Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things the RNC Has Taught Me

Let’s see …

If you’re intelligent – you’re an elitist. Which is actually quite funny. They clearly never looked up the word – it’s a good thing.

If you have a name that rhymes with Osama – you’re a terrorist

If your middle name is Hussein – you’re a Muslim

But wait – I’m confused.

McCain – ties to the IRA?

John – frequents prostitutes?

This is the latest pile of filth out of the RNC. Making its way to a mail box near you.

The party that should be down on its knees begging the American people for forgiveness is at it again. Still.

In other countries this would be considered inciting riot. Provoking civil war.

But hey – it’s America. It’s free speech. It’s business as usual for the RNC.

And once again the American people suffer at the hands of a pack of lying, cheating criminals scared to death that if their guy doesn’t make it into the White House all their secrets will be exposed. All their crimes will come to light.

If you want to read the full text of their mailer you can do so HERE. Or just Google Scum. I’m sure the RNC comes up.

On a lighter note. While trying to keep from imploding between now and 11/4. And trying to remember there is beauty in the world.

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Peace My Friends. Beware of Your Mailbox.


Knight said...

I want an intelligent person to be president. Why is that bad?

Why do people need to keep putting the name Obama with the word terrorist? It's a sick attempt to frighten people. I'm not proud of the behavior of a lot of Americans right now. Thankfully it will be over soon.

Shelly said...

Can't got there, can't read more angry stuff.

Dianne said...

knight - I had this sick knot in my stomach tightening chest moment this morning. If McCain is elected I truly fear for out future. Not to mention what would happen if he keeled over and Palin became President. If Obama is elected I fear for his safety and for how "entitled" the RNC followers will feel to be even uglier than they are now.
As for the intelligence - well of course that's not wrong but Bush and now Palin have made it seem that being confident looking and folksy are all that is necessary to lead. They have lowered the American standard beyond belief.

shelly - I'm sorry!!!!!!
go look at the pictures. I truly don't mean to be negative shelly but I subscribe to the theory that evil wins when no one calls it out and shines a light on it. Think of how many people this mailer will frighten, will make angry. It is not the American way.

Linda Reeder said...

Hmmm. A contrast in comments so far, yet with a common theme - we're tired of the crap we're hearing.
As to this new attack against Obama, desperate people do desperate things, dispicable things. Even after he is elected, some of it will continue. They may not be elitists (smart) but they are inventive.

Daryl said...

LOVE the new profile photo ...

I am not reading the negative shit anymore because it adds to my already stressed out itching .. and no Repug is worth scratching myself raw over ...


Raven said...

The whole McCain campaign has been just horrid and obscene. It baffles me that anyone would consider voting for an old guy who has sold his soul and seems to have no control over his own campaign (can't control campaign but an run the country????) and so lacks judgment that he chose as a running mate a woman who not only lack experience, but lacks the intelligence and intellectural curiosity to even KNOW WHAT THE VICE PRESIDENT DOES! AGGGGGGGHHHHHH! God, I can't wait for this to be over. Obama just HAS to win.

Raven said...

Oh--- good luck at the doctor today. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Dianne said...

linda - inventive and desperate - so true and so scary.

daryl - thanks! Holly inspired me to find a head shot so I could be part of the cool kids who hang with her.
My intention these last days up to the election was to be fun and light or inspiring (I hope) as in the 'Nana' post BUT I got this mailer in my e-mail from several of my hate mail "buddies" - one of them even told me that when Obama "sells the US to Islam" he hopes - "you, your nigger son and all the whores and fags you associate with are the first to be blown up" - he went on further to call me "a typical piece of NY trash" a "filthy Jew" and then said he hoped "obama's Nana burns in hell with yours"
So - McCain continues to say he doesn't stir this up! BS
And I will shine my light til the day I die.
I almost put the e-mails into the post but that I decided was hateful and negative since it might imply I think all Republicans are like my e-mail "buddies"

raven - your comment is the last I'm seeing before I leave for the Dr. I'm so nervous I'm practically giddy. thanks Raven :)

Bond said...

Luck at the Doctor's

I decided next week is all about new music just to keep the craziness off The Couch....

Jackie said...

Thinking of you at the doc's.

I read a blog a while ago (I'm sure there are plenty of them) which didn't even use Obama's surname, just referred to him as "Barack Hussein". The supposed point they were making was obvious and unsubtle - and sickening. Ugh. If only I could add another vote from this side of the Pond.

tt said...

As usual...I come here for a healthy dose of reality. I'm afraid of some 'what-if's " too. Geezus....I'm just going to keep crossing stuff and wishing on stars...can't hurt...right?

I'll be
xowaiting next to my mail box!!!!!!! hope some good news is there!!!!!!!xo

doggybloggy said...

where's dana?

Dianne said...

bond - I'm kinda glad I missed all of yesterday, that was something else. I continue to be incredibly impressed with your style.
thanks for the good wishes :)

jackie - thank you!! did you see the poll where Obama beats McCain 4 to 1 in every country on earth!!
I'm going to post tomorrow about the Doc, thanks for the good wishes :)

tt - how funny I talked about mail boxes today! didn't even occur to me
love ya!

Dana said...

Didn't want to disappoint Doggy! Just a reminder, the RNC scares me, and many who share my party leanings. The RNC even places a disclaimer on their website that states "Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate's Committee," however, they sure do want you to believe they are!

Dana said...

One more thing ...

Never have I, personally, repeated or promoted any of this type of scared hatred. I may disagree with Obama's proposed policies, but I believe he is a good and moral man who respects his country!

Dr.John said...

In my mailbox Obama junk mail ( mail from his group) outnumbers McCain junk mail ( mail from his group) four to one.
I have a large wastebasket into which it all goes left and right. Everybody telling me how evil everybody is.
But please don't implode. I like your blog and there is beauty in the world indeed.

bobbie said...

Most of the time, especially this time of year, I empty my mailbox and walk its contents to the recycling - unless there are bills in there. Never read it. Just recycle it.

Dianne said...

doggybloggy - the rumors of me and Dana living together have been grossly exaggerated ;)

and there she is!
dana - how'd you and doggy do that!?
oh Lord strange times indeed
can't the actual Republican party control the RNC, the Dems seem to be able to control the DNC - well there is Howard Dean but at least his laugh is catchy
Innuendo is in many ways far more dangerous than outright claims. Claims can be disproven. Innuendo just hangs in the air.

dr john - I personally have gotten very little from either "side". What I get is people sending me crap they wished I had gotten I guess.
it was a bad morning Dr John. I talk a tough game but the e-mails I got the past couple of days - leading up to this morning were a bit much.
I'm glad you like my blog, I love your visits and yes! there is much beauty in the world :)

Dianne said...

bobbie - I really have to stop opening e-mails. ;)

Jay said...

There's going to be a HUGE civil war within the republican party after this election.

I'll pop the popcorn.

holly said...

i am already VERY VERY wary of my mailbox.

sometimes i beat it with a baseball bat.

holly said...

oh i am SOOOO entering that after i get some sleep. yes. how the frick did i miss that! dang dang dang!

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, WHO is this person who sent you that?? I would be talking to the police. I really would. Whoever this is knows too much about who you are, where you live and etc. I mean, I was going to NOT comment on this post... I really was... but the personal safety aspect, I just have to say something. PLEASE be careful. It just gives me an awful feeling in my gut to read your words.

Politically though of course I think they're crooks on both sides (I'm going to post something I think soon - it's all so outrageous!!), and I also think Jay is right. Hopefully if McCain loses the Republican party will not even *think* to ignore the Christian right and though it would be nice to have politicians like John Ashcroft on social issues... I just go... what was everyone thinking on that Patriot Act thing??? Like, what Constitution were they readin'??

I dunno. And the war thing. How much is that going to cost again?

And the bailout thing. OK, both parties to blame there but still.


Anyway, please do at least tell the police or get sitemeter or SOMETHING. Please say you are doing something?

I will look around on your website and see if I can find your email. You ought to have some sort of love and encouragement to open every now and again.


OK, now I'm crying. Doggone it. I'm just worried.

Jeni said...

Considering the RNC is the group that touts itself as being the epitome of conservative people -right -but yet, they think nothing whatsoever of going out and blowing $150,000 for a wardrobe update for Ms. Palin. How off-the-beaten track is that anyway? Just think how many families could have had fuel to keep their homes warm this winter with that amount of money -or food for their tables, or a new pair of shoes for their kids -needed things, not frivolous outfits that cost hundreds of dollars more than they needed to because this stuff all had to be designer labels and such. ARRGH! Make 'em all go away now, please?

Sylvia K said...

It just never stops and like everyone else, I just want these assinine idiots to shut up and disappear! I don't think I have ever, ever, been as disgusted with an election as I am and have been with this one! I just pray our country survives it!

RiverPoet said...

Yes, it's just criminal how the RNC has demonized a good, hard-working American like Obama. They are shameless, and they don't realize how they are ruining this country. Or maybe they don't care?

Peace - D

Queen-Size funny bone said...

gee, i'll be glad when its over. lots of people are not going to be happy one way or another but not much we can do but vote and wait.

MyMaracas said...

I'm with those who are just hanging on until it's over. I've been waiting eight long years to get this bunch outta there. I only hope the damage they've done can be reversed.

Dianne said...

jay - I'll bring the butter and beer!! and I noticed you're finally following me! I've been waiting by the laptop night and night for you to follow me ;)

holly - there's a new sunday funnie contest every uh - sunday - except for when I don't.

mrs c - it's just words. everything the hate mailers know about me they know from posts - my politics, my son, my VERY diverse background, born in NY - it's all there.
it's just words.
and I don't even think it started from the blog - I've done a lot of debunking - sending mass e-mails - and that's when the hate mail started,
I appreciate your concern more that I can say
it's just words
and I always respond the same - "thank you for sharing your feelings - I hope you feel better - Peace"
I'm SOOOOOO glad I didn't post the e-mails!! that would have been a huge mistake.

jeni - I just want her to go away. If she promises to go away I'll buy her clothes LOL

sylvia - another thing ocurred to me today - I seem to be having revelations (or mini strokes) all day today.
anyway - it struck me that this is actually what the past 8 years have been like, it's just that now it's covered 24/7. So in a way it's good because we're seeing how much it has to be stopped.

riverpoet - I'm pretty sure it's all intentional.

queen size funny bone - 12 days!! hard to believe!

mymaracas - I'm sure it can! just gonna take a lot of time.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

The RNC is disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves...! How LOW They have sunk,,,! And it gets worse and worse by the day. You can smell the desperation and it ain't pretty!!!

Bear Naked said...

I think you should come and live here in Canada.
Not that my country is perfect but oh my I am seeing such hatred in America right now.
How very very sad for all of you.

Bear((( )))

the walking man said...

Dianne i have been thinking about this, and many campaigns of our recent past. While I am not certain yet, I believe the history of this will eventually trace back to the Watergate era. Nixon was the first to try to take "dirty" politics to a new level. Attempting to crush his opponents so his administration could continue on.

Real reform is a long time coming eh?

Anonymous said...


McCain? Irish?

I think it may be Scottish, in which case, that makes him a cheap, conniving bastard. But your point is made. It's all about name association.

magnetbabe said...

I'm excited and scared for the election to be over. I'm excited because it looks like we can win this thing (knocking on wood, crossing all my fingers) but I'm a little scared to lift up the rock that has been sitting in Washington these past eight years and see all the creepy crawly slimy things that go scurrying away.

Sparkling Red said...

My step-dad believes that stuff. He listens politely when I try to offer him a different perspective, and sometimes he adjusts his viewpoint, but not enough. At least he's Canadian, so he won't be voting. :-p

Dianne said...

oldold lady of the hills - how telling that so many of us are using the word desperation.

bear - it is sad but I still believe it can be turned around. Well - on a good day I believe that. I'm hoping 11/4 is a VERY good day

mark - that would make this crap my son's entire life time! long time coming and so many obstacles in its way.

spartacus - a Scot friend told me that if I suggested a connection between McCain and "his people" he would never forgive me - and man can a Scot keep a grudge. So I went for the Irish, they don't mind ;)

magnetbabe - lifting the rock is a perfect way to describe it. I'm shudder to think how much has been crushed under there!

sparkling - at least he listens! :)

the teach said...

Di, what can I say - You are the bestest, greatest, smartest, fantasticest person in the world! I came over to tell you I had a couple of awards for you at my blog that I'm giving you for a very special reason and here you are saying the things that need to be said!!! Also mentioning Sepia Scenes as a place to go for beauty in the world... Di, I have tears in my eyes! You are a dear friend!

Dianne said...

Mary - thank you!! the Fall Decor award you gave all the RT folks was more than enough.
I'll always try to say what I think should be heard and having people like you around makes it easier. I'm so glad we're friends, you make all things brighter.

Dave said...

Blog is amazing. It is like a great meal to savour and spend time on.
I do have to wonder why anyone would want the job of president in your country at this time. I only hope that that McCain and Palin ride off into the sunset together, never to be heard of again.
Thanks for this

The Quiet Rage said...

I love the political pieces where it's claimed that God has personally endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket.

Dianne said...

dave - thank you! and welcome to 'forks'
what a lovely compliment.
I guess you need to be a hopeful person with strong convictions and an open mind and heart to want to lead us right now - that's why Obama is the person for me :)

quiet rage - if you go by Bush's earlier claims that God wanted him to be President and then God sent us to Iraq I assume it would stand to reason that God would pick McCain and Palin. Of course that is "their God" and well - I'm questioning "that God's" credentials ;)

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for a bright spot of levity (Google Scum!) in this whole election thing. What we're all feeling is beyond fatigue and disgust, I'm sure. It's more like being slimed. When it's over, I'm going for a Karen Silkwood shower.

Travis said...

I suspect it's only going to get worse in these final days leading up to 4 Nov.

Dianne said...

deborah - without some sense of humor and satire I don't think I would have made it this far!
I'm with you on needed to be de-slimed.

travis - I think I'm done paying attention to it and certainly to spreading it further. Between now and 11/4 it is all hope and humor for me.

Frank Baron said...

Seems there's no ethical bar so low that some politician can't slither under it.

Even as a somewhat dispassionate foreigner, I'll be darn glad when your election is over. (Living near the border, I get to "enjoy" the ads from the Buffalo stations.) ;)