Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two Photos and a Clip

It is a potpourri of stuff this Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday - Bye Bye Summer

This photo was taken at the closed off entrance to an outdoor cafe on the shore of the Navesink River. During the summer it is open all week. Now just on weekends.

Please click on over HERE for more RED

Anything Sepia - Local Church

The lovely and talented Chica announced a project last Thursday. I don't even know if it's still going on but I'm going to do it anyway.

This is the church my DIL attends. They have several open house days during the year. It is an incredibly beautiful place. All the wood tones just begged for sepia.

Please drop by CHICA’S BLOG. Even if the project is over her blog is beautiful. She is a wonderful photographer.

Let's Go to the Clip

I was watching my local news and they had a clip of the McCain/Palin ticket at a rally in Ohio. Palin said she was looking forward to the VP debate this Thursday. She was looking forward to meeting Joe Biden - she'd been hearing his speeches since she was in the 2nd grade. I truly thought I had it wrong or the station had clipped out of context. Yeah I know - they never do that.

So I searched and found the clip. It is what she said!!


If you can't take the sound of Sarah's voice the comedic portion of her remarks begin at 1:30

So Sarah Palin has heard Biden speak since she was in the 2nd grade. Wow! Senate speeches in grammar school, that is progressive education. How come she's so stupid?

Was she saying Biden is old? How fantastic is that. Uh Sarah dear - turn around and take a look behind you. No No not at the cheerleader in a pantsuit. No No not at your daughter. Take a look at the creepy guy off to the side. The one who looks like he's pimping out all 3 of you. THAT Sarah is the person you're running with. Do you know how old he is?

It did dawn on me that Palin might be saying all of Biden's speeches are stolen. Or repetitive. If that was her intent Sarah honey, play to your crowd. Those folks behind you yucking it up and yelling out over sporting events just ain't bright enough for sarcasm. Call Tina Fey - maybe she'll give you some pointers.


Patti said...

Hi Dianne! I thought I was post #79 but when I signed up I was #80.

Guess we are both a bit late this week. I can't keep up with life AND blogging, ya know?

I like the closed-up patio umbrellas, looking rather forlorn there as summer ends.

Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Dianne said...

patti - we must have been simultaneously signing in!! How cool is that LOL
I don't get it - how can 10 AM on a Tuesday make us late for a Tuesday project? ;)

Raven said...

I like both your pictures. I heard that Palin clip too yesterday. One thing she IS good at is nasty dig type things. I suspect you are right, though, that it went over her audience's head - and also that she had better be careful about commenting on Biden's age because he's 6 years younger than her running mate. God, aren't they just the two creepiest people on earth? If you want to get really pissed/amused, watch the two of them with Katie Couric explaining how the press is picking on her. Hmmm.

Bear Naked said...

If anyone from the US has a chance to view the Rick Mercer Report on CBC TV from Canada tonight

please try to watch.

I have a sneaky little suspicion that Rick might have something to say about Sarah Palin.
And even if he doesn't mention her, you will get to see a "Rick Mercer Report" which is the best TV program from my country in my opinion.

Bear((( )))

kenju said...

That church is beautiful. Is it Greek Orthodox?

I can't wait for the debate. It could be a disaster.....LOL

Mojo said...

I love the way those red umbrellas jump out of their surroundings. Red's got a tendency to do that I guess.

And yeah, hockey is a sport. Those guys in the Devil suits that just moved into Newark (which still mystifies me) form East Rutherford? Yeah, you know, those guys... they play a lot of hockey. Won a few trinkets along the way too. Three of them as I recall. Just not in '06 when they got blown away by the Hurricanes. Oh... not in '02 either. When they also faced the Hurricanes. Seems like Carolina's road to the finals always passes through your neck of the woods doesn't it? Hope we see you again in the same circumstance next spring!

Dianne said...

raven - I really love my DIL's church. The mnaged to modernize it without losing any of the feeling. I had to turn off that interview, it literally made me ill. At this point in the campaign I'm going for amusing. I have already done all my homework. I did a phone bank for Obama. I have e-mailed everyone I know who is on the fence and now I must find the humor in McCain/Palin - it is the only way to address such absurdity.

bear - THANK YOU! I will check him out.

kenju - yes it is Greek Orthodox. The sweet thing is that it is one town over from us and it is the sister church of the one my DIL went to all her life in Brooklyn. What a lovely find.

mojo - glad ya like the brellas ;)
and I know it's a sport! I just couldn't resist. I used to go to a lot of Rangers games, met Phil Esposito! He was very cool. The move into Newark is to justify the huge arena they built there when they could have actually helped a struggling city.

Kimmie said...

Hey Dianne,
Great shot of the red umbrellas for Ruby Tuesday! They certainly do "POP". Nice capture. Oh that church shot is lovely in the sepia tones. I love photographing churchs, especially the Basillica which have been in alot of my Creative Photography offerings on my old blog.

Sarah Who??? Pfffttt!!! ;-)


Columbo said...

Nice umbrella reds for Ruby Tuesday. I like the sepia creation, great capture.
Have a great Ruby Tuesday.

Ivanhoe said...

I cannot wait for Biden to just kill her in that debate on Thursday night :o) I hope she will make even bigger fool out of herself. Gee, did I just say that out loud...

Great pics as always :o)

Dianne said...

kimmie - thanks :)
I love photographing churches too. I used to get to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine a lot but travel to Manhattan takes longer these days. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it is so inviting and diverse and accepting - the way a 'House of God' is supposed to be.

columbo - thank you :)
I have been experimenting a bit more with sepia. It really has to be a certain shot for sepia to work and the church was perfect. I enjoyed your post a lot!

ivanhoe - I think Biden just needs to let her talk and talk and talk. He should answer for himself and then just ask her to clarify her statements - she can't and she'll get shrill and nasty. He has to be careful since there are many who want to pull the big bad man picking on little woman. Little woman my ass - that bitch would shoot anything that moved if it was in her way - and even if it wasn't.
and yes!! LOL you did say that and I loved it ;)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm sorry but I was watching her speak the other night and him by her side correcting all her boo boo's and it was making ill.

mark's tails said...

Nice photo, it almost appears as two separate shots because of the demarcation caused by the wall.

Church shot another beauty.

Palin video check, well this just detracts from all the beauty you have shown us today.

I agree with the other comments above.

Jeni said...

Ya know, although it is difficult to stomach some of the things both McCain and Palin say, I'd much rather regard their actions, pick them apart and see the humor in them. I hate to throw up is my reason there and if I allowed their stupidity in too deeply in my mind, I would be spending all my time in the bathroom, upchucking. Finding the humor in their ludicrous comments is much more to my liking and then, it makes for a much calmer, nicer me too! Let's face it, you really can't read, watch, listen to either of them without finding SOMETHING that is really ridiculously funny, can you?
Like the McCain ad that says he "took on Washington and reformed it." Yeah, right! If that's the case, why then is he plagerizing Obama's catch word "Change" then?

Jim said...

Hi Dianne -- Until I clicked on your 'red' picture it seemed like those two red objects were spacecraft launching, bye, bye summer. :-)

I'll have a Palin cartoon linked tomorrow (she is anti-endangered speciies). I'm not political on my blog.
I will vote green this year. They need my vote here in Texas.
Any other vote wouldn't count anyway We don't even get commercials, it is a 'done deal.'

Jay said...

Funny that Palin would say that because I was only 15 when McCain was first elected to congress. And I was only 21 when my senator David Pryor cast the deciding vote when the senate found that McCain had acted "improperly" for his unethical activities during the Keating Five scandal.

So it seems that I've been hearing about him for a really long time too.

~Just Me~ said...

I bet those are pretty when they're all opened up too.

Bond said...

Love the two photos...You do have a good eye...

Ms. Palin has - in the shortest amount of time in the history of American politics - become a caricature of herself...

Truly, Tina Fey could show up at the debate and no one would notice...

Biden can't get into a war of words with her, because, as you said, then he will be accused of being a meanie.

I am still not convinced that her baby boy or pregnant daughter will get sick at the last second and she will have to run home to Alaska and cancel the debate..

Then the cries of 'how can you run a country if you run home to your kids' will come out...with the Repubs replying that anyone saying that is anti-family...it works right into the Repubs hand...

Dana said...

Love both photos (especially the sepia) and guess what? I actually agree with your thoughts on Palin *gasp* SSHHHHH! Don't tell anyone *wink*

Felisol said...

Dear Dianne,
A bitter-sweet goodbye to summer,- in sunshine though. I dubble clicked the photos and found that the other half might be a wall painting of some kind. Very nice.
Being Norwegian I don't get much sense of your American politics. I have, however, fine blogg buddies from both "sides" (if there are any distinct side, I' getting more and more confused).
That gives me hope for a better future for America, and by that the rest of the world.
People are not good or bad/ black or white/ entirely right/or all wrong.
The hostility in TV election speeches scares me. The goodness and friendliness among the American citizens inspires me.
May you have a blessed outcome of your election. You both deserve and need it.
From Felisol

Diane Mandy said...

Apparently Katie Couric asks Palin about her Biden jab on tonight's interview. Palin's response made me laugh out loud.

Who supports this woman anway?

Pagan Sphinx said...

Just wait 'till Thursday night.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, and the ruby 'brellies are seasonally perfect. We were in the 70's today but the sun felt good and no umbrella needed. :-)

Dianne said...

queen size - McCain is never alone! every appearance he's dragging at least 2 women along with him, it is very odd

mark - thank you, glad you like the photos. It occurred to me that I was detracting - that's why I didn't embed the video, people didn't have to look :)
I was conflicted. Posting it on its own makes some people complain I'm too snarky about her and not acknowledging it was something I just couldn't do.

jeni - that's pretty much where I am as I explained in my response to Raven. I love the vote for me so I can "change" all the "reforms" I made that didn't work.

jim - I will look for your cartoon. Texas is that strong McCain!? Not even ads!! I couldn't deal with that. I have enough trouble with the fact that my town is becoming too 'red' for my tastes. Needless to say they love me at the township meetings lol
my son says I'm going to be assasinated!

Dianne said...

jay - that's the thing!! how the hell can she call Biden old!? she's running with the man who told the caveman not to bother with the wheel, it would never work. WTF!!

just me - it is a lovely cafe. funny thing - when they're open I would never have been able to get that shot. the entrance is always mobbed.

bond - thanks - I love that you think I have a good eye, makes me happy.
I follow the line of thought you have set forth and I totally agree it could and might play out that way. Sad how little integrity we have come to expect from them.

dana - thanks! I think the church sepia is the best sepia I've taken in a long time.
I promise not to tell - plus they wouldn't believe me anyway ;)

Dianne said...

felisol - there is a wall mural at the head of a winding hill that leads to the cafe.
your words and feelings for our election and citizens is so thoughtful and genuine. thank you felisol!

diane - I'll google it later. I am so overwhelmed by the level of crap coming from McCain/Palin in the last few days I have to back away. apparently there are women who will vote for any vagina to be in the white house and then the rednecks love her. did you hear them yelling - go Sarah, Yay Sarah? She was talking sports you idiots!! Ask her about your social security!!

pagan - Joe has got to be careful. If he just keeps letting her dig her own grave he will be fine. Of course whatever he does the Repubs are going to twist and contort it. Can you see it now! "Joe Biden made Sarah feel icky"
I hate it but there is this endless chant in my head - stupid bitch, stupid bitch, stupid bitch.

Carletta said...

Love the red umbrellas!
Sepia was nice for the church - it looks lovely. Makes me want to see it in color though.

Dianne said...

carletta - there is actually bits of red in the color version. I also took some shots of the paintings and the windows
I'll post them next Tuesday!! Thanks for the idea :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Love the photos.


meno said...

Why are you so mean to poor Sarah? It's because she's a woman isn't it?

I think she's John McCain's beard.

Ralph said...

The tables on the riverside look so nice. I could picture a meal of scallops, pan seared in butter with a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and the breezes from nearby Raritan Bay wafting up the river to my table.

Next summer might be nice...

Anndi said...

Did you notice how he was rubbing his hands together as she spoke (or was he pulling strings....)


She still talks like a pageant queen.

Askew To You said...

What a lovely place to sit and eat. :D

Your sepia church is beautiful.

I guffawed out loud when I read, "then how come she's so stupid". I've never written the word guffaw before, but that's definitely what it was - I startled my son sitting next to me.

Lorri said...

Tina Fey was hilarious, and it's a hard call to say who is more humorous, Tina or Sarah. But, Tina is acting and playing a mimicry role role of Sarah. Sarah is also role-playing, and also acting...like...Sarah.

Travis said...

That little lake cafe looks like a great place to relax and have a meal.

Ron said...

AWESOME shots Dianne!

When I initally looked at the first one, I thought it was actually two separate photos. Then when I enlarged it, I could see that it was a dividing screen!!!

How cool!

And the church...

I love the sepia, because it gives a vintage feel. I happend to really enjoy visiting churchs of all kinds. Philly is full of them. To me, there's a magnificant beauty and serenity to all churchs.

Thanks for sharing your talent, dear lady!

Damn...you're GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dianne,
I can imagine how pretty those red beach umbrella when opened beautifying the place :)
Happy RT!

Gattina said...

I love this collage ! It looks like a painting !

Jackie said...

That church is gorgeous - I'm presuming it's Orthodox of some description? It looks beautiful in sepia - they should employ you to do their website!

CG said...

How sad to say goodbye to summer, but I love your photos. That church is beautiful and the sepia treatment is perfect!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful church!

the walking man said...

Dianne...dang it! I stopped UB40 for that clip. Don't make me do that again...ha ha ha ha ha

I noticed mccains shift from "change we can believe in" to "country first"
Whose country? The independent nation of Alaska or Paraguay where w has supposedly purchased 100,000 acres.

As for palin's clip, I thought it funny that the crowd laughed at all the right places and I wonder f like the moon walk it was done in a sound stage with the laugh track rolling?

Matt-Man said...

Loooooove the sepia church picture. As far as Sarah? She's as sharp as the leading edge of a rolling ball bearing. Cheers Di!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Love those red umbrellas!
Your political comments made me chuckle. We don't have Sarah Palin here in Canada, but our system is in a sorry state too.

Grandma Faith said...

Nice pictures.

Dianne said...

paz - thank you so much!

meno - you got me! If Sarah were a man her views would be ... oh wait! that would be Bush. Nope! hate him too ;)

ralph - what a lovely picture you paint. you do that so easily :)
I would gladly host you and Patti here in NJ.

anndi - McCain looks creepier and creepier and there is a part of me that feels bad for him. I think he has lost himself somewhere. I wonder if he even wants this anymore. scary!

askew - I guffawed when I read your comment! thanks for that! and I'm glad you appreciated my snarkiness ;)

lorri - I wish Sarah could portray someone else - perhaps someone invisible.

Dianne said...

travis - it is a lovely place especially during the week. it gets a bit too crowded on the weekend.

ron - thanks!! I got into shooting churches in Brooklyn - the boro of churches.

napaboaniya - they are lovely when open, especially from the other side of the river. the cafe gets so crowded it is hard to get any good shots.

gattina - got me mixed up with one of the other entries although your compliment is so kind I'll take it anyway :)

jackie - thanks!! what a cool thing to say. It is Greek Orthodox.

cg - you and jackie are so good for my photo confidence. you're both such great photographers, your compliments are sublime :)

tammy - thanks, it is a lovely place.

mark - I love UB40!! and they would do well in drowning out Sarah.

matt-man - good one! ;)
glad you like the church shot.

your eg - the red umbrellas are a big hit :)
glad I made you chuckle - both our countries need to!

grandma faith - thank you so much :)

Farmer*swife said...

You've already heard it numerous times but it goes with saying again:

That church pic is beaut-eeee-ful!

Shelly said...

love the pic on the right, the mural with the shadows - very cool.
I've been listening to too much talk radio on sirius, all of the candidates are getting under my skin I guess, listened to Obamas speech on Sunday...I was really disappointed with the sarcasm, the mockery - I've come to expect better things from him. ;(
Dang it.

Rambling Woods said...

I love it when Couric asked Palin what newspapers or magazines she reads that help form her world views. Another rambling answer and I guess she agrees with George Bush that being well informed is a sin..

Anonymous said...

It works maybe better in sepia. It is still a nice shot.

Frank Baron said...

Great shots! The church one reminds me of the church I went to as a youngster. It was Ukrainian Catholic and decorated in a wonderful melange of gilt, stained glass and lots more gilt. (The Roman Catholic church was the one specializing in guilt.)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That is a lovely picture of a Beautiful Sanctuary...! I always love seeing the inside of Churches anmd Synagogues....I grew up going to the only Temple in our little town...It was a beutiful building and the actual 'Sanctuary' part was just so lovely....I understand it is all different now---a "new" building...I have not seen it, but I have really wonderful memories of the original building.

I am so appalled at McCains insistance that HE puts Country First...! Well, if he TRULY had put Country First, he never would have chosen Palin as his running mate! The LIES and the HALF TRUTHS, etc., that come out of his mouth and as well as all those who speak for him....It is disgraceful!

Thursday is going to be very very interesting!

Dianne said...

farmers wife - I don't mind hearing it again :)
I'm going to post the color shots next Tuesday

shelly - it's one pic. it never occured to me that it looked like 2 shots until others started to mention it. now I understand gattina calling it a collage.
I have had to step back from news coverage for a few days now. I hope that means I can watch the debate with a clearer mind.

rambling - I still have trouble dealing with how proud Bush is that he doesn't read newspapers.

aileni - I'm posting some of the color next week so we'll see. I also have a good (I think) B&W of one of the windows.

frank - 'gilt' built on 'guilt' - priceless :)

oldoldlady of the hills - the only good that might actually come from Palin being chosen is that she will bring McCain down. In which case I will light a cnadle for her ;)
I am a bit nervous about Thursday. Joe can be volatile and I do NOT trust anyone or anything associated with the Republicans. Sad eh, they scare and sicken me just campaigning - imagine if they were in charge.

Daryl said...

Me thinks she wont be so flip on Friday ...


Daryl said...

I just listened to her 'speech' and I gotta say that in addition to sharing 'her' POV on last week's debate I was LOL at her remark about listening to Sen Biden since grade school... I wonder if she listened with the sound off ... because THAT could explain why she is so stupid ...

OLD, Sarah, is that man who stood there applauding her remarks about him ..


Hildegarde said...

That top photo is a very interesting composition, I first thought it was composed of two panels. About Sarah Palin : I saw the action "Sarah Palin does not speak for me" on several american blogs, cool idea, I think.

Hildegarde said...

That top photo is a very interesting composition, I first thought it was composed of two panels. About Sarah Palin : I saw the action "Sarah Palin does not speak for me" on several american blogs, cool idea, I think.

Bob-kat said...

Very subtle use of red in your ruby Tues shot, but boy does it draw the eye to those sunshades! I love the sepia shot too, very mellow tones :)

Also, had to tell you that the little dialogue you composed around my otter shot made me smile :)

Deb said...

Hi ~ this is my first visit here and I enjoyed myself - so much to look at, so much to read, so much to think about! I am a wanna-be photographer so I LOVED your photos. And I also can't wait for tomorrow's night debates - should be very interesting! I'll be back! :)

Dianne said...

daryl - I agree, not so flip but just as confounding. She now claims she was not referring to Biden's age and she was not being sarcastic, she says she was recognizing all his experience. These people are just so disgusting.

hidegarde - thanks. I never noticed the 2 panel look until many here pointed it out. Now if I had intended that it wouldn't have worked :)

bob-kat - I'm enjoying the less is more approach to red, it is making me look harder and think more about scene composition and that's fun.
your animal shots are amazing! you could/should put together a book.

deb - welcome!! glad you liked it round here.

Shelly said...

Oh...now I get it! It's not two pictures ;) Too funny. I'm going at warp-speed around here, not paying close enough attention to anything, now I like the photo even more - very nice indeed.

Roger said...

Wow I love both those photos nice job Di!

SnoopMurph said...

I love your photos-wow! I adore those red umbrellas. I'll have to look at Chica's blog (what a cool name, btw) -sepia is a lot of fun and I get torn between sepia and b/w treatment for photos.

I don't comment on a lot of political things, but I am almost afraid that I could be more articulate and knowledgeable than Sarah Palin-which isn't saying a lot. I will be tuning in tomorrow. Tina Fey knocks it out of the park with her impression.

Claire said...

That sepia picture is GORGEOUS!


Dianne said...

shelly - thanks!! I didn't get my own photo, never noticed it looked like 2 panels. Gattina called it a collage and I thought she had confused me with someone else LOL
ahhhhh multi-tasking is killing us all ;)

roger - thank you !!

snoop - glad you like the photos!
and you are absolutely, most definitely smarter than Palin BUT that is really not hard to do. YOU ARE smarter than actual smart people - that is my story and I'm sticking to it!!

claire - thank you!! that made me happy :)

Maithri said...

Absoultely beautiful photos my friend,

As for palin... I'll be watchin the debate a little like this little guy is...


;) ;)

Love and peace, M

San said...

Gorgeous ruby umbrellas for Ruby Tuesday. And that sanctuary IS beautiful.

About the Palin remark: I first read it and thought, Surely she isn't making a dig at Biden's age, considering McCain's elderly state. Then when I viewed the clip, the snarkiness was so obvious. How obnoxious and how completely creepy is that cheering crowd, especially Mrs. McCain.

the teach said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday, Dianne! I'm sure you will be listening to the debate tonight... can't wait to read what you think tomorrow. :)

Dianne said...

maithri - thank you, I love that you like the photos.
that blog link is cool ;)

san - Cindy McCain has taken to exaggerated gestures and expressions. Every time McCain mentions Obama she rolls her eyes or cocks her head or sneers. McCain just keeps showing how little class he has. And the women around him are a disgrace.

mary - I am a bit nervous about the debate for Biden's sake, I don't trust the Republicans. As for Palin I find it very hard to hear her voice.