Saturday, June 13, 2009

All You Need Is Love

I regret to inform the Wordzzle World that I have no Wordzzle Words today. Perhaps I'll do a double next week.

It has been a flurry of absurd activity here.

The old adage ‘You Get What You Pay For’ is not necessarily true. My DIL’s Mom spent an obscene amount of money on baby furniture at Pottery Barn for Kids. My son and I both said “go JC Penney” but what the hell do we know. He has a penis and I’m a heathen socialist, surely we know nothing about the inner workings of baby furnishings.

Allow me to summarize what the upper crust of Pottery Barn For Kids has managed to do – as part of their promise of “Fine Quality” and “Superior Service”

Order placed in April
Dozens of calls required to fix shipping over charge of more than $500
Delivery date set
Delivery date re-scheduled by them

Today is the new date

Yesterday no one calls to confirm (as they say they always do)
We call
They confirm order piece by piece

All is well

For 12 hours

This morning they call to say changing table and dresser will not be coming.
Why!? Do they have a prior engagement?
Seems warehouse can’t count – pieces were never there

So crib will come
And giant hutch piece will come with nothing to attach it to

They will send in ringers “soon” for missing pieces
Original pieces will be here in August

Nothing like setting up a room twice – what fun

Innocent trucking type guys arrive
They are sweet and sorry for things that are not their fault

Crib is set up – OK we’re on a roll
Giant hutch piece (whose partners are missing) is unveiled

It does not match the crib
It does not match the “ringers” they will be sending someday
It does not match anything ever looked at, let alone ordered

Baby comes in 2 weeks

I say all baby needs is a basket, some diapers, a breast to suck on, and love

Expensive does not equal good

I would have gone JC Penney and given the rest of the money to THESE FINE FOLKS

Oh - DIL cried. I yelled at bad store people for her. I hugged. I put ice in her juice. Told her she was beautiful. Called her Mom to say furniture will be perfect one day.

I am getting good at letting love guide the way. Babies do that to a person.

photo comes from JC Penney site - I assume they won't mind since I think they rock!


Jeni said...

You are so right that just because you pay top dollar for something sure doesn't guarantee top quality product much less service too! What a bummer though! Two weeks to due date, furniture mis-matched, not going to arrive till the baby s probably gonna be several weeks old. When you need these things the most too and they won't be there. Maybe by bitching, the store will pick up the ball and work a little bit to gather up the stuff you wanted and send it, get it all up and running just in the nick of time and do it either for a big discount or even -dare I say it -for free, just to make amends and show some good will. Don't we all wish customer service were doled out like that though?

Raven said...

Ah, so sorry all this aggravation (wordzzle word) is adding to the nerves of pre-baby days. Glad you are there to spread love and common sense and wipe away tears. The baby won't care if the hutch is there or not. All it needs is love. I'm so excited for you and eagerly anticipating photos. I thought about writing this as a wordzzle but that seems like too much work. You are in my thoughts. Is the baby coming by operation or... My nephew is getting married today at 6:00. My heart is there even if I'm not. Hugs to you and your DIL and son.

San said...

We had next to no money when our first was on the way. An artist we represented passed on her baby basket--it was a godsend! Having that on the floor beside our bed made those middle-of-the-night nursings so much easier. And when our girl grew into a crib, we bought a used one in the want ads. The guy who sold it threw in a kind of tacky hand-made chenille doll, which we treasured. We painted the crib and it served as the perfect bed for both of our children. Babies don't appreciate that fancy stuff. But they may adore a chenille doll from a well-meaning stranger.

meno said...

Revenge (a post on your blog about their lameness) is so sweet!

Robin said...

Wow, I would send the entire flippin' order back, with the note that I will be posting their ineptitude all over ever social media network I can find. Then I'd head off to JC Penney.

In all essence though, you're right:

"all baby needs is a basket, some diapers, a breast to suck on, and love"

And in a pinch, even the basket is optional ;-). Co-sleeping can be a great way for all three of them to get more sleep, and is perfectly safe if the basic guidelines and safety rules are followed.

Daryl said...

Once she has that healthy beautiful baby in her arms, she will know you are right .. all she needs is love and family

Cloudia said...

"Expensive does not equal good"
I think you are the pathfinder to new wisdom
(new to most folks, but really very sensible and ancient ;-)

Aloha my wise friend!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I know the frustration you're feeling, but as several have said, the important thing is that sweet baby girl arriving soon will have loving arms waiting to hold her.

Screw Pottery Barn for children or anyone else.

Deborah Godin said...

Stupid PB4K! Do they think the baby's going to call and say, I'm running late" too?

bobbie said...

An old fashioned laundry basket and a pillow woujd do the job. Baby really doesn't care. But all will be well sooner or later. You're a good grandmom!

Mrs. C said...

I had no idea that one's religious preferences or Y chromosone had anything to do with furniture selection... but what do I know? I'm one of those wacko fundamentalists with a buncha kids.


But babies would be ok in a dresser drawer for a bit. You take the drawer out and set it on the floor, put a pillow in. Or do the Pack n Play like all my children did.

Rose is using Patrick's 16-y-o Pack and Play and she is still alive to tell the tale. And it's BLUE. She even uses her "thank heaven for little boys" blanket at night and has not turned into a crossdresser.

Sometimes we stress over things that are really, truly gonna be ok.

PS Elf and Emperor now do a sort of Wordzzle with their spelling lists each week. When I give them their spelling tests, they have to use three spelling words in a sentence or two about "Timmy," a little boy I made up to make our spelling list more exciting. So far, I've had Timmy explode a "bomb" while they were on "vacation." The "bomb" was full of roaches. Then he brought in several dozen "birds" to the "hotel" room to eat the roaches. Then Timmy's father got into a "rage."

LOL Well, the boys like it anyway.

((hug to ya))

Dianne said...

jeni - we're going to do what we can to make them make amends, thanks

raven - congrats to your nephew!
there will be so many baby photos you'll be sick of it

san - the chenille doll sounds perfect :)

meno - I was screaming at them - "I know Mommy bloggers! I'm on Twitter! I'll destroy you" LOL

robin - my DIL and her Mom somehow have it in their heads that high end shops are the only way to go and I'm never going to change that - as I told Meno - I was screaming at them that I knew Mommy bloggers and I planned on telling them ;)

daryl - I believe that is true

cloudia - thank you :)

sylvia - screw em is right!! ;)

bobbie - thanks :)

mrs c - well Jeff was told Dad's don't understand and I was told I have "earthy" tastes hahahah - so that's where that comes from
I love boys in pink/girls in blue!!
You should have Elf and Emperor post their Wordzzles on Saturday
I'd link them and I'm pretty sure most of us would enjoy them :)

deborah - PB4K makes them sound like a hate group, I like that LOL

Queen-Size funny bone said...

LOVE, eat, sleep, poop that should take care of it all.

Thom said...

You mean to tell me that you yelled at the store people and you still don't have all the furniture? Your slacking girl big time. Poor Little George/Laura due in 2 weeks and Nana Barbara couldn't get all the baby furniture from RepublicansRDaBest.

Thom said...

Oooh but I'm proud of ya Nana Babs. At least you posted something about this. I certainly hope you let them know. When I did my FTD rant. I told them and it amazes me how quickly things got resolved :)

Farmer*swife said...

Awww, bless her heart. But, if it is her first baby (it seems to be) Mommies want everything to be perfect like a catalog picture! :-)

I remember those days. What a mess! Pottery Barn is usually pretty good but expensive. Me too, love the JCP.

And, baby comes in two weeks? Not necessarily so. I'm waiting for the post with a pic when baby does come! :-)

Happy Grandparenting and way to console her. :-)

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, two words: Attorney General. Just say those words to the furniture people.

I had some mega-expensive stuff ($5,000! How often do I spend that kind of money!?? It was my dream: REAL wood furniture made by REAL Americans being paid real LIVING WAGES. My flip-top table, 6 chairs and a bench. A matching buffet.)

I knew it was handmade, custom-order stuff and would take 6 weeks. But after calling and calling for two months, I got suspicious. I told them I used to be a reporter on a daily, and I wasn't sure what my recourse was, but dang it if I don't have ways to find out, and maybe the Attorney General wants to hear about this.

My furniture "arrived" within three days! Imagine that. The company soon after went out of business and many people did not get their $$$ custom-ordered furniture.

I believe in American companies, but not in using the term "custom order" to bilk people. Ughhh.

PS I will talk to Elf and Emperor and see what they think about their little Wordzzles. They LOVE comments on their blogs, you know.

Leendaluu said...

You are a good MIL,and you are right. Pottery Barn furniture does not make the child...the family, the love and the hugs do.

Jeff B said...

Perhaps by the time baby has a baby of his/her own the furniture will arrive as ordered.

My mom told me when her little brother was born his "crib" was a drawer from the bedroom dresser. It didn't cost her parents a dime and worked perfectly.

I'll bet some people would gasp at the idea today, but I like to think of it as good old fashioned horse sense.

Linda said...

I think the baby would have been just as happy with the basket and mom and dad to love - never mind all the fancy-schmancy gonna-grow-out-of-it-way-too-soon stuff anyway ... provided it ever comes that is!

Just goes to show that you don't always get what you pay for!

Travis said...

Hang on. The other grandma spent the money and you're the one having to deal with the fall out?

And since when did JC Penney not have quality stuff?

Linda Reeder said...

Well, I'm wondering too why if the other Mom insisted on the Pottery Barn order and paid for it, why it is that you are sorting it out.
And I could go onoand on about the label consciousness of our society, the same ones who run up huge credit card debt, by the way. But congratulations to you for swallowing all of this in order to comfort and please your grandbaby's mother.

the walking man said...

All of the finest and most expensive furniture in the world will never stop a child from learning that the best of it is the cardboard box the stuff came in.

Sparkling Red said...

That's pure craziness. I remember my crib, bookcase, and change table/dresser from my early years (I have a long memory). None of it matched. I loved it all anyway, because it was mine.

Good luck dealing with the rest of the order. :-p

But most of all, I wish you and your family all the best with the final preparations for this baby! :-)

Smalltown RN said...

Sounds like wedding plans....or the laid plans of mice and men....go figure....

My children spent the first 4 months of their lives in a was darling.....the crib came later..and it was a Sears product....way to much hoopla about all this baby stuff....I couldn't agree with you,hugs, mom close at hand and who cares if baby sleeps in the top long as they are healthy,and happy.....

maryt/theteach said...

Ah, Dianne, hang in there! Maybe they'll have the money and you'll have the big arms and the love! Good luck! :)

Akelamalu said...

My brothers and I spent our first 4 weeks in drawer from the tallboy which Mum made into a makeshift crib - I can't remember it but I don't think I minded too much. :)

Love is all they need. :)

Ivanhoe said...

Oh no! My poor Greecian Godess! I know a few pregnant woman - they are so hormonal. I'm glad you are there for her. Sending you lots of love ;o)
p.s.: I have NEVER ever heard of anybody ordering a baby stuff from Pottery Barn!!!!

Deb said...

Interesting post which I wish more people would read. All babies need and want is to be snuggled and fed, kept dry and burped once in a while. You are going to be a wonderful grammie. Can't wait to see pictures. My grandbaby arrives in 6 weeks - I am so ready. Take care.

Matt-Man said...

I just had a flashback. When the ex and I had our son, the ol' MIL had to go out and buy the best of everything. It's such a waste. You only use the stuff for a short time. Cheers Sexy!!

CrystalChick said...

My daughter has been wondering lately if she'll get another baby shower being she already has a 2 year old and we had a party for her then. Since this is a girl and she will need some girly things of course I will plan a little party but it will be more for clothes as she has the big items like crib, car seat, etc.

None of what I buy will come from Pottery Barn for kids. Didn't even know there was one. LOL
I'll probably be hanging out in the baby department at Sears for some cute outfits!

Good luck with all that. But what you said is just soooo true...
all a baby needs is a basket, some diapers, a breast to suck on, and love.
Amen to that!

Bond said...

So frustrating...sorry this is occurring...hope it all gets straightened out.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is the way EVERYTHING is now...I don't care WHO you call, or order from---There Is Nobody Who Is Competent Anymore...No Store, No ANYTHING. Because....BECAUSE, they just don't give a flying fuck!
"Customer Service" is a thing of the past, in every area. It's like no one speaks the same language anymore---I mean, The Language Of "care"....But in truth, everything is outsourced to God knows where....
Sorry your DIL has to go through this, and in turn, your son and you.

Frank Baron said...

Dianne, as always, you're a breath of fresh air and common sense.

My father and I operated a small furniture store for almost 50 years. (He ran it for the first 30.) We wouldn't have lasted a year with that kind of customer service.

But what really matters is what's happening in a couple of weeks. All the best to you, your son and DIL. :)

Natalie said...

The baby doesn't know the difference and DIL is stressed. Maybe DIL's mom will learn a lesson from all this with minimal harm done. Plus how long will the furniture even be used? Baby will grow out of it before it eve arrives. I see this as a good thing - DIL might come to you more for common sense answers. 2 weeks away only?! I'm so excited for you, Nana!