Friday, August 14, 2009

I Am Ready For Some Football

I’m watching the first NY Jets pre-season game and I’m so happy.

I love football. I have loved it as a sport since my son played Pee Wee league 30+ years ago. I love the strategy. I love the power. I love the grace.

As a single Mom I listened to everything my son’s coaches said. I studied his play book. I asked a million questions.

Now to be honest – my love for football really started with a crush on Joe Namath. Lordy Lordy that man was so sexy. I met him once. I had been sneaking into the bar he owned and finally one evening he was there. Much to my horror he asked me how old I was. I said I was 19. He laughed and asked me what year I was born. I was so star struck that I forgot and told the truth. I was 14, not 19. He gave me a lecture. Can you believe it. NY’s #1 playboy gave me a lecture about how dangerous it was to be bar hopping at my age.

Ahhhh Joe - I love ya …

This year I’m excited about our new QB Mark Sanchez. He’s only 22 but I just watched him lead a really good drive.

Plus he’s a cutie.

Welcome to NY kid. Try not to let us kill you.

I can’t do a post about football without mentioning how much I love defense. It’s so cathartic to stand in the stadium and scream “get him” – “stop him” – and of course “fucking kill him now, right now”

I think I was a defensive player in another life. I can so relate to this face.

And of course where would Jets be without a Flight Crew. Yep, the NY Jets cheer leading squad is called the Flight Crew.

Isn’t that adorable?

Well we’re down by 6 so I gotta go scream at the TV now.

Oh how I love football.


Linda Reeder said...

I love football, too. Both kinds. Seattle has a new Major League Soccer team, the Sounders. I was a soccer mom, and my husband coached for ten years. My son still plays.
Now the NFL and the MLS will overlap for two months. The Seahawks and the Sounders both play tomorrow night. What to do. I'll start with football at 6:30 and switch to futbol at 8:00. Mid-season has to win over preseason.
I love my Sounders and my Seahawks!

Linda Reeder said...

By the way, what a great Joe Namath story!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I tried out for the flight crew and they turned me down. My sister in law is a Jets fan and my brother is a Steelers fan. and they live football.

Debra said...

I'm quite a football fan too! Love the Saints...yeah, I know, right? LOL

At least they won tonight, that's a start.

Hope your team has a great year! Blessings on ya!

Travis said...

Heheheheheheheheeee! You know I love me some football!

I don't think I've ever told about the first football words I learned. I was about 3 I think. Of course my mom taught me the game, watching the Raiders.

Well, I'm told that the first football words I learned were "Tackle that SOB!"

I'm told that I said it something like "Tak dat obee!" And I'm told there was a little stompy-foot kinda dance that went with it.

Indeed...I began life with a solid Raider Nation foundation.

Cloudia said...

My my who would have guessed? ;-]

It's still WNBA season though!

Our Univ of Hawaii sweetie Colt Brennan is NFLing it....and my Eagles hired the pet killer......exciting game....
Comfort Spiral

Dianne said...

linda - I have never been able to get into soccer
my son played for a bit and I thought if I learned the game I'd get it but I never did
I love how you balance the season overlap ;)

queen size funny - I tried out too! they said I was more a beverage cart than a stewardess
oh well
I loved the Steelers back in the Bradshaw days, I adore him

debra - the Saints have a lot of heart and I love that in a team
Jets ended up losing but at least Sanchez had a good drive

travis - Raider Nation was awesome in its prime!
I love the all black and the bad boy image and the deep deep twisted crazy of the fans
I love your story

cloudia - I know! shocking isn't it ;)
as for the dog killer - the more I see and hear of him the more pissed off I get
except Tony Dungee is advising him and I have a lot of respect for him so ...
I really do believe in second chances but god what he did is so disgusting and I'm not convinced he's sorry. he sounds so prepped and lacks sincerity

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it's the season. I'm a Houston Texan fan myself don't know names just the players I like I love saying kill the SOB. Oh someone please get Michael Vick for me this year! I am so ready for some football. GO UH WARRIORS!!! Loved the story about Namath. Takes a real man to wear panty hose :)

Akelamalu said...

I'm not a football fan though I will watch England play any other team. I don't think American football is the same as English football is it? I think it's more like what we call rugby.

Scott Ogesby said...

I bleed black and gold baby!! You must be a little bit of a Steeler fan if you love defense! Living in Spain I couldn’t watch the superbowl anywhere. Not to mention it didn’t start until around 1:00AM here. Now, I had just moved from St. Pete beach (20 minutes from Tampa) a couple months previous, so that pissed my off. Then the only way I could watch it was via a live feed from a site on the internet. Then at the one minute mark, as the Steelers were driving down the field to win the game, the internet went down. If I were one year younger or one beer drunker I would have had a broken laptop and a broken window. But it’s OK because we won!!!!!!!!!!
I played football from pee wee to 12th grade too, so I abso-freakin-lutely love it! It also helps that my team is the best franchise in any sport EVER!!

I’ll bet Joe would have a bunch of drinks with you now. A bunch!

Arkansas Patti said...

Huge Dolfin fan here though it has been hard since Marino left to find any thing exciting. Seldom do I get to see them now from Arkansas. Drat.
Defense has been our saving grace. Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor(dang he is as good looking as he is aggressive) could salvage a loss for me with a few huge plays.
Of course just beating the Jets, even if it was our only win, made our season. Sorry about that. Know you felt the same way when you all whipped the Fins.
Thanks for Chad by the way.
Loved the Namath story.

Matt-Man said...

Bring it On!! While I love football, I am really more partial to College football anymore than the NFL. Go figure. Cheers Sexy!!

The Peach Tart said...

I love football too and met Joe when he was at University of Alabama. He was really nice and I was like drooling all after him.

Dianne said...

thom - I loved Joe's commercials!! they all had such a sense of humor
I don't know much about the Texans but I'll pay more attention this season

akelamalu - American football is nothing like futbol, not at all
from what I know of rugby it is similar in that it is violent and there is lots and lots of contact

scott - I think I went from being too young for Joe to being too old for Joe, that usually happens
I do like the Steelers!! I really loved the Terry Bradshaw Steelers but even now I like them, I love blue collar towns and their teams

patti - I hope Chad does well, I like him, always did and I hate how things went wrong for him here

matt-man - I do not have the powers needed to keep all the college teams straight in my head
my son prefers college too but I have never been able to get into it
I so love the multi-millionaire divas ;)

peach - ahhhh you met him when he was a puppy!! that must have been awesome

Jay said...

Like Matt-Man, I'm more of a college football guy than NFL. But, I do love football. I think it's mostly a result of not growing up in a pro sports dominated area.

Love the Broadway Joe story. Kind of hilarious comparing your experience with him lecturing you about being in bars and when he drunkenly made a pass at ESPN's Suzy Kolber on the air a few years ago. Remember? "I wanna kiss yoooo!" LOL God he's awesome! ;-)

Jacob said...

Funny post, Di! Love the story about Namath! Kinda like the Flight Crew, too!

Deborah Godin said...

I'm more a Big 10 fan (and fervently hoping the Wolverines get their mojo back this season) but I'm also very ready for the weather that goes with the season!

Sleepypete said...

I don't get to watch much NFL, mainly cos I'm usually doing something else when it's on ... It's a great sport to watch though. You can really tell how much commitment is going in there from the players.

And there's far more variation in what can happen compared to baseball.

Will keep a special eye on the Jets this season too :-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I had a kove affair with Football when I was at USC...and then, anout 18 years later had a love affair with a WONDERFUL Football player--it went on for a couple of years--but when he retired from The Game, so did I. LOL!
But I DO understand the love of Football, though it does seem like a dim memory now....!
ENJOY, my dear Dianne...ENJOY!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly DD neither do I. I just lived there and that's why I like them. I follow college football a lot more. Either way...who cares...FOOTBALL season is upon us :) WOOT and at least your Jets won last night :) Aloha

fermicat said...

I'm ready for some College Football. Pro football doesn't do anything for me.

Go Jackets!!

Daryl said...

hard to believe but Ray forgot the game was on .. he is so upset .. and I didnt want to add to his pain so I didnt ask who won!

BTW .. someday I will let you touch the knee that Joe Willie fondled at Bachelors 3 .. back in the day

jennifer said...

YAY YAY YAY!! (and no, I'm not on the Flight Crew). Joe Namath played for the University of Alabama! And the Tide is my TEAM!

Dianne, I LOVE college football and I am so excited about the upcoming football season. I agree with Jay, growing up in an area with no pro team but with the OBVIOUS choice of college teams - Alabama (over Auburn) - I developed that love of football too.

Settle in, there's more...

Last night Hubby and I had dinner in a sports bar for our anniversary dinner and talked about our Tide. We've decided we want to choose a pro team to love and we've settled on the New Orleans Saints. See? We're using football to add to our marriage :)

I enjoyed your post very much and I hope you'll forgive me for this novel length comment.

Roll Tide!

Askew To You said...

Ooh, he is a cutie! I bet it will be fun to watch him this season.