Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Sarah! Not You Again

I guess many of you have heard about the ridiculous outrage over some jokes Letterman told about Sarah Palin.

If not – here’s a LINK to Dave’s response to Palin and Co. expressing their outrage in their usual style.

It seems to center around Dave joking that while in NY Palin would need to keep Elliot Spitzer (former governor caught with hookers) away from her daughter. After Palin and Rudy Giuliani and their posse went to Yankee Stadium Dave joked that Palin might be concerned about A Rod knocking up their daughter.

Just to be clear – he was referring to the daughter who has already been knocked up. The one that is 18 and the one that is endlessly being used by Mama Bear Killer to produce PSAs telling young people fiction about sex and life. That daughter. The one that has been trotted around like a show dog since day 1.

See virginal daughter. See outcome of our excellent parenting. Oops! See pregnant teen. See outcome of our value of life. See teen and boy will marry. Oops! See we lost the election. See baby’s Dad tossed to the curb. See daughter and next generation we will screw up do talk radio.

How the hell Dave’s questionable jokes turned into advocating rape of a 14 year old (a different daughter) and encouraging sexual abuse of children and …

It goes on and on.

If you check out the response I linked you will also be treated to tons of clips of all the Fox geniuses discussing this at length along with home grown videos from every corner of right wing crazy town.

Whether you like/agree with Letterman’s comedy and opinions or not, I can’t imagine anyone thinks he is the kind of person to advocate rape and child abuse.

It amazes me where Palin’s mind immediately goes. And this isn’t the first time she was the one to go to the dark and perverted place.

Of equal importance to Sarah were Dave’s jokes about her make-up. Makes sense to me. You joke about my child. And then my make-up!! – Now I’m pissed.

Personally I think ALL children of ALL public figures should be off limits. I’ll never forget news coverage of Alec Baldwin’s daughter, covered with a sheet, being carried into school by bodyguards as paparazzi shouted out to her “You father says your Mom is a whore.”

I find lots of comedy offensive – to some degree that is part of what comedy is – pushing the envelope, snarking, saying things that we’re all thinking.

I hate when Dave jokes about Hilary Clinton being masculine. I hate when he makes fun of fat women. Doesn’t mean he needs to be censored, taken off the air, or shot from a helicopter.

In a world full of museum shootings, starving children and wars blossoming into new wars this is BS.

So why am I even mentioning it?

Because Sarah Plain and Moronic went on to (again) spout off about how NY and CA are not part of America and how we don’t get the values real Americans are concerned with.


Talk about Un-American. Then again, Mr. Palin knows a lot about Un-American activities. The governor doesn't fall far from the husband.

This ugly, ignorant, vile woman could care less about anything other than selling her book and trying her best to keep her overly made up face out there until 2012 so she can come back and spew more hate and lies.

I absolutely think Dave should leave her children alone.

They have enough problems.


Deborah Godin said...

Bravo *standing and applauding this post* !!!! I sure don't look forward to 2012 and Palin actually running again...I'd rather chew aluminium foil than listen to the sound of her voice, never mind the idiocy she spouts!

Allison said...

It's interesting that Palin would bring up rape and sexual exploitation considering that she felt that rape victims should pay for their own rape exam kits. Because those sluts *totally* deserved it.

I'm def on the conservative side (more Libertarian than Republican), but Palin really scares me. I'm sure she is reasonably intelligent, but so many of her comments indicate that has a very weak grasp of the Constitution. Look at Palin's defense of Carrie Prejean - Palin said something the effect of "liberals are trying to deny Carrie's Constitutional right to free speech." The problem there is that the 1st Am. only protects us from acts of the *government*. And Donald Trump, Perez, etc. are not governmental entities. Of course, by throwing around words and phrases like "Constitution" and "free speech" is a sure-fire way to get everyone all riled up.

And don't get me started on her pro-life stance (and I'm against abortion, too) - if a politician has not actually *read* Roe and has a decent understanding of the law behind it, she has no business making it one of her selling points.

Sorry if I got off topic :) This woman is just dangerous.

Sylvia K said...

I echo everything that Deborah has written!! She is without a doubt the most disgusting and idiotic person I have ever, ever had to look at or listen to! And, yes, aluminum foil or almost anything gross I can think of would be preferable to the sound of her voice, let alone the trash that spills out of her mouth! Bravo! Dianne!

Daryl said...

Once again BRAVA Dianne!

I found the Governor's and Todd's website remarks to as expected ... rambling and incoherent ...

I love Dave

Ivanhoe said...

God help us in 2012! There's too many people out there that like her. I've been trying to find out WHY???

Betty said...

Palin and her right wing crowd are always searching for reasons to be outraged about something. Yes, his jokes were tasteless, but they were just jokes. Democrats are always so worried about saying the wrong thing, using the wrong words, that they are constantly apologizing, and then, later, we find they were right in what they said in the first place. I say, just let the right wing whine and don't let them stampede you into an unnecessary apology. Oops! Looks like you got me started.

The Peach Tart said...

Sarah has proven time and again that she's an idiot and simply out to keep her name in the press

Dianne said...

FIRST! - thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the last post. I truly don't feel heroic at all, I imagine anyone who try to help a child. The car in front of me clearly saw the child go back towards the Mom - she left thinking all was OK. It's funny - since no one was behind me I sat there for a moment to adjust the camera - if not I would not have seen the boy change course toward the main road


Deborah - she is difficult to hear and see - what really worries me is how other people react to her, she stirs up such a cloud of ugly

allison - feel free to go OT any time here
and thanks for making some really good points

sylvia - trash is a good way to describe what she says

daryl - thanks lady :)
I went to the site's long enough to make sure I had my facts correct since this has been spun out of control by everyone - then I had to leave - their sites are more vile than porn at its worst

ivanhoe - she's "scrappy" and "attractive" and a "Mom" - and there are so many just wanting to have a good old "Mom" take care of them - I use the "'s because I personally don't see her as an example of any of those things

betty - man are you dead on right!! ever since asking a question of Bushie and his pals was turned into making you an Islamic terrorist so many have totally given their balls away. and it's still working!!
with Dave I think the rape and child abuse accusations so disgusted and shocked him that he had to say something - I was thrilled that he didn't apologize as much as he responded and clarified
sick twisted minds these people have

peach - and she does!! her book tour is going to be a nightmare for those of use with ears and a brain

Sparkling Red said...

I don't watch the news much, so I miss a lot of the crap that goes on. I can barely believe what happened to Alec Baldwin's daughter. I can't get the image out of my head. That's one of the most awful things I've ever heard, in the realm of the Western world's willingness to completely throw the Golden Rule out the window. It's sickening.

Dianne said...

sparkling - a friend lived near them on LI and said the stalking of this child was outrageous
this was back when she was younger and Alec and Kim were really fighting
it was said that the press was getting back at Alec for hitting the reporter who followed them home when the baby was born and then Alec was aquitted of assualt
they've never gotten over that so he's a giant target and they know they can make him nuts thru his kid

Nessa said...

She will do or say anything to stay in the spotlight.

Thom said...

Well let's see how should I answer this...hmmmmmmmmm?????? I can't stand David Letterman, I can't stand Jay Lenno, I can't stand Conan O'Brien...the list goes on and on. After Johnny Carson exited stage all changed. David was really wrong and yes politicians children should be off limits...well any child should really. But our politicians give us enough fodder, in fact an over abundance to deal with. As far as kids go...I don't care how good of a parent you are...if you child wants to do it they are going to...period over and out...peer pressure. As for Sarah Palin...she's no different than any other politician. Divide and Conquer and screw the electorate at any and all ye democrat or republican...BTW..How much longer still George/Laura arrives? BWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH

Jay said...

I wish I owned the patten on the Fake Outrage Machine. I would be soooo damn rich.

One thing that all politicians are always looking to do is portray other people as "bad or mean people." And the funny thing about that is, it's always the worst fucking people on Earth that want to do that.

Sarah is a nobody. She has no influence on the republican party and has no chance in Hell of winning the nomination in 2012. The only place where she is actually seen as a popular figure who has influence and is a potential Presidential candidate is in the bizzaro alternate reality world of Washington elite media.

Kay said...

Indeed Jay, indeed.

The woman needs to go away.

And yes Dianne, I agree with you... jokes about the kids are tasteless no matter who makes them

Her make up on the other hand? Nope... totally mockable.

Linda Reeder said...

Palin's kids should not be the subject of jokes or media attention, but she keeps putting them out there, in our faces. All the while her actions speak louder than her ignorant words as to what kind of parent she is.
It is as usual, the liberals who apologize, while the right wing nuts, never!

Bond said...

Conservative radio in the south have expressed dismay over this also, because it was the 14 year old who was traveling with mom and not the 18 year old...

I almost see their point. If the older daughter had been there, then they might be more appropriate.

I despise the woman and everything she stands for...Dave may have gone over the line a tad.

the walking man said...

I know I shouldn't say this but when I want some comic relief I watch Fox news. I love their masthead logo "Fair and Balanced"

Dianne said...

nessa - she's still at it as of this morning! I can't believe what I'm reading

thom - Carson was King! but U like Dave and I certainly think he doesn't advocate rape and think child abuse is funny
the spin is out of control and she goes to dark places all the time, not all politicians are this hateful - self-serving or manipulative, perhaps - but Palin goes way beyond that
plus - as an electorate many don't want to hear the truth
Barack or Michelle is due 7/1

jay - fake outrage machine!! brilliant :)

kay - this country continues to become dumber and more puritanical every day

linda - well they claim to have God and flag on their side, pathetic

bond - I doubt he or anyone else even knew which daughter was around, actually the jokes were aimed at Spitzer and A Rod - and their man whore images
once again context gets lost in the wind
the accusations being hurled at Dave at far more vile than any joke he told

walking man - I watch too
it's great theater ;)

micky-t said...

What still scares me to this day, is just how close, a spin bitch nobody and her Tod Dude, got to the White House.

The other thing that has us worried is the hate and madness, that's growing out of the GOP. She has been a big help of the GOP, instigating hate and secretiveness.

Dianne said...

scares me too micky!

now I'm reading that the GOP is trying to distance itself from her - which is why she's going bat shit crazy for PR yet the GOP still loves using her to stir up their "base"

meanwhile the growth of hate groups is astounding

I believe the GOP is a huge threat to America

San said...

I agree that Letterman should make the kids off limits. Anybody's kids. And yes, I also agree that the conclusion jumped to (or possibly just made up) with regard to rape of the younger sister does have something to say about the Palin posture. It's more aggressive than defensive.

It is very odd, too that they talk about parts of the USA not being the real America, all the while cavorting with those who would have Alaska secede.

Michael Manning said...

My own mother didn't like the Baldwin-Bassinger stuff in the news. When she visited me in April, she said "How does anyone know he wasn't provoked". I feel that should have never been in the news and yet we hear more than we care to about all these people and their private lives. I try to catch NPR on the way home since my work schedule has changed. lol Dianne!!!! :D)

Matt-Man said...

And now the Alaskan gnat brain is implying that 14 year old girls cannot be safe in the company of Letterman. Damn she's such a frickin' moron. Cheers Di!!

Linda said...

Having spent yesterday on an overload of Versed, this comment may not make much sense but let's give it a try anyway, shall we?

It is my personal opinion that "stars" like David Letterman definitely go way too far from time to time in the name of comedy. I don't think that rape and sexual exploitation should be fodder for anyone's attempt to get a laugh regardless of who is involved. There is nothing funny about it and Letterman should have known better - sometimes he borders and goes over the line of truly tasteless in his jokes but, sadly, the type of humor that people prefer also seems to border or go over the line of truly tasteless these days.

That said, I absolutely do think that Palin and Company have overreacted to this whole thing and believe wholeheartedly that the news media has given them carte blanche to do so. SO many things that aren't newsworthy now become the news simply because there are way too many reporters and news stations out there looking for something to report on no matter how ridiculous it is. So many times when I watch the evening news I think to myself "this is newsworthy???"

What if Palin had thrown a press conference and nobody came? Then this wouldn't have gotten the attention that it did but the media feeds right into this ridiculousness and makes a molehill into a mountain. In my opinion the media needs to back off and start being more responsible about what they are going to make stories to begin with.

That's not to say that Palin hasn't made an idiot out of herself over this or that David Letterman shouldn't learn to not joke about the children of public figures but still ... the media needs to take their cameras and microphones and go find some real news to report on. And by real news I don't mean the fact that Adam Lambert has come out of the closet or that David Carradine died of things that people didn't need to know about in the first place. Whatever happened to responsible journalism???

Dianne said...

san - "more aggressive than defensive" - exactly!!
had Palin said she was angry about jokes that included her children I would see her point, but she took an ugly joke and turned it into something it wasn't

michael - most of what is reported about public figures is so over the line! and out of context
nice to see ya Michael!! :)

matt-man - I know. Dave has been in the public eye for 40 years and never a moment of anything to have that pig's lies have any validity. I hope she self-destructs!!

linda - I agree with everything you've said about the news media. I enjoy Dave although I too, as I said in the post, don't like everything he says - but that's part of what's wrong with what's going on in this country. Context is lost, words are spun, people are character assasinated for being human.
PLUS - he didn't joke about rape and sexual exploitation - he joked about Spitzer and A Rod and their reputations - should he have used a daughter as the punchline? No - and he admitted that. All the perversion attached to his jokes have come from the Palin side. No one saw it that way until she did
and these women's groups jumping on her bandwagon are absurd!!

Jeni said...

Let's put this whole mess into the context where it really belongs. First and foremost, Letterman is a comedian. It is his job, if you will, to take circumstances and make fun of them. Anyone who watches his show should be aware of that and that when he does a monologue or his "Top Ten" those are jokes, intended for a laugh from someone -be it a few or many. Depends on how each individual's tastes lie with respect to humor. Is using rape or sexual exploitation some to be made fun of? Certainly not. Are many of Letterman's jokes done in good taste or the reverse? A LOT are tasteless, for sure -that's often been his hallmark, hasn't it? But if you don't understand to begin with that humor -all humor -begins with something, usually stereotypical and then expanding on that to the nth degree sometimes to exploit the topic then for whatever bit of humor can be squeezed out of it. Frankly, I find anyone who watches Letterman, Conan, Craig -or a preponderance of the talk shows, comedians, etc., today and gets offended by the humor put forth there needs to change channels -watch some network that is all about religion, or maybe the Discovery Channel, A&E, History Channel or stick with reruns of Law and Order or something along those lines. Don't even let that dial come anywhere near any of the programs that seem to offend. Better yet, as someone else here said, Go watch Fox News. Now, there's a really big joke with respect to accuracy in the media and such along with a whole lot of derogatory commentary that plays daily on that network and is aimed solely at those who don't buy the full Republican line of B.S.
Just my two cents I guess, but it's my opinion for the day. Peace to all and to all a good night (or day/week/month/year.

Raven said...

Well said! I don't get the appeal of these people to anybody. They talk about values but have none. I did think Letterman's jokes were pretty tasteless and not very funny, but the so-called outrage is, I suspect, more about keeping her name in lights than any concern for her kids. Anyway, well said as always.

Border Explorer said...

With so much buzz about this on the internet, I do believe I've enjoyed your take on it best of all. The last two lines wrap it all up and deliver it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

SEE GUFFUNFTON POST TODAY...I cannot remember the writers name's like "10 Reasons Sarah Palin Is Too Late With This"...That Is NOT correct, but that's the idea.
These Palin People are just too much.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here is the direct link to the HUFFINGTON POST article from Monday A.M.