Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am an Ungrateful Bitch ...

Don’t you just love my whimsical way with words.

I’m not really ungrateful, not at all. Time gets away from me. Plus I always procrastinate with the things that compliment me. I know, such an endearing quality – and so healthy.

BUT – I am organized. I have every award I’ve received and I want to say a proper thank you and I want to pass them on.

I pay no mind to award protocol. I acknowledge the creator of the award if I know who they are. I thank the person who gave it to me. And I pass it on to ONE person.

My ungratefulness goes back to early September! AKELAMALU gave me the ARTE ‘Y PICO award.
From Oct-Awards

Funny thing. She received another one today!! Not surprising. This award recognizes quality of content and Akelamalu writes wonderful stories and posts delightful doodles. I pass the Arte‘y Pico on to BOND. One of my newest friends. He truly should be a music professor, a guru of the arts. He does his homework; he presents eclectic choices in music plus all the other things his “couch” offers up.

I received the ‘I Love Your Blog’ award from 3 of my buddies.
From Oct-Awards

IVANHOE – who is absolutely one of the kindest people on the planet. She showers me with stuff.

RAMBLING – Michelle is a smart animal lover and dedicated friend of Mother Nature. I love how much I learn from her and I love how inspiring her photographs are.

SPARKLING – talk about joining someone on their journey!! I became a regular reader of Sparkling just when she was thinking of not blogging anymore. I’m sure it was something I said. Instead she chose to share with us a personal journey that often leaves me with wonderful things to consider.


I am passing the ‘I Love Your Blog’ on to:

FERMICAT – I’ve enjoyed her blog for a while now but recently I realized just how much I respect how she cares for her cats and how she shares her daily life with such ease. Go over and see some great cat photos and tell Silvio to get well quick.

MARY/THE TEACH – and her damn red! I enjoyed hating red. Now I appreciate it. Mary’s Ruby Tuesday project has made my photography better and I truly appreciate that.

HILARY – I think the term ‘feast for the eyes’ was coined with Hilary's blog in mind. Her posts are so lovely; her photographs make your eyes applaud. And she posts just enough of Benny the Wonder Dog to make you want more. She is as gentle and lovely as the nature around her.

OTAY! Next

As I said above Ivanhoe showers me with appreciation!! She also gave me the Light Across The Web award.
From Oct-Awards
I’m going to kind of break my ONE person thingie by passing this on to:

CASDOCK and MRS. C (and her children who blog) – All of you who know Casdock have felt the light she is and shares. I met Mrs. C because of Casdock and I think ‘Lights Across the Web’ suits the situation. Mrs. C and me – have, at face value, absolutely nothing in common. We disagree on just about every front – politics, lifestyles, religion. BUT beyond face value Mrs. C has a huge heart, a silly sense of humor and a deep and abiding love and respect for her children and all other children. So Mrs. C and me – we work it out and I like to think we’re friends.

PAGAN decided she wanted to strengthen the bonds of us ‘left of center’ bloggers so she passed on the Brilliante award to many of us.
From Oct-Awards
I want to continue that so I’m passing it on to – SPARTACUS – I met him through JOOD’S blog, she had posted some photos of them and I, shallow as well as ungrateful, thought he was really good looking. And he is! He also writes wonderful rants and sweet spiritual stories.

Last but not least REB gave me this Sweet award. See I am sweet – not an ungrateful, shallow, heathen, leftie bitch who almost caused Sparkling to abandon the blog-o-sphere. I AM SWEET! Make sure to stop and see how Pretty in Pink Reb is and enjoy her great blog.

If you skim posts (Hi Jay) that sentence above will seem so f’d up.

From Oct-Awards

I give my Sweet award to BEAR. She makes me smile! She is very creative and a kind kind person.

And there ya have it!


Hilary said...

Awww aren't you so sweet! Thank you so much, Dianne. I'll wear it with pride on my sidebar. I'm not surpised that you've received all these awards.. you're such a sweetie. Much appreciated - and by Benny too! :)

Bond said...

gee Dianne I am all verklempt!

Thanks so much!

tt said...

Where do people get these awards in the first place.....that's my question.
I'm not surprised that you receive so many....awesome people do that don't cha know.

Post them proudly you lefty!

the teach said...

Hooray, Dianne! You love me, you really love me! Oh, you love my BLOG! That's okay too! Thanks so much. I'll blog about it in a while. Lots of hugs to a dear friend! :)

Bear Naked said...

You like me!
You really really like me!

Dianne, my bears and I thank you so much for the *One Sweet Blog Award.*
I am going to proudly display it on my sidebar right now.
YOU are the sweetie!!

Bear((( )))

Dianne said...

hilary - it just looks like I get a lot cause I store them up LOL
I'm so glad you like your award, hugs to Benny.

bond - we will talk amongst ourselves until you regain composure ;)

tt - if you Google 'blog awards' you'll find places where some awards originated - i.e., the Art y Pico award has its own website. Others just keep passing from friend to friend. My pal Daryl - out and about in NY - created the Just Plain Fun award.
My left hand salutes you sweetie :)

mary - don't be going all Sally Field now ;)
of course I love ya!

bear - the moment I saw the sweet award I thought of you :)

the teach said...

I've blogged about it Dianne... :)

Knight said...

You almost caused Sparkling to leave the blogosphere? Well, I'm glad everyone knows how perfectly sweet you are now. The perfection comes from the added spice.

bobbie said...

You deserve every one of them, Dianne

And I'm cheering for all you awarded them to. All great choices!

Mrs. C said...

Thanks, Dianne! I think we're friends, too, and I feel the same way about our friendship. It's also fun to banter with someone in a friendly way (like, non-troll and leave a "name" LOL!) on things we disagree about.

Sylvia K said...

I love your way with words! And you deserve all the awards! Thanks for stopping by mine. I always enjoy yours.

Dianne said...

mary - you're quick!! :)

knight - it was so funny. I had been reading her for a few days in a row and then she was going to stop so of course I make it all about me lol

bobbie - thank you! I'm so glad you agree about my choices, such a great group of people :)

mrs c - I'm so glad you feel the same, kinda assumed you would. Have a good night!

slyvia - thank you! I know that award posts can be boring unless you're getting one, kinda like the Oscars, so I try to make it fun.

kenju said...

WOW! Pretty soon your template will be all awards - no room for anything else! Congratulations! I'll check out your awardees soon.

holly said...

oh i am rubbish - i missed your contest, your wordzzle, and your sarah remarks. i love your sepia picture and your ruby shot! your awards are SO well deserved. your blog ROCKS!!!

i am so glad daryl pointed you out.

fermicat said...

Thanks for the award! I {heart} your blog, too. And your cat.

Ron said...

Holy cow...I feel like I'm at the Academy Awards from 2000-2008!

BRAVA! on all these wonderful MUCH deserved awards, Dianne!

You can see just how much you are LOVED and APPRECIATED by all your friends here!!


Hey...and congrats to all the recipients too!


applause, applause, applause!

Reb said...

Dianne, you deserve all the awards you get! You have a great blog!

Casdok said...

Oh thank you for my award! And i think Mrs C is great too!! :)

CrystalChick said...

All the awards, both given and received are totally deserved and I'll be sure to stop by a couple of your links and check them out!
I also need to post the Arte Y Pico award from Akelamalu on my page. I was very happy to receive it, just icky sick all week and behind in everything.
And yes,
I DO love your way with words!!
Can't wait to hear your thoughts on last night's debate.
Atleast she was allowed notes and didn't say she'd get back to us. But after a week in study hall you'de still think there should have been something more???

Dianne said...

kenju - I created a separate post for awards and then put the link on the sidebar - it's called On My Mantle - that way the sidebar stays cleaner but the awards are still all there.

holly - NEVER rubbish!! the wordzzle is every saturday and the contest is every Sunday til the election.

fermicat - you're welcome :)

ron - speaking of a 'way with words' !!! you're the best. Happy Day after your Birthday - hope you stretch it into the weekend.

reb - thanks again for the 'sweet' award, made me happy.

casdock - you're welcome! I stopped at Mrs C after you gave her boys the awards and we've been friends since.

crystalchick - so sorry you're sick!! feel better soon. and thanks for all the kind words.

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations on the well deserved awards Dianne. :)

Ivanhoe said...

Congratulations and you are welcome :o)
How is your booboo? Still in the cast?

Dianne said...

akelamalu - congratulations on your most recent award too!
and thank you so much for thinking of me!

ivanhoe - yep, still in the cast. next Dr. appt is next Friday. After last week's disappointment I'm just not thinking about it til I get there :)

Faye Pekas said...

Whow, you had your own Blogcademy Awards today :) fun stuff.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Congrats to you and the ones you've given awards to! I love these posts because it gives me new reads! And I do love to read.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Dianne said...

faye - I love 'Blogacademy' !! Good one :)

RLL - thank you!! Hope Birthday Week is going full blast! Make sure to extend it through the weekend.

CG said...

I think you're lovely and I won't hear a word against you !!!

Anonymous said...

Dianne...thanks so much for the award and the compliment. You flatter me. I placed prominently on my site.

Daryl said...

Congrats to you ... well deserved .. and congrats to those bloggers you've awarded passed them along to ... brava all


Dianne said...

cg - the only person who ever talks trash about me IS me ;)

spartacus - you're welcome. it is always a joy to discover another blog where it is comfy and homey and fun to visit.

daryl - thanks!!

Sparkling Red said...

Congratulations on your awards! Well-deserved, all.

Award posts are always heavy-duty, administratively speaking. I always end up putting them off too, until I can sit down and think through the who, the what, and all the links.

Big love to you!

San said...

You must be installing new shelving to show off all of these awards. You deserve them and you are passing them on to several familiar bloggers who are equally deserving.

Bask in the admiration!

Jeff B said...

I completely failed at thanking each person and redistributing the awards last time I received some. Congrats to you and to the recipients.

Dianne said...

spakling - you mentioned the links, I don't think I've ever really said it but links are a pain!! I always mess it up and mis-lable someone or leave out a > which we know can spin the interwebs out of control! ;)
thanks again for thinking of me.

san - thank you :)
isn't it nice to see familar names being recognized :)

jeff - I have an extra e-mail account where I e-mail myself things to do like the links to the awards I was given. then I am reminded each time I login until I do something. glad you're back around :)

Kimmie said...

Congratulations Dianne for your Awards and to all the wonderful bloggers you passed them on to. You have such a wonderful blog, you deserve every one of them. I love to come here and read your posts. I always leave with a smile or smirk! ;-)

Hugs Sweetie,

Rambling Woods said...

Oh..more great new blogs for me to visit...Thank you..!!!!!

Dianne said...

kimmie - "smile or smirk" I like that!! thank you :)

rambling - you're going to love each one of them :)

Mary said...


I don't think you're ungrateful or any of the other things that you said. Like all of us, time gets away, as you said and then it suddenly dawns on us that we forgot.

Congratulations on all of the awards. You are very deserving.

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm.

Deb said...

Congrats to you and all of your awards. You are kind of like a movie star among bloggers! And what's wrong with being a bitch? My girlfriends and I formed a 'club' ~ The Soul Bitches! We have a grand time when we all get together - we can be wicked (in a good way!) Enjoy your day.

Dianne said...

mary - thanks Mary, you stay warm too :)

deb - love the 'Soul Bitches'!! My niece refers to me as the 'Good Bitch of the East' ;)

Melli said...

You're sooooooo way better than me! I thank the giver and that's the end!
Congratulations!!! You are WELL loved!

Dianne said...

melli - thanks!!! as I said over on the wordzzle comment - you are such a kind person :)

Smalltown RN said...

my goodness....congrats on all of your awards and to the recipients to whom you passed the awards along to...happy weekend my friend

Dianne said...

smalltow rn - thank you! happy weekend to you too :)

Anonymous said...