Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pet Pride: Siren Is Exhausted

Hi everyone, Siren here. I missed being part of PET PRIDE last week because I'm very very tired.

Exhausted even ...

Seems like every time I settle down for one of my rejuvenating naps I am disturbed.

The Mom person thinks that Mia (ugh!) needs more exercise. Out comes a blankie and toys and worst of all - out comes Mia. It's very disruptive ...

Then there's the neighbor. I'm telling you, never live next to one of these furless creatures. They make the most awful sounds ...

And they get all these really cool things to sleep in and play in. This one comes with hanging toys and it swings!! And I am not allowed to use it.

Every time I settle in for a snooze ...

Mia or Hope starts something...



Sylvia K said...

Man, can I relate! I don't get half the attention that Mojo does and I'm so much sweeter!! But Mojo sticks her nose into everything and I end up in a corner -- no toys, no treats, not nearly the attention I need! You're really goodlooking for a cat -- no insult intended -- and I do sympathize!

Sam Schnauzer

(he's just a wuss, unlike me! Mojo the Most!)

Thom said...

Siren...just go pull up a spot next to the TV and root for the Jets. Your mom will be for ever in your debt I'm sure of it. She loves the Jets...And be nice to Hope. She's a doll. :) Have a great week Siren. :)

Debo Blue said...

Hi Dianne!

Yeah I'm back, just like Jeni predicted. Took a short break but right back in the saddle again.

Poor Siren. Maybe she'll do better if you ditch the Jets and root for the Cowboys? Hey, just a suggestion (wink).

Ron said...

Can I just tell ya again how much I LOVE THESE POSTS???

Dianne....they're PRICLESS!

The photo of Hope and the caption above made LAUGH so hard!!!

Much love to you, Hope, Mia...oh, especially...poor, Siren.

Oy, kitty....oy!

Grayquill said...

Dianne, has anyone told you that you are a little twisted? Or maybe you are just sitting there laughing at the rest of us, by how you get us to make comments from a talking cat. I feel faily foolish at this very momment. D'OH!

Scott Oglesby said...

I do the same thing with my fat bastard of a cat. Every other day he sleeps for 23 hours straight. For the past month every time he lies down, I start messing with him till he gets up. He is at the stage now trying his best to ignore me.

Deborah Godin said...

Siren, just be patient, remember, people have to fall asleep sometime, too...

Arkansas Patti said...

Those very cute but hairless ones do get the best toys don't they? Find a quiet spot and good luck.

Cezar and Léia said...

oh gosh! You are sooo adorable!I loved your blog and your pictures and please be nice with the baby :)
Happy pet pride
purrs and love

The Peach Tart said...

Siren I think your Mama should buy you some catnip just so you have a toy and that will energize you and keep you from sleeping so much. Just a thought.

Dianne said...

sylvia - thanks Sam, I knew you would understand

thom - I try to watch football but they don't move fast enough
I prefer cartoons

debo - I am glad to see you back :)
cowboys? are they a team? ;)

ron - I do love that you love these!! everyone sends Uncle Ron a hug

grayquill - just a little twisted? I think I've all out pretzel bent
but I do amuse you now don't I :)

scott - I used to have a cat we called big gray fat bastard, it was his rap name
Mia needs to move whether she likes it or not

deborah - thank you for taking me seriously, could you talk to my Mom for me

patti - I am trying my best
love, Siren

Cezar and Leia - you are very nice people, I will do my best to behave
love, Siren

Dianne said...

peach - I do have catnip and I enjoy it very much
Mia, the lazy one, doesn't even notice it - there is something so wrong with her
love, Siren

Akelamalu said...

Poor Siren, I hope you get some peace soon. LOL

Natalie said...

Siren, you are welcome to log some serious sleeping time at our house, it is deeply valued here by humans and kitties alike.

And I'm glad your sister is getting some exercise!

Daryl said...

Oh Siren , I feel your pain .. in my house tho its Gus coughing (an asthmatic cat is very scary noisy), its that man yelling at those people on the BIG telebision ... it never ends .. oh yeah and my mom claims she cant feed me cause she cant bend down .. just another excuse to get me to diet.. signed Miz Rose~

Sparkling Red said...

Dear Siren,
Be patient with the furless thing. It will eventually grow into one of those big humans that can give you food and scratch you behind your ears. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

meno said...

Poor kitty, your life is SOOOOO hard. :)

Bond said...

wait until the furless one gets up and starts walking then you will NEVER get any rest

Kay said...

Oh guess what! I might be getting a cat in the next few weeks!!!! YAY!!!!

Dianne said...

akelamalu - I am so glad you feel my pain love, Siren

natalie - hey there Auntie Babe!! I would love to visit you, I bet I would be appreciated and Mia can't come
love, Siren

daryl - hey Miz Rosie, you too!! My mom swears she can't get under the sofa to find my toys!! something about backs and knees, people complain too much
sorry Gus coughs so much
Mia throws up a lot, it's disgusting
love, Siren

sparkling - I know you are a very nice person but I have my doubts about little furless creatures. the one down the street visits me and he is very rough
oh and he walks like he's drunk, makes me very nervous
love, Siren

meno - it is!! it is!! thank you for seeing that
people think it's all catnip and treats here, it is not
love, Siren

bond - I know! I have seen them walk, it is scary
love, Siren

kay - that's wonderful!! it will be one lucky cat to have a Mom like you :)

Travis said...

Poor cranky Siren.

Raven said...

Siren, I predict that in a year or so that Hope creature will be your best friend. You are so lovable.... I always enjoy your posts.

Grayquill said...

Amuse? - Yes! In many ways?

Jim said...

Hi Dianne, I think that baby is keeping the cat awake at nights.
These are great pictures!

Lu' said...

How nice of siren to tolerate you all. I'm sure it is a chore but hey you're worth it I'm sure :)

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

ah.. Siren hang in there!!!

Hilary said...

Dear Siren,

Just be happy you don't have a psychotic JRT in your life. At least the noisy human can't chase you all over Hell's half acre.. yet.

Skittles & Zephyr

Dianne said...

travis - I know! he has such a hard life

raven - thanks Aunt Raven, not everyone sees my lovable side
love, Siren

grayquill - in as many ways as there are blogs in the internet ;)

jim - Hope has this screech she lets out before the real crying begins
her swing is on the other side of the wall from where Siren usually sleeps and her bedroom is right above
she scares him

lu - we try to be worthy of him ;)

jan - I'm trying, I'm trying but these others will not obey
love, Siren

hilary - hey there skittles and zephyr - cool names!
my mom loves Benny, I bet you could get her to pay to take him
love, Siren

Nessa said...

Poor Siren. Disturbed naps are the worst.

Askew To You said...

Kitties, so much personality, so many, "You must be kidding me," looks. Very entertaining.

Bob-kat said...

Both Siren and Mia are gorgeous! Hope nap time is back to normal!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL< LOL...I love when Siren and/or Mia write a post....Poor Siren. A hard life--all that trying to snooze wherever....!
Cover your ears Siren...(I think both Mia and Siren are BEAUTIFUL Cats...)

Wordpress customization, said...

What a lovely and cute little cat. Nice photos!!!

CG said...

What's a poor tired cat to do? Can you get him some earplugs or something??

storyteller said...

Ah ... I didn't realize you participated in Pet Pride on this blog but am delighted to find these wonderful photos of Siren, Mia and your darling grand daughter ... too cute ;--)
Hugs and blessings,