Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it is official - new jersey IS run by thugs

Imagine Tony Soprano without the good looks, the charm, the humor.

Meet NJ’s new governor. The (not so) honorable Chris Christie.

Here he is with his future defense attorney. Considering that our new governor likes to drive recklessly and then threaten the police Rudy should come in handy.

And here he is looking for his brains.

I can’t say I’m surprised by what the news is calling an “upset”. I am disappointed. My fears about my fellow citizens have come to light – when push comes to shove they only care about their little tiny patch of toxic land.

And there are those intellectual giants who probably thought they were voting for Christ. Or maybe they liked how CC looked on the shiny magical voting box. I met these folks at healthcare town meetings.

Homer Simpson could have won this election – all you had to do was bark as loud as possible about property taxes.

And pander to those who have never lived anywhere but here and never read a newspaper – convince them that NJ has it worse than any other state (not true) and blame it all on a one term governor. It didn’t help that Corzine has the personality of mulch. He couldn’t excite a room full of imprisoned women if he had a vibrator stapled to his head.

Our new governor thinks women do not have the right to chose. He thinks gay people should not be allowed to marry. His children all attend parochial schools and he thinks early childhood education is “babysitting”. He loves insurance companies. He adores big corporations.

He is a match made in the hell that I fear we are all sliding toward.

And the funniest thing of all is that most economists say his proposals to lower taxes won’t work anyway. Most say that Corzine would have kept taxes stable while continuing to save basic services.

I know this because I did my homework. I read both websites and then I checked their claims with third party sources.

My fellow NJ’ers apparently didn’t have the time – they were far too busy screaming at town hall meetings and setting up their little anti-Obama tables outside the post office. Hell, it takes time to draw in the Hitler mustache.

This very same “upset” happened in Virginia. Be proud all ye Christie-ites – you’re slipping closer and closer to the Mason-Dixon Line.

Yo Democrats! Wise up. If your party doesn’t start fighting back the only blue you’ll have is the balls you sadly lack.

As for me and my new governor. I will bestow upon him the same respect Fox News gives the President. I hope he fails. I think he’s a racist. He is absolutely part of a conspiracy to destroy American ideals.

Christie challenged Corzine to “man up and just call me fat” – Corzine didn’t. I will.

You’re fat Chris. A fat liar. A fat bully. A big fat slug in the Garden of this State.


Jay said...

I don't know too much about it cause I don't live there. But, I think it's been clear for a long time that Corzine wasn't going to win reelection. I know people always say that Democrats win in the end in Jersey, but Corzine was just so unpopular. Obama should have appointed him ambassador to someplace and they dems should have gotten a better candidate.

I doubt I would have voted at all if I lived there. From what little I saw I hated both their guts. LOL

The DNC loved Corzine because he could self finance his campaign. That's why they ignored his low popularity and just hoped for the best. Sounds like pre-Howard Dean democratic thinking to me.

Daryl said...

Once again .. you said it and well .. I think he's a loser.

On the other hand, Mr Limbaugh and Ms Palin both did nothing to get their milktoast candidate (did you see him on TV? I swear he looks like a child molester) elected. Thankfully the Democrat won over the loser the rabid Repugs pushed in to push out the less conservative Republican who then backed the Dem .. loved that

Not sure if I love Bloomberg being in for a 3rd term ... but the city has been running smoothly without RudyRemember9-11Guiliani so ... while a Dem in charge in NYC would have helped with the Governor race next year ... lets hope Patterson gets some one to read him the writing on the wall and he steps down so Andrew Cuomo can step up.

Dana said...

Like Jay, I don't know much about either candidate. Quite frankly, I'd just like to see a little moderation - a happy medium. I don't think that's what NJ got!

Mountain Photog said...

"He couldn’t excite a room full of imprisoned women if he had a vibrator stapled to his head."

LOLOLOL! You do have a way with words, Dianne.

I was disappointed at some of the election results as well, Dianne--but not surprised considering how vocal (insane) the right has been the past few months. Conservatives are running scared. And it's about time.

Scott Oglesby said...

That fact that you know the real issues, have a level head, and can actually discern the wheat from the chaff puts you in a .01% minority right about now in the US. That was some fiery, wonderful writing, and you should email it to the op-ed section of your local paper. Minus my very favorite part of the whole post… “He couldn’t excite a room full of imprisoned women if he had a vibrator stapled to his head.” – That was fucking brilliant!!

Matt-Man said...

I have always liked Corzine. He has and still does strike me as a thoughtful guy, I mean other than for his seatbelt practices.

I don't find Christie's win to be a major surprise, but yeah, he's a dickhead. Let me slip you some tongue and make it all better. Cheers Di!!

bobbie said...

You had to blog about it. I was trying to pretend it didn't happen.

Nessa said...

i love your description of Corzine. i'm going to steal it when I am commiserating of what we got stuck with for a governor although i can't say i'm surprised by the outcome. As far as i'm concerned, we didn't have anyone good to choose.

Wordless Wednesday - Cody's Help and Halloween

Dianne said...

jay - the Dems absolutely should have gotten a stronger candidate
right or not, Corzine is unpopular and the party just denied that fact
I have voted every election since I registered 30 some years ago and even I had to push myself to get out there
what a mess!!

daryl - I hope Cuomo runs!! he's a great leader
I don't know how I feel about Bloomie - mostly I mock him
I did see the Repub who was forced out by the zealot and then backed the Dem!!

dana - we definitely didn't get a little moderation
I don't even know how to define moderates anymore
I think Obama is a moderate, his detractors (the sane ones) think he's too liberal
I thought Corzine was moderate
He certainly didn't create all of NJ's problems in 4 years
this new gov also blamed him for all of NJ's corruption while claiming to have done away with NJ's corruption while he was a Fed prosecutor - not one single person questioned how the hell that was possible

lisa - I admit I enjoyed typing that line LOL
I don't know if conservatives are running scared as much as they're running crazy - I guess the crazy comes from the fear
like any unruly mob they're dangerous

scott - I love when you appreciate my writing since I so respect yours.
as I told Lisa above, that line made me happy

matt-man - oh baby!! if ever I could use your tongue
Corzine is an exceptionally intelligent, thoughtful man - he just can't fire up his followers and, sad but true, the people need to be led everywhere

bobbie - I'm sorry
I went to sleep telling myself to ignore the AP and the Ledger, it was still too early and too close
but when I checked this AM my heart just fell!! I think I always knew this would happen and hoped people would surprise me

Dianne said...

nessa - no one good to choose - that's the thing
the Dems have to start running good, strong communicators and people with street cred and balls

A Stitch In Thyme said...

I was watching this coverage very closely last night and must say i'm highly disgusted by the tactics, words and finances being used to promote these lard asses.

I am equally disgusted and disappointed with one of my two home states, maine, not getting it right with Gay Rights. I'm so disgusted I can't hardly hold a lucid thought on the matter.

Maine has been in the lead on many laws, by laws and ingenious thinking (licenses/child support). They had an oppurtunity here and they blew it and it really makes me sick.

Okay I can't talk about it right now. Your right.. let me just end with that. Hugs. Tammy

Bond said...

Another reason i would never move back to NJ even if I were to move back to the Northeast...

ummm Tony Soprano would have been a better choice...just saying...

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes!!! He makes me sick to my stomach and I don't even live in NJ! Right now -- even though we have our own brand of jackass politicians here in Seattle -- I prefer them to what you've ended up with -- mind you, I may retract that statement in the coming months!

No one says it better, Dianne!

Give the asshole hell.


betty said...

Don't beat around the bush. Just say what you really think. lol

Cloudia said...

Thanks for your honesty and punchy writing!

Funny, I ranted politically today too. Pop over an have a look.

Hang in there Jersey. Go Phillies!

Aloha, my Atlantic Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Ron said...

Ya see, this is WHY I love you so much...

...He couldn’t excite a room full of imprisoned women if he had a vibrator stapled to his head.


OMG...I read that line THREE times and howled everytime I read it.

This whole post was FLAWLESS!

Thank you for always sharing your honest feelings with such directness, and at the same time...BRILLIANT humor!

You ROCK, dear lady!


Dianne said...

stitch - we're very much alike in how we literally feel these issues - the entire campaign leading up to this asshat's win had often made me ill
hugs to you too my friend

bond - couldn't you just picture Tony as Governor, how priceless that would be
and the garbage would always be collected on time!! ;)

sylvia - I have a viseral reaction to this schmuck
I tried all day to watch his acceptance speech but I just can't

betty - I know, I really should be more direct
I've always been so shy and retiring with my thoughts

cloudia - your post was excellent as were many of the comments, especially my dear heart walking man - lord that man can write

ron - flawless!? Oy!! you're gonna go right to my head the way Entemann's goes to my hips
You always make me feel like a rock star

Linda Reeder said...

My condolences. Our big news in Washington State was the we finally got smart enough to vote DOWN a property tax lid, and APPROVE civil rights for civil unions.

Lily Hydrangea said...

You still have a good sense of humor despite the bad news, I give you a lot of credit Dianne!
every time I keep up with politics I just wind up getting disappointed.
plus the fact that I find it very dificult to trust politicians in general, but, even though I don't like the whole scene, I do think we all have to stay informed & vote. I console myself with the fact that we still have Obama and that's not too shabby.

the walking man said...

As I walked past the table on my way into the post office I said loud enough to be well heard; "You are a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers."

I did my business inside and went outside, even though they were not engaged with anyone, apparently they didn't want to know why they were ignorant nor why they were motherfuckers even though I stopped long enough for them to engage me.

I imagine Crist is like that too, all of the shriekers are.

Raven said...

But how do you really feel? Seriously, it's really depressing and I feel for you, especially if you're getting Rudy G. too. That someone would keep company with that psycho criminal says a lot about him and you had all better run for cover. I confess that I just don't understand the world. As a nation, we vote for hope and then we do everything we can to squash it down. Sucks.

Deborah Godin said...

As long as you can still give a good rant, they won't totally win! Love your indignation and tell-it attitude - great post!

Grayquill said...

I will give you some good news. I live in probably your paradise. A republican couldn't win here even if he acted like and said he was a democrat. We have had democrat rule here for years, maybe decades. Guess what, we are screwed up here too but probably no worse than your neck of the woods. I have come to this conclusion anyone putting their hope in a politician will be sadly disappointed.
People have this problem – they are do bad things, they do stupid things. And people sometimes become politicians.
I suggest you move to Seattle – I think you would find it to your liking.

Jacob said...

Well said and well written, Dianne! How's about I use this on you know what?

maryt/theteach said...

Whoa, Dianne, dem's strong words! But I'm glad to hear them because I thought Corzine should have won! I'm not surprised to hear Christie's a thug! :(

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is all so damn depressing. We are sliding down the Rabbit Hole faster than Sludge---Your new Governer sounds so so soooo scary!
Dianne, I love that you tell it like it is---Nothing Sugar Coated!
BRAVO to you....and BOO to the people of your state. I find it so discouraging that people cannot see further than he end of THEIR nose!!! OY VEY!

Robin said...

You slay me Dianne. It's been over twenty years since I lived in NJ (or even in the country) so I can't claim to have any idea whatsoever what any of them stand for or against, but I have to say that your description of Corzine had me snorting coffee out my nose!

I hope CC turns out to be less awful than it sounds like reading this...