Friday, April 17, 2009

Update on Mia - and a Plea wrapped in a Rant

Thank you all for the support and concern - I have been showing Mia all the comments she's getting - she feels the love.

Now that the bulk of the tests are done this is where we stand ...

She appears to have very early onset of a kidney issue - we're going to start with changing to prescription food. She also appears to have a urinary infection - antibiotics should clear that up.

Her thyroid is fine.

So that's the good news. But it doesn't explain the seizure and it doesn't answer the heart murmur. So she needs to have an echo whatever thingie - an ultrasound of her heart. I was hoping this could wait since the test is expensive but it can't.

She is scheduled to have the echo thingie on Monday. There is a good chance that if there is a heart condition it can be treated with meds.

Which brings me to a PLEA. A couple of pleas actually - A Plea-ii if you will.

First - get health insurance for your pet. It doesn't cost much and even though you have to come up with the cash upfront you will get some (sometimes most) of it back.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spay/neuter your pets. The world just doesn't need any more puppies and kittens. Especially kittens - for some reason people seem to feel cats can just roam the neighborhood and breed and it's all just so damn cute.

It is NOT cute. It is irresponsible. It is cruel.

There are low cost (even free) spay/neuter programs. And you know what - even if you pay full price - it is cheaper than feeding a posse of kittens.

Finally - ADOPT - do NOT buy. I don't want to start a whole brouhaha about breeders but as a business - I'd rather be a prostitute to make money than breed animals when thousands of animals who are already here are being killed every day.

There is a slogan. Buy One Today, Kill One Tomorrow
Harsh? - yes it is. But the reality for the animals being held in cold steel cages until they die alone is even harsher.

I have always felt strongly about these issues but I'm really worked up about them now. I called the rescue people who gave me Mia to see if they could loan me the money for the echo. They are a good group of people who do these things all the time. They are buried in homeless animals - from foreclosures, from people who can't feed their kids so the dog has to go, from elderly people who have to move to homes where animals aren't allowed.

I ended up sending them money! I have food and I'm not going to lose my home and I'll be late on some bill until the insurance reimburses me. And I won't get my hair colored - hell gray can be hot.

Socialism at its finest. Don't get me started on people who make 250K or more. Really, just don't.

Two years ago we had a terrible stray cat problem here. I traced the problem to a few roaming cats from the trailer park behind me. One owner was an asshole who shouldn't be allowed to own a roach let alone an animal. I will have to tell the story of my "discussion" with him one day.

But the others were either uninformed or so elderly or poor that they felt they couldn't do anything. I found a shelter that offered to spay/neuter all their cats at cost - I paid for a few myself. And for those who were too old/ill to take their pets I either played chauffeur for them or just took the cat on my own.

So far this spring we have one - ONE - stray cat in the entire complex and one of the son's of one of the people I helped has sworn to me he will trap and rescue the stray.

I'm not mentioning this to congratulate myself. I am mentioning it to illustrate from first hand experience that a spay/neuter program does work and that one person can make a difference.

It is what American values are supposed to stand for. Those who can - do. Those who have - share. Those who know - tell others.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


maryt/theteach said...

Dianne, can I help with the cost of the MRI for Mia? I have a couple of dollars to spare... I mean it! :)

Raven said...

I'll send more reiki to Mia in about 2 hours... and my prayers. Do write to Dennis P. I know I'm a broken record about him but he's free and he's good.

I so agree about spay neuter! I get food stamps now and when I got the notice I saw that the state (NY anyway) offers coupons to help people with spay neuter. Where I live now the problem doesn't seem to exist but when I was in Callicoon there were too many strays to count. You're so right that it doesn't take many unspayed animals to create a massive problem.

Wish I had money to send you. You could check with the people who helped me when Tara Grace was sick... but if I know you, you'll end up giving them money too.

Glad you at least have a diagnosis to work with. Katrina had advanced Kidney disease and lived quite nicely with it for 4 years... with daily fluid injections. She was already well into her teens and her disease was advanced by the time I realized, so...

Anyway, my prayers are with you and the kitties.

Melli said...

Bravo! I totally agree. All of our pets are adoptees or rescued strays. Personally I can't see paying the PRICE that breeders want for pedigreed pets! My mutts have all been fabulous sweet loving critters! And isn't THAT what it's all about? And adopting from the shelters, they don't release the pet until it's spayed/neutered. At least that's how it works here. Basically, that is what you're paying for when you pay the adoption fee.

bobbie said...

Bless you, Dianne. You and Lisa are two of a kind when it comes to animals. She does this sort of thing too. The two "Kittens" she talks about she found in her tool shed. She had their mama spayed, and them too when old enough. She couldn't catch the Papa. He's a menace. We have so many strays around here, plus the neighbor's 5.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on. Fully believe in adopting - hell I was adopted too!

My 2 moggies were strays who needed a home and they got a loving home and to see a bit of the world - lucky them and lucky me that they chose to come live in my house!

Anonymous said...

Wow...if you can believe this...something we totally agree on. I'm so glad to hear about Mia. I'll continue to have you in my thoughts about her. That's great news. Great post and keep up the good work :)

meno said...

Abso-fucking-lutely! Not much drives me bonker more than people who don't take care of their pets as best they can. My daughter and i cleaned cages at a cat rescue shelter for 2 years and some of the excuses that people use to ditch their pets are sickening, just sickening.

What's wrong with people who make more that 250k a year? (I got you started!)

Jeni said...

Even though I currently have two cats here -both pregnant -I do actually agree with you on the spay/neuter thing. (Nina, due any time now, is actually my son's cat and escaped from being 'guarded" as did Chino, our cat, who snuck out one night before we had a chance to get her to the vet.)
Your last paragraph though -isn't that a great explanation though -paraphrased -of Obama's theory of "sharing the wealth" which so many people take to mean "give me money that you earned" when it really isn't that at all? Sounds to me like a good way to explain that aspect of his policies though.

Dianne said...

mary - thank you! I'll be OK, I can let a few thing slide until the insurance reimburses me. Pass it on to someone less blessed which I know you already do
you're a good friend Mary

raven - Mia had a really good morning but right now at 7:30 she's a bit out of it and I'm a bit nervous about seizure auras - I hope I didn't let her play too much earlier
the reiki is appreciated

melli - it works the same way here too
thanks for the support

bobbie - I'm honored to be in the same category as Lisa
the tomcats are hard to catch - they've been out so long, it's all so sad and all so avoidable if people weren't such idiots

rob - I would have picked you in a flash ;)

thom - I think we agree about a lot of things - some important like this, and some silly like TV shows - there's an old quote, I think Mark Twain
"I never learned anyhing from someone I agreed with"
my dear friend Lisa from the CF forums always corrects me when I use this quote so I hope I got it right

meno - I know people who got rid of their dog after years because they got white furniture!! thankfully he got a good home, I stopped speaking to them
you really want to get me started? lol
I know you do, I'm so fucking amusing when I'm wound up ;)

jeni - yes I am paraphrasing my feeling about/understanding of the basic tenets of Obama's philosophy which I feel is rooted in real American values - it's just that the media distorts them coupled with how stupid and lazy and entitled many Amedricans have become
Speaking of Obama - I am so pissed at him for taking the dog from a Kennedy who got it from a breeder just as I'm pissed at Biden for the puppy he got
they both wasted a wonderful opp to really lead by example and they both blew it
I wrote them both letters and I included photos of starving homeless animals and statistics from the rescue site

Mrs. C said...

Another aspect to the breeding animals thing is the miserable life of continual bearing that these pedigrees go through. Not anything to compare to the strays dying, etc. but still, why would you buy an animal like that?


I do understand sometimes people wanting to get an animal from a private breeder. We tried getting a "shelter" dog that was a 80 pound boxer mix and it mauled our cat feet away from our toddler (Elf) years ago. So, sometimes there's that aspect with different breeds that you don't know what you're getting (esp. with dogs!) that you sorta do with purebreds.

Sorta. You should see the neighbour's "lap dog" which is about ten times the size they thought it would stay. It's too bad, too, as the daughter is in a wheelchair and needs a tiny animal if she is to be able to hold it properly in her lap (muscle problems).

Rambling but PS I have to say I am very relieved to see you post.

AND PPS Our local animal shelter will not even allow animals to be adopted OUT from it if it isn't spayed. Which makes that getting a pet thing more expensive up front, but that's ok. Not to be mean, but people who can't afford to GET the pet, can't afford the care it needs.

God bless you!!!

Dianne said...

mrs c- I've been visiting you but you've been on a cycle of education posts and I really don't have anything to contribute to those although I do enjoy reading them
shelters will allow you to return an adoptee if there is a serious issue -
it's a shame about the girl in the wheelchair, can't they get a 2nd dog? you know me! always selling the idea ;)
thanks for being concerned about me - I found my voice again and I'm just pushing forward - I get exhausted sometimes but happily it doesn't last
Hugs to all

Ron said...

Hey Sweet Lady~

SOOOO glad to hear that you got the test results back and it wasn't thyroid and that the other issues were found early so you can treat them now



OMG...I totall agree with you about the spay/neuter thing. My mom onced owned a thrift store and all the money went to this cause. She is a HUGE advocate for spay/neutering.

And thanks for sharing about pet health insurance - I had no idea?!

Sending love and good energy your way!

Have a great weekend!

Travis said...

My boy turns 12 this year. He's been an indoor kitty so I haven't been too concerned. But I've been looking into health insurance for him as he gets older.

He's healthy now, but you just never know with cats.

pink dogwood said...

Adopting vs. buying - it is good that you are writing about it because a lot of otherwise well meaning people dont know/think about it. Take me for instance. I needed to get dogs that dont shed since my daughter is allergic - I couldnt find any at the shelter, so I ended up buying two. But after reading your write up I am thinking I should have looked harder :(

Richard said...

Dianne: I am not a cat lover, I'm a dog person. That being said; I understand the love and affection, the connection, and the responsibility felt by a caring owner of a pet.

Several years ago our Dog Missy, an adorable, loving Shih Tzu that we got from a neighbor and lived with for 13 wonderful years, needed to be put down. She was very sick, weak and not in good shape.

After consulation with our Vet, it was determined the best thing we could do was put her to sleep.

I delayed and procrastinated as long as possible and finally agreed to take her to the Vet. Feeling that it was my decision and my responsibility to stay with her till the end, I watched the light go out in her eyes.

I cried like a baby and was inconsolable for quite some time. The Vet understood and left me with her till I regained my composure and could leave.

Till this day we have not gotten another dog. I think that someday we will, but the experience of that day lingers with me.

I can appreciate your feelings and your commitment to your pet.

There is something very special about the relationship we have with our pets. Only those who have felt the unconditional love and earnest affection given and
received in the pet/human relationship can appreciate the intensity of emotion felt towards one's pet.

Best of luck and best wishes on Mia's recovery.


Smalltown RN said...

I am glad you got the results and it will be interesting to see how the echo goes on Monday...I hope it is nothing to serious....just on an aside...lots of humans walk around everyday with heart murmurs and don't even take meds for just be careful that they are not trying to sell you a bag of goods if you know what i mean.

When our Bert was diagnosed with Lupus I was so sad and cried...we did all the treatments but it is a condition he is just going to have to live with...we will be happy for however long we have him...we got Bert from the SPCA and that was the best investment...he has been a wonderful addition to our home....

As for the in-laws breed Yorkies...I have seen first hand the love and care they give these puppies and they do interview the people who purchase them....but I understand what you are saying that there enough stray animals out there and in animal shelters that need homes....but for some people that is not good enough....enough said....

Hope all goes well with future test for Mia....

Thorne said...

Diane, please check out : I had a rescued shar'pei who suffered from kidney failure some years ago and I did a lot of research at the time. I am reasonably sure that the BARF (Bones and Raw Foods) diet is really good for animals with kidney issues.
Love and light to you and Mia-oow!

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, they already had another dog and city code prohibits more than two... which I support in light of what happened with my OTHER neighbours and their vicious biting dogs... I can't imagine handling seven of those. :]

BTW I am very sympathetic to poor folks who want a pet, but *here* the shelter cost for a pet that is "fixed" is about $25. Now last night after reading other comments (which I should have done before commenting) I remembered things are very, very different out in NY area and you could wind up spending $100 on a shelter pet.

We did, and we never regretted our purchase. We had a wonderful dog. Of course my mom went a bit overboard and gave it its own bed and everything (twin size!). I think people like that should adopt kids instead... they had so much to give! Well, not my life. I look at these 6,000 sq. ft houses and go, "I could have 18 kids in that place!!!" LOL

Matt-Man said...

My cat Corky nearly died once and has to be on prescription food as well. I adopted her some 6 years ago, and she has had her baby making tools removed. So, I guess I have honored your plea. Does this make me even hotter? ; ) Good luck to Mia. Cheers Di!!

Dianne said...

ron - it so fits my image of you that you'd have a Mom who was an animal lover and an activist!
health insurance is a worthy investment

travis - Mr Tucker will be 12! he looks younger
it may be difficult to get coverage at his age, make sure his med records are all in order, they will ask to look at them, they did with Mia
it works in his favor that he's been with the same owner and has been indoors

pink - is a good central database for dogs waiting to be adopted - there are pure breeds on there as well, many end up taken from breeders who can't make it financially any more
don't feel bad! love is love and the dogs were here and they needed someone and you found them and it was all meant to be
many people don't know that you can find dogs at shelters even if allergies are an issue - another reason I'm so pissed at Obama
he could illustrated that point by finding a shelter dog - hell he has enough resources to do the search, the more I think about it the more pissed off at him I am

rich - I love dogs too and elephants ;)
neither was a good fit for a NYC apartment so cats became it
I've stayed with each one as they passed on, it's a killer but also rather beautiful to know they knew they were loved
get another animal Rich, even if it's a rabbit - they have rescues too ya know ;)
I so see you as someone any animal would be blessed to be with

smalltown RN - I trust this vet, I've known him for 6 years, he was very good when JR got sick - very reasonable and honest and gave me all my options. he even advised me to make JR comfy for the last year of his life rather than do more tests and treatments
you're right though - many are nothing more than businesses
hugs to Bert - I stop and look at his pic often, he's such a big lug ;)

thorne - thank you for the link! very much appreciated
Mia sends love

mrs C - my dream for lotto winning is to buy a giant farm and adopt everyone - 2 and 4 legged who needs a place to be loved :)
you could be our education consultant

Dianne said...

matt-man - as if you could be any hotter to me Matty, I'm on fire just thinking of you at a shelter picking a pussy just for you

Farmer*swife said...

Loved this post. All so true. How kind of you to take the time to tend to the other neighborhood cats. What a difference...

Happy Saturday! Hope Mia gets better.

Deborah Godin said...

Many good points you make. And I hope your little one recovers!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! I'm sorry to hear Mia isn't feeling herself. She is one lucky kitty to have you as her mama.
Last month my baby was having a hard time peeing and rushed her to the vet. They ran tests and she had a URI. The blood work did show that her kidney function isn't what it used to be and she's losing weight even though she is constanting eating. At her age though I'm content with just making her as happy as possible. If she wants to eat four times a day. So be it. If she wants to eat 20 times a day. So be it. She's somewhere around 20 years old. As long as she's happy. I'm happy.
I hear ya with the strays. Our local shelter has a trap, spay and release program. It's FREE! In the case of my two little ones, I paid a reduced fee. This program also gives them the first round of shots.
Give Mia and Siren hugs for me. I'll say a pray that Mia makes a speedy recovery. Lisa

Hilary said...

A great message to share and I thank you for doing so. Still sending best thoughts for Mia. I hope her tests will reveal a solution. Give her a wee scratch for me. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I so agree with you Dianne....We have an Organization here in L.A. called ACTORS AND OTHERS FOR ANIMALS...They are in thir almost 40th year, and have devoted themselves to the spaying and neutering of ALL Animals.....They have done AMAZING work and they get a lot of support...But, the problem, as you say, is greater than what one organization can do, yet I shudder to think what would have happened without them. You CAN make a difference in so very many ways....! I cingratulate you for taking on that "stray" project, near you....Bravo to you!

I will be praying for dear Mia and her Echo on Monday....! ((((HUGS))))

Sparkling Red said...

Yes yes yes to all you've said. I have been to the Toronto Humane Society several times to help adopters pick out their new cats, and I always want to take every last one of them home.
I wish you all the best with Mia. She is one lucky kitty to have you looking after her.

CG said...

I totally agree, I'm committed to adopting animals.

Please give Mia my love!!

Becky said...

I hope that you don't mind me stopping by to leave a comment. I have been blog hopping around and your blog really touched me. My husband and have fostered sick cats for the local animal control program in our area, and also have two cats of our own. We know the sorrow that comes with watching a pet go through pain. I am not a vet, but have found some of the information offered in a great book titled, "Wagging Tales" by Tim Link, to be very helpful.
The book offers great holistic alternatives for pets. Good luck and god bless.

Ivanhoe said...

I'm thinking of you, girls. I hope the echo thingy goes well. Kidney problem is enough for that little thing.

Nessa said...

My best wishes and prayers to Mia and you.

Natalie said...

Sorry I am late - but I'm sooo happy Mia is doing a little better and that they think they can pinpoint the issue. I am glad you have insurance for her. Again, she is so lucky to have you. You sacrifice your own comfort for your furry ones and I know you will put time and care into making sure you keep her kidney issues under control.

I really regret not commenting on this post sooner as you know I have plenty to say about these issues. I was deeply disappointed in Obama's dog story. And, I'm not sure I completely buy the whole "re-homed" thing to fulfill his promise of adopting a homeless pet. It reeks of a put-on to me, despite the fact I have been an ardent supporter of him as a person and his policies. He really missed an opportunity to teach people about pet rescue and adopting from shelters. I am one of those people who truly feels like there is no excuse for going to a breeder in light of how the dogs are bred (despite the pet overpopulation) and the fact that they knowingly breed dogs with pleasing aesthetic qualities that are often linked to fatal genetic defects or physical disabilities.

Lastly, the spay neuter issue. As you know when I was living in Florida (with probably the worst stray pet problem in the country), I spent nearly all of my disposable income and absolutely all of my free time caring for cats that came into existence because people did not have their pet cats spayed. The entire colony I cared for could be traced to one cat and her kittens that I originally found and I couldn't keep up with the reproduction despite all the TNR I was doing. In the end, I spayed/neutered over 30 cats, brought over 20 kittens into foster care to later be adopted through rescue organizations, rescued 3 grown cats that were abandoned and thus socialized enough to be re-homed and kept one (on top of the three shelter cats we had to start with). All because people do not want to spend the money to fix the pets they are supposedly committed to. I know you don't have time to write everything about this issue, but I think it warrants mentioning that the offspring of stray cats are feral. If they are not removed from their mothers early enough to be socialized they can't even make to the shelter to be adopted by people of the best intentions. Then the options are for good samaritans such as me and you (and apparently many of your readers, bravo!) to perform TNR which takes time and money or wait for animal control to trap and euthanize them. And even after TNR, they still live a life full of disease, scavenging, and premature death.

Sorry to go off on my own rant. It's an issue very near and dear to my heart. Keep us posted about Mia, she's in our thoughts.