Friday, August 28, 2009

Stress ... and the best Stress Buster.

I am scheduled for an evaluation as part of my disability claim. The disability insurance company has set up an all day "evaluation process" for September 10. They even point out in their letter that this will be at their expense. That made me laugh. I'm supposed to be grateful or relieved that I don't have to pay for it? Blood sucking cretins.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of ...

Little did I know then that Siren would quickly become the only medical attention I could afford.

I could go on now to rant about the state of healthcare but instead I just want to give a bit of advice.

NEVER believe or trust an insurance broker. NEVER. Repeat after me ... NEVER.

And then, even after you grill them about the policy they're selling you, GRILL them some more.

When I started my own buiness I was innundated by offers from insurance cos. The moment I got my business license they came out of the dark like the insects they are. I did my homework. I am very good at research. I chose insurance carriers for life, for the office, for employee healthcare, for my own healthcare, plus all the taxes a small business pays.

And I chose a disability carrier. Why? So I'd never need to rely upon anyone if I got hurt. So that what is now happening would NEVER happen.

My research made me ask what would happen if my working conditions changed. What if my revenue dropped - after all my industry is volatile. I was told I could be covered for that. For an extra charge each month of course. I have been paying that extra charge while being accused of claiming I'm disabled because my business is struggling.

When costs started to kill the small profits I was making and my rent on both the office and my apartment were about to increase I decided to look into buying a house that a>could be converted into a 2 family and b>would allow me to work from home. I asked the insurance vultures if this change in working condition would harm my coverage. No, No, No - my policy was not contingent upon my location or the size of my staff. Now they tell me they don't see why I can't keep working since I work from home. They don't see why I can't maintain revenue even though I don't have staff because I can't afford staff.

I really don't want to talk about how the sharing of the house has worked out. Today is already a hurtful day. I can't believe a year of this crap has gone by.

And yet I am in better shape than many. People die waiting for medical care or lose their homes waiting for insurance claims.

The insurance industry is far too powerful. Far too corrupt. Far too greedy.
They need to be investigated and regulated. I volunteer to serve on the panel.

And now for the happy portion of our program.

Hope has a swing that she enjoys ...

But the swing is inside ...

... and that has been bugging her.

So she went to the park with her Mom ...


Akelamalu said...

Insurance companies are the same the world over - if they can get out of paying you they will! Vultures!

On a happier note - Hope is growing so quickly and is even more adorable. :)

Jay said...

It would be nice if the people we elect and send to Washington were there to protect us from corporate vultures like insurance companies. But, unfortunately it's the other way around.

Mrs. C said...

WOW She sits up well in that swing for such a young lady. :]

Kay said...

1 year eh? I raise a glasds to you.... I hope a year from now things will be much better...

And hope is adorable as always. said...

I mom was in a bad car accident..not her fault. he was never able to work again, and died several years later.
They ripped her off big time.
It took years for insurance company to pay her medical bills and her settlement was so small.
I hope you get your disability.

JC said...

I am so sorry ...

Ins co's are the devil ...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

More reasons why it is so very sad the Teddy did not live to see Healthcare Reform passed into law.
He spoke of the Greed in a GREAT Speech in the Senate Chamber---chastising the other side for not "seeing" and "Acting" upon what they know and see....
It is criminal that these Insurance Company's AND The Pharmeceudical Companys have so much power in Washington. Everyone is in bed with everyone else---INCLUDING the Doctors!

HOPE gives one Hope, doesn't she?

I hope this exam on September 10th will help to give you the help you need, my dear.

Bond said...

And then there is HOPE..

and hopefully on September 10th the weasels will see the error of their ways.

Jacob said...

I agree with everything you said about insurance companies. Generally speaking, they are crooks in suits! And they own Congress!

It's nice that you have Hope!

Hope your weekend goes well and the evaluation provides the answers and the help you need!

Raven said...

Hope is getting cuter by the day.

It's all going to work out. This is the sucky part before it gets better. I think maybe the govt. didn't mean the "at their expense" the way you experienced it. I think maybe it was meant to keep you from worrying that you might have to pay. It is a cold, cruel system, but there are some good, kind people in it too. I'm going to hold a vision for you that your encounter on the 10th will be with one of the better angels of the system and that things will move quickly in the right direction from here on in. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

And as you always remind us with your wit and grace - there is always Hope. And Hope is growing bigger and stronger every day. Remember that too.

Hilary said...

I'm so sorry that you're going through this, Dianne. I sure hope that this evaluation nudges them into a speedy and good resolution.

Dianne said...

akelamalu - they are vultures, thanks ;)

jay - it would be nice wouldn't it. what a concept! ;)

mrs c - I was surprised too!! she's 7 weeks old and very advanced - if I do say so myself LOL

kay - thanks kiddo, I think I'll raise a glass too

jcwillow - thank you. so sorry about your Mom.

jc - devil vultures! a new term ;)
thanks for the support

old old lady of the hills - Hope is a cutie :) thanks
and Amen to everything you said

bond - devil vulture weasels, this keeps getting better ;)

jacob - thank you
Hope says thanks too :)

raven - thanks for holding that vision, Hope sends hugs

hilary - thank you :)

Linda Reeder said...

Would that we could get you on the committee! We need someone a little less "polite" to tell those senators what it's really like and get the Democrats to act like democrats.

Mimi Lenox said...

What an adorable child!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Ron said...

Hiya dear lady!

Listen, I'll be sharing lots of Reiki with you before, during, and after your evaluation process disability claim on the 10th!

OMG...I'm looking at that photo of Siren; remembering seeing it and I can't believe it's been a whole year!?!

oooo...and when I scrolled down the page and got to the photos of Hope, my heart melted. What a CUTIE she is!! Her little lips are adorable! oooo...I just want to *squeeze* her!

Please tell her that Uncle Ron loves her and can't wait to meet her one day.

Have a great weekend, dear one!

X ya!

meno said...

Your cat is not a real doctor, but she plays one on the internet!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh Dianne..I am so sorry about this but certainly this is much better than Obamas' plan that would include death panels because then could just decide to kill you instead.Makes me so dam angry.. But Hope is beautiful.. thank goodness for hope... hugs... Michelle

Dianne said...

linda r - we need Dems with balls, and I've got em ;)

mimi - thank you :)

ron - thanks Uncle Ron, Hope sends a big squeeze right back

meno - that made me laugh!!! thanks

rambling woods - oh dear, I thought Sarah's death panel comment meant I could kill her, I'm so confused ;)

Grayquill said...

Well if it's any consolation - your nail polish is quite nice.
I hope your appointment goes well.

Scott Oglesby said...

Everyone say it was the politician that ruined our country. It wasn’t. It was the huge business, who bought the lobbyists, who bought the politicians, who bought the laws, (who bought FOX News) who scare the rednecks, who vote for the politicians most in the pocket of big business that ruined the country. The naive, frightened, jackasses who are screaming bloody murder at town hall meeting are the ones who keep this country fucked up, and they are to busy pulling up their bootstraps and praying to see that their un-unionized jobs just sold them out, and no one is going to pay for little Jimmy heart condition.

the walking man said...

DO NOT drive yourself to this medical appointment. Make them send transportation.

DO remember that this *ahem* doctor is being paid by the insurance company (yes he knows which side his bread is buttered on.)

DO NOT be ladylike...if it fucking hurts grunt and groan.

DO NOT sign anything...anything, not even a consent for treatment. He is NOT treating you he is evaluating you.

DON'T even sign the damn appointment book, just announce your presence and demand that you are seen at the time your appointment was scheduled for.

I've been through about a dozen of these damn things and they al;ways hire the hack that will say what they want said. It is almost a forgone conclusion.

Arkansas Patti said...

OOLOH pretty much said it for me. I love how insurance companies only want to cover those that are well. Makes it easy doesn't it.
Siren and Hope are at least bright spots. Siren made my toes tickle just looking and Hope always brings a smile.
Good luck with your appointment.

CG said...

I once worked in insurance (only a junior clerk) and ever since realised that they will NOT pay out if they can possibly avoid it and they are very good at avoiding it!

Sending you a big {{HUG}}
Hope is beautiful!

The Peach Tart said...

Don't even get me started on insurance companies.

Daryl said...

Bloodsuckers all .. and for the most part those who sell policies well most seen to be truly unctuous ..

Hope however is adorable .. she's liking that big kid swing

Queen-Size funny bone said...

it looks like she is not impressed by the outdoor swing as she thought she might be, lol

Dianne said...

grayquill - why thank you! I'm all about the glamor ;)

scott - that is so absolutely true! and poetic
thanks scott

walking man - thank you for your hard earned advice
I often think of you when trying to deal with all us

patti - Siren makes my toes tingle too ;)
he has come so far from the poor sad rescue who so many sad would never be social
he's a good boy

cg - big hugs right back at ya! and from Hope too

peach tart - but I love when you get started ;)

daryl - Hope loves every single new experience, she soaks it all in

queen size funny - I think she was torn between swinging and just trying to sit up ;)
plus she was interested in the camera and whatever her Mom was saying

Deborah Godin said...

Vultures, indeed! They make me so mad I could spit nails! Thank you for ending up with Hope!! (and hope you get through the red tape)

the walking man said...

I was thinking last night too about you Dianne and thought I should add:

DO NOT discuss any details of how and where your injury occurred. You are there for evaluation of your condition NOW. How it happened or why it happened is in the legal purview (same as not signing anything.)

Believe me, that *ahem* doctor has every piece of paper and record generated since this case began. Do not give the insurance company anything more. You may say something contradictory or appearing contradictory and if they can latch onto it they will.

Just the facts as they are in the present is all that is required of you.

The answer to how and where and everything else beyond your current state f being is:

"It's in the records."

Bob-kat said...

Makes me glad we have the National Health Service over here. No matter what it's flaws, people are not left to die awaiting treatment. I sure hope the disability assessment goes well for you. Fingers crossed (and everything else too!).

Carletta said...

Wow, she is growing like a weed!

fermicat said...

Stay strong. You can do it!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Sorry to be late to this. When will you know the results of the blood letting?

The insurance industry is sinking this country to its lowest depths. Lack of national insurance is a national embarrassment. More than that, it's a tragedy.

Breathe, darlin'

Hope is more beautiful every day!

Border Explorer said...

Reminds me of the book: Lies and the lying liars who tell them.

Why does everything have to be a fight? I hate that.

Beautiful baby! That's what counts in life.

Deb said...

I so wish you didn't have to be going through all of this and you could just enjoy that beautiful grandbaby. You have many concerned friends who are rooting for you - and may you win this battle against the evil insurance companies. Take care.

Travis said...

Keep hanging in...I do believe that this is going to get better.

Robin said...

The state of healthcare in the US is a criminal offense. I'm so sorry you are caught up in the mess. Be strong, hang in there, it sounds like Walking Man had excellent advice. I hope this time you finally get what you're entitled to.


And snuggle that adorable baby for me :).