Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Birthday Wordzzle ... For Mia

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody. Show a little love to everyone in your life – including yourself. Take yourself for a walk, make yourself a martini, eat a big old cupcake.

Today is Mia’s Birthday. We think she’s 8 or 9 – or 20. Who knows. I picked Valentine’s Day for her birthday because it is almost a year ago, to the day, that she joined our family. And she has a heart shaped nose.

I posted some pictures of Mia on THE PHOTO BLOG as part of my Camera Critters post.

And I wrote a little birthday Wordzzle for her. I’m sure she’ll read it later when she logs in to check all the Camera Critters posts.

The story is a dramatization of the conversation I had with the wonderful man who spends all his free time rescuing animals and finding them homes.

ubiquitous, do you see what I see, getting a word in edgewise, wild goose chase, grandmother of five, Freemasons, Pacific Paradise, everything and nothing, insanity prevails
shortening the distance, it’s all about bloggers, the Fortress at Pigeon Falls, finding Pam, a raven’s nest

As usual Jack was trying to do far too many things at once. “Insanity prevails” he shouted into his cell phone while grabbing adoption papers off the fax. “Hello? Hello?” came the voice from the speaker. “Hang on a second” Jack said as he leapt over several cages. It occurred to him that he needed to reorganize his space with a focus on shortening the distance between his desk and the fax and printer. Every simple task shouldn’t feel like a wild goose chase.

Jack forgot he had someone on hold until he heard snippets of conversation coming from his pocket. “I’m trying to get a word in edgewise …”

“Hello! I’m so sorry. I’m trying to do everything and nothing is getting done.” Dianne laughed – “I know that drill, I just couldn’t tell if you were talking to me or yourself. I’m looking at your website and wondering about the female cat that needs a home – her name is Mia.” Jack said he was on the site. “Do you see what I see?” Dianne said, “She’s the little one that was found near the football field.” Jack said he had a pit bull named Pam who’d been found in a parking lot. “I don’t know about finding Pam” Dianne said, “although Pam the Parking Lot Pit bull is a great show name. Kim told to me to call about Mia – she said you were having trouble finding her a home.”

Jack and Dianne talked for a long time with many interruptions; a grandmother of five had a sick kitten, a group of injured rabbits in the woods behind the Freemasons Hall and a nest, a raven’s nest, in danger from a colony of feral cats. “The ubiquitous animal crisis world” Jack mumbled. “People like Kim help a lot”, he said clearly. “She blogs about animals like Mia and Pam. I get a lot of help from her readers. These days a blog post is better than a mention in the local paper, it’s all about bloggers.”

Dianne offered to come to the animal haven to meet Mia. “That’s great” Jack said. “Let me tell you where we are. Do you know the jug handle off Exit 60?” Dianne said she did. “Good. We’re a few miles in from there. Take the main road into the Pigeon Falls development, there’s a Chinese restaurant on the corner – it’s called Pacific Paradise. Make a left right after the restaurant and follow the signs for the Fortress.” “The Fortress at Pigeon Falls?” Dianne asked confused. “Wasn’t that a meeting hall? Didn’t they close it last year?” Jack hesitated. “You know I think they did. I have a better idea. I’ll bring Mia to you.”

Dianne’s directions for Jack were much simpler than looking for restaurants and fortresses and a meeting date of February 14th was decided on. Now all Dianne had to do was convince Siren that he really wanted a sister.

For more Wordzzle Wonder stop by RAVEN’S

And if you'd like to give Mia a little something for her birthday then add THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE to your bookmarks and click there every day to help her friends.


Lisa said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie.

Jay Simser said...

I saw Mia's pictures on your photo blog first and was reminded of her story. I then read your Wordzzle and got a second dose. I loved them both. I am so glad you have her. Not just for her but for you also. She (and you) is/are sweeties.

AS to the Animal Rescue Site. Been doing it for years. I will continue. Thanks again for the great pictures and story and I will see you around the Blogosphere (whatever that is. Phrog sends his love also. j

Linda said...

What an excellent WordWuzzle - you just picture Jack being all harried and rushed and disorganized!

Happy birthday to Mia and a very happy Valentine's Day to you!

Akelamalu said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Dianne.

I just love what you did with all the words - it flowed beautifully!

I’m trying to do everything and nothing is getting done

made me LOL as I know the feeling only too well! :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Wonderful Wordzzle. Mia is one lucky kitty. I think Siren is lucky to have a sweet sis. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mia and Siren. And a big Happy Birthday hug to Mia :o) Lisa

Dianne said...

Lisa - same to you sweetie!

jay s - big hugs to you and the gang from the Mi/Si/Di trio ;)

linda - thanks :)
Mia sends her love and of course so do I :)
enjoy your first heart day in your new home

akelamalu - thanks! I'm always so pleased when you enjoy these stories.

lisa - we all send hugs and love to you and all your furkids too

Raven said...

Happy Birthday, Mia! Wonderful wordzzle. You got the words in brilliantly and told the story at the same time. I love the Animal Rescue site and The Hunger Site of which it is a part.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Mia's birthday too!

Richard said...

Momma Mia, Oh wait, not possible if she's fixed huh? Great story Dianne.


CG said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! Great story :)

bobbie said...

Very nice. I'm sure Mia will appreciate it when she reads it.

Dr.John said...

Another masterful use of the phrases for the day.I'm sure Mia will be pleased.

Daryl said...


Happy Just Because!

bettygram said...

Loved your story which was Mia's story too. Hope Jack gets some help to lightening his load.
Happy Birthday Mia.

Travis said...

Great story! But methinks Jack was hiding something.

Roger said...

Your a awesome writer and photographer! Happy Valentines to you sexy NY mom!! :D

quilly said...

I loved this story.

Happy Birthday, Mia. And many happy more!

Cloudia said...

Happy Valentine!! Aloha-

Alice said...

Hey, great story. I really enjoyed the read!! Being an animals lover, actually, and animal Mom, I can really relate to a story like this. I went and had a look at the photos of Mia. Very beautiful. Among my many critters is a cat called Mewsic, her purring and mews are music to my ears, thus the name.

Dianne said...

raven - thanks!! I always visit all the links at the rescue site - it's so simple to do

rich - she's fixed ;)
glad you like the story

cg - thanks - hope you're having a nice weekend

bobbie - I think she just likes looking at her picture ;)

dr john - thank you

daryl - happy just because to you too

bettygram - he has some volunteers - money is such an issue for shelters - especially now

travis - nah - Jack is totally on the up and up :)

roger - love ya!!

quilly - thanks so much!!

cloudia - thanks :)

alice - what a sweet reason for a beautful name

Diane Mandy said...

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Melli said...

A little ditty about Jack and Dianne
Two American kids growin' up in the heartland
Jackie's gonna be a football star
Dianne's debutante in the backseat of Jackie's car
Suckin' on a chili dog outside the tastee freeze
Dianne's sittin' on Jackie's lap
He's got his hand between her knees
Jackie say, "Hey Dianne lets run off
behind the shady trees.
Dribble off those Bobby Brooks.
Let me do what I please."
Say ah
Oh yeah, life goes on
Long after the thrill of livin' is gone

... ooo ooo sorry! Couldn't help myself! Great Wordzzle! Happy belated birthday to Mia the Heart nosed cat!!!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I'm so glad serendipity brought you and Dianne together, you are a very lucky girl. All your cousins up the highway send to warmest birthday greetings, hugs, and kisses, and wishes for many treats today.

Today, (the 15th) is Allison's anniversary with us! What a coincidence. We got her 5 years ago today after being lied to by the rescue group about her fate at a high-kill shelter. But as you know, we don't blame them for doing what it takes to get this critters safe, warm, forever homes. Each rescued animal (no matter how young or old) has a long story and a winding path that brings them to our doorstep, and we love them absolutely without condition.

fermicat said...

Silvio wants Mia to be his Valentine. :-)

Jeff W Bach said...

Wow, a whole year ago that Mia came to her new home! Thank goodness for compassionate people such as yourself.

Dianne said...

diane - it was good, Mia played with her presents ;)

melli - I love that song ;)

natalie - Happy Anniversary to Allison :)
the rescue people weren't totally upfront about Mia either - they do the best they can
Mia send much love to Auntie Natalie and Uncle Deano and all her cousins

fermicat - Mia is delighted!! She thinks Silvio is a very cool cat

jeff - times flies and drags - it's weird
I'm so happy that she had done so well

Ivanhoe said...

Awwwww... Happy Birthday Mia!!!

Bond said...

belated Happy Birthday Mia...

Bob-kat said...

LoL, that's the hard bit of course - convincing the resident cat that they want a companion!

Many (belated) happy returns to Mia! My Bob was a rescue cat and is round 20-21 years old now!

BTW - you've been tagged but only if you want to play along :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful charming story....I LOVE Mia! Her pictures just make you want to hug, hug. hug her! I love that she is a rescue...!
I just think it is amazing how you do these Wordzzles, my dear...Each one is really Beilliant!
Give Mia a HUGE HUG for me and a little kiss on the end of her nose and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, for me!

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - thanks!! Mia send a hug

bond - thanks :)

bob-kat - wow!! 20 years old, that's something

oldold lady of the hills - she is very huggable ;)
thanks so much
and I did sing to her - many times - she looks at me like I'm nuts

Deb said...

Hi ~ Happy Birthday to Mia! Our six year old dog is a rescue dog - and I can't begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to us!

Finding Pam said...

I loved your Wordzzle about your cat, Mia. Your words made perfect sense.

pam the parking lot pit bull. LOL