As if he's going to open a hip hop club or something. Another told me his kid's names are not American. WTF? Bristol? Trig? what are those? and what does it matter anyway. I get emotional too :) and I think that's great. Rather care then just quote abstract crap. And I do my research also and yes, I always come back feeling real good about my choice.
On a positive note - a couple of black kids saw my Obama sticker and asked if I was really going to vote for him. I laughed, guess I look like an old white woman. I had such a great talk with them and I think I shattered some notions they had about older white folks. And I gave each of them the voter registration forms I carry round. And they promised to vote.

Anndi said...

Not sure if a Canadian should comment about American politics... but I've had great conversations with all sorts of folks lately. I can't say that I've had an interesting one about why Obama is better.

Thank you for your response to Dana about your reasons.

As I was telling another blogger, I'm becoming more and more of a cynic about politics. I'd love to believe there are "new ideas" out there... but I'm having a hard time doing so.

I think since either Obama or McCain will have to deal with this situation, they do need to be involved in the "bail-out" talks. No matter what the final decision is, millions of average regular folks will get shafted. And that sucks, but it's part and parcel of free market economy.

McCain pulled a political "stunt". Do I believe it's because he can't multi-task? No. Do I believe the debate shouldn't go on? No.
Do I believe the current situation should have become the focus of the debate? Absolutely!

I'll have to come back and watch those videos... I need a good giggle.

doggybloggy said...

dana...pffffft...mattboy...bigger pfffft....

Kell said...

I love Craig. I love David. I find myself getting more and more stressed with every day.

Thanks for your post. It was great.

Dianne said...

anndi - I think everyone, especially Canada and Mexico since we're so connected, has a right to talk about American politics. We effect everyone, everywhere. I think you'll enjoy the videos, especially Craig - he's so lovely :)

doggybloggy - life is short and I prefer to travel through it - even on the internet tubes - getting along. Especially when the world is ugly enough on its own. Blog fighting is just silly. Matt has always been very kind to me. I do believe I was snarky to you once as part of some comment stream and for that I sincerely apologize.

kell - I KNOW (as Craig would say)
I enjoyed your last post. My stress level definitely needs some release, wish I could knit or paint.

Matt-Man said...

Laughter rocks. And you make me laugh nearly every day. Cheers Di!!

Dianne said...

thanks matt-man! - that makes me happy. fucking insomnia is killing me tonight. I'm playing online Keno and trying to figure out what to do with my team. Somehow I don't think I should change line-ups while drinking.

Casdok said...

Yes where would we be without laughter?

Anndi said...

Craig Ferguson rocks my world.

I want to go on record, because it may not have been clear, that the McCain/Palin ticket scares me.

I'm cautious about Obama/Biden however... Like I said somewhere else, I don't believe in fairytales.. but I'm willing to give them a fair shake.

I think the whole world is watching you as you prepare to make your choice. Proximity isn't the only factor.. although, I guess Russia is probably really interested in the view through Palin's windows ;)

Dianne said...

casdock - in more trouble than we already are!

anndi - I keep finding more Craig fans!! Cool!
They scare me too. I think the "fairy tale" aspect around Obama comes from over zealous fans - fans, not supporters. Plus the media really pushed the image. I got caught up in it a long time ago, when her first gained national attention after speaking at the DNC. I'm glad I decided to do research on him back then it made him real - warts and rainbows :)
and Biden is just a regular Joe always has been.

Maithri said...


You are far too cool ;),

I love Dave, and love what Chris rock had to say too...

Peace and laughter, M

Dianne said...

maithri - thank you (I am blushing a bit)

Chris Rock hit a nerve and good for him! I am so disappointed in Clinton's continuous lack of respect for Senator Obama.

Peace and laughter to you as well.

fermicat said...

Remind me to never cancel on Letterman, ha ha! That "metamucil" comment made me laugh.

Dianne said...

fermicat - Dave is my man for all time!! Even when he slacks off or slows down he comes roaring back.