Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Brunch

Our winner for LAST WEEK’S SUNDAY FUNNIE is ...

Go by and check out her Notes from the Cloud Messenger. It is a beautiful blog!
Deborah’s response to what is America (Ferrara – not the country) thinking about Lindsay Lohan -

“ … she either just did, or is about to check her watch and go, "Boy, is fifteen minutes ever a loooong time!"

Congrats Deborah!

No new contest this week. I am behind in sending out prizes to:

Daryl and
Queen Sized Funny Bone

Sorry Guys! I have to catch up!!


If you plan on posting something special for Election Day and would like to be linked here PLEASE let me know today – in comments or e-mail. PLEASE say you want to be linked. The last round of responses were kinda vague – like a Sarah Palin interview.

If you plan on posting something on November 5 and would like to be part of DIANE M’S virtual celebration then PLEASE go over and let her know – she is expecting you.

I will be posting all day on Election Day and hope you’ll join me in sharing a historic election.

These are the folks I think I’m linking so far -
Linda Reeder
Askew to You
Jay - on twitter
– I don’t know how the hell to do that but it sure sounds sexy.

Creative Photography and a new project for me – Shadow Shots are up on THE PHOTO BLOG

Have a great Sunday!

16 comments: said...

Oh, golly gosh, I won? Really? Oh, you like me, you really really like m... oh wait, someone already gave that speech. Thanks Dianne!!

Dianne said...

LOL Deborah!! You did a fine rendition.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Deborah deserved to win. And she does have a beautiful blog.

If you have time, stop by Ramblings. There is something there for you. Lisa

maryt/theteach said...

I'm so upset I won't be able to be with you on Election Day, Dianne! I'll be working practically all day then I have to go vote...but I'll pass by when I can. Go Obama! I'm SURE he's going to win! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm not sure what I am going to be doing, my dear...So, I think for now, I'll just leave it open and come on by and Visit you on THE DAY and HOPEFULLY The Happy Day After.....!
There is a really moving article from The Huffington Post...if you haven'e seen it...Here is the link!

Dianne said...

lisa - Deborah's comment was just so understated and perfect. I will be by soon.

mary - enjoy voting! I know I will, I am so looking forward to pulling that lever for so many reasons :)

oldold lady of the hills - that article is powerful and an amazing history lesson. thank you!!
and happy blog anniversary again!!

CG said...

Will be watching the results with great interest from this side of the pond!

Jeni said...

Dianne, go to my blog, scroll down through my favorites list till you come to one that is either
"Comments from Pundit Mom" or simply "Pundit Mom" and open it -should take you to a post about signing up with your cell phone to report in on your voting experience Tuesday. Just thought you might be interested in it. It's through "The Motherhood" but they have a kazillion subgroups -one is "Mad About Obama" among others. If this doesn't get you to the right place, e-mail me and I'll get you the url.

fermicat said...

I will probably post something on election day, but it doesn't need to be linked. I am just like a lot of us -- seeing the polls, excitedly waiting, hoping for the best, but not willing to believe it until I see it unfold. I voted last Thursday, unwilling to wait until the last minute. It feels good to have it done. Hopefully that Diebold machine will count my vote correctly. Wish I felt more confident about that. I'm psyched and more than a bit surprised that Georgia is actually in play!!

Dr.John said...

I suppose it is historic but it has also been painful.

Jay said...

Twitter IS hot. You should try it out sometime. Then we could Twitter each other. ;-)

In other news, as of right now you have scored 108.35 points in Fantasy Football this week.

Dianne said...

cg - I have friends and clients all over the globe calling and e-mailing - as if I have inside information!! LOL
they tell me the whole world is watching
welcome home!!

jeni - thanks for the url!!
I love pundit mom - I don't know about cell phone updates LOL
I still have to get some work done that day BUT her contest sounds cool, I think I'll submit a comment for consideration.

fermicat - those machines make me nervous. we had a data cleaning program that didn't retain a log of changes and every client rejected having it used on your projects. it was similar to these damn machines.
but I'm trusting there are a lot of poll watchers out there -

dr john - it has been painful and will probably continue to be. The US is a young country and history shows that any meaningful changes always come with growing pains.

jay - I don't know that I have time to Twitter but you make it sound enticing. I've seen some blogs that have their Twitter on their sidebar - can you do that?
As for FF - I actually had the head to do some research this week and I changed a few players around. I almost felt like I knew what the hell I was doing ;)

Travis said...

We're set to get to our polling place right at 7am Tuesday morning. But then I have to work all day. I'll be keeping an eye on Huffington throughout the day. I may not be able to get to your blog at work, but I'll definitely check in when I get home.


Matt-Man said...

I am going to make several posts Tuesday, but will be absent from 5 PM-9PM...I am going to video my trip to the polls. Rock on Di. Cheers!!

Bond said...

As you saw my election post was today.

bobbie said...

Have to tell you because I thought you'd get a chuckle out of it. I got a comment from a gentleman in Great Britain. He said we should vote "the right way. At least, stop Palin! You owe that much to the rest of the world.!"