Sunday, October 19, 2008

And Now the Sunday Funnies - Week 3

The Sunday Funnies Contest is back after skipping last week.

And we have news!

Mario the Plumber Is Pissed!!

After years of hard work in cramped video game settings he has lost his plum position to this guy -

Joe the Plumber - a Joey Come Lately who has ripped media attention away from Mario in one swift surge of his plunger.

The tabloids and Toilet Weekly report that Mario is not taking this lying down (under a sink). Allegedly Mario called Joe (or is it Sam?) and left a scathing message on his voice mail. Gaming insiders claim Mario has something on Joe (or is it Sam?) that will shock a nation already reeling from the rumors that Sarah Palin had Jessica Rabbit killed in order to assume her identity.

This week's contest asks ...

What critical and damning information does Mario have on Joe (or is it Sam?)

You can respond through next Friday. Winner will be announced next Sunday. This week's prize will come from my huge pottery and glassware collection - a mug, a vase - hey maybe a bong - decorative purposes only of course.

Have a great week and remember to laugh.


Raven said...

These contests are tough... or I'm not very good at them anyway, but I'll try: Ok... Mario might say: Joe-sam... we know you're a Republican because everything you said about yourself was untrue... but you're giving plumbers a bad name, and that just isn't right."

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Mario found out that Joe the plummer is a plant and he is actually the long lost son of John Mccain. see the resemblance.

the teach said...

Dianne, I have it from very reliable sources that Joe/Sam's wife has sworn to divorce him if he doesn't cover up his butt-crack! :)

Dr.John said...

He gets all his plumbing supplies from Iran.

Mrs. C said...

Mama mia, Princess Peach likes Joe's hairdo better than Mario's!

kenju said...

The critical info is that "Samuel Joseph" is the son of the man who was Charles Keating's son-in-law. Remember the Keating Five?

tt said...

I'm totally lost on this one...dammit! but I'd love to know what YOUR take is on it. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Okay Dianne... here's the what Mario's got on Sam.

Mario says Sam is a "full of shit" plumber and he's got the pictures to prove it. Apparently, they were working a house job somewhere in Ohio and Joe didn't have a clue on how to repair a drain pipe. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. Joe was covered head to toe. That's what happens when you work without a license. Oh the irony is too delicious. Way to go Mario!

The Quiet Rage said...

I am ROFLMAO!!!!!

Dianne said...

raven - reminds me of something I heard somewhere - "How can you tell a Republican is lying?" - "their lips are moving"

queen size funny bone - you know what! I do see the resemblance! good catch :)

teach - I'm hoping we get some video of that butt crack before his 15 minutes are over

dr. john - hey!! thanks for playing along ;)

mrs c - somebody else who knows the game!!

kenju - and here I thought Keating didn't really exist, isn't that what they're trying to tell us

tt - you're never lost!! you're just being coy ;)

spartacus - see now THAT explains why I can smell him a mile away ;)

quiet rage - ahhhh so nice to see ya! I love the laughter!

Matt-Man said...

Ha. Good question. This could be interesting. Cheers Di!!

Jeni said...

You have to love the "Joe, the Plumber" and "Joe Six-Pack" stuff, don't 'cha?
Check the Bushisms for this week too for some real gems!

Bear Naked said...

I'm waiting to see what Daryl has to say, bet it will be a zinger!

Bear((( )))

Diane Mandy said...

I looked at the images for 10 minutes and came up with nothing..zilcho..nada.

But I did have a thought I wanted to run by you.

Not to be counting chickens, you know, but if our man actually wins 15 days short days from now. What do you think about getting bloggers to host a virtual victory party? Yes? No? Any ideas?

Dianne said...

matt-man - so is your wonderful evil twisted delightful mind working on something!?

jeni - remember when Lou Grant told MTM - "I hate spunk" well that's how I feel about "folksy" crap. Folksy is the last refuge of the uninspired.
What will we do w/out Bushism Monday!!

bear - Daryl usually has a good one :)

diane - I had already thought that on 11/5 I would put up a photo of Barack and just ask everyone to say what they felt. I can't imagine the alternative.
I think it's a great idea. Maybe we all could all do that? Just share our joy across blogs?

Knight said...

Mario (being familiar with sewer dwelling pests) has pants drooping proof that Joe/Sam has been laying pipe to McCain for several years.

I can't help being dirty. I'm sorry.

Dianne said...

knight - NEVER apoligize period! Certainly not for being dirty on my blog ;)
I wonder - Sarah is into pipelines too, maybe there's video of a 3-some!

San said...

Mario has conclusive evidence that Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack are one and the same.

Sorry. But all of those earlier brilliant responses are really tough acts to follow.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great answers already! I'm brain dead today...but Knight made me laugh!

Ivanhoe said...

Mario knows who killed Jessica Rabbit! And Joe the Plumber was in on it with Sarah Palin :o)

Tammy said...

Oh the mind is spinning and it's on the naughty side. LOL

Pagan Sphinx said...

Remember to laugh?? How can I help it when I come here! hahahhahhaha

Dianne said...

san - I think your comment and queen size funny bone's comment go hand in hand. a cover-up exposed!!

RLL - Knight made me laugh too!!

ivanhoe - poor Jessica, yet another victim of the campaign.

tammy - naughty is good ;)

pagan - I'm glad ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The "dirt" is that Joe/Sam is related to The Keating Family....Yes, THAT Keating...!

Other than that...I don't have a clue, my dear! (lol)

DivaJood said...

Mario knows that Joe (or Sam) the Not Plumber went to Thailand to have plastic surgery to get a butt crack implanted between his lower cheeks.

Faye Pekas said...

Mario found out that Joe the plumber is actually a fat man in a skinny suit who has a horrible disease. How does he know?

Its obvious.."Joe The Plumber".. scrambled.. is "The Jumbo Leper" :)

the walking man said...

Mario wants the world to know that "Joe" is a corporate shill. He's really Mr. Clean.

bobbie said...

You and your commenting friends have me weak with laughter this morning.

Jessica Rabbit? Hadn't thought of that one. I see the resemblance.

there are so many possibilities for this answer. Have to think on it.

Dianne said...

oldold lady of the hills - you ALWAYS have a clue!
and here I thought all the Keatings were finally locked up.

jood - that could be! after all the Republicans love going offshore. It's so "Country First".

faye - contact the press!! I think you've got it ;)

mark - could be although I think Mr. Clean does pay his taxes. Perhaps Mr. Clean's Republican twin?

bobbie - I love it when the laughter comes around!! Good way to start the day.

Daryl said...

He's McLame's love child with Betty Boop


Dianne said...

daryl - and Betty Boop is related to Jessica Rabbit and Jessica has been over taken by Sarah Palin - oh it's all so incestuous!! Didn't we revolt against the Brits to get away from inbreeding!!? ;)