Monday, November 3, 2008

it's ONLY democracy when EVERYONE gets to vote

This is just a small piece of a larger article you can read HERE.

I extracted this part because it is similar to something that was going on near me but thankfully it was thwarted before it had the chance to become a full blown cancer.

In New Mexico, two Hispanic women filed a lawsuit last week claiming they were harassed by a private investigator working for a Republican lawyer who came to their homes and threatened to call immigration authorities, even though they are U.S. citizens.

"He was questioning her status, saying that he needed to see her papers and documents to show that she was a U.S. citizen and was a legitimate voter," said Guadalupe Bojorquez, speaking on behalf of her mother, Dora Escobedo, a 67-year-old Albuquerque resident who speaks only Spanish. "He totally, totally scared the heck out of her."

There are reports of people being told they will be arrested at the polls for unpaid parking tickets.

Many have been told to expect violence.

If you are the victim of voter intimidation report it. Stand strong.

If you witness voter intimidation speak up and stand up for your fellow citizens.

You can go here to find out HOW TO REPORT

Virtually all voter intimidation is being aimed at Obama supporters. Groups and individuals using the words Republican and Freedom and American are popping up like in a game of Whack a Mole.

I’ve taken a lot of crap from Republican friends and neighbors and family. I’ve heard all about how unfair I am to poor Sarah. And how un-American I am to not support the POW hero of the ages.

A true American – regardless of political affiliation – would never stand for voter intimidaton.

So Americans. Freedom Lovers. Righteous Citizens.

Stand up for Democracy for Everyone.


tt said...

unfortunately, asshats come in all sized,colors,races,genders...and political affiliations.
Sad actually.
It's getting to the point where some people are afraid to just express an opinion...when did it get to that point?? Control freaks really scare me!!

Matt-Man said...

Voter suppression...It doesn't get any more American than that. Cheers Di!!

Dianne said...

tt - after 9/11 Bush and his brand of Republicans took advantage and saw how easily they could control people with fear and trauma.
Now it is all coming apart around them. And they see their grip weakening and they are desperate.
You're right - control freaks are scary because they are dangerous when their control is threatened.

matt-man - sad but true!

Farmer*swife said...

We've had it on both sides down here. All it comes down to is that we vote, for whomever it is we believe will get us through the next four years. And, for whatever reasons we have for believing in that.

And, no one should be intimidated or afraid to express their opinions. Only, we are in today's society. Just like in grade school. If you disagree with the popular group then you are banished. And, no one else will come to your aid because they are fearful of being banished too.

That is why voting is private in the booth. So, we can truly express ourselves.

This year's election is going to have me on pins and needles. I sure wish "Tim Russert" was still alive to cover this election. I loved his candor and excitment -- he loved politics, regardless of party.

The best way to get us where we need to be, is if we all get out there and cast our ballot. :-)

I voted! Early voting last week! I made my mark locally and nationally. I feel privileged to do so.

And, every legal citizen in our country deserves to feel the same way.

Happy November Monday!

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, if there's one thing I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in with the Republican party, it's their blatant disregard for freedom as evidenced in the Patriot Act and other atrocities. I think we all need to stand up against that. (I think it would be nice to have FEWER taxes and more paying down the debt... which means fewer services. I just think if we have a country this deep in debt it's worse than being bankrupt!! It's a national security issue way more than a couple extra Hispanics at the polls... eek... eyeroll... but anyway...)

Can I also say it's racist to assume that JUST because you live in a black neighbourhood that you're pro-Obama? I just can't imagine that one with my teensy brain. In fact, the ONE neighbour I have who is black was a Republican party delegate to the national conventions, etc. and she has whipped everybody on our street (almost) into putting up the McCain signs. I told her I dislike McCain. We also made it clear that we disliked Cheney last election. I think we're still friends.

Dianne said...

farmer's wife - I miss Tim too!! What a calm voice he had, and he was a real journalist. Have you seen his son covering the activities of young voters? - he didn't do such a great job at the conventions BUT then I saw him more recently and he has really gained confidence and taken on a lot of his Dad's traits.

Dianne said...

mrs c - unfortunately very few Republican senators and congress people every questioned Bush's tactics (really Cheney) and so it stayed a partisan issue. there is one Republican town official here who has repeatedly questioned the Bush admin and I have voted for him. He has gotten an incredible amount of grief from his party.
It may be racist to assume that black neighborhoods are pro-Obama but polls and statistics do show that they are more so than not. What I'm saying is that non white voters are coming out more this election than ever before and there are those who find that unsettling and are trying to stop it - whatever their motives, whoever they represent.
In my old neighborhood in Brooklyn there is a large Jewish population - historically they have voted Democratic and most were supporting Hilary. When Obama won the nomination many of their reps - Dov Hikind for one - and many of their community leaders started strong arming them to support McCain. Obama and Clinton had virtually identical positions so my question is - why was Hilary OK and Obama isn't?
and why should rabbis and other church officals strong arm elderly Jewish voters?

Karen said...

I have unpaid parking tickets. Crap!

Real Live Lesbian said...

No matter which side it comes from, it's just wrong.

Dianne said...

karen - that was priceless!!

RLL - yep! as I told mrs c above there is a Republican town official I really like and respect. he has wonderful views locally re. open space and budget issues. he has questioned Bush admin moves and has been treated horribly by fellow Republicans. most of the people sticking up for him at town meetings are Dems - I voted for him and will again tomorrow. he has often been told to swtich parties, such crap.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Dianne.
I'm here from Mary's comment she left in my blog this morning...Tomorrow I will have a Democratic Stand on my BLUE's going to be a blue entry for the Democratic Party.

And if I may, I understand that you're going to have a 'live' blog...may I have your permission to add a link to your election blog?

Let me know if you can.


Sylvia K said...

This is really the pits! I'm so fed up with Republicans, and all the hell and havoc they have have been and are raising! They're desperate and disgusting! What more does it take to prove to Americans -- and the rest of the world that these people need to GO!! and NOW! Lord, I hope this is overwith tomorrow and we can move on to that "brighter day" everyone is hoping, longing, praying, whatever for!

Dianne said...

hootin' anni - absolutely add me, thank you!! I will be posting thru-out the day - as live and often as I can - bits of news and photos and then later stories of results coming in and some key contests beyond the Presidency.
also - please check out
my friend Diane M is hosting a 'virtual post election celebration'
thanks for coming by - I will link you tomorrow :)

sylvia - AMEN!!
they remind me of the 'bad kids' back at school. they knew they had been doing something wrong and were close to getting caught so they acted out to distract.

Bond said...

Intimidation at the polls has been going on long enough.

Both sides have done it...both sides must stop it ...and anyone involved should be locked up in jail for a minimum 2 years...

Cherie said...

A true American – regardless of political affiliation – would never stand for voter intimidation."

Amen Sister!

Raven said...

It's so fascinating to me that the people who rant on the most about freedom and patriotism are the ones who are so eager to defend the country that they are willing to violate all laws, moral and civil. These stories are truly disturbing. I'm glad today is the last day of all of this. I hope/believe that Obama is going to win despite efforts to steal, rather than win, yet a third election, on the part of the GOP.

One of the things that bothers me is that the nonsense about ACORN seems to resurface frequently but the voter suppression coverage is much more rare and seems to have less energy behind it. What's wrong with us? But I'm moving towards a rant. Good to post this. Good for those ladies in New Mexico. I hope the guy who harrassed them and anyone behind him, goes to jail.

Kerry said...

I read the article...then I started reading the comments...and my head almost exploded. Sometimes I'm really glad that I'm leaving the country for three years. I need a break from the kind of people who write - who BELIEVE - those kinds of things.

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for a really super post Dianne(and great comments too!) I've said this before and I'm sure I'll say it again - too many are treating elections as if democracy is just too important to be left up to the people. What'll it take, marching in the streets?! Hmm....

Dianne said...

bond - I just hope it gets reported and dealt with quickly and efficiently!!

cherie - thanks Lady :)

raven - I had to search and search for a place that covered what to do to report voter fraud!! other than the state of CA who set up a separate number and a very clear link. All the other stuff I found was about all the cases from 2006!!! I finally came upon the site I mention here - on about page 3 of my search.

kerry - I never read the comments to anything on AOL and many other sites. It's pathetic and often just people looking to rile each other up between beers or waiting for their crack to cook.
I'll never forget when poor Anna Nicole Smith died - I used to visit the board for 'The View' then - the comments about a dead woman were outrageous!!
anonymity brings out the weasels.
take heart :)

deborah - part of the whole post 9/11 mind control fiasco was to make people feel powerless - just go shopping and let us take care of it - we'll keep you safe. I remeember when the war in Iraq first started anyone questioning it was labeled un-American. I went to a 9/11 memorial where the NJ freeholder said - "anyone not supporting President Bush IS supporting the people who did this" - I didn't say anything out loud out of respect for family members there BUT I got a moment of this assholes time after, got his card, then told him what I thought of his crap and sent a letter to every local paper plus my Senators. I demanded an apology - never got one from him but I did get a respone from my Senators and my Congressman. Asshole is running again this year - under the guise of protecting us from Obama. Piece of crap.

Ivanhoe said...

All of my friends, family and co-workers vote democratic this year. So I don't really have anybody to fight with ;o) But I would stand up if needed be.
Just one more sleep....

Kay said...

Thank you for this... voter intimidation is beyond wrong.

I almost wish someone would try to mess with me at the polls tomorrow... because I would love to open a can of "Kay is Going to Kick Your A$$"

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - congratulations on voting for the first time!! I think of you and how patriotic you are often :)

kay - you're welcome!!
I just want it to be peaceful and I want the numbers to be clear and unquestionable. How sad that America has come to a place that I have to wish for that and have my doubts about it happening.

Leighann said...

The only person that has given me a hard time about who I plan on voting my own mother.

Richard said...

Dianne: the asshats ain't giving up without a fight and they specialize in fighting dirty.


CG said...

we saw this on our news last night- appalling!

Jackie said...

I'm completely horrified. I know we don't have a perfect system here (far from it), but if you live here and are entitled to vote then you get a voting card. Simple as that. This sort of intimidation would be loudly condemned, and for that I'm glad I'm here.

That is of course not to say that intimidation doesn't happen. The way some of our asylum seekers are treated is horrific (in Scotland I'm glad to say there have been popular protests against the practice of removing people from their homes in dawn raids). But to sway votes in an election - no, I don't think I've ever come across that here, certainly not in my lifetime.

I'm so nervous about your election, because there's not one little thing I can do to make a difference from this side of the Pond. I don't know if I dare watch the coverage.

Dr.John said...

I want everyone to be able to vote.
By the way I won't be able even though I might have voted for McCain because the state of Wisconsin won't recognize my papers as the necessary proof for registration.
Should I blame the Democrats or the bureaucracy?

Dianne said...

leighann - I told ya I'd adopt ya!!
regardless of who you vote for BTW, I just love you :)

richard - yep, and to think people thought dirty tricks died with Nixon ;)

cg - horrifying to me that the whole world is watching. we told Iraq they had to have fair elections and then we can't do it ourselves?

jackie - I'm nervous too, and other than voting and putting info out there I feel pretty helpless myself
hang in kid!!

dr. john - did they spring some new/unknown requirement on you!? you were saying up to just a few days ago that you planned on voting. what could have possibly changed and if you feel it's not fair then call the number in the link I provided

Daryl said...

I spent this morning rebutting a stupid email from a 'friend' who insists Obama needs to admit his friendship with Ayers after all McCain's aquaintances are not terrorists .. wait a sec .. how is it that its Obama's FRIEND and McCain has AQUAINTANCES?

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough ... and please please please everyone GET OUT AND VOTE!

Dianne said...

daryl - the hypocrisy and double standards have been outrageous from the beginning. More so once Palin joined the campaign. And still there are those who claim the media is liberal and biased toward Obama - what a crock!

Reb said...

Wow, it is really sad that they have to resort to tactics like that.

pink dogwood said...

Shows their desperation. I can hardly wait to go tomorrow and help set things right.

Travis said...

We'll be in line at 7am tomorrow morning. We've been encouraging everyone we meet, especially younger voters, to have patience and stick it out in line.

Don't disenfranchise yourselves. Each vote matters. Be part of the process.

Bear Naked said...

Good luck tomorrow!!

Bear((( )))

Sparkling Red said...

I wish all the best to all the brave American voters! Have courage!


Dianne said...

reb - it is sad but bullies have always been a part of our history I suppose. what I think is different this time is that people aren't taking it

pink - that's how I feel!! good luck today. Peace

travis - very well said! thank you

bear - thank you

sparkling - and you too! thanks
it is quite a day isn't it?