Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hope Gets Her First Check Up

So - a kiss on the cheek might be quite continental but don't do it if you're of the same gender and walking across a plaza owned by Mormons.

So - Malia Obama is 11 years old and apparently that is old enough for right wing nut job blogs to insult her - in vile and graphic ways. Where are the Letterman protesters now?

Both of those stories set my blogging fingers to twitchin' this morning and then I just said F**K IT! --- there will, unfortunately, always be stories like these to comment on.

Instead I share with you Hope's first visit to the pediatrician ...

this is a new place, I like getting out

look at all the people just like me, are they famous? Nana says I'm a celebrity

I'm very svelte you know

well that was easy, so now we're going home? oh! the doctor has to come in - OK

what's up doc? you make very good faces, I like that in an adult

wait a minute! what's with the needle? where's the nice doc? everyone just wait!!

I am so not happy right now

OK, I'm over it

home sweet home

one last thing everybody --- my UNCLE MATTY was inspired by Nana to post about sexy smart women, how cool is that? Nana says Uncle Matty is a bit R rated sometimes so she read me the good parts and left out the words I shouldn't hear yet. I think I'm lovin' Uncle Matty.


Matt-Man said...

Ha. While I like that the adorable Hope is mentioning Uncle Matty at such a nascent time in her life, does the name, "Uncle Matty" conjure up images of a creepy guy who chisels body part sculptures out of bar soap and may or not be a child molester?

Cheers you luscious, Grandma, you!!

Dianne said...

Never! Uncle Matty is a endearment for an endearing guy
plus most freaks are too busy trying to lead the GOP, no freakin' way you qualify!!

Matt-Man said...

Well okay then...I except your reasoning. Which is good, 'cause I'm all out of Irish Spring. Cheers Di!!

Mrs. C said...

Musta missed the Obama daughter thing. Seen too much of the Obama looking at lady's bottom thing, so maybe I'm not tuning in...

Hope is a precious!! No weight and height updates??

Dianne said...

matty - of course you're out of Irish Spring! you're delighfully refreshing

mrs c - the "bottom looking" thing was at least explained, with video proof, immediately
the Malia thing is based on photos of her in Ghana where some "people" thought she looked older than 11, or took exception to what she was wearing, or to the casually dressed Secret Service Agent who was escorting her, or ... and it goes on and on
some sites have actually removed the posts and even Bill O'Reilley said it was wrong and vile and inappropriate - if something anti-Obama offends BO you know it's bad.
Hope lost weight in the hospital - she went from 7-9 to 6-11, she is now back up to 7-6
height remains at 20.5
doc said all is well!!

Bond said...

HI HOPE!!!!!!!

You are one sweet young lady. You listen to your Nana and always judge people for who they are inside and not their outside...

You have a big job ahead of you...your generation will have some hard work ahead.

Dianne said...

bond - Hope says
"thank you Bond, Uncle Bond"

Jay said...

I don't know. I really think "Uncle Matty" sounds like the seemingly harmless old guy who may drink too much but wouldn't hurt a flea that Hope will be telling her therapist about in 18 years or so. ;-)

Daryl said...

Oh that crying face was so expressive .. and mommy kissing her .. sweetness ... what a gorgeous (poo poo poo <-- that's mom again channeling to make sure no evil spirits are around)girl Hope is .. Aunt Daryl is kvelling from her adorableness .. xox

bobbie said...

a check up already?! Wow

This is the sweetest series of pics I've seen in a long time. What a little darling!

Dianne said...

jay - Uncle Matty will never make onto the therapist agenda, not with Hope's immediate family! her blog family is by far more functional
so - is it Uncle Jay? or Uncle Jayman? she can't say Uncle Cynical Bastard until she's 13

daryl - I've been kvelling for days and days lol

bobbie - a precaution since her delivery was considered "complicated" - plus she was supposed to get a shot in the hospital that her Mom elected to hold off on until she spoke to her own doc
she goes again next week, this time her Dad gets to go with her :)

Mrs. C said...

Dianne, you know even with the photo "proof" of his ogling, it did seem rather out of character for him. Obama IMO is a lot of horrible things, but "oversexed cheater" isn't one of them. I've never seen this O'Reilly fellow and probably wouldn't recognize him on the street though, but it's nice when your political enemies can acknowledge your moral character in a marriage. :]

Glad to hear the update from you. Hope is beautiful! Love that Mommy hug pic!

Deb said...

OMG ~ Once again I missed a huge event. Sending balloons, confetti, lots of hugs and a zillion best wishes to you and your beautiful grandbaby! What a cutie pie! Isn't being a Nana incredible? My son and DIL are expecting baby girl to arrive in 16 days - countdown has begun and it is difficult to be patient! Hope is a thoughtful, wonderful name ~ and a beautiful little girl. Keep those pictures coming! Take care!

Ivanhoe said...

What a sweetie Hope is! I feel her pain. We are doing injections in our Pharmacology class right now. Not cool! Of course we are each others' guinea pigs... :o)

Sylvia K said...

Hope is adorable! And I love all the photos -- well, except the crying one, but then it makes the happy face all the more beautiful.
How can these idiots pick on a child??? I'll never understand, I'm just grateful none of mine ever had to be in that kind of spotlight so early!!

Hilary said...

Oh! She's too adorable! A shot so soon though? Things change all the time! Except for Daryl.. as always, she's making me laugh. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

makes you just wan to eat her up. precious. now you see why females have so many problems. they start weighing you from the very beginning. darn scales...

Kay said...

Those photos are adorable!!!

And yes, good call on the lack of protesters... I only hope that is a sign of most people realizing how insanely stupid those comments were.

And in regards to the kissing.. did you hear about the protest that was held in response to it? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

All is fair in love and war.

Hope you seem to bring a quiet calm to your Nana...you are adorable :)

Cloudia said...

SO adorable!


Comfort Spiral

Akelamalu said...

Oh God bless her, she's just adorable!

Natalie said...

She is just so perfect in every way! I adore the picture of her and her doctor making faces at each other. I have to admit that as a childless 30 year old woman, your grand baby is giving me some very complicated feelings... Someday. *sigh*

Betty said...

Hope is such a cutie!

As to "Uncle Mattie", he's what I call my dirty little secret. I read his blog, but I don't comment and I don't admit to knowing anything about him. lol

Dianne said...

mrs c - the proof was that he wasn't ogling, he was leaning over to offer a hand to the woman standing next to the bottom he was said to be ogling, in the video you clearly see his eyes are on the stairs and the other woman's hand
O'Reilley is a Fox talking head, famous for anti-Obama everything - he did come out against attacking Obama's children although to me that is a no brainer

deb - how exciting for you!! I know what the last weeks are like - I was a nervous wreck ;)

ivanhoe - for a moment after the shot she didn't breathe and the nurse said "wait for it" and sure enough she took a deep breath and then wailed

sylvia - the thing is, it wasn't even joking as Letterman did - which I do agree was in bad taste - it was hateful and sexual in nature and showed an alarming state of sexism and racism

hil - I forget what the shot was for, something about an after effect of the delivery
Daryl makes me laugh too
Hope has so many wonderful blog aunts and uncles

queen size funny - in the waiting room there was a Dad who was talking about how "big" his baby daughter was and how it "bothered" him - boys should be big he was saying, not girls - a few of us put him in his place real quick!!

kay - I did see the protests and they were wonderful!! I love when we all stand up for each other
Mormon church should not be allowed to own property that they claim is public (no taxes) if they're going to be bigoted assholes

thom - she does!
as for love and war - gay love, for the Mormons, is war - I can't take that crap
they can kiss my fat white ass ;)

cloudia - thank you :)

akelamalu - thanks so much

natalie - my son and his wife are 36, you have plenty of time Auntie Babe

betty - I hope Matty sees your comment, he'd love it!!
I adore him Betty - he so's smart and twisted :)

Linda Reeder said...

Hope is beautiful, and you are really getting this Grandmother stuff down! Way to go, Nana.

Travis said...

She's a real trooper.

I read a story today that made me roll my eyes and think a bunch of Uncle Matty's bad words. But then, like little Hope, I got over it.

Melli said...

Oh she is just a doll! Of COURSE she's a celebrity! Nana's know everything!

fermicat said...

Hope is so beautiful. But of course, you know that already!! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.

Jeni said...

I think I predicted a long time back when you first announced that Hope was on the way that you would be a terrific Grandma and I can see by the pictures you've posted thus far how well you are falling and fitting into the "Grandma Mode." Loved these pics of Hope -especially the making faces with the doctor. That one is absolutely priceless. The early dr visit reminded me of Maya's -when she was 10 days old. The doctor was holding her -naked -with his hand at her behind when she decided to give him a rather colorful handful! A little more than he really wanted to deal with, I do believe but he took it all in good humor as he handed her back to Mandy to clean up the mess!
Such a great adventure you are on now though and like me, so lucky that you live in the same building as your little Hope and have "access" to her 24/7! Nothing better!

Cherie said...

Oh, poor baby. I think they need to get around to inventing that thing that Dr. McKoy used on Star Trek that makes shots painless. (The one that they used in the latest film still needed some perfecting. lol) But otherwise, Hope looks very happy. :)

Grayquill said...

"Greet one another with a holy kiss"
Who knows the Mormons might be fine with a kiss on the check. I can remember as a boy seeing my Grandfather kiss another man on the lips – he was Mennonite and they believed in the holy kiss - creeped me out then and still does.
Babies are the best, and cute.
Good Post. Oh did you see the picture of Sarah Palin holding her handicapped child? A liberal wacko distorted the face of the baby making him look horrid – people can be evil no matter what side they are one. Evil is evil regardless of the name attached.

Dianne said...

linda r - thanks!!

travis - she gets over things so quickly, she screams when her diaper is dirty and as you change it she laughs

melli - we do!! we do!!

fermicat - it's still awfully nice to hear :)

jeni - she pooped in Jeffrey's hand a few times, you gotta be real quick with the diaper exchange!!
he calls her ShePoop and Winnie the Poop and GrandMasterPoopMeister - and we have many many poop songs - it's hilarious

cherie - there is a topical agent that some docs use - Hope's doc feels it has too many chemicals in it to spray on baby skin - the pinch does hurt but is over quickly

grayquill - my Russian grandfather used to kiss the other men from his lodge on the mouth, along with a hug on both shoulders
the anti-gay sentiment in this country is just out of hand
I did see the photo of Palin's son and I found it disgusting, I commented on the site where it was posted as did a lot of others, I blasted the asshat who created it - suggested he find a real fight to fight, anybody can pick on a baby - children are off limits - period!!

Raven said...

What a beautiful, brave girl your Hope is! Baby pictures always make me happy. I can tell you're enjoying that wondrous young life.

We do live in crazy times on the political front. But I have hope for us. I think part of the reason that some behaviors are more hateful and over the top than they have been is because there is great momentum forward into the light and the hard-core bigots are trying to make their last or next-to-last stand. I alternate between hope and despair.

CG said...

I had missed the Obama story; sounds horrible.

I loved your post and the funny captions - especially the crying one followed by "Ok I'm over it"; they just cracked me up!!! So funny and so sweet, bless you both!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Blogging already at such a young age...lol! She is mighty mighty cute, Dianne....Such a pretty little sweetheart! And such an assault with a needle! OY!
I know you are enjoying every moment! I love all the pictures!

Annie said...

What a great way to start out my day (without the needle, of course). Hope is just adorable. Now I'm going to go and explore her Uncle Matty.

Anonymous said...

Well trust me...I'll be bending over their with ya :)