Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wordzzle Your Way Through The Day

A bit of news before Finola takes over. I went to the Dr. yesterday - the ankle is not healing properly. Figures – nothing about me has ever been proper. The least aggressive approach is to leave the cast on an additional 2 weeks. The original 3 weeks was on the low end or so the Dr. tells me. I don’t remember him saying that 3 weeks ago. I’m not even going to go through all the yada-yada-yada about what can/might/should happen in 2 weeks. I’ll be there when I get there.

O’Tay! Finola is annoyed; this is about her – not me. Hobble on over to RAVEN’S NEST and check out all the Wordzzles.

This week’s words:

Exacerbate – leotard – path – tomato – Jungle Book – vagabond - parade – limber – storage - Maharajah

Crocodile – special – sleep – droll – turn around

It had been a full week since Pavarotti left saying he’d return the next day. Finola was worried; she couldn’t sleep and didn’t have much of an appetite. She wasn’t sure if she should be doing something. Was Pav lost, missing, should she call someone? Being alone with Ray only exacerbated the situation. He wasn’t at all concerned and that made Finola crazy. “How can you not wonder where he is?” she asked that morning at breakfast. She was watching Ray try to slice a tomato and hoping the knife won. “Pav is known for being a vagrant” Ray answered. “Vagrant?” Finola repeated, “How can he be a vagrant?” Ray looked confused – still, again, always. “Ya know, he travels around a lot, going no where and every where”. “Oh!” Finola laughed, “He’s a vagabond”. Ray had moved on to burning eggs and just nodded.

After breakfast Finola decided to take a walk down the main path toward the lake. She was astounded that Pavarotti had taken the time and trouble to build his own lake. She took a yoga mat with her and dressed in a bright pink leotard. During her exploration of the main house Finola had discovered a room full of exercise equipment and instructional videos. Ray enjoyed the free weights but Finola had become transfixed by yoga. She played the Maharajah’s Mamas tape several times, partly to learn the positions but mostly for the music. The tape featured several beautiful Hindu women dressed as the Pussycat Dolls. Finola didn’t know much about yoga but she was pretty sure this wasn’t the traditional practice. Ray enjoyed the tape also although his personal favorite was the Pilates video – Lusty and Limber. Finola didn’t want to think about what went on in the room late at night but she imagined all the grunting wasn’t from lifting weights. Anything that kept Ray occupied was fine with Finola. Being alone with him this long in such a secluded place wasn’t easy.

Finola was spreading out the mat when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something moving down the path toward her. It looked like a floating crocodile but that couldn’t be … “Posh my droll darling” called Pavarotti. “I’m home”. Finola half ran, half skipped to meet Pav. He was carrying a huge crocodile shaped balloon and grinning widely. Finola was surprised to realize just how much she had missed him. Pavarotti tied the balloon to her wrist and gave her a huge hug. “Does Ray know you’re back?” she asked squished against Pav’s jacket. “Yes I found him in the screening room. He was watching Jungle Book and acting out the parade scene”. They exchanged a look and Finola rolled her eyes. “He’s special, isn’t he” she said as she gathered up her things. “Let’s go back to the house; I want to hear all about your trip. Why were you gone so long?” Pavarotti smiled “I have a lot to tell you but first we need to unpack all the supplies I brought back with me, most of it will go into the storage room”. Finola struggled a bit to keep up with Pav’s long strides, he sure moved fast for a big guy. “You spent all this time alone?” she asked his back. “No dear, I visited some friends while shopping and then, on the way back I met the loveliest couple. They’re traveling around the area looking for a young friend of theirs. They’ll be here in a day or two. I gave them the directions and told them they could restock and refuel here. You’ll like them, the wife has the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard and she calls her husband Lovee. How adorable is that?”

“Please don’t turn around” Finola’s voice screamed in her head. She didn’t want Pavarotti to see the look of horror on her face.


Pagan Sphinx said...

You sizzling word wiz, you!

I wanted to check in; see how your leg is doing. I'm thinking of you!

Also a huge thanks for the link to the Prop 8 website. You're awesome!

Peace, love and healing,

the teach said...

Dianne, you know I'm not doing wordzzles for a while but your Wordzzles is great! I hope your ankle will be all right... Thanks for visiting my blog! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Raven said...

Poor Ray. Such good intentions and so clueless. I just love Pav.... I hope Finola doesn't have to leave next week. But she will meet someone new and wonderful. I love her adventures.

Jeff B said...

Poor Finola, out of the fire and into the pan.

Reb said...

Wow, sorry to hear about your foot. It will be fine though once everything is all said and done.

Poor Finola, just as things are looking up! Great writing Dianne.

Dianne said...

pagan - I love 'sizzling wordzzler' I think we all need t-shirts, or badges at least!
you're welcome about the prop 8 stuff - it makes me so mad!

mary - hope the semester is going well and that you're enjoying it. thanks for all the good wishes :)

raven - I'm starting to see Nathan Lane in the role of Pav! I think I'm going to keep him around for a spell.

jeff - that's because she's related to me poor child ;)

reb - that's what I keep telling myself! thanks!!

Richard said...

Dianne, Finola's roosters are coming home to roost. Ooo Goody.


tt said...

OMG!!! I knew that's who he was going to invite back as soon as he told her the woman has a sweet voice!!!Geez-o-pete!! Now what's she gonna do?
ha---that actually made my heart race....I'm soooo into this story.

So, the foot....jeebus girl...I'm thinking I need to get you a keg size mug to hold some sort of adult beverage. What's your preference suga???

MommyWizdom said...

Great story - nicely written. My favorite line was "he's special, isn't he?" Ha! That made me laugh out loud!

Have a great weekend and I pray all the best for your foot!

Akelamalu said...

....Lusty and Limber Pilates! That really made me chuckle because I do pilates and the last thing I feel after a session is lusty! LOL

Great stuff Dianne, I loved it.

Dianne said...

rich - yes they are! and this time I don't think Pav is going to let her run!

tt - I missed Lovee and Ireland and have been trying to figure out how to bring them back!
I'm really not as OK about the foot as I make out to be, or at least not this afternoon. I'm feeling a bit weepy at the moment. My latest drink obcession has been Pomegranite Martinis! ;)

mommywizdom - thank you for the prayers :)
I like that lined too, poor Ray!

akelamalu - but I bet all the guys think you're Lusty ;)

Kimmie said...

tt said it first, but I can't help myself...

Oh.My.God. LOL! I also felt my heart pounding while I read this installment of Finola's story. Ya' got me hanging on the edge of my seat! ;-)

Hon, I am sorry about your foot. It will work out, just stay positive. I will have a Pomegranite Martini or so right along with you, the tears have been flowing on me also. Actually why don't we get frigin' drunk together! Maybe getting sloshed is exactly what both of us need right about now.

Hugs Sweetie,

Bear Naked said...

Oh no, an additional two weeks of struggling to shower with that cast.
And I won't even mention the staircase-oops I just did. Sorry!

Hang in there- this too will pass.

Bear((( )))

Lu' said...

Ha that was good. What ever will happen next. I agree, poor Ray, what a simp :)

Hildegarde said...

Late for returning your visit on ruby tuesday, but better late than never, right ? Peeking on your desk was cool for RT !

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Oh boy. What will Finola do? Will she run like she would normally do? Or will she be brave and face Ireland and Lovee? Can't wait to find out.

Poor Ray. I think he is a free spirited misunderstood person. Ok. He's clueless, but I like him. And like a typical man, horny.

Sorry about the ankle. It does get frustrating when things don't go as we want them to. Have a good cry and a few pomegranite martinis. As maddening as it is, the next two weeks should fly by and hopefully heal like it should. Hugs to you. Lisa

Dianne said...

kimmie - I'm glad Finola is exciting, I felt she was a bit blah the past 2 weeks.
Could you picture me sloshed and on my cast. now that would make a vlog!!

bear - thanks, I know. Just have a bad moment now and then :)

lu' - "simp"!!!!
I love that word, I don't hear it often anymore. it is popular in Brooklyn. I'm going to work it into dialog between Finola and Ray.

hildergarde - thanks for the visit! late is always better than never :)

Kimmie said...

Oh No! Finola is *not* boring! Don't you go thinking that.

As far as being sloshed in the boot. You don't have to worry, I will shoot the vlog and make sure I get all your pretty angles. *Wink* I know it might be tricky because I will be sloshed too, but as long as you don't let me sloshed and take home an ugly man, I will go to the ends of the earth for ya! Friends do that eachotha! ;-) Tee Hee!

Kimmie said...
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Kimmie said...

I meant "get sloshed and take home an ugly man" lol!

Oh and Friends do that "for" eachotha!

I just can't type anymore...getting older really is the pits! Shit!

bobbie said...

Oh, Dianne, I think you're taking out your own frustration on Finola. Could that be? I wouldn't blame you. Another 2 weeks. Maybe you need one of the hugs that Michele from Rocky Mountain Retreat sent out to all of her readers. - She needs one herself right now. She is in hospital. But I'm sure she'd want you to have one.

Heather said...

that's great use of the words thank you for stopping by mine.

Dr.John said...

A great chapter in an ongoing story. I lose the ending because I have no idea who Lovee is.

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your leg isn't healing well. :o(

Dianne said...

thanks kimmie! you've got a drinking buddy ;)

bobbie - I hope Michele is going to be OK!

heather - thank you :) and I'm glad you joined all of us

dr john - lovee and his wife were a couple that Finola stayed with before she met Ray. she ran away from them when she thought they were on to her. I usually post links to the previous episodes but we're up to 14. So I combined all the posts and was going to put it up on the sidebar. Of course Blogger crapped out on me just when I was almost done so I still need to finish.

Dianne said...

tammy - thanks!! A minor setback. It'll be OK :)

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh dear! I think I need to catch up on some chapters I've missed! Ya wanna head me in the right direction???

How are Finola and Ray "related"? Are Finola & Pavarotti a "thing"?
And definitely point me to the Lovee incident!

Rambling Woods said...

Diane...I am sorry to hear that your ankle isn't doing as well as it could be...Here's hoping that just some extra time is all that's needed...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think it is AMAZING how you get all the words in AND make it very interesting anf intriguing as well as Fun! Bravo to you!

Dianne said...

melli - thank you for wanting to catch-up!! I had links but it was up to 14 links so I was in the midst of combining all the posts when Blogger went bat crazy. I hope to fix/finish and put it on my sdebar today. thanks!!!

rambling - thanks!! I hope so too :)

oldoldlady of the hills - thanks, that means a lot to me.

Jay said...

Uh-Oh ... Finola's gonna have a tough time explaining this one!

Dianne said...

jay - I know! I'm getting very worried about what "she" is going to do!

Travis said...

I love the idea of making a serial out of the words. I've only been reading here for a couple of weeks, but I'm already hooked on the story.

Dianne said...

travis - thank you!! I finally got the first 13 parts of the story, including this one, organized and on the sidebar :)