Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creepy Old Guy Hates Fat Girls

I haven’t touched the PC since Sunday so it’s going to take me a few days to catch up with everyone.

I miss youse guys.

I have a sinus something/head something/chest has pebbles in it thingie that is kicking my butt. It is making me so wacky that I would swear the brain tumor has moved and is about to kill me but I’m just not that lucky.

I shall recover.

Now – anyone with their priorities in the right order knows that it doesn’t matter how you feel.

All that matters is how you look.

Just ask fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Kreepy Karl responded to the news that a popular German fashion magazine was going to replace professional models with “real” women by saying …

"No one wants to see curvy women,"

"You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly."

"Nobody wants to see a round woman."

As you can clearly see from this recent photo Karl knows what’s beautiful …

Who the hell put Andy Rooney’s head on Michael Jackson’s body?
Does this asshat own a mirror?
Or does his reflection not appear?

Personally I’m sick to death of all this talk about women and their size …
Real or model
0 or 14

It is one more way for women to judge themselves – and each other - too harshly.

I think the criticism of skinny models is as outrageous as the marginalization of larger women.

And long before we women start bashing men and magazines about this crap we need to check ourselves.

I sat with a group of new moms the other day and all they did was obsess over how much baby weight they had gained and now had to lose. And they trash talked those who weren’t there. My favorite comment was …

”She thinks she can lose the weight and keep the boobs. Guess she’ll have to get them done”


This is the crap I burned bras and smashed my head against the glass ceiling for?

So we could take giant steps backwards to a place where women hated other women based on their looks.

I’ll need a whole ‘nother post to cover the ‘Cult of Mommy Hood’ that I have become aware of. Good Lord !!!! Cows give birth - quit acting like you discovered the cure for cancer.

But I digress

Women should love themselves for …
Their accomplishments. Their spirit. Their strength. Their whatever it is that makes them special and happy.

Hell - men love themselves if they remember to put the toilet seat down.

And please stop buying into paternalistic ad campaigns.

If you buy Dove products because you think they care about you or your daughter’s self esteem you are so sadly mistaken. Take a look at their parent company Unilever and the other brands they market. Take a look at their ad agency Ogilvy and Mather and see some of the crap they hawk.

The age old marketing trick of first creating a problem so that you can then sell a solution to it.

You want your daughter to have self-esteem? Read a book together. Go to a museum together. Ask her how she feels.

You certainly don’t need to sign a self-esteem pledge while shampooing your hair together.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

and for all those women who feel the need to trash talk other women I add another quote from Ms. Roosevelt …

”Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people”

you can read more about Karl Lagerfeld's statements here


Scott Oglesby said...

I think I may have just caught some of your SSHSchest pebbles thingy. I’ll fight it off within a day; I hope you do as well.

I think women (and men) should just be happy at whatever weight that makes them feel happy, healthy and enjoy life. I figure that we only have 3 primal pleasures; sex, sleep, and eating, and you gotta love all three!

As a lover of quotes (they are great in bed) I love the last Roosevelt quote!

the walking man said...

Well past time for the world to turn off the media in all of it's various forms and shop only in second hand stores where last years fashion can be found for pennies. Buy store brands and spend only on what you need.

Why in the name of hell do we allow anyone to dictate what the fuck is good or not? Ugly or beauty? It's all a bunch of shit designed to suck money from you, from the idea that you need a dove bar to the idea that you need to pay for pre-made meals in order to lose weight.

Nessa said...

It amazes me that we would allow someone as ugly as KL to dictate a definition of beauty.

Mrs. C said...

Great post! I do think extremes in body weight ought to be avoided and that our media glamourizes what is for MOST women an unhealthy weight. Those ladies you overheard talking... I can't imagine listening to such a conversation and not having a few words to say. How shocking!

Though perhaps I shouldn't be shocked. But I don't think there is a surgery for men to enlarge themselves. (Great. Now that I typed it, there probably is such a thing and I just haven't checked my spam box for more information LOL)

The Peach Tart said...

Great post. Karl is just a bit too big for his pants.

Arkansas Patti said...

First, I truly hope you are feeling spiffy really soon. Lots of this going around. Be well.
All I can only say about fashion is that I am so glad to be old. The only "fashion" and weight I pay attention to now days is, am I healthy and am I comfortable.
I listened to skinny little men like that for too many years.
Good post as always.

Matt-Man said...

I for one dig curvy women. Mmmmmmmm, curves. Cheers Di!!

Daryl said...

While I agree and applaud 99% of what you said/feel I must defend Ogilvy (back when I worked there it was O&M, now its Ogilvy Group) .. I worked there for 10 yrs on the Dove Soap account. Yes I did. And I am here to tell you that campaign is for real. Sure they want to sell soap, sure Lever Brothers (thats what they were called back then)sells a lot of other soaps (and they are have their 'target' audience/consumer) but Dove is the crown jewel because its heritage goes back to WWII and wounded armed forces members in burn units.

I think my soap box needs stepping down from so I will shut up but I did need to defend something I worked on ..

Anndi said...

You and I are connected on some freaky unconscious level... Seriously.

Today, my post is about the celebration of Woman.

A while back, I think it was while Mom was dying, I let loose on the bitches that say "Give the girl a sammich". Yes, you read right. Bitches.

The bitches that hate "the thin" because they have what media touts as beautiful and they don't (and these bitches buy into it!!).

Look people, has anyone ever thought that "the thin" may be ill? Either with cancer... or one of the personality disorders that come from lack of self-esteem?

Do they really think those bitchy comments are going to help women who can't even see their self-worth?

What those bitches don't realize is that they have the same insecurities and lack of self-esteem that "the thin" ones do... they just abuse others instead of abusing their own bodies. Bitches.

I think it's about damn time we celebrate Woman and stop being so bitchy to each other.

Love you, Momma.

Anndi said...

Oh... and Karl, you ass, here's the thing:

When you say that the world of fashion is about "dreams and illusions", you don't seem to understand that YOUR dream is MY nightmare.

Now get away from my daughter!

Anndi said...

Oh.. and last night, I dreamt you called me and left a voicemail. Hmmmm....

Anndi said...

I wish I could bring you some Jewish grandma's chicken soup... ok, I'm done.

Feel better, ma.

Dianne said...

scott - I hope you get rid of it in a day as well, in bed - and not alone ;)
that last quote is one of my all time favorites and says a lot about what is so screwed up today

walking man - I agree!! one of the things I love about having a DVR is that I can just skip past all the BS

nessa - and he's so mean spirited about it as well
you'd think at 71 he would have developed a more human sensibility

mrs c - I get penile enlargement e-mails all the time LOL
I may try one !!!

peach tart - his head is literally too big for his britches LOL

patti - after 40+ years of never leaving home without makeup on I have finally stopped that as well - and it is wonderful!! getting older does have its perks :)

matt-man - and I dig men who did curvy women - yum!!
although we must separate you for your Tyra fixation - she's just not good enough for you

daryl - holy crap! I didn't think we'd ever find something we disagreed about - this is cool
and our parallel paths appear to continue - I worked for the market research agency that serviced Lever and O&M (among others) - I worked on the first ad campaign for hot rollers and on the campaign for hair color for women over 40. I sat in rooms (usually the only woman) and listened to men discuss women as though they were logs
eventually WPP bought the firm I worked for - they also own Ogilvy - and it all went to hell in a hand cart

anndi - you have my phone number sweetness, I don't think I have yours - I'll check
I am proud to say I have never been put off by having female friends thinner or prettier than me
I hate how we hurt each other
and some people are just naturally thin, as some are naturally chubby
love ya sweet girl

Jay said...

Reading this post made my nipples hard. Way to get fired up Dianne!

You wanna get really fired up? Try to find the full clip of the animated video that Fox made mocking Jessica Simpson's weight on their Football Preview show last Sunday. It was down right cruel. They've issued a standard insincere apology and gotten YouTube to pull all of the videos, but they went way, wayyyyyy too far.

Here's the Huffington Post story:

And I agree with stopping the bashing based on body type. People are what and who they are. Some are skinny, some aren't. Deal with it people.

Hilary said...

This is a fine post, Dianne. You never fail to hit the nail on the head.

Jay Simser said...

Until and unless women stop finding their identity in some man and realize their own worth and value and stand up for themselves asshats like this one will still be able to make money by selling them ideas and products to make them seem sexy to some man so that they can get married and fulfill their role in society.

Women are a wonderment when they (like you) come into their own and stand up for themelves

Queen-Size funny bone said...

when did it become about the flashy wrapper rather than the gift inside?

Deborah Godin said...

I. Loved. This. Post! I continue to hate it when woman are praised for having genetically inherited big boobs, like it's some kind of accomplishment, and puts them slightly above those who had to pay to get them...but of course buying them still puts them in the ranks of the praise-worthy. The fashion/cosmetic industires have just about run out of body parts to reel us in with. Two of the newer commercials that really bug me are about how it's your lips now that can "give away your age' (and they don't mean by saying it out loud), and how badly you don't want your armpits to look "rough" in public! Karl looks like he's going trick or treating if you ask me.

Ron said...

Who the hell put Andy Rooney’s head on Michael Jackson’s body?


OMG, woman...that was HYSTERICAL!

Holy shit, you said it perfectly. That man gives me the creeps too. And I can't stand what he's done to Chanel since he took over. Coco is probably rolling in her grave.

I totally agree with every single thing you shared here. I for one love curvy women. I think they're incredibly beautiful and sexy. And all these "pencil thin model" ad campaigns only perpetuate low self esteem in women. I think it's ironic that men are usually the ones setting the standards for what's beautiful.

Beautiful for THEM.

Hell - men love themselves if they remember to put the toilet seat down.


You're right!


Sending you much "good energy" for a speedy recovery!

Sylvia K said...

You always do it the very best, Dianne! I'm with you 100% and I do love this post! Everyone else has said it all and I agree totally with them! Hope you're feeling better SOON!


Sparkling Red said...

I agree with everything you said. It's all ridiculous. I know beautiful people of every weight. If idiot Karl doesn't see that, then he's missing out.

bobbie said...

Well, I for one don't want to read any more of Karl's comments. Karl is Kreepy.

You - feel better soon! (A rather stupid comment in itself.) I should say, I hope that you feel better soon. And then, get a flu shot just in case.

Bond said...

Excellent post Dianne...

I think it is a sign of our times that the Playboy cover this week is of Marge Simpson..seems Playboy is hurting (as are most print publications) so they are trying to allure the younger generation..

Guess it is just too easy to find naked boobies on the internet - you do not need to buy some magazine that you have to hide from mom...

Akelamalu said...

Well said Dianne!

Please accept some Reiki m'dear and I hope you feel better soon.

betty said...

I couldn't have said it better. And, women also pay a premium for their vanity, i.e. makeup, clothing, even dry cleaning.

I have had the same thing you have for a week, now, and am finally not coughing as much.

Feel better soon.

Linda Reeder said...

I recently thumbed through a Vogue Magazine someone had left behind. I was appalled. The clothes and giant hand bags were ugly and stupid. The models were gaunt and unhealthy looking. Why would anyone buy this stuff, let alone pay the exorbitant prices?
But the person who left this magazine was a young mother. Does she aspire to look like this? I hope not.
I'm like one of your previous commenters, old and only interested in being comfortable.

Dana said...

It's been a while since I've been here, but I can clearly see I've been missing out.

This post is so spot on. We need to feel sorry for the skinny ones, have an understanding of the plus ones. Goodness! How 'bout we focus on the person instead of the body she's housed in!

Travis said...

You know what chaps my hide? I'll tell you.

What chaps my hide is people who make sweeping generalizations like this ass hat did.

Nobody wants to see...

Everyone knows...

Everyone agrees...

Those statements project the user's opinion onto everyone else. That bugs me.

Oh...women have curves. That's sort of one of the things that makes them not men. I like those curves.

Mountain Photog said...

Great post, Dianne!

Who the hell put Andy Rooney’s head on Michael Jackson’s body?

Oh, my god! That's great! LOLOLOLOL!

Sorry to hear you've got some sinus and chest crap going on. I can empathize, believe me. Feel better. . .

shelly said...

Oh my gosh girl...this is one crazy good post. The MJ Andy thing just about tipped me over - loved that! I'm a big strong curvy girl and I'm pretty cool with it, but once in a while some ditzy beeyotch will try to talk me into joining her workout club. I wanna say "sure honey, after that why doncha come 'work out' with me on the farm...I have a shovel with your name on it! Best thing about it is I won't make ya pay for coming over to my club."
I sure hope you feel better soon! The creepy crud seems to be everywhere - so far so good here.

Grayquill said...

So you went on a rant today? It was a good one.

Michael Manning said...

Good points here Dianne. Being health-conscious is more important to me than people desiring to be thin as a wafer.

CG said...

I'm standing up and cheering your great post. And hoping you're feeling better!

Linda said...

I just love it when you go on a rant as you bring up some fantastic points while cracking me up at the same time. I swear you should have your own talk show - I'd watch every day and when I couldn't watch, I'd record you on the DVR and watch you over and over again. You rock!!!

Liberality said...

Great. Post. Diane!

I for one really do appreciate what you have done for our rights. Thank you.

I hope you feel better soon!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I so agree, my dear...And when I was a young women, a size six was very very thin....We ddn't have "0's" or "2's"....Whem did a size 10 become a fat person size???? OY VEY!
Kar; is just a bit to cricical of women for me and I hate to say it but I'm not sure I like looking at HIM! Your description made me LOL...!

Maithri said...

Preach it my sista!!!

And what is up with his tie???

I've missed you so,

Much love and soft light to warm you,

Be well soon,


fermicat said...

Weird old coot. Besides, we all know there is nothing real world about the fashion biz.

Pagan Sphinx said...

There is a "ring leader" at my school; a small school with a staff of about 16 women and 2.5 men (hehe). The staff lunch table talk consists daily of dieting. The Ringleader is on weight watchers and so everyone who sits there has to be subjected to her diet discussions. I have started to eat lunch in my classroom, as I can't stand it anymore. She claims that she is so very happy with herself, except for her weight. I feel like asking her to sing the old kids' song "if you're happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it!". It's plain the woman is miserable and it's not about her weight. It's about her pathetic attitude toward others and toward life and toward the world.

gabrielle said...

Kreepy Karl Aesthetic - Athenian: sheared hips, tidy breasts. A culture that does not value women will want them to resemble boys.

Rounded hips and supple breasts - a sign of fertility and good fortune immemorial.

Thanks be, my 13 year old daughter's love of food will always win over dogma!

Hope you kick the crud.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

first, no common person with an ounce of self esteem would listen to this guy or any other person on how to dress or what size i should be.

I love levi jeans, white t-shirts and good ball cap (boston of course)!! No shoes preferably however If I must, then flip flops thank you. Who the hell wears this stuff anyway?

Elanor has had many quotes I live and learn by. She was a wise ole bird.

FEEL BETTER SOON!! Love your spirit! Hugs. Tammy

Frank Baron said...

Y'know, Dianne. You have to learn to say what's on your mind. Quit pussyfooting around. Just lay it out there.

Whenever you frickin' well please. ;)

It's always a pleasure to read. :)

kenju said...

I hope he go*gles his name and finds this!!

Raven said...

Brava! Brava! Well said!

Ivanhoe said...

One of the reasons I "dropped" a few friends. They were all just talking about other people.

Get better soon, Di :o)

jennifer said...

Jeezly Crow Dianne - you are SO good at ranting. This was SPOT. ON. I won't ever be a size 4, even at my thinnest. And I also wouldn't buy anything Lagerfield if I were a size 4.

I wonder if a size 4 is actually fat to him? Ugh.

Smalltown RN said...

OH you rock sista!!!! I work in a predomently female environment...women can be so cruel and distructive sometimes I want to hang my head in shame.

Lagefeld has to get his head out of his ass....if designers truly loved women and wanted their clothing to show off the women's body then they would design clothes for all shapes and sizes....but it is money money money....and we as a society feed into this...

Give me my seat pants, ball cap and rubber boats and I am good to go...oh yes I can wear the littel black dress....if I want!!!

Reb said...

I suspect his reflection doesn't appear in mirrors.

Good rant Dianne and yes, this is why we burned bras (well, I wasn't quite wearing one yet) and smashed heads against glass ceilings.

On the other hand, it is good to be old and comfortable and not give a crap anymore :)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Some things never change. Years and years ago Ralph Lauren was on TV (I think he was on Oprah, ironies of ironies) and he said that he would never make clothes for women that were size 12, causing quite an uproar.

Well deserved POTW, I came from Hilary's blog.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great post!! Beautiful!! --- "Women should love themselves for …
Their accomplishments. Their spirit. Their strength. Their whatever it is that makes them special and happy."

Congrats on the POTW Award!!

Brian Miller said...

forget the toilet seat, i cant remember the shower great post...we should all love ourselves, because we are all beautiful in our own way. congrats on the POTW!

Daryl said...

Back to say Hooray
you & this post
have made Hilary's new
Post of the Week !!!!!

MaggieGem said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Women really need to evolve just a tad past the petty. We are our own worst enemy... Love that last quote (always have).

Jacob said...

More fun and funky stuff! Lagerfield's an idiot!

Picture Imperfect said...


2 words...

You. Rock.

That is all. :o)

Thank you.


Louise said...

WELL-SPOKEN!!! I could hang with you!

I hate mom's groups. I went to two. I hated the first one but went again to not be too judgmental. Hated the second one more. Have been fine the 7 years since without them!

And what do they talk about? NEVER FAILS about boob work. Second is husband-bashing. Last summer at the pool I spotted 3 moms that were there together, which seems to constitute a sort of know-it-all mom's group. And what were the topics? Boob jobs and stupid husbands. Idiots.

Karl Lagerfield should join them.

And finally, I have a psycho, but sweet cat named Siren. She's black with white chest, tummy and feet, but I'm sure she would hate your Siren as much as yours would hate her, and I would love yours as much as I love mine!

Did I say this was a fabulous post? (Came from Hilary's.)

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Hell - men love themselves if they remember to put the toilet seat down"

Hahahahaha! Wouldn't it be great for life that simplicity.

Enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

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