Monday, April 20, 2009


I passed 300 posts a few days ago and didn’t take note of it until now because I was so busy getting my hair extensions put in and my tanning done so that I could pose for this fabulous celebratory photo.

I wish I could simply point to the sidebar and thank everyone on the blog roll but the damn thing is so out of date. So many people on there don’t even blog anymore and so many more wonderful people aren’t listed. I have to find a better way – I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I truly hope that everyone who visits here knows how much I value them. Their honesty. Their support. Their humor. Their kindness. Their humanity.

I was trying to come up with a way to say something personal to each and every person but I know I’ll leave someone out and that would really bother me. Plus doing that many links really sucks.

I hope I tell you how much I care by the comments I leave and the time I take.

Thank you from the bottom of my twisted heathen heart.

May the fickle finger of fate always point you in the right direction.
May the gods and goddesses of whatever you have faith in never let you down.
May your photos always upload on the first try.

And …

May hitting Publish Now always bring you joy.


Richard said...

Let me be the first to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I admit to mostly agreeing with you on just about everything on which you opine.

Does that make me a heathen as well?

I for one am not so sure of your heathenness any more than my own. I have detected quite the warm and loving heart in many of your posts.

I am especially heartened by your conversations with Nana.

Congrats on 300 and I'm looking forward to at least twice that many more. So hurry up and get with the program.


Betty said...

Congratulations. My blogroll is probably way out of date, too. I need to check it out one of these days.

Thom said...

Congrats on the 300. You are one hot mama :) First I hope Mia is doing well. Haven't heard about her for a couple of days and that you are doing well as they story you told kept you very busy.

I may not agree with everything you post but you always are kind and caring and let those speak their peace and that is a much valued trait. As I think I have told you before, that is how I hope everyone speaks on my blog as well.

I'm truly grateful to have met you and look forward to your posts, even if it's hard to find who's blogging and whose not LOL

Aloha and Kudo's to you :)

Nessa said...

Damn, girl, you look really good for a 300 year old broad. Oh, I got that wrong, huh?

Congratulations. The writing is more important than the housework!

A heathen is just someone who loves walking on the heath.

Mrs. C said...

Happy 300th! Um, that botox thing sure works for ya!

Daryl said...

and may you continue to amuse, outrage (not me!), inspire (me!) and totally rock the blogsphere!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Love the new hairdo. Well those 300 sure went by fast. Keep up the good work. Carry on my dear, carry on.

Border Explorer said...

It is sure nice having you in my life--even if it is just a virtual you in a virtual life, it is still nice. Congrats on 300! I've greatly enjoyed the portion of the 300 I've read since discovering you.

Dianne said...

I realized I could tell each person something about them that I value in response to their comments! duh!

rich - I love your writing and I really appreciate how supportive you are of mine. I also love the way you write about your wife.

betty - your genuine, no nonsense, straight forward sense of humor is such a breath of fresh air!

thom - I'm thrilled we had our first disagreement and lived to tell about it ;)
kudos to us both
I love how you always respond to your comments - I've been lax in that lately

nessa - you're such a cool new friend! and I love your poetry. I'm still not brave enough to try one

mrs c - I love how you're willing to venture out of your comfort zone to be friends. and I adore your kids :)

daryl - I love all your e-mails. I love your encouragement and compliments. You always make me feel classy :)

queen size funny bone - I love how we have so much in common and I admore and respect the fact that you keep up a positive outlook far more often than I do.

Dianne said...

border explorer - I so admire your dedication to justice and your incredible sense of fair play!

Reb said...

Dianne, congratulations on the 300! I really enjoy your straightforward words and your broad-minded approach to life. Keep up the good words and great photos!

Raven said...

Congrats on your 300 post milestone! Well done! And that doesn't even count all the photo posts on your other blog! I look forward to reading many more of your funny, incisive, wise, passionate, and varied posts... You are a gift to the blogosphere.

Jay said...

Congrats on #300 babe! You're one of my all-time favorites. Even on days when I mark all blogs read, yours is one of the few I make sure to read.

And speaking of the movie "300" I loved that movie. But, was I supposed to be laughing as much as I did during the movie? Just wondering. ;-)

Dianne said...

reb - I appreciate you always being so kind and supportive. I love that your cat walks on a leash and I think your WWC posts are always unique

raven - you're a good friend. I appreciate your generous spirit and admire how well researched you always are. Mia is doing so much better thanks to your reiki. test results tomorrow.

jay - I'm not sure if that's what they were going for but I laughed too ;)
you're the kindest, sweetest cynical bastard I've ever known Jay

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, I don't feel that my friendship with you is outside my comfort zone. I *take comfort* in knowing that whatever my opinions, that we're friends.

Your widget is really... scary. I clicked through and looked at some of the statistics we spend money on and wonder what my share of the national Starbucks spending would be. Actually I don't mind paying reasonable taxes for reasonable stuff.

Did I mention that our state makes you pay a copay on early intervention services? Some people are really upset because people have to pay unless they're really, really poor.

I don't mind my paying my fair share, but I DO mind that my copay is $6.66!!! I told them that they were very culturally insensitive to do that and I was sending them $7 each month. The state of Missouri can lump it with the extra money. :]

Hilary said...

Geesh you're so sweet. Always. Happy 300+ :)

Travis said...

Congrats on the 300! I toss confetti in your general direction.

Linda Reeder said...

Well, thank you! I am trying to do some catch up blog reading, and my, you were prolific in your postings this week.
My best to Mia.

meno said...

300? That's a lot of writing. Keep on going. Here's to 600.

Matt-Man said...

Here's to ya Di. You're swell. Cheers Sexy!!

fermicat said...

Keep on truckin' Dianne!

the walking man said...

Not a bad days work kiddo...keep the fires going.

Deborah Godin said...

Happy 300 (and you don't look a day over 200 - what is your secret?!?!). Thanks for all you do and say!!

Dianne said...

mrs C - see now I find $6.66 to be poetic ;) a statement if you will
I don't know what the site has such silly things like coffee and video games but I was thrilled that I could also make my own - nearly 3 million people could live in a home like mine with the $$ spent killing people - that floored me!

hilary - sweet!? thanks, I like that even though I often try to act otherwise.
I love your posts about Benny and I hope I grow up to have a photographic eye half as good as yours.

travis - love confetti :)
love your dance posts and really respect what a fair and calm person you are - sometimes when I'm about to go off I ask myself -how would Trav respond to this?
hugs to Mr Tucker

linda - Mia send hugs :) we're waiting for an answer on what they saw on the echo
thanks for being a good friend Linda, I love your family posts and hope to be as good a Grandma as you are :)

meno - you're one of my sarcasm heroes - I love how I feel I can say anything on your blog and you'll always get it and appreciate it

matt-man - ahhhh matty! you're like butter to me.

fermicat - you're the most wonderful cat blogger! and a really good photographer. you even make college sports interesting and I didn't think I'd ever say that

walking man - my warrior poet

Dianne said...

deborah - it's all my clean living! hehehehehe
thanks for all your support and appreciation. I love your artistic soul

Liberality said...

happy 300rh post! I've only read the last 50 or so since I've found you through Pagan and I have to say you deserve all these kudos you get--yes, you deserve every single one of them and MORE. you are my kind of lady, one with brains and heart. keep up the terrific work :)

Ivanhoe said...

Awwwwwww...thank you for the well wishes, Di :o)
Congratulations on your 300 - you look great in that pic!
I'm happy that I found you.

Natalie said...

Happy 300th! You are truly an inspiration and a wonderful soul. I hope you realize how much you are appreciated. And don't worry about thanking us, your faithful readers. You do so with your thoughtful comments.

Pagan Sphinx said...

You are wonderful and beautiful. Of course, you work hard at the latter. Your photo is stunning and you must spend a lot of time fighting off the papparazi. ;-)

Thanks for many laughs and sighs and warm-hearted moments you've given to me on my visits here. And the great people I've met through you.

All the love, my dear friend,

gabrielle said...

Happy 300th!!! You look marvelous, darling.

I once saw a one woman play starring Whoopi Goldberg before she was Whoopi. She embodied a bubby, strengthened by her years. The one line I recall summed up her attitude towards life: Fall down get up fall down get up. It’s one motion. You remind me of this character with your big heart, your sass, your courage, your intelligence. You truly are a gift.

Thanks for the virtual tours of Brooklyn and for introducing us to Nana. I feel I get a glimpse of her peeking through all of your posts.

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations on 300 posts Dianne!

Love the hair extensions! ;)

Jeni said...

Bless your twisted heathen heart, girlfriend! And congrats on reaching that 300th post too. But I think you should have posted a pic of Scarlet O'Hara considering you stated you're going to worry about the blogroll thing tomorrow! Just keep up the great writing you do when you feel up to doing it and as always, here's hoping you soon get through all the financial and health woes currently plaguing you. And before I forget, how's Mia doing now too?

Bond said...

Glad I came home at lunch to read blogs!

HAPPY 300! Gee, was it Friday? Just curious...

As a relative newbie to these parts I can say this is one of the blogs I have found this year that I know will continue to be a daily visit for years to come.

In many ways I feel I know you from your upbringing and your home now etc etc

In more important ways, I now really know you...the intelligence you possess. The kindness and love that lives in your heart. The caring individual who always puts herself aside for someone in need.

I am proud to call you a friend.


Jackie said...

Happy 300! I've enjoyed reading your blog loads :)

Thom said...

Thanks Dianne...I think if people take the time to visit it's the least I can do...You do excellent with yours as well...

CG said...

Congrats on the 300 posts and wow, you look HOT in your picture!!

Here's to the next 300 {{HUGS}}

Dianne said...

liberality - you're my kind of lady too! I love finding kindred spirits, makes life fuller

ivanhoe - I'm glad I found you too! you are one of the kindest people I know

natalie - I'm so glad you adopted us! I adore your furry family and your endless dedication to animals

pagan - I do look incredible don't I? lol
I love that you mentioned sighs, I feel that way about a lot of your posts.

gabrielle - I'm honored that you think of me that way, thank you
Nana would have adored you - I can hear her saying "Dianne, read me her poem again, she's such a smart girl"

akelamalu - I love my extensions!! I keep tossing my head around like a supermodel!!
thanks for all your clever, twisty ending stories - and your doodles!! one day I'm going to try and draw :)

jeni - I am a bit Scarlett!! maybe I could get one of those curtain rod dresses like Carol Burnett had!!
thanks for being one of my very first internet friends Jeni and for always being there

bond - it was Saturday, you reached 800 on Friday? 500 posts and a day apart lol
you're a good, good guy Bond and I appreciate your kindness and your gentleman like ways
heck-a-doodle! I really like you

jackie - thanks!! meeting you is at the top of my 'when I get to Scotland' list

thom - that's how I feel too, plus it creates a sense of community

CG - I do look fab if I say so myself, all those workouts really paid off lol!!!
you're such a talented person CG, your photography inspires me to try to do better

Linda said...

Damn! Is that what one is supposed to look like when they celebrate 300 posts? No wonder I don't have the following that you do cuz I look nothing like that after 1,000+ posts!

Seriously, though, congrats on reaching the 300 mark; I haven't been here for all of those posts but the ones I have been here for have been great. Keep up the fantastic work and I sure hope you went out dancing after that photo shoot - be a shame to waste those extensions and tan!

bobbie said...

Congrats on 300 posts! Every one has been a gem. I am so glad we have become blogging friends.

Wow! Quite a photo!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Congratulations to you, my dear Dianne. 300 posts is quite a milestone...Your Blog is such a gift to all of us who come and visit and read and laugh and are moved....I don't get here as often as I want, but...I do the best I can and I hope you will understand that it is not disinterest, but overwhelmedness with other things....
I just realized that sometime in the last week or so I passed my
600th Post....Good Lord! How did that happen?

HERE'S TO ANOTHER 300 PLUS, my dear!

ghwace said...

"May your photos always upload on the first try."

LOL on this! hahaha!

and the "Publish Now".. too..

Have a nice Day!

Dianne said...

linda - dancing!! Oy! I'm lucky I can sit ;)
but I do look fab doing so
I really love your photography linda and hope you get the recognition you deserve

bobbie - I feel the same about you!

oldold lady of the hills - I've been thinking about you a lot, I hate that life is being difficult - you deserve the best

ghwace - laughter is always good ;)
thanks for the visit

The Quiet Rage said...

Great post! Just came by to say 'hi'

Dianne said...

quiet rage - I'm so glad you did!! I've been having trouble leaving a comment on your blog. at first the comments didn't appear at all and then I would post a comment and it would freeze. I can't find your e-mail - been thinking about you :)