Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Fellow Americans

Today, on Tax Day, people (and I use the term loosely) will be gathering to protest.

I wish I could be articulate about this but I can't. From the moment Obama took office there has been a brick wall of assholes who refuse to have an idea, who refuse to have a conversation and who spend all their time promoting themselves and secretly (and openly) hoping the country explodes so they can get a better time slot on Fox - think Glenn Beck.

Two of my favorite bloggers posted about this today.

JAY and MATT-MAN on a slow day manage to come up with entertaining and interesting posts. Today they both outdid themselves and I urge you to read them.

I am so furious about the nonsense going on with the right, the Republicans and the idiots who follow them without bothering to think for themselves.

And they compare themselves to those of us who protested Bush! Give me a fucking break! We weren't trying to buy up all the firearms in Kentucky and we weren't on TV hoping for our President to fail.

We were begging these very same people to ask some pointed questions and be true patriots - not puppets.

My thanks to JAY and MATT-MAN for saying what I couldn't compose.


Daryl said...

YES! I am so tired of these asshats posturing on Fox and elsewhere .. seems to me what they are saying/doing would have been labeled TREASON by DarthCheney if any Democrat ever uttered them

bobbie said...

I never, never even watch FOX. It just sends me into a frenzy and my blood pressure can't take it any more. I can't even talk about it. It just leaves me sputtering incoherently.

Matt-Man said...

Hey Baby!! This entire Tea Party thing is a joke. Thanks for the shout out and by the way...

Mike McConnell read part of my post on his radio Talk Show on WLW out of Cinncinati (A Clear Channel Station, of Course) and told 250,000 right wingers what an idiot I am. Ha. I LOVE it.

One last thing...

Can we get together and further this Tea Party thing while naked...That would be least for me.

Cheers Sweet Thing!!

Bond said...

When Jay and Matt-Man articulate, it can be very dangerous...or very enlightening....

Dianne said...

daryl - exactly!! I have no problem with people protesting and I support everyone's right to speak BUT don't change the game now that you're not the ones making the rules

bobbie - I know! what is most upsetting to me is that there are a lot of people who simply listen and follow - and those people would be better served by leaders who actually spoke to them, rather than scaring them
why they don't just listen to Obama himself I'll never understand

matty!!!! - 250,000 right wingers heard your words! I wonder if their ears bled
I hope someone was around to explain the big words to them
I would get naked with you anywhere, anytime you big ball(s) of free thinking

Dianne said...

bond - the danger of Jay and Matty and their articulation makes me HAWT ;)
I imagine matty would interject here that it makes you HAWT as well

Kay said...

Heh, Greta Christina has a good tax related blog up too...

(can't link to it from the office but it is on my most recent blog.)

Ivanhoe said...

I went to see both. And what I told them? I wish all the tea party goers would read their post before going tonight :o)

Raven said...

Well said! I wrote something similar... in the debris of a fairly incoherent post today.

Jay said...

The republican party just isn't a viable political party right now. They have completely abdicated their role in actively governing and have taken up a new self-eliminating mantra of defending and appealing to a small special interest group made up of tinfoil hat wearing loonies.

What hell has happened to that party?

Richard said...

You got me to thinking, so I left a little something at my blog on the subject as well. Enjoyed Jay, Matt-man and of course you.

Reb said...

Dianne, even furious enough to be inarticulate, you made a good point.

Linda Reeder said...

So, I haven't been paying much attention to the whole tea party thing. Is anyone showing up? After readin Jay and Matt-Man, I would suggest that showing up would automatically brand you STUPID.

Thom said...

I saw this post early this morning and have been debating whether or not to even respond.

Of course all you democrats are furious about what is going on at this moment in time with Obama. Your "messiah" is suppose to be untouchable and our "savior". You all seem to forget that the minute Bush took office the same thing happened only it was you on the left that were doing the protesting and not wanting to give him a chance.

There are many many things that Bush did that I didn't approve of during his tenure in office. There are things already that I disagree with Obama, I mean who else has tax cheaters as Secretary's? I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and will just sit back and watch what he does and give my two cents at times.

This thing with the tea parties disgusts me greatly. What purpose does it serve? Nothing if you ask me. We have to pay taxes to make this country survive.

I am glad that I don't vote party lines and can give my opinion and listen to other's opinion and there can be a dialouge that opens up. It's just a matter of listening to opposing sides and try and learn from each other. Too bad the politicians dont do that back in DC. But there again, too bad that people don't vote. That's when we end up with the situation we are in now.

I'm so glad that we live in this country and can read posts like yours and comments like mine. It's what makes this country great.

Dianne said...

kay - the number of posts appear to be growing as they day grows

ivanhoe - they've been encouraged by the right wind media, I doubt they read

raven - I checked your blog this morning right after I read Jay and Matty but it wasn't up yet - I was positive the 3 of you would be an "unholy trio"

jay - but instead of either disintegrating completely or totally reorganizing they're just going to keep causing trouble and dividing the country

rich - I thought, foolishly, that my blood pressure would get a little rest after Jan 21 - silly me

reb - thank you, I appreciate that

linda - I haven't seen much news today yet other than endless coverage of the new archbishop for NY - they've been breaking in all day as if a king were being installed - it has dominated the news for days here

thom - you can always feel free to say whatever you want here - I may curse and I know I'm irreverent in general but I'm never disrespectful on a one-to-one basis
your 2nd paragraph upsets me a bit - "you democrats" - "you on the left" - I can almost see an angry finger pointing at me
I tend to vote Dem except in local elections where I actually get to meet the candidate - I have never felt the Rep party stood for things that mattered to me
not that I'm especially fond of the Dems - I feel they rolled over and played dead as soon as Bush took 9/11 as his mantra for doing whatever the hell he pleased plus all large groups of people have their fair share of liars and cheaters and scammers
as for tax cheating Sec's - you'll get no arguement from me - how the hell they vetted these people I'll never know
I also don't see Obama as my savior - never did although I'm sure many did - some of that is human based on feeling that people of anything other than a rich white background were lost in this country and would never have a voice again - I think that's forgiveable, even noble - why not feel your leader has those qualities?
I admire Obama, I campaigned for him but I also have many issues - he is far more centrist and traditional than I like - you know - me here on the left
I am a patriotic person who cares deeply about the America I was taught about, the America my Nana worshipped, the America my friends died for in Nam - the America I feel started being lost under Reagan and had the nails in its coffin hammered in by Bush - both of them

fermicat said...

Heh, where was all of this concern about the deficit when Bush was running it up? I think they are gonna be whipped up into a frenzy the likes of which haven't been seen since the Sarah Palin campaign rallies. Ugly!

the walking man said...

Odd how there were no uprisings over mass death in our own streets, illegal wars of occupation in a sovereign nation, increasing homelessness and loss of property, wide expansion of the right of government to tap your phones and electronic communications, financial institution ruination of the nation...but Beck et al cry on the airwaves about taxes and administrative intervention to change the course of the massive flood waters running over the dikes and that gets the conservative sheep out of the milking shed?

Time to have mutton for lunch.

Thom said...

I wasn't pointing fingers at all believe me. It was just a figure of speech. Well maybe I thought you were a total democrat so yes maybe grouped you in there, but that wasn't the intention. All I know is that from the time Obama took office all I hear and get so sick and tired of is when someone says one thing bad about him, we are picking on him. He doesn't deserve that. Stuff like that. Well it just amazes me how quickly those same people that say that forget what crap they were always saying about Bush. It's like they forgot all about that and now that we have a new president know one is allowed to say anything dergatory about him.

First thank you for letting everyone say what they want. I also hope encourage that in my blog as like you said in your post on Mia, it's a lively conversation and that is one of the best things that can happen.

I am glad that you campaigned for Obama. I think he is a breath of fresh air really, it's just he is scaring the bejeezus out of me with all these bail outs and this huge budget. What kind of country are we going to leave to our kids? One that it so in debt that there is no way out?

As far as I can recall, Reagan was my hero and I truly admire what he did. He helped end the cold war, built up our military that I'm totally in favor of. I think he made us as a society feel good about ourselves, hence feel good about the country. I think Obama could do the same in that respect. I can only hope.

Bush yes did some horrible things. But what politician doesnt? And the thing that just pisses me off the most is that he has to take all the blame. Yes he was the president and in charge but it took congress as well to pass all what we did and approve all that we did. So if there is blame to go around, there are 535 others to blames as well. He is not the sole person that let this all go out of hand. Should he take the blame? Certainly the buck has to stop with someone and he was our leader. But I believe he did what he truly felt was the right thing to do and for that I have to admire him. He didn't back down and I felt safer with him as our leader. I'm not so sure with Obama. But as I say, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

I just feel we all have an opinion and if we are grouped into some place we don't particularly like we can at least speak up and say so. I to am very patriotic and deeply care about the America my Grandparents worshiped, the America my friends died for in Nam and as I said in my previous comment, one of the best things about our America is we can agree to disagree and have healthy valuable conversations such as this. We listen and we learn.

Dianne said...

fermicat - yes! and that's what concerns me and that's what pisses me off, the demonstrations against Bush never had the fervor of such blind, ignorant hate

mark - that's the thing that happens when people don't step out of their little worlds. so many of these people - hell I'm related to some - live in their closed circle and think Fox tells them about the world

thom - we do live and learn :)

Mrs. C said...

I've been a bit alarmed that some of the coverage of the Tea Parties seems to paint Republicans as these wacko CEOs that like to crossdress like Christian fundamentalists on the weekends. Oh! And they're racists, too, for not liking Obama. (Maybe there are some folks who like that lifestyle I don't know about. I'm not up on these things, you know :p.)

See, I don't begrudge Uncle Sam ANY of the $11.00 we paid in Federal income tax this year, as long as he didn't use it to fund Planned Parenthood. :]

I think we need to discuss what a "true patriot" would be sometime because the "liberal" hero, Jefferson, had some interesting things to say about the tree of liberty, etc. etc. Sometimes I wonder if he didn't have a screw loose, and other times, I enjoy reading his commentary. I don't agree that "revolution" of any sort can be taught clearly in tandem with Romans 13 barring extreme circumstances. Was King George unjust enough to have warranted armed conflict with our fellow countrymen? For that is what we were at the time. BUT, on the other hand, when one reads of "impressment," you can't tell me that the government was not literally allowing for the slavery of its own citizens...

Anyway, I don't know that I would go to a "Tea Party," but I do respect the sentiment that there should be a limit to our spending. I am glad at least that I am not hearing calls for armed revolution, but changed voting patterns. It would sure be nice if we all could line-item veto some of the silly stuff that Congress passes; you'd be surprised how much most Americans really *do* agree on some of the basics. :]

Love to you, Dianne, and hope Mia feels a lot better soon. Though I wish you got a pic of yourself entertaining the cat!!

Thom said...

Dianne I never thought about it but your response to fermicat is right on and so true. I just couldn't stand what happened pissed me off royaly

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is out and out Racism, masquarading as Republicanism. It is truly shocking to me and incredibly disheartening, because underneath all their Bluster and Huffing and Puffing is this---They cannot bear that there is a black man in the White House. DISGUSTING AND FRIGHTENING, TOO!

兩津 said...