Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question Everything (and a Mia update)

One of the people I admire most here in the internet tubes of blogland is Bobbie from ALMOST THERE and her post today is yet one more example of why I think she is an exceptionally intelligent lady with a calm and fair minded attitude.

Bobbie got an e-mail that attributed a rather heinous quote about seniors and healthcare to Tom Daschle. She took action by questioning the e-mail. She didn’t put it out there to fan flames – on a bad day I might have done that. She also wrote to President Obama making him aware of the e-mail and asking, if the quote was real, where he stood on the issue.

You can read the full story at Bobbie’s place. The bottom line is that Daschle was being partially quoted by someone who then chose to present her own opinion of healthcare reform as if it came from Daschle. She even employed a very clever misuse of quotation marks.

I don’t know how it became a widely distributed e-mail. The only thing about the e-mail itself that I could find was dozens of forums where people say such horrid things about Obama that I hope the Secret Service is reading.

I refuse to give any credence to these people by including their links.

There are lessons in Bobbie’s actions …

Many of Obama’s supporters did not “drink the Kool-Aid” and do not “blindly worship the Messiah” as his detractors would have you believe.

People do read and question politically inflammatory e-mails rather than blindly forwarding them like sheep.

If only this would become a trend.

We have so much work to do in this country. So many people are suffering. Why it is necessary to spread lies and fear is beyond me.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Stupid is as stupid does
Forrest Gump

Mia’s echo shows that her heart is fine; the murmur is just that – a murmur – people (and cats) live their whole lives with murmurs. So basically her kidneys are the only issue and the vet believes the diet change will address that. Where the seizure came from is a mystery. Since I wasn’t there to see its onset it is impossible to know anything more about it. Her kidney function will be checked again in two months.

Mia sends her love and thanks to you all.


Mrs. C said...

Well, I've said some not really nice things about Obama, but the thought that the Secret Service is listening... sigh. I knew that day was coming and next they'll be auditing my taxes because there's probably an accounting error somewhere and I really owed $12 instead of $11. Could you just see the headlines? LOL

The thing *I'm* reading all over the blogs is the courageous Christian woman who "gave up" being Miss USA because of her opinions on gay "marriage." And what to say about that? Christian women should not be inciting lust, jiggling this and that on stage for such a title. Persecuted, she is not. But bet you she will get lots of speaking engagements. I would have been a bit more blunt in my opinions, but they don't take fat married women in prairie skirts who refuse to show their hineys in public. (It isn't as entertaining, I guess...) :]

I didn't get the Daschle email, but my spam box is full of little blue pill and "Canadian pharmacy" ads.

Betty said...

I wish I had a nickel for every e-mail I have received with false information from my right-wing wacko "friends". I could afford to move away!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on the fears that spread. They are worthless and do not get us anywhere in life. However, I do think that people have a right to say what they want, we always have and always will. When they are horrid I do hope that the Secret Service does pay attention. I just don't understand bigotry at all and never will.

I so admire you and your belief in President Obama. I believe there are millions of people out there like you that do. I am not part of that but I do respect him and hope he does get us back up and running in the right direction. I think what I have the hardest time with is the way he is going about it. But hey, they might work.

I'm so glad to hear about Mia. That's great news for her and for you.


Jay said...

I used to look up stuff I got in emails from people, but now I either just delete it or email back and ask "Would you be willing to put money on this being true?"

They almost never agree to that offer.

Glad Mia is doing better!

Dianne said...

mrs c - the comments I'm referring to on these forums, many sponsored by the NRA and other gun clubs, threaten the President and his family and talk about his ethnic origin - not opinion pieces
Miss USA quit? if she was forced out, which I would find hard to believe, that's wrong. if she quit then some anti-gay rights lobby is probably behind it so they can use her
I read that Miss New Mexico's mother was screaming about "fags" and threatening people in the lobby.
most interest that paegant has seen in years - sad

betty - "afford to move away" made me laugh

thom - thanks re. Mia, I'm thrilled her heart is OK. now I have to find ways to get her to eat different food. cats are so difficult ;)
as I mentioned to Mrs C, the Obama comments I'm referring to were threatening, some people even talked about his children!

jay - I like asking for the money lol! you're so clever
I'm glad about Mia too, thanks

SnoopMurph said...

I just caught up a bit on my blog reading to find that Mia has not been doing well. I am happy to hear that she is feeling a bit better and hopefully that will continue. Our cat Linus had urinary and kidney issues and we had to put him to sleep a few years ago. I remember that we had to do a lot with his diet.

I love our neighbors, but they allow their cats to roam the neighborhood-getting into fights, using my flower bed as a restroom, etc. They don't want pets in the house. It drives me nuts and they do know it, but don't seem to mind how the rest of us feel about it.

Sparkling Red said...

I recommend checking www.snopes.com to test the accuracy of e-mail forwards. Most of them turn out to be false or exaggerated.

Please say "Meow" to Mia for me!

Nessa said...

I rarely pay attention to anything I receive in my emails, whether from friends or otherwise. I prefer to find my own information.

I am glad Mia's outcome looks good.

Travis said...

I live with a heart murmer. I've had it since I was a wee babe. The only time I remember it is when it gives a noticeable flutter, which isn't very often. I'm glad to hear Mia's heart is ok.

Forgive me...I'm about to get wordy.

As to those emails, during the campaign I went to fact check sites. These days I delete. I've found that the people who send me those emails aren't interested in finding out the truth of what they are forwarding. And they aren't interested in the facts that refute the "ideas" they spread. They are only interested in spreading fear. I can't imagine why they do or what they get out of it. Why scare yourself and others with half truths or complete fabrications?

People have the right to speak in opposition, and they should. It's what I've been trying to do for the last 8 years, and what I will do when I'm doubtful about the direction of this current administration. I did not drink the koolaid either. But when I speak, it will be from a factual position, not because I heard a rumor that scared me. Why not validate what you've heard first before you go off in a fury about something that may not even be true?

But the First Amendment does not protect any speech that results in a threat to the President or his family, whether in jest or in earnest. The FBI and Secret Service investigate all such speech, as they should. We do not have the right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater unless there is a fire. We do not have the right to yell "bomb" on an airplane or in an airport unless there is one.

Freedom of speech simply is not about saying whatever we want. We have the right to responsible speech. And we have a duty to answer to the consequences of what we say.

Thanks for the space.

Mrs. C said...

LOL Dianne, that's just it. She didn't "give up" being Miss USA. She was runner-up, but is telling people she WOULDA won if she hadn't gotten that question.

I know that not everyone believes as I do, so maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental. But the "outfits" in these pageants are just pretty much Sports Illustrated, live. Then again, maybe she's not convicted about that. I'm sure I'm doing plenty not exactly right... but...

I guess for me that really crosses the line. :]

Dianne, I am sure Secret Service is sifting through and trying to separate the nutballs just talkin' from the real threats. I dislike Obama immensely, but wow.

I think he's on the right track with Cuba. Time for change there LOL!

Shelly said...

You know how people ask that question, "Who would you like to have dinner with?" Bobbie is on my list...and so are you my dear. I've lost some of my blogging zip and haven't been checking in like I used to... but I think of you often.
Glad to hear Mia is on the mend!
Now...off to Bobbies!

Mrs. C said...

I forgot. Here ya go:


Your fave news source!

Ivanhoe said...

I'm so happy that Mia seems to be ok for now and is on the right track getting better. Sending her extry special scratches :o)

Cloudia said...

Yay, Mia

Matt-Man said...

Glad Mia is kickin'. As for the emails like that or read in other places, I usually laugh and either reply with a sarcastic remark or comment. Cheers Di!!

Akelamalu said...

There's a little something for you at my place today. :)

Reb said...

A closed mind is a sad thing to see. People get crap shoved down their throats at a young enough age and then once they start to spew it back, the mind is zipped shut. There is no room for any opinion or thought that might be original or go against the prejudices they were taught at their parents knees.

Glad that Mia is better than originally thought, hope she takes to the new food.

Anonymous said...

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the walking man said...

Now you know why I delete e-mail from sources that I don't know.

I love the new attitude in the executive branch,,especially when it comes to dealing with them who we have had "issues" with in the past.

I laughed my ass off to see faux news and their reportage about the President shaking hands with Chavez and reaching out to Cuba...

If his health care plan extends the same rationale to the the citizens of this country then it will be a well done job.

Isn't it odd that President Obama has established more of a legacy in less than 100 days than bush did in eight years?

Bob-kat said...

Question Everything has been my mantra since I was a child (I used to get told off for asking too many questions!). With information being so readily available and so easy to alter it's best to question the source, method and motivation of the information we receive.

I recently had a conversation with my parents about something in the newspaper. They assumed it was the truth but I pointed out to them that newspapers are not there to spread the news, their main motivation is to sell newspapers so everything gets twisted and made sensational and worse still things get left out!

If something cannot stand up to be questioned then it is not very strong.

Bob-kat said...

BTW, so glad to hear that Mia is fine. My cat has kidney trouble and has had for years. He has a tablet called Fortekor which has kept him healthy and I check all his food is low relatively low in protein and potassium. It is common and quite easy to manage happily :)

Daryl said...

I tried to find something about that email on Snopes .. there was nothing.

Bobbie is the best .. I think I found you via Bobbie's comment area

Glad to hear Mia is going to be okay ...

Dianne said...

snoop - I'm sorry about your neighbors cats - sorry for all of you and sorry for the cats - if they don't want pets in the house then they shouldn't have them
we have a problem with the neighbor's dog, they leave him outside and he barks and cries to go in - it's heartbreaking and disruptive

sparkling - snopes is an excellent site
Mia purrs right back

nessa - during the campaign I felt the need to spread the truth about Obama, or at least do my little part to stop the lies
ignoring is probably better but there's always been a part of me that wants to nudge at idiots

travis - you can have space here any old time, and it's not wordy if it's interesting

mrs c - I thought she won! poor woman who did win, no one is paying attention - maybe she should come out against puppies or something
I was wrong about New Mexico mom, she didn't use the f word, she just screamed at people about the Bible which is her right

ivanhoe - Mia sends love to you and Sammy

cloudia - hugs

matt-man - I get serious about lies Matty, always have

akelamalu -candy!? wine!? a good looking man!? hehehehehe

reb - the closed minds are on both sides, I see that
what is outrageous is the hate based not on policy but on personal attributes
the left never did that to Bush, well except for his stupidity - maybe that wasn't fair

ed - you just make me sigh
I refuse to put in word verify or close comments for approval so Chinese away my friend, no one cares, you're irrelevant

walking man - Letterman calls Bush "the man who might have been President" - that kills me

bob-kat - we just keep finding more and more things in common :)

Dianne said...

daryl - this was one of the times when snopes let me down
it took forever to get to the bottom and on the way I kept running into more and more disturbing places - my VFW buddies got the e-mail and I was determined to bring them the truth
I think I found you from Bobbie too, all I remember is seeing your photos for the first time and thinking - ahhhhh!

bobbie said...

Dianne, thanks for the link and the kind words. You really came to me rescue with all the digging you did.

I have had a heart murmur all my life, so I know it isn't all that serious. I'm glad Mia is doing so well.

Liberality said...

off topic BUT I came by to tell you I have something for you!

Anonymous said...

So happy to read that Mia is doing fine. Good luck with the change of her diet. They can be so fussy.

DeborahGodin said...

During the previous administration, my friend and I could get into some really blistering crits of the nut-jobs and the Fox News-ites when we're on the phone, and then we'd sometimes stop and say things like "Hey phone tap guys, how's it goin'?"
So glad to hear the news about Mia; give her a little chuck under the chin for me!

Raven said...

There good post. Some of the emails I get just make me want to scream with the outright lies or - the more dangerous and vile - ones that misquote or distort someone's words to make them sound like the opposite of what they are actually saying. So much crap gets spread through emails these days, though I'm happy to say I get less than I used to.

Have to stick my 2 cents in on the Miss America discussion in the comments. From what I have read Miss California didn't take 2nd place because of her opinion but because she expressed it really badly. Her problem wasn't content, but execution.

Glad Mia is doing better.

San said...

Thanks for the Mia update. That prognosis is really hopeful!

I didn't get that particular email, but back before the election I got some of the dumbest. The one you're talking about will probably show up discredited on snopes.com.

Bond said...

YEA for Mia!

Those kind of emails are discarded without even thought. People just can not give it up.

Jeni said...

Some of my relatives are a bit out there on the right wing and they frequently like to send out the typical right-wing propaganda. I go to Scopes if I get a really weird item that I haven't seen before and then deep-six them. I hate the petitions people send out too. Apparently very few pay attention to the fact that for petitions to be legal they must actually be signed and have a valid address as well. The ones that really irk me though are the ones about Social Security and illegals getting our "hard-earned social security dollars." This is not a law! I gave up trying to explain that to some family and friends as they would just look at me with that "here she goes again" look, ya know. So that gets deep-sixed too then! So much hatred in the world, already. I don't have to push it on to others, that much is for sure. (The Miss USA debacle I think started not so much with what the contestant said but rather with how the reporter virtually attacked her for stating her opinion, which it happened, didn't jive with his.)

Felisol said...

Hello from over the seas.
First of all I have to complement you for only needing a hairextesion and some tan spray to look so fabulous. I'm envious all the way from Norway.

Secondly, I cannot really understand why well educated and thinking women like yourselves are getting involved with Miss America.

Take a good look at Ms Susan Boyle, she's my hero.
I could never compete with her in singing talent or personality.
She's genuine from A to Z.
From Felisol

Linda Reeder said...

I wrote you a long response yesterday and my internet connection cut out just as I was ready to publish it. I'm not going to repeat it, as Im short on time. But I'm still here and I'm still reading. Keep up the good work.

Dianne said...

bobbie - we make a great team! I think we should start a BS busting business, be advocates
maybe we'd get to go to DC and meet the Prez - he's dreamy ;)

liberality - I LOVE what you said about me in your post!

rob - I'm going to need that luck, she's being such a little diva

deborah - Mia send kisses
during Nam I had an FBI file, one of my proudest moments!! it really started a ruckus when they discovered I was a minor - seemed their right to follow me and take photos wasn't so kosher since I was 13
poor FBI lol!!!

raven - go over to Thom's and go down to his 'Uncle Bucky' post - this guy does a rundown of these poor silly women answering their questions - it's mean, and hilarious!!!

san - Mia send love :)
I loved your 'Debbie' post, I'm still smiling over the cynical girl

bond - Mia wants to know if you can cook for her, she hates me and my low potassium, no protein crap

jeni - Perez Hilton is a media whore so that's where he's coming from
but the paegant is such garbage
one of the other judges is famous for saying he "understand how Chris Brown could have been forced to beat up Rhianna"
and Trump is a pig

felisol - I had such fun dreaming that the pic was me LOL
we're only talking about the latest US media nonsense over something one of the women said - I'm pretty sure we all feel the same about the paegant itself - I have always thought it was demeaning, even before that thought became popular
Susan Boyle is amazing!!!!
I just wish people would stop talking about her appearance as well - it is as demeaning as it is with Miss America

Dianne said...

linda - that happens to me a lot lately! so frustrating
thanks for always stopping by :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am so glad to read that MIA's problems can be addressed and that the outlook is so positive for her and therefor, you! Give Miss Mia a HUGE HUGE Hug from me and "Sweetie"....

As to all of this horribleness that is out there these days...I just cannot take it. The backlash on Obama because of the color of his skin---no matter WHAT they say---sickens me and disheartens me. I feel that I have to stop reading all the crap that is out there and I don't even want to watch the NEWS anymore.....I have so many problems in my own life right now and I am finding STRESS is wearing me out. It isn't that I don't care. It's that I care too much, and it is taking it's toll....Maybe if I were twenty years younger I could still 'fight' in my way....I don't know. But I soooo admire that you keep up 'the good fight', Dianne, in spite of many heavy-duty personal problems....Keep it up, my dear. You are fighting for me too. And I thank you for that.

maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, I'm on my way over to Bobbie's now! It's great of you to post your appreciation for another blogger and put it out there so we can go over and learn from Bobbie! It kills me when people forward e-mails without questioning them. I usually put them on to Snopes when I question what they've just passed on. I'm glad Mia is coming along and feeling better! :)

Bond said...

I shipped a tray of mouse parmigiana....hope she enjoys it

Frank Baron said...

I have a BA in Journalism but the most important thing I learned was in the first class on the first day: Always consider the source.

Using that as a commandment has stood me in good stead over the years.

As a longtime observer of US politics, I've never been more troubled by your country than I have in the last several years. What I fear is the deepening chasm between left and right. There's very little true communication between the camps anymore. Everything is spin, slogans, half-truths and lies.

I'm purrfectly pleased that Mia's outlook is positive. :)

pink dogwood said...

so happy to learn that Mia is going to be ok and I love Bobbie and her blog as well :)

ghwace said...

nice to know, mia's gonna be okay!