Friday, September 12, 2008

Never Under Estimate Women

I've been seeing and hearing and reading a lot from women about Sarah Palin. A lot of it is discouraging to me. As though the mere fact that she is a woman negates the fact that she's a dangerous, medieval nut case who loves to kill innocent creatures and who, as highlighted in a recent interview with Charlie Gibson, clearly doesn't have the brain power she so firmly believes God gave her when he made her superior to the likes of me.

And to think I was troubled by the Hillary supporters who felt so betrayed by my support of Obama. At least they were supporting someone who had the best interests of this country at heart, even if she had her own best interests in there as well.

Palin is just plain dangerous!

I intended to have a relaxing Friday afternoon. Work on my Wordzzle and my Portrait story and elevate my throbbing foot BUT then KENJU had to go and get me all worked up again. I followed her link to HERE and was floored by this powerful post.

If upon visiting the link you have some form of visceral negative reaction please feel free to come back and tell me. Please don't take it out on my links. I try to spread thoughtful discussion through the internet tubes not hate.

Speaking of hate. Remember that doctored e-mail I got? The one that lied about Obama removing flags from his plane. Well my response to that e-mail has gotten me some righteous hate mail. Threats. God Fearing Folks calling me all kinds of lovely names - "left wing whore" and "nigger lover" are two of my favorites.

I also got some lovely responses thanking me for spreading truth in a respectful manner.

I kept all the e-mail addresses of that long chain and I have already begun to send this letter to all of them. I copied the letter over so as not to reveal links. Again - spread love not hate.

When the hate mail comes in this time I will respond as I always do. I will thank them for voicing their opinion and wish them a good day.

Kindness - like Sarah Palin - kills.

if you'd like to see the fact checking regarding Palin's interview with Gibson along with some video clips of her more recent stupidity check out THINK PROGRESS.ORG


Akelamalu said...

Some people are not capable of listening to others opinions if they differ from their own - they are mindless in my opinion. You are probably fighting a losing battle but at least you are trying. x

tt said...

I agree with akelamalu..we know what a fighter you are... and I love that about you.
I love that you can kill with kindness...and with a smile on your face I'm sure. :)
Go sister!! You 'say 'it so much better than i even 'think 'it.
fight the good fight.

Knight said...

Wow. She eloquently said so many things that I have been unable to coherently express. I'm scared too.

Betty said...

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible people can be. I thought nothing would surprise me after George W. Bush was elected the SECOND time, but this year takes the cake.

Patti said...

Hi Dianne,
I linked to your beautiful post from yesterday on my blog.

As to Palin, I'm sorry you don't like her, but to each his or her own.

Bear Naked said...

The only email I have been receiving lately (and it does tend to run in cycles sometimes) is that there are so many people out there in the world wide web who seem to be very concerned about my "performance."
Is it because I am Canadian?
Or is it that they can't tell the difference between bear or bare?
Have a great weekend.

Bear((( )))

Raven said...

She really is crazy and dangerous because,like Dubya, she thinks she is chosen. EEEEEEEEEK. I'll check out the links. I am struggling mightily with wordzzles this week. Whose idea was wordzzles anyway... mutter mutter...

Disturbing to hear you have gotten the kind of hate mail you mention. I've been pretty lucky so far and except for a few insane things from an 85 year-old aunt, have been spared most of the crap. Getting a bit of less than impressive stuff from the good guys along with some very impressive stuff. And I'm rambling. Great post as always.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is great Dianne....Thanks so much for the Link. I had been sent Eve Ensler's words on some Forwarded E-Mails, which I do not open anymore because of contracting a "vius" through some Forwarded Email...Soooo...I am really really grateful to you for the "Heads Up".
As to hate mail...I find it utterly shocking that people who pretend to act in a "Christian" manner---following the ideals of Christ, would be so filled with Hate.
Sarah Palin and McC are really really scary as hell, to me. The Represssive bayure of these peolle and so very many people in The Republican Party makes me think of Nazi Germany in the 30's, and that is truly frightening.

Richard said...

Dianne, Raven e-mailed me with links earlier this week on what some very bright folks think of Palin and McCain.

It is interesting how many feel that this republican pair are very dangerous to our country.


Dianne said...

akelamalu - I did get some positive responses and you know the old saying - and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on :)

tt - you give me so much more credit than I deserve and I love it!!

knight - she is a smart woman and a great writer

betty - and the press and McCain's people keep saying she has "fired up the base". who is the base? on second thought I don't think I want to know

patti - such a lovely thing to do. thank you!!
as for Palin, I can't even entertain the notion of someone who enjoys penning animals and then killing them from the air - that alone makes her horrible and there is so much more.

bear - LOL It is not because you are Canadian LOL
I get them too!!

raven - I don't mind the hate mail, especially since I reach some folks too.
I haven't even started my Wordzzle!!

oldoldlady of the hills - you're welcome.
anyone who is so fundamental and stubborn and closed off in their mind and heart is dangerous and Palin fits the bill. As for McC I am beginning to think he has literally had some kind of seizure or brain disorder or mental breakdown. He doesn't even look like himself.

richard - interesting and scary.

emily said...

You always move me to action - whether tears yesterday, or forwarding the link on today...

Thank you!

OBAMA 08 :)

ETK said...

I love your passion.
I love your thoughts.
I love that you are (or appear to be) always right.
I love that you are prepared to fight the good fight.

thank you.

Jay said...

Oh come on now. You can actually see some Russian land from one of Alaska's islands. Therefore Palin is an expert on Russia.

I wonder what Coni Rice, who really IS an expert on Russia, thinks of the McCain campaigns silly "she's governor of a state right next to Russia" line? How insulting.

In fact I find the entire McCain campaign to be insulting right now. Not that I find Obama to be all that uplifting right now either. But, McCain has been stunningly dishonest and dishonorable the last two weeks.

Dianne said...

emily - Thank You! Getting the word out is so important. I appreciate you :)

etk - I'll accept all those compliments except the being right one. No one is right all the time. Well the Republicans try to act as if they are but it's really just to cover up their latest crime.

jay - how could I forget!! I can see trees from my window - must make me a lumberjack. and they caught her in another lie. she said other VP candidates have never met a head of state, turns out she's the only one - ever!
I'm thinking Obama might be letting them screw themselves for a bit. Each time Palin opens her mouth she digs a bigger hole. I hope she falls in and lands in China, I'm sure she thinks that's how you get there.

Linda Reeder said...

Thanks for the link. I followed up and was impressed.
Sarah Palin's selection is nothing but a political stunt -- that seems to be working for now. But if we are Obama supporters, we have to take our lead from him, and hope his truthfull discussion of the issues will find fertile ground.
However, even if he doen't think in terms of "fighting", doesn't mean we can't!

bobbie said...

I tried to follow your link, but keep getting an error message.

People keep talking about Palin as a "soccer mom". I don't see her that way. I think she is a loud, brash, movie starlet or rock star type, which is why the masses seem to love her. She entertains. And God knows, we must have our entertainment these days. All the fans are just wild about her. She is just as dangerous as the Hollywood/TV types she reminds me of, uncaring, self-adulating, and the mindless masses are all over her. It's scary.

Sorry you're getting hate mail. I don't know how I'd deal with that. You seem to be doing it very well.

bobbie said...

I finally got through to the link.
Thank you for that. Wow! Between that and Media Matters for America, I'm having quite a morning.

Inanna said...

Watching Palin attempt to side-step her own words with better words in the Charlie Gibson interview was disturbing on so many levels.

I simply do not understand hate mail. Obviously they are incapable of having intelligent debate on the issues and instead resort to "hating" instead of "learning."

And while I understand your feelings on hunting, as you referenced the killing of innocent animals, I have a different view of that, which is excellent blog fodder.

Diane Mandy said...

I guess its no surprise that I agree with your Palin fears. I cannot understand why she is so popular. In the ABC interview, I thought she came across hostile, uncomfortable, and ill-informed.

Was it just me?

Dianne said...

linda - I feel like I need to fight for him too :)
how sad that civil intelligent disourse from a candidate is a "problem"
I hope the Palin stunt backfires.

bobbie - Media Matters is another great site. I don't get her attraction either. what "Mom" runs around in camo and loves killing things and dresses her little girls in tiaras and corsages!!
The gullible better wake up - she may tell them she's a regular Mom but she could care less about their kids.

inanna - it isn't just the hunting. it the aerial hunting. what "sport" can there be in flying low over the beautiful wilderness terrorizing animals and killing whole packs. I suppose I understand a bit of the need for hunting in terms of thinning population but I find far too many hunters just love killing.

diane - of course it wasn't just you. one of my favorite parts was when she got snarky sarcastic with Charlie - "which part of the doctrine Charlie?" and it is then quickly revealed she didn't even know what the doctrine was. reminded me of the airhead beauty queens back in high school who used to try to be cute with the teacher to cover how they didn't read. Maybe that's her appeal. the empty pretty girl makes good?

Kimmie said...

Hey Dianne, I followed the link and my that is one powerful and well written letter. I am going to email it to many people. As always, thank you for sharing this with us today. What I don't know or can't clarify on my own, you clear it up for me. I appreciate everything you are doing!

magnetbabe said...

When I first saw Sarah Palin I laughed at the utter transparency of McCain's VP choice and was tickled at the supposed impending complete de-railment of his campaign. I expected everyone to laugh in his face. For him, the would-be oldest president to take office, this is the biggest decision he can make. And he f-cked it up.

Now, as I'm seeing people flocking to this terrifying woman, my heart sinks and I get the same pit-of-the-stomach feeling I had in 2000 and 2004. As Ms. Palin herself might say, "God help us all".

PS - I received my first political hate comment on my blog! I'm oddly touched that I can inspire such hostility in another person. ;)

Daryl said...

Keep on keeping on it Dianne .. you are my hero ...


Dianne said...

kimmie - thanks for saying that!! just hoping to give folks some options to make decisions.

magnetbabe - "oddly touched" - exactly!! how sad for them and how good it is that we are there for them. I am still going to believe in the collective mind of America and I think Palin will get sour once they realize how unqualified she is.

daryl - thanks!

RiverPoet said...

Dianne - Hang in there. Ignorance knows no bounds, and very often people think they are anonymous and invisible on the web and can say or be whatever they want.

It's a shame. I hope we prevail in November. This country needs to turn around.

Incidentally, I saw the trailer for the Oliver Stone movie "W"; it looks like it's going to be an interesting biopic of the man who has run this country into the ground. Truly, he has just been a puppet for Rove and Cheney.

Peace - D

fermicat said...

The more I learn about Palin, the more worried I am about what would happen if McCain-Palin wins the election. She seems to have a lot in common with GWB - quick decisions that are more based on gut feel than fact, secrecy and loyalty trumping all else, and LIES! It surprises me how McCain has dumped all his convictions and hired the Republican smear machine to get him elected. I really expected a more honorable campaign between these two men. Instead of issues, we have daily faux outrage over trivialities. It makes me mad and sad at the same time.

Roger said...

Aw politics that's just not my bag.

I don't trust "any" politician I hear both parties talking a whole lot of crap that they will never pull off.

But Di whoever is sending you hate mail, let me know I will kick there ass!

Dianne said...

riverpoet - thanks :)
doesn't bother me, really doesn't. I continue to hope that the average American will not be fooled by McCain's tactics and will come to realize how little he thinks of them.

fermicat - mad and sad indeed! McCain has lost all that once made him a decent man. Palin never had any so they really do make the perfect couple.

roger - I understand. I became fascinated by govt and community more than politics. When you look at it that way it makes it more critical
And I LOVE the idea of having you as a hero :) thanks
they haters aren't worth it though.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Yes, a lot like GWB. Even that shrill kind of meaness about her.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Darn. There seems to be something wrong with the link. Will try again later.

And Dianne, how are you doing? I hope you're healing well.

Peace & Love,

Mrs. C said...


Take it from someone who thinks James Dobson is a liberal... these people who are emailing you are plain simple "nuts." Though I'm not sure if they're liberal or conservative crazies, to be honest. Sometimes people like to be anonymous, say a bunch of hurtful and nasty stuff whether they believe it or not, and then sit back and watch the fur fly. I guess it must be fun in some sick way.

I like you. And I hope that when I disagree with you that I can tell you so nicely.

Gently... let me, as a guest commenter on your blog, state for the record that I think Sarah Palin is a very bad idea for America in that she's a woman. Really, barring extreme circumstance (and hello, they do happen, I'll admit, more frequently than we'd like), women should be at home raising their children. Though of course the Proverbs 31 woman had a home-based business. :]

I'm honestly, trulytrulytruly, not seeing where Sarah Palin nor yet John McCain can be seen as "conservative."

I do wish that politics weren't forbidden in churches because I think that our voices do need to be raised against abortion there just as they were in Northern states for abolition ever so long ago (that fact is conveniently forgotten when discussing "hateful" Christians). When we are silent, others misinterpret our political and moral intentions. And I'll bet there are a good plenty people in the pews wondering why on earth we're in Iraq and NOT Saudi Arabia. Hmm? Because the Saudis are our friends?? Just askin'.

I hope that I have stated my opinion lovingly and I'm very hurt that someone brought race into it all like that, especially considering that you have biracial children. Do you think perhaps this "commenter" knows that and is intentionally being cruel? OK, I won't go further analyzing that because it would be speculation and gossip on my part. Just as an aside (which really doesn't have anything to do with anything, but just me having a converstion with you) this is a big problem I have with EVOLUTION. In "evolution," it would be necessary for one race to be "better" than another and I believe God made us all from Adam and Eve. I'm really not sure how all the different colours worked out, but we're all related somehow. :] Anyway, FYI, we were taught in public school in Australia that the Aborigines were genuine "Stone Age People" less evolved than ourselves. So you can imagine why, as a Christian, I exempt my own children from such teachings in school.

OK, going to scoot now. I know you and your readers have a different perspective on things than I do, and hopefully they will also be respectful to me as I've been to you, but I just wanted to register my sadness at this turn of events with you and assure you of my faithful (if disagreeable LOL!) bloggy friendship regardless.

Lord bless ya today Dianne and I sure hope you're feeling much better. I had been wondering what on earth they could do for you next. I don't know what else to say or how to make this situation better other than raising my voice in agreement that this is not acceptable. Doggone it, but people can be so rude. I'm just sorry it happened.

the teach said...

Dianne, I lost a blogger friend due to my posting about Sarah Palin "Sarah Palin Doesn't Speak for Me!" I agree with you completely but it's unfortunate that we can't speak to each other in a kind way. I'm sorry I lost that friend. I feel for you and the comments you got. I received that same e-mail about Obama removing flags from his plane...

Dianne said...

pagan - when Palin started smirking at Gibson she reminded me so much of W. every time he didn't know an answer he got nasty. the think progess link seems to get "error 404" a lot. if you go to their home page you can find the palin/gibson link.

mrs c - I agree with you that anon hurtful and negative comments/e-mails are often by people wishing to start something. Rarely do they return once I thank them for their thoughts and tell them to have a nice day lol
I am very open on my blog - I am who I am and have few secrets. my comments on other blogs are also always honest and personal, been that way my whole life. It's very possible the racial comments are meant to personally hurtful but again, I have fought much bigger bullies :) - e-mail is benign.
I'm smiling here Mrs C because it is delightfully rich to me that the only saving grace Palin has with me is that she IS a working mother. I would say we were opposite sides of a coin but we have many things in common.
I believe strongly in separation of church and state. I do acknowledge the amazing good work done in houses of worship - right now "illegals" often have no where to turn for human rights but churches. My biggest issue is with fundamentalism of any belief, any "side". Many of the Christian leaders trying to get the ear of McCain are little more to me than corporations usurping God for their own means.
I don't know why we'd be at war with the Saudis. I understood the need to search for Bin Laden. Otherwise I see our involvement anywhere in the MidEast as greed for oil and a general desire by Bush to destroy Muslims.
I can't see any of my readers being anything but respectful. I have very fundamental differences with some of them. Dana and I remain friends. Karen and I remain friends.
Thank You for your comments, I always read them with interest. Sometimes I look things up to better understand. I appreciate your caring words. I'll be fine, I'm a trooper. Hugs to the kids :)

Mary - how ridiculous that lost friend is!! You even posted about attacks on Palin that were not true. What more could you do to be fair? I hate what this election is doing in some places BUT I feel it is necessary. We are a young country, still defining itself and this election has a lot to do with deciding who we are, what we believe, and how willing we are to stand strong.
I'm in it to win it! but I don't need to cause casualities on the way.

CG said...

I can't somehow take to Sarah Palin! What surprises me is I belive her daughter is called Bristol (that's a city in England). Over here, "bristols" is slang for a pair of breasts...

Dianne said...

cg - Ahhhh I love British slang. Knackered has always been a favorite of mine ;)
Yes Bristol is the oldest girl's name. All (or most) of her children have unique names, one of the other very few things I like about her. Of course she mocks ethnic names and spouts about "LA lifestyle" which then negates any creativity I might have imagined she had.

Ivanhoe said...

OMG! What a powerful post on Kenju's blog. Now I'm really getting scared. They cannot win. Can they? I hope there are enough responsible people to vote for their better future.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I love coming to your blog because I always learn something. Keep up the good work. And screw the haters! ;)


Anonymous said...

Diane.. I wish I had read this before I posted what I did on Sunday. You're so right. We need to spread love not hate. So here's me spreading the love -- take care of that leg and ger well soon.

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - I continue to have faith!!

RLL - I feel the same way about yours :) hugs sister.

spartacus - I think your "peep" post was funny and strong and not at all hateful :)
thanks for the well wishes