Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Election Day ...

So we’ve come this far. One week from today we vote. Please vote.

I have loved and learned and been inspired and aggravated and annoyed by all the political posts we have shared.

Regardless of our opinions, no matter who we support – we are all united in sharing our voices.

I can’t imagine sharing this historic Election Day with anyone else but you.

On Tuesday 11/4 I’m going to run a live post.

As stories come up. As results come in.

I’m going to post them.

I hope you will all join me. Through the day and into the wee hours of results morning.

On Wednesday morn (11/5) my lovely friend and co-Diane (she spells it funny) will be hosting a virtual celebration.

DIANE will be posting videos and songs and … go on over there and check it out.

If you would like to be part of the live post chain and the virtual celebration please let me know in comments or in an e-mail

I will link you all in my live post.

Share how it was at your polling place. Tell us what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Or just drop in and chat.

And we can all be part of history together

Ruby Tuesday is HERE


Anonymous said...

I shall be looking in on you.

Matt-Man said...

Hey Now...I was going to keep running shit live as well. Now? I have been beaten to the punch by you. I must say, I liked it, because in my mind, you attacked me below the belt. Cheers Di!!

Mojo said...

I suspect there will be many who will have similar live-blog posts going on. And I hope to be checking in on your celebration Wednesday morning!

Dianne said...

aileni - thank you! hopefully I keep it interesting

matty - wanna run live with me? or is that run wild!!
I'll link you - actually you will be my first link!!

mojo - I hope so. this is something to share with as many people as possible.
I hope lots of folks decide to link here :)

Dr.John said...

Since I have now decided to vote for the one who will surely lose I will pass on the celebration. I will spend this election day as I usually do crying because my candidate lost.
But the next day I will work hard to be fair to the new President.
I didn't vote for Bush but I tried to support him. It was hard.

Bob-kat said...

What a great idea. I kinda feel left out being a Brit :(

Daryl said...

I am so there/here/in!

And according to a serious (vs, us armchair sitters) pol friend of my boss .. VA will be the key .. if VA goes Obama .. well its a done deal and we'll know 'early' if 'we' won ... otherwise its gonna be a LONG nite


Queen-Size funny bone said...

my parents are in florida and she said it was the longest time her and my father waited to vote.

Deborah Godin said...

Cool - I'll be watching, too. It's so exciting, just 7 more sleeps!!

Sparkling Red said...

History is in the making! I'll be watching from the edge of my seat.

Dianne said...

dr. john - well I will glady do whatever I can in a non-partisan manner to cheer you up. Plus the election day live posting is really about the experience, not either candidate. I'm hoping people will share stories of how crowded it was or what their neighbors were saying.

bob-kat - this election affects the world, especially the Brits. Lord knows Bush did all he could to drag you guys down with us. Plus you're part of my family :)

daryl - I think it will be a long night! I don't trust polls plus I think the newtworks will be very careful to call anything.
I'm so glad you're in!! :)

queen size funny bone - that's exactly the kind of stories I hope we'll all share. We're better than the media :)

deborah - it is very exciting!! I am planning my trip to the polls as if it were a vacation LOL

sparkling - this is going to be the day I tell my grandkids (whenever they're here - no rush!!) about

magnetbabe said...

I wanna play too!

I'm impressed at your technological prowess, I have no idea how to live blog. But if you can link me or whatever, I'm down for it. As you know, I already voted. But I'm more than willing to be a cheerleader for those making their way to the polls. Deano and I will be watching live as late as we can, and will have a bottle of champaign on ice.

Matt-Man said...

Running Wild AND Getting Linked to You? Be still my heart!! Cheers!!

Jay said...

This will be fun. I'll be here! I'll also probably be posting my brilliant observations on Twitter that night.

I went and voted today.

Tink said...

I voted!

CrystalChick said...

What a wonderful idea!!

But it's a tiny bit like the Phillies in the World Series.... I'm excited, I'm watching, but I'm also so nervous I can hardly stand it. LOL

It's my MIL's birthday on the 4th so there may be family stuff going on, but I'll try to post something on my page too and I'll certainly try to come by here and visit you.

Way to go, Dianne!!

Dianne said...

magnetbabe - it's just a matter of constantly updating the post :)
nothing special
I'll link you that morning
I'm so looking forward to voting, I always am but this year more than ever
Mia and Siren say hi to Aunt Babe

ahhhhh Matty - it's gonna be great

jay - I think it will be fun :)
we've all gone thru the campaign together so we might as well spend the night together
and matty will be there ;)
I am twitter stupid!

tink - cool!!
I hope you feel better too. so close to YOUR big day :)

crystalchick - oh I'm very anxious! so much can happen in 7 days. I feel like I'm holding my breath
Happy Birthday to your MIL :)

bobbie said...

I'll check in with you during the evening, and I'll be there in the morning. But I can't pull an all-nighter any more. I'll be really excited to see what's going on at your house Wednesday morning!

Linda Reeder said...

Count me in. I'll be back from Colorado in time for election day.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful idea, my dear Dianne!
I have already voted--Absentee Ballot---So I am relaxed about my part in this. I wish I were as relaxed about this whole coming week. (lol)
Hopefully, the outcome will be what so very many Americans want and need. OBAMA! President Obama...It sure has a nice ring to it...!
I PRAY we all get our wish.

Travis said...

Our polls out west open at 7am, and I shall be in line early to cast my ballot.

I've lived on the west coast all my life, and one of the things I've seen is people watching early returns, and deciding not to go vote based on those results. I'm encouraging everyone I can out west to vote regardless of what talking heads are telling you about early returns.

Let your voice be heard. Be part of the process, one way or the other. You feel better about the result when you become part of it.

I'll check in with your live blogging, during work and as soon as I get home.

fermicat said...

Looking forward to your posts. I plan on voting this week -- possibly tomorrow. Too important to wait until Tuesday.

kenju said...

We voted yesterday. Obama is coming to Raleigh tomorrow and I really wish I could go and see him, but I can't.

I'll look in on your blog come election day.

holly said...

neener neener neener i already voted!

sure. *that* will get counted. riiiiight.

i don't care. i did it. it's now their job to count it.

i will be joining you for some of it. at some point i will have to sleep.

Dianne said...

bobbie - whenever you drop by is cool!
Insomnia is my state of being since the ankle injury. I wake myself up by tossing and turning

linda - cool!! welcome aboard

oldold lady of the hills - I'm a bit anxious. 7 days is like a lifetime!!
President Obama sure does sound good :)

travis - I usually vote early too. I like how fresh the polling place feels LOL
I agree - I hope the talking heads show a lot of restraint this year.

fermicat - I couln't help but think "vote early, vote often" LOL
I'm trying to tell myself it will go smoothly.

kenju - he was near me 3 times and each time I didn't make it anywhere near him. Lines, traffic jams!
the closest I got was "added seating" in a building a football field away from where he was. I went home.
I want to meet him!!

Dianne said...

holly - ahhhh sleep when you're dead!!
or - jump on a plane and come hang here.
they better count it all, and count it right.

Melli said...

Mmmm.... I dunno about this! I think next Tuesday I'm going to go vote, and then come home and go back to bed and stay away from TV or the internet all the way until maybe NOON on the 5th and wake up and find out what kind of history was made! I'm not sure that I want to be caught up in the Hoopla... but... I could change my mind by then! We'll see!

Rambling Woods said...

Neat idea...Part of my day will be a doc appointment, but I will check in. Hey.there is another Obama sign on our street...Yea...

Dianne said...

melli - that's how I feel about New Year's Eve :)

michelle - Yea for another Obama sign !! Hope the doc appt. is nothing serious.

SnoopMurph said...


I will definitely stop by to visit during Election Day-when I am not standing in the voting line! (I didn't want to vote early-love to vote on the actual day!)

This is definitely the most exciting election that I have had the opportunity to participate in.

Raven said...

What a great idea. Will help me stay sane, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Dianne, I'll see what I can do to join you. Next Tuesday is going to be a very busy day for me, in addition to getting out and voting. Good luck with your live blogging.

Dianne said...

snoop - I love to vote on the day too!! it is absolutely exciting
hope the boys feel better

raven - thanks
will help me too!!

spartacus - I know busy :)
do what you gotta do

the walking man said...

Seeing as how I live in a predominantly Black neighborhood, I expect to be cursing myself for not having gotten an absentee ballot. But I will be in that line for as long as it takes. When it's all said and done I think that this is the chance for "everyman" to be a part of history.

They can't discount everyone so the more that vote the more they can't deny.

Bob-kat said...

Aw shucks :)

You are sure right about this election affecting the world. Many of us here in the UK are holding our breath waiting to see what will happen and what the impact will be. I wonder if many people who have the vote in the US realise what a big global responsibility they have and what a privilage it is to be able to vote?

Here in the Uk I always exercise my right to vote and have my say. For me it's part of my social responsibility.

Micky-T said...

I'll be visiting for sure!

Dianne said...

mark - that's how I feel about waiting in line as well except I will be sharing the line with mostly McCain voters but that's OK lol
I'll be wearing my 'Hope' shirt.
you are absolutely right about they can't deny the numbers - I hope everyone gets out there and as I've said so many times I hope Obama has poll watchers and attorneys on the ground everywhere. We have a large Mexican population around our town - CITIZENS - and I have heard so many remarks about hoping they don't vote, wanting to intimidate them. I went over to the car wash to give the owner documents about how he needed to let them have time for vote, since they work 12-16 hour days. I gave them my number and told them I would come get them if he pulled any crap and then I called the local paper and I e-mailed the Obama campaign. As one of my VFW buddies said - "fuck that, I'll go with you. Freedom is for everyone"

bob-kat - I think more are getting that message as it becomes clearer and clearer, through the economic collapse and all Bush's dirty deeds, how little power we have if we don't use it in numbers. Large numbers. I think there are a lot of people who are tired of being treated as invisible.
I hope I'm right.

micky-t - thanks :)

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Dianne, I have already voted early...I am glad that I will not have to wait in long lines next Tuesday...

You and I have the same birthday on December 7th..I am older and was born in 1941... a day to remember forever... Pearl Harbor...

Thanks for your visit to my place today... talk later... Baba

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Just stopping by to say "HI"...This week cannot be over fast enough for me. I am having "Election Anxiety"...lol!

That movie you liked so much with James Earl and Diahann was "CLAUDINE", the film she gor an Oscar Nomination for....!

You should read her book and I think it will be quite clear that her Vanity came from her mother.

Ivanhoe said...

Yes, yes, yes! I'm in. It's my first one. Wonderful idea, Di! But than again, I would not expect anything less from you :o))))))

Dianne said...

baba - how cool we share a birthday
people often mention Pearl Harbor as a way of remembering my birthday, I look for a brighter milestone :)

oldold lady of the hills - me too! my stomach is a bit in knots and I have a dull tension headache yet I also feel excited like I have gifts waiting to be opened
I don't get people who don't or won't or can't get involved in the process. A friend STILL isn't going to bother to vote
Claudine was it!! I had forgotten she was nominated.
I think I will pick up her book.
Hang in there!! We've almost made it.

ivanhoe - I think of you and your first election often. I LOVE how involved and excited you are. I hope you're going to tell us how it felt!!

Jeff B said...

In Oregon we have the opportunity to vote by mail. I got my ballot a couple of weeks ago and promptly filled it out. I'll be dropping it in the collection box at city hall tomorrow. I love not having to wait in line at a polling place like I had to do in California.

I'll make a point of dropping by on election day.

Askew To You said...

Great idea! I'm going to take my camera to the polling place as part of a polling place photo event. I'll link to you as well. It's going to be fun!

Debo Blue said...

How do you have time to read all these comments? (LOL) You probably have to do it during potty breaks right?

Anyway, I'll be working 'til 9:30 but will have the internet up until I get to a party. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep if Obama wins.

maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, this is such a great idea!! One Election Day I'll go out early to vote and then I teach my classes, then have lunch with friends (members of the class) to root Obama on. I get home about 4 o'clock and if you're still live I'll be there and join you...

aims said...

Please - will someone make a motion that Canadians can vote in your elections? Being as we share a border and all of the rest of the crap that goes with that.

So - my vote - Mr. Obama - please!

Dianne said...

jeff - It's so cool to see ya back!

askew - that's great!! some photos will be fun.

debo - I am a multi-tasking maniac. I usually blog while I do conference call briefings LOL
I've done so many I can go on auto-pilot
I'm not going to sleep til it's called - official!!

mary - I'm going be here all day and up to results and then on to Diane M's site.

aims - I know!! I wish Canada could replace a couple of states we're stuck with ;)

Mojo said...

Couple of things I thought I'd share here. One you've already seen but the other two probably not. The first is an old article I wrote -- four years old in fact. And it speaks to the "redistribution of wealth" that McCain is so fond of slamming. So it's unfortunately still relevant.

The second is new -- under twenty-four hours new in fact. It's a slide show from the Obama rally here in Raleigh yesterday.

And good on ya for getting those guys from the car wash to the polls!

Bond said...

Cool idea Dianne (spelled the way God intended BTW) LOL

I have a special post for Monday...been working on it for a couple of days now.

Diane Mandy said...

Dianne - Let me know who plans to do a post-election post and I'll happily add them to the party train!

Dianne said...

mojo - thanks about the car wash workers :)
I'll check out the other links later. Appreciate it :)

bond - LOL - would ya call the nuns for me ;)
look forward to your Monday post

diane - I've got a few folks who I think will be posting during election day. I'll post the list on Sunday and ask everyone to confrm

Faye Pekas said...

Sounds interesting. I'll stop by for sure.

The Quiet Rage said...

Does the rest of the country really care how California votes? I mean... we really feel like a non-essential after thought.

Dianne said...

faye - looking forward to seeing ya! :)

quiet rage - I care how CA votes on Prop 8 if nothing else. that vote will send a message to other states and I hope the message is - all people have the same rights.

Kerry said...

I did the early voting thing yesterday. No lines or anything, but there was a decent amount of people there. This is my 3rd presidential election (each time in a different state)...I really hope my candidate actually wins this time!

Kerry said...

debo - I don't know how I'll sleep if Obama DOESN'T win. I think I'd be losing sleep for quite a while.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

A HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you, my dear Dianne.....Have lots of fun and be sure to say "BOO"! to someone...!

Dianne said...

kerry - I hope our candidate wins too!! otherwise I don't know if it's safe to sleep with the other two in charge.

oldold lady of the hills - I've been answering the door - lots of little kids in adorable costumes :)
that's been fun :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'll stop back by next week!

Have a great weekend!

Dianne said...

RLL - you too Lady!