Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When You're Happy For Someone You (don't) Know

Craig Ferguson got married over the holidays. Look at them - I f'ing hate shiny happy people.

Anyone who watches Craig's show knows he often admonishes his audience - "You don't know me!" - and of course we don't.

But there are public figures who cross your path in the not real world and find a spot in your heart. Isn't that part of what art is for? Connecting strangers through personal expression on a large scale.

Actually Craig is indirectly responsible for me blogging.

When I first discovered his show - Late Late Show on CBS 12:37 AM EST watch it, screw Conan - and Fallon? WTF? - he had just started. I vaguely remembered him from Drew Carey's show and didn't like him much. I was working for the Evil Empire Corporation at the time and the last thing I was in the mood for was an obnoxious Brit - I worked with them all day and had just ended a tumultuous love affair with one.

Insomnia won out and I stuck with Craig and quickly realized how brilliant he is. His monologue is pure genius. Talk about forks off a moment - he weaves in and out of subjects with astounding skill.

And he sure ain't hard to look at.

Since I live amongst people who actually sleep at night I found message boards about Craig and encountered some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Craig was unknown so the boards were small and personal and interesting. We would gush a bit but mostly we ended up off topic.

Unfortunately for message board life but so well deserved for him Craig became more popular. He wrote a book. His ratings went up. He started doing stand-up. I've seen his stand-up 7 times in 3 years. It's not stalking if you buy a ticket.

And the boards became too high school for me. Yes the guy is good looking but unless he's going to come to NJ and screw me senseless I can't discuss his looks for more than 30 seconds. And people get very possessive of celebrities and that has always made my skin crawl. His newer fans came to discuss his personal life, bash that incredibly lovely looking lady he just married and just be overall toxic asshats.

I had already been off topic on the boards more than any site master should allow so I realized blogging was a far better way of expression here on the Internet Tubes.

I "met" Craig at his book signing - he is an endearing person. He walks with his head down a bit - I have always loved that in people - it signals a human vulnerability. He looks right at you when he speaks to you - he did it over and over that night - even for some crazy bitches who really should have a restraining order tattooed on their heads. He says thank you for every kind word. He appears genuinely surprised and delighted that you like him.

His talent speaks for itself in every monologue he delivers. In every rant he spits out at his desk. In every silly skit he throws himself into.

I'm not a celebrity person. I don't visit fan sites. I don't pay much mind to gossip.

I adore talent. I love people with quick minds and sharp tongues. I have so much respect for people who spill their guts - as Craig has done many times - most notably when his Dad died, when he talked about his own struggle with alcohol and very recently when his Mom died.

I know I don't know him but I know him.

Ya know?

Congratulations Craig and Megan.

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Cherie said...

What a wonderfully endearing post. :)

The Quiet Rage said...

Yup.... I know;)

The Quiet Rage said...

....and yes, I would screw him, a heartbeat.

Jeni said...

Gotta agree 200 percent here with your assessment of good old Craig Ferguson. I don't follow his show faithfully but do watch it more than Conan. All depends on the day of the week and how well I've been able to sleep or not the previous day so some night I nod off in the old chair and sleep right through everything till about 2 or 3 a.m. when I tend to wake up for a couple of hours. Just long enough to screw up my need for a "Full" night's sleep -whatever that is.
But anyway -a bit off track there -I hadn't heard about the marriage thing so thanks for that bit of information. Now, go back to drooling over one good looking Scotsman and no, you don't qualify as a stalker for your actions/reactions to him!

FranIAm said...

I don't watch much TV and certainly not at night, but if there were an endorsement for me to follow it would be yours.

Coffee spit out on keyboard "It' not stalking if you buy a ticket."


Mrs. C said...

I don't watch tv so I don't know who any of these people are. The name "Craig Ferguson?" He could move next door and I still wouldn't know who he is unless bunches of fans pitched tents in my yard. :] Well, congrats to him then.

Conan is so 80s though. I don't think I ever watched his show. SheRa and HeMan and all that also seem a little... weird. I'm thinking they were all on the same show with this guy who had a castle skeleton (right? creepy.)


PS. It's like that with blogs too. I know you but don't know you?

Dianne said...

cherie - well thank you! I do miss those early days of those boards - there was so much give and take and amazing deep discussion - and silliness :)
but hey some of those friendships lasted - remind you of anyone!?

quiet rage - of course you'd know! and I would share him

jeni - thank goodness for the DVR - I do actually sleep now and then - especially since I've been scheduling early morn job interviews
Craig joked on his show that the best way to keep something secret is to give it to CBS publicity dept.
I just happened to be programming my DVR and ET was on and there they were - they are so lovely

fran - well snort laughter ain't a bad way to start the day ;)
he really is worth catching - he's magic and the Scot accent is so lovely
he does a wonderful series of Sean Connery impersonations

mrs c - your analogy about bloggers "knowing" each other is perfect :)

Jackie said...

Cool - a Glasgow boy done good :)

kenju said...

I hope he go*gles himself and finds this post. How nice! I know another blogger who is crazy about him.

Bear Naked said...

I have to admit I have never heard of him but now with your description you have made me curious to watch his show.

Bear((( )))

Jay said...

"It's not stalking if you buy a ticket." This is absolutely true! LOL

I don't watch his show that much, but the times I have seen it I thought he was hilarious.

And I have the same problem with forums. There are always too many high school or really immature kids on there. Or just f'ing trolls. I try to ignore them, but it gets old.

Bond said...

Not a huge fan of talk shows, but he has made me laugh when I have seen him. An excellent post Dianne

Raven said...

What a lovely post. I don't watch late night talk shows but maybe I should... except it conflicts with my new be in bed by 1:30 policy... I do thank you (and I think Jay S) for introducing me to him a few months back. He is truly brilliant. I like it when happy things happen for good people.

~Deb said...

At first when I saw him on TV, I backed off because of the British accent, but the more I listened to him, the more I absolutely fell in love with him as well! What an intelligent and witty man. She is a lucky woman!

Reb said...

Great post, but that ain't a Brit accent, that's pure Scott. Most of them would be highly insulted to be called a Brit. UK is alright, but Brit is a no-no. lol

I have enjoyed him in other things, but haven't really watched his late night stuff...the walls in the apt are paper thin and I don't want to disturb the neighbours.

Ivanhoe said...

I've watched his show only very few times as it's on way too late for me, but I liked him.
Congrats to the happy couple! :o)

Anonymous said...

Because it's your recommendation, Dianne, I'll be sure to seek him out and his show.

Daryl said...

If only I could stay awake past 10 pm ... NYE is the only night I ever stay awake that late and this year I almost gave up at 11:30 ...

But I admire your taste so if I ever do stay awake that late I will tune in to Craig

Hilary said...

I'm not much of a late night tv viewer either and I have to admit I've never heard of him. But your post was sweet, touching and funny. That "not stalking if you buy a ticket" cracked me up. Maybe one day I'll tune him in. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

Dianne said...

jackie - his first show after his Mom died he talked about the cemetary and the rain and Cumbernauld and dark hills and the industrial neighborhood and he did it all in his "gloomy Scot" voice - it was heartbreaking and funny at the same time

kenju - I hope he googles himself and finds me too!
oh wait - he's married, never mind

bear - there are tons of clips on Youtube - I really think you'll like him

jay - Lord - trolls!! how sad to exisit solely to stir up crap among strangers - it's bad enough to be an asshat but to be an anonymous hasshat!! that's so sad ;)

bond - thanks! he's so not like a talk show - his interviews flow like genuine conversations

raven - he'd make you have good dreams lol
yes Jay S is a BIG fan of Craig.

deb - I love his accent. when he was on Drew Carey's show he played an awful Brit but he is all Scot!!
did you read his book? it's brilliant.

reb - I was just saying that to Deb!! lol
He loves to call the English "bastards" and say he has nothing against them really but years of oppression
I've enjoyed his movies as well

ivanhoe - gotta get a DVR :)
I'd be lost w/out mine - I haven't seen a commercial in years lol

rob - let me know what you think! he's delightfully twisted, and so smart

daryl- DVR it baby! lol
and thanks - since I think you're the classy one out of the two of us I'll take the admiration

hilary - as his self-appointed publicist I appreciate that :)

gabrielle said...

I recall sharing our affection for Craig in a past post. I love watching him because he makes me laugh, not just polite telegraphed chuckles, but sustained and serial belly laughs. He is absolutely brilliant. His mind is so nimble – reminds me of Robin Williams- but a bit less manic. I love when he goes off on tangents in his monologue then catches up with himself, “now what was I talking about.” The irreverent treatment of his emails is a hoot. As you point out, he is absolutely willing to be vulnerable by openly discussing his struggles with alcohol and his personal losses. I admire the way he takes his citizenship seriously with thoughtful critique of his newly adopted country. I enjoy his yellow brick road induced skips around the stage and the unabashed silliness of his skits. He seems to have genuine warmth with his guests, which adds human dimension to his interviews. He has brightened many a long night for me. Last year, I too have the delightful experience of seeing him unleashed in stand up. There was a point where it was obvious, he became derailed from whatever trace of script he was following and in a self deprecating, topical and very inclusive move, reinvented it. I know what you mean about his humility. He seems genuinely surprised to find himself where he is.

I am very happy for him.

"Isn't that part of what art is for? Connecting strangers through personal expression on a large scale."

As I read this, I think not only of Craig but of Forks off the Moment and of the dynamic force behind it. Diane, thank you for your humanity, your humor and your grace.

Deborah Godin said...

Yeah, me too...I know. And I enjoyed your whole analysis of the celeb thing.

Minnesotablue said...

I have never seen him cause I can't stay up that late but since you endorse him, I certainly will make the attempt. Oh wait, I have seen a few snippets of him on other shows and yes he is good.

Dianne said...

gabrielle - ahhhh you are indeed a true Ferguson fan! it comes out in your description of him - you're spot on!
and thank you for always easing my unworthy feeling with your kind words - they mean a lot to me

deborah - funny - as I noted to quiet rage I was pretty sure I knew who would know ;)

minnesota - I'm gonna become a DVR saleswoman ;)
you can catch him on the CBS site and on Youtube
I love when you come around :)

holly said...

i only ever went on message boards once, and i was desperately trying to find more stuff about a singer i liked. all the boards could talk about was how gay he was. and i thought 'yeah, you're about 12, aren't you?' and i never have used (non-technical) boards again. even the techie boards are populated by an unfortunate abundance of idiots who offer the very obviously wrong answer to the problem i need solved NOW.

if only i could punch them. but it would take too much time.

fermicat said...

Easy on the eyes and funny, too. What a catch! Hope they'll be happy and that he will continue to be funny.

Dianne said...

holly - I can't even read thru one thread on those things anymore - even the polite ones are so inane
but at the start Craig's little group was so nice
glad to see ya!

fermicat - and smart! a triple threat lol

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm with you, Dianne...I think he is absolutely BRILLIANT! And I started watching him from the get-go, because I am a BIG Letterman Watcher---I just love him, and it meant something to me that Letterman's Company Produces Fergesons show....Letterman obviously LOVES Talent....And HE saw that this guy had it all, and HE chose him for this show....
He is SOOOO attractive and silly and funny and, well. just plain old Brilliant!
I was surprised when he held up his hand the other night and THERE was that Ring! I wish him Well!
He deserves Happiness and the Best life he can offer----as we all do. And like you....I so was deeply moved and impressed when he did that show after his Dad died...And then, as you mentioned, more recently, his Mom, too....
I've never met him but I feel like I would like him very very much because though, and he is correct about this, I don't really know him...Like you, I feel like I do.
Bless him and his new wife!

Travis said...

I'm with you. I never knew Bill Walsh, but I felt it hard when he died because of the impact he indirectly had on my life.

I didn't know Gene Upshaw, but i felt the same thing then.

Mayhap I'll write Mr Ferguson a quick thank you note for indirectly starting you on the blogging path. LOL!

Ron said...


I can't stop laughing!!!! are one FREAKING BRILLIANT writer, do you know that??

From your FIRST line...all the way through till the end...I laughed my ass off!!!

"even for some crazy bitches who really should have a restraining order tattooed on their heads."

You're wit is BEYOND brilliant!

And also...what a GREAT review of Craig!!

He would be PROUD to read this!

Brava, Dianne!

I SOOOO enjoyed reading your words!

So thank you!

Sylvia K said...

I fell in love with Craig when he was in an English movie and damn it all, I'm having a senior moment right now and can't think of the name of it, but I loved it and him. We don't have TV anymore and he's one of the ones I do miss. Loved your post about him and wish I could have had a chance to meet him. I'm not usually too impressed with "stars", but somehow he just was different.

Carletta said...

Would you believe I'm watching him right now as I scroll the net.
I love him - wish he was on earlier!

Debo Blue said...

I've never seen his show but I'm wondering Dianne, just how long did you hang around while he was signing his books?

You weren't one of those ushered out by security were you? (LOL) Girl I'm just teasing:-)

Roger said...

Never seen the show Di but you like it! Thanks for dropping by sexy NY mom!! :D

Dianne said...

oldoldlady of the hills - Dave is my man! always has been, always will be - sarcasm and brilliance at its best. That's another reason the Craig boards turned me off - all these "fans" turned up to spout off about how Dave should retire and give Craig the show, how Dave is threatened by Craig, how Dave doesn't respect Craig - and blah blah blah - such BS. Why is it necessary to like one person only by putting another down.

travis - ahhhh - you're a sweetie to me, thanks
I think the greatest gift a fan can give is respect for the person's body of work and respect that their private persona belongs to them

ron - oh baby! you do wonders for my fragile ego - bless ya kiddo

sylvia - watch him on Youtube he's all over! and on the CBS site.
his movies are:
The Big Tease - gay hairdresser - he played it so sweet
Saving Grace - with Brenda Blethyn who I adore
I'll Be There - he played an aging rocker who find his daughter
Born Romantic - it was OK
Niagra Motel - he has little dialgoue yet manages to be heartbreaking
There are a few others I think but these are the ones I adore - he wrote and directed some of them too

carletta - it's kismet!!

I behaved although I did knock the pen out of his hand by accident and felt like such an oaf. I cursed under my breath and he said "ahhhh a woman with a filthy mouth - I love that"
I told him I was proud of him and that I rooted for him the way I would family - not my family - but if I had a family I liked.
He laughed so hard. I felt like a freakin' superstar lol

roger - he's Scot hot just the way you're American hot ;)

Anonymous said...

Craig Ferguson is the man! His wife looks like a doll and by your description of him, I can only say, "it could not happen to a nicer guy." But I am also in awe of how well you described your crush on him. A fine example of dignity and grace.

Smalltown RN said...

I have only seen this man once...and that was late night when I too was suffering from insomnia....I thought...who is this guy....he's witty, charming...and often says it as it is...I like that....

I did't know a lot about what you shared so that is a bounus....maybe I should stay up later at night....

Anndi said...

I simply adore him. He's self-effacing, witty, tall and handsome.

And the monologue about going too far about laughing about people who are in trouble and the vulnerable (like Britney Spears) and his sobriety... awesome, simply awesome.

He's a good egg. And that accent... *sigh*

Farmer*swife said...

He is funny and put on a good show though, I'm hardly up that late. But, I guess now I'll have to watch him again because you've got me all giddy!

Oh, and no offense to Connan, but he is way better. Can you believe Connan (correct me if I'm wrong) is supposed to take over for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show?

Gosh geeze. I sure miss Johnny. Jay has done well, but Connan? Seriously?

And, yes, I could just "watch" Craig talk all evening. I adore his accent!

Dianne said...

spartacus - what an incredibly kind and lovely compliment - thank you :)

smalltown - he's worth losing sleep for lol
and I love how he just says what he wants to say
one night this week he called some Satan worshiping rock star "a douche" !! I'm still laughing

anndi - can we be twins too! or possibly triplets with Ron? we could all go on a plane together wearing T-shirts hehehehe
that was the monologue I was referring to but I didn't want to call it the Britney monologue since he hates that - that was one of the finest pieces of TV EVER broadcast.
a good egg is so perfect a way to describe him
love ya girl

Jeff B said...

I've only seen a few bits from him, but each one was fantastic. Nice tribute to a celeb who's obviously made an impact.

Anndi said...

Well, I've already established that Ron and I are from the same womb... and after you totally said what I was thinking about terrorists and their t-shirts (wink) ... yeah, we're triplets. SMOOCH!

Maithri said...

I've gotta admit i've not heard of him before, but if you think highly of him...then so will I... I'm certain.

I'll go google his show ;)

Much love my friend, thanks for all the beauty you bring to my world and the world of so many,


SnoopMurph said...

I was reading about Craig getting married just this evening and was very happy and excited-especially seeing how fun and happy they appeared in one of their wedding photos! He was in town two nights ago, but we couldn't afford to go, but I am happy that we got to see him in person last year.

I admired him when he got serious on Britney Spears and all of the media on her-I think I watched it about four times and then also on his own experiences too-very honest.

Dianne said...

jeff - thanks! he is fantastic.

anndi - I am SO excited! I feel positively re-born. Smooches right back at ya! We must tell Ron.

maithri - he loves being Googled ;)
hugs sweet doctor.

snoop - he was talking about wearing his wedding kilt during a VT blizzard and the effect on his - uh - gentleman's equipment :)

meno said...

Why is that man marrying a child???

Dianne said...

meno - she's in her mid 30s I think. he's only 46
and age doesn't really matter does it?
my next husband will be 19 lol

NoBS said...

CBS hasn't been working on my rabbit ears this month, so I had no idea he got married!!! So, I guess I'm out of the running :-(

My three favorite monologues that he has done are all pretty serious ones (aside from the ones in honor of each of his parents). One was about Oprah Winfrey, another about Tom Cruise and, finally, his monologue about Britney Spears.

I tell ya, I wasn't thrilled when he got the job. In all the audition shows that I saw, I thought D.L. Hughgly (can't spell) was really impressive. But Craig Ferguson has definitly won my heart!

Roger said...