Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Dancing!!?

I am slowly making my way around to all the POW stories and all the Wordzzles. Work is really knocking me on my butt and I can only process bits at a time. Finola deserves more consideration than I can give right now so I'm taking a break from writing.

BUT ...

I am looking forward to the finals of Dancing With the Stars

I love football. I love dancing. Big giant men are sexy. Naughty irreverent men are sexy.

So of course I adore WARREN SAPP

QuarterBack Killa' Becomes Ballroom Thrilla' - his words. Or as he so delightfully puts it during most practice sessions - 'Fat Man Gotta Dance'

It's no surprise to me that football players do well on DWTS. Even if you're not into football watch a series of drives - just a few moments even. Football is a Dance.

As the players line up you can hear the tinkling of starter notes for some jazz number.

Listen for the BAM as the center snaps the ball.

The Quarterback scrambles for position - hear the cymbals, maybe a snare drum.

The defense tries their best to get to him - trombones scream.

He lets the ball fly - a dramatic pause in the crescendo of music.

It falls into the hands of a wide receiver - the ballet toward touchdown begins.

I first realized the football - dance connection while watching Walter Payton -

Sweetness indeed!

And now with Warren ... I am enjoying the ...



Hard Work



Good Luck Warren!! You're Most Definitely My Choice - on and off the dance floor.

For a really good recap of the finals visit my friend TRAVIS HERE . His Tuesday and Wednesday posts this week will be it for the season.


Jackie said...

DWTS looks more fun than ours (Strictly Come Dancing - Len the judge is judge on both so is to-ing and fro-ing across the Atlantic, no wonder he's getting grumpy). Warren looks great.

This year on SCD the people's favourite (who was by far the worst dancer) bowed out yesterday, as really good dancers were getting voted off and he was being kept in by the public vote. He really was no dancer, but such a character - check out John Sargeant, I'm sure his dances will be on YouTube. He's normally a staid and serious political commentator on the news. None of the other celebs this year have very much character to me. You can see Warren's character just from the picture - that last one is great!

Daryl said...

Not a watcher of DWTS but I can always appreciate a sexy man with ..........smooooth moves


Dianne said...

Jackie - a lot of people here call Len 'Mr Cranky Pants' LOL
I like him, even when he's being impossible. Do you have Bruno too? He is my favorite since he's basically so out there ;)
how cool that john sargeant took himself out, classy thing to do although I always have mixed feelings about the technical merits v. style and character. I think Warren is the best of the 3 finalists we have in terms of everything but technical merit so I'm torn.

daryl - watch some football LOL
even before I learned the sport I always appreciated the moves.

Cheesy said...

I too appreciate a good tight end!

Bob-kat said...

I think any sport that requires some fleet 'n' fancy footwork would stand someone in good stead for dancing :) We see it in our martial arts club, that skills fro one sport can transfer to another :)

He certainly looks like he's enjoying it anyway!

Raven said...

Good to see you back... Sorry about the work problems.

SnoopMurph said...

I don't watch the show, but maybe I need to! lol!

Akelamalu said...

Like Jackie said we have Strictly Come Dancing here and I love it.

Don't you be working too hard Dianne. x

Travis said...

NFL Films has always recognized the marriage between football and music. When they put slow motion hi-lights to music, it does resemble a dance.

I can't wait for the DWTS finale tomorrow night!

Deborah Godin said...

Re Warren - !!!!!!!!!! baby

Linda Reeder said...

I'm a football fan more than a DWTS fan, but I do check in to see what's going on. I do like to be culturally literate.
And Warren is smooth.

Sylvia K said...

We don't have TV service anymore so I haven't been able to watch DWTS, but loved it! and being a dance lover myself, I've put in a lot of hours dancing and loved every minute of it! Do love a man with sexy moves on the dance floor!
Damn! the worst thing about being this age with bad knees is I can't dance anymore!!

Cherie said...

Yes, those football players seem to do well on DWTS. It always makes me smile not only because of the grace required to play football well, but it demonstrates the athleticism of the dancing itself. Then there's the competitive spirit; not to mention the homophobes that think that dancing is somehow unmasculine. Watch these football players for just a few seconds, and how can anyone say that? Besides, I dare you to say that to Warren Sapp's face. It might be the last thing you ever do. LOL

Oh, and just for a bonus, here's the address for John Sergeant's swan song with Strictly Come Dancing. ;)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Warren is music in motion. He may be flat footed at times, but what a pleasure to watch. I think it is going to be between Warren and Brooke. You know will I'll be Monday and Tuesday. Lisa

bobbie said...

I don't watch the show, and I hate football. But I do see the connection. and I certainly see the sexy guy!

Frank Baron said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious and I'm almost convinced to start watching it.

But not quite. ;)

Dianne said...

cheesy - LOL
I love how their waists look so narrow with their shoulder pads on!!

bob -kat - he is a joyful soul !!!

raven - I wish I could write but all I can accomplish is stuff that writes itself. I was thinking about Warren and this post just wrote itself.

snoop - the football players are always my favorite, the rest of the men are too small for me. the pro dancers all have 'girly' waists, I would break a man like that LOL
you should watch, it is great fun.

akelamalu - I'm trying to make all these clients happy so that they'll come back - OY!!

travis - me too!! I'm really looking forward to it.
don't laugh but some of those NFL film, especially when they win, can make me cry. there is so much human drama in football.

deborah - yeah baby!!!!

linda - he is smooth, and his smile kills me.

sylvia - the DWTS site and Youtube have tons of clips!!! you can practically get the whole show thru clips lol
I know because I check out Warren all week

Dianne said...

cherie - thanks for the link!! and thanks Jackie for mentioning it
what a lovely man!

lisa - I'd love for Warren to win but I think the flat feet might keep him from it. especially now that Lance has finally taken off!! something tells me Lance will win. I can still catch my man Warren on Inside the NFL but it's not the same without sequins LOL

bobbie - when I coached pee wee football I always used music to teach the little ones, and their moms.
Warren is very sexy, he has such a wicked laugh

frank - you could watch just to see Warren lol
imagine if they had dancers play football - that would be something !! as always - hugs to Benny

Maithri said...

This show is huge in Australia as well... I think it actually started here but i could be wrong...

Dancing is good for the soul, no matter who you are...

May the groove and the rhythm lead you home,


fermicat said...

Great sequence of photos!

I don't watch any of those type of shows, but I hear people at work talking about them.

Rambling Woods said...

Really Warren is your choice?...I kind of like Brooke...

New Rambling Woods Site

Carletta said...

You're a DWTS fan too! Yeah!
I love this show.
I so want Warren to win. I think it will come down to him and Brooke.
Everything you said is right on!

Dianne said...

maithri - it may have!! I know our version is from the UK version, even the stage and 2 of the judges are the same LOL
one of my favorite things to do is blast some music and dance like a crazy woman in the middle of the room, lets out so much tension ;)

fermicat - it's the only 'reality' show I like. I've never bothered with Survivor or shows like that - glad you like the photos :)

rambling - brooke is stunning and technically the best of the 3. Warren is the worst in terms of content but the one I enjoy the most.

carletta - this has been a great season!! I hope there's another football player next season lol

Shelly said...

I don't follow football but the first time I saw that man dance I was hooked...he's a one-man party :)
I soooo want him to win!

Matt-Man said...

Sapp is a funny man. Next time you talk about DWTS could you please include a picture of Cheryl Burke? Purrrrrr. Cheers Di!!

the walking man said...

Pretty obvious you've never seen the Detroit Lions Dianne...50 years now them big ol' boys haven't been able to dance. Not even Barry Sanders could keep them from ignominy.

Dianne said...

shelly - "he's a one man party" - and I want to join him!! ;)

matt-man - and they keep saying Cheryl is fat - I think she's gorgeous - you've got taste Matty ;)

mark - I was thinking about you all day Sunday. My Jets beat TN !!!! and the talking heads were going on and on about how boring and awful the Thanksgiving game is going to be. I'm sorry :(
But chin up - I've been Jet's fan forever and there have been some really desperate years. Even now I'm too anxious to believe they're this good.

CG said...

I must try and watch DWTS some time...I'm a big SCD fan !!

Dianne said...

CG - ever since Jackie mentioned SCD I've been gobbling up Youtube clips - what fun!!

Ivanhoe said...

That was one sexy post, Di! Thank you :o)

Askew To You said...

I think that the athletes make wonderful dancers because they understand that sport requires a lot of drive, determination, and practice. Little or no bitching about the workout schedule from these guys. The actors tend to whine more. Have you noticed that?

My mom is loving Warren.

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - I do what I can ;)

askew - I have noticed that. Cameron whoever - the soap star - was one of the biggest whiners ever!! Your Mom has great taste :)

gabrielle said...

Ahem. Just happened to be in the room when DWTS was on and caught Warren’s performance. Needless to say, I was immediately smitten. I love his playfulness, his smile and the way he showcases his partner. Watching the segment of the teams competing, it was obvious what a wonderful collaborator Warren is. Puts a whole new spin on American football.

But Psst. Please don't tell anyone I succumbed to DWTS. It will ruin my reputation.

I am so sorry work is kicking you in the butt, Dianne. You have amazing stamina and an irrepressible spirit. Take good care! And keep the fun stuff coming. This too shall pass.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am not a regular watcher of this show.....But I hope your choice wins, my dear....! I was sorry to hear that Cloris was "let go"...only because I think it is FANTASTIC that at 82 she was stepping up to the plate, at all! And evidentally, audiences enjoyed her till wheneveer.....!
I think I am really geting old and crotchety though...When I have seen this show---The Costumes that the women wear are almost Flimsy to None.....Somehow, it doesn't really seem like a show about "dancing" when I see that....!LOL!

Anndi said...

I have to be honest and say, he's not in my top two as far as dancing ability and I can't pick the winner of a dancing competition based on a tight end... but I do enjoy them... you know.. ends, that are tight. ;)

Dianne said...

gabrielle - we'll all keep it a secret, we're a good bunch :)
I'm so glad you liked him!! He just makes me happy to watch.
and thanks for your kind words - I do tend to keep on truckin' with some really bad moments and then I take a deep breath.

oldold lady of the hills - you could never be old and crotchedy!! isn't possible. my problem with the costumes is that the men are wearing too much ;)
cloris will be back for the finale - tonight and tomorrow night - even right after her health scare, she's so amazing!!

anndi - I get it! but I'm not picking him for his tight endedness lol
I'm picking him because he is so much fun to watch. Brooke can make the most amazing lines and Lance can quick step as if he were flying but they both bore me to tears - especially Brooke - she has the personality of a mannequin. I'm pretty sure Warren won't win and I get why and that's cool. Technically either Brooke or Lance are better :)

Jackie said...

We do indeed have Bruno too! I hadn't realised he was doing the same commute as Len every week as well.

Dianne said...

jackie - ever since you told me about SCD I've been watching clips - Bruno is so hilarious!! I really enjoy him.

storyteller said...

I’ll be watching tonight too … but I don’t have a vested interest in who actually wins. All three semi-finalists have done admirably this season ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Dianne said...

storyteller - they have all done a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing Cloris tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

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