Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pet Pride: Oy! My Nerves

Hi everybody - Siren here.

Mom person made up the title. I don't really say Oy!, it's more like OEEEOW!! but, like most humans, she hears what she wants to hear.

I am so grateful to BOZO for hosting Pet Pride. It's the only place where I can share my troubles.

It has been a rough few days.

First of all Mia (ugh!) has taken up all of Mom persons time. She is on new meds and she is acting odd - as if one could tell the difference - so she is getting a lot of attention.

She puts on her pathetic face ...

and gets everything she wants. I know she's like a million years old but come on already, enough!

The latest thing is that she can't reach everywhere to bathe so she's been getting matty hair and overall funkiness. So now there are more accessories just for her ...

Mom person runs around here wiping and brushing and clipping and serving. It's like a freakin' day at the spa with Mariah Carey.

I feel bad for Mia now and then. I guess I'll get old and feeble one day (NOT) and Mom person will take care of me too.

I try to help. Just last night Mia did a little upchucking and I ran right over to paw at it and move it under the bed. I was even careful to wipe my paws on the bed when I was finished cleaning up. I get the feeling I wasn't appreciated.

Makes me want to ...

Yesterday was some sort of people holiday. It required the persons dressing up like animals and beasts and ringing doorbells. Every time I got settled in for my nap more of them showed up.

Even the "infiltrator" was in on it. She dressed up like a bee and hung out with MY friend Anthony. Anthony is the first child person I ever liked and the first not family person I ever didn't bite - why is the furless wonder hogging in on him?

I was so upset that I needed to cuddle with Mom person's shoes.

I survived the dress up doorbell ringing day and thought that was it. BUT NOOOOO!

Today the uninvited creature with no fur sits center stage with all the goodies Mom person bought her and gets to watch the Jets. She sits there drooling and babbling while her Dad - MY brother - yells at the TV. More commotion ...

She does smell and lick everything in sight. That I can relate to.

Well my nerves are shot. Where are my shoes?

Thanks for listening everybody. It's Jenna's birthday so go on over to PET PRIDE and say Hi.


Sylvia K said...

Ah, we can both relate, Siren! But this past week, Mojo and I got to be pretty good buddies and I had a long birthday celebration! We celebrated all week. Great fun! Hope things get a little more comfortable for you this next week. Have to admit I'm glad to don't have any hairless ones around, not sure either of us would deal with that very well!!

Sam Schnauzer and Mojo the Most

Greyscale Territory said...

This is just brilliant! A smile a minute! Poor Siren! But at least you have that cosy shoe!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Everyone looks like they are getting the care they need. thanks for the smile.

Cherie said...

Hope looks extra cute in her bee costume. :) And poor Mia. Good thing that she has a good mom looking after her, and Siren ... I can relate to you, dude. Will the madness ever end? LOL ;) But shoes, dude? You're cuddling up with Keds? There's got to be something less likely to poke you in the eye. ;) Stay strong, dude!

Jay said...

You should have come and visited me this weekend Siren. I locked the doors, closed the blinds and turned off the lights and quietly watched football. The Arkansas game was a blow out so no yelling. You would have been able to get a lot more rest.

Wait. I'm allergic to you. Too bad. You're stuck with the noisemakers. ;-)

Mrs. C said...

This is TOO funny! Overall funkiness indeed. :P

Hilary said...

Poor kitty! Those expressions are priceless.. on all of them.. including that furless wonder. Too sweet. Siren and Mia don't know how good they have it without a Benny to contend with. ;)

Ebie said...

We share the same stories too! Twylah does the pathetic face, then close her eyes!

tattytiara said...

Oh honey humans never fully appreciate all the things that cats do for us. You have to forgive us, we're just not capable of processing it all.

Scott Oglesby said...

Very cute pics of the cats and the bambino! How old is Mia?

Bob-kat said...

Awwww, poor Siren. And poor Mia. I know what it's like to have an elderly cat and they do take a lot of care but I would never begrudge Bob a moment of the cleaning him and cleaning up I had to do. Funnily enough, Bob used to like my shoes too.

Hope all is okay with you.

Dianne said...

sylvia - I think Siren would actually enjoy Hope if he could just calm down when she makes noise and if her Mom wasn't so paranoid about him being around her.

greyscale - My Mom leaves me shoes when she knows I'm upset
love, Siren :)

queen size funny - they are!! thanks

cherie - I have always had a shoe fetish. I espcially love sneakers and boots
love, Siren

jay - I don't shed a lot and I'd stay on the other side of the room
I'd even bring beer dude, Mom spilled beer once and I really liked it
love, Siren

mrs c - the funk I can deal with, the hair mats are getting out of control!!

hilary - I think Siren sees Hope as a Benny ;)

ebie - thanks for coming by :)
Twylah is adorable

tattytiara - I realize the limits of persons, thanks
love, Siren

scott - thanks, hope I didn't kill ya with cuteness, I know I make Matt gag sometimes LOL
Mia is probably 11 as best as we can tell but she was homeless for a long time and sick and untreated so it aged her more
I'm happy that she's comfy and safe so it's all good

bob-kat - I don't begrudge either, I'm thrilled every time she settles in and seems happier and more comfortable
Siren is an absolute fiend for shoes LOL
he gets so excited when he finds them

LadyFi said...

This was so funny! Thanks for the smiles. Enjoy those shoes...

Nessa said...

An adorable story. They are all so cute.

Book Review #5 - Merle's Door

Arkansas Patti said...

Very funny as usual. Had to laugh at Mia's picture. Mickey is surely kin. They both have that half closed, ticked off, owl eye look.

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Not a dull moment, eh, Dianne?! And probably wouldn't have it any other way -- surrounded by your dearests!

The most precious bee I've seen!
hahaha, I saw a baby dressed up as a nun! That was a first!

Sounded like a wonderful day! :))

Bond said...

Wow Hope is growing so fast!

Deborah Godin said...

I have a whole new appreciation for what you're going through! (and hope you didn't hear the laughing)

Raven said...

Ah, Siren. This was a very moving tale. I'm glad you have your shoe for comfort. Sorry to hear that Mia isn't feeling well and getting all that extra attention. I continue to predict that you and the furless interloper will eventually become best friends. Hang in there.

Linda said...

Oy, poor Siren!

Just be glad that the Mom person didn't decide to dress you up in some sort of ridiculous costume and parade you around!

Try to be nice to Mia, we old people and cats need some coddling once in awhile and your turn will come someday whether you like it or not!

Daryl said...

Oh wow .. poor you, Siren, life is tough but you get to cuddle the shoes!

Ron said... have no idea how much ADORE these!!!!

When I got to the line....

Makes me want too....

And then saw the expression on Sirens face, I laughed so hard I ended up coughing up a fur ball!!


How do you get these shots, Dianne?? They're brilliant!

And when I saw Hope in her bumble bee costume I got this huge grin on my face and applauded - oh, how PRECIOUS!

I can't remember, but did I ever share with you that Mia reminds me of a kitty I once had who's name was Ashley? I swear, they look brother and sister.

Thank you for once again, sharing a special treat with these Pet Pride posts. I so look forward to them.

You ROCK, dear lady!

Love to you and the gang!

Dianne said...

LadyFi - I always try to laugh ;)

nessa - they are pretty cute, thanks

patti - my son says Mia looks like she's constipated - all the time!!

petra - a baby nun!! LOL
I had a 3 week old come by dressed as candy corn
the whole family was out - there were about 20 people taking pics of this baby

bond - time goes too fast

deborah - I love the laughter so belt it out ;)

raven - you have a lot of faith in me, I don't know about that furless one, she looks like trouble
love, Siren

linda - but I hate needy!! but I suppose you are right
I'm trying, I really am
love, Siren

daryl - and they're not high heels!! those are dangerous
hugs to Gus and Rosie
love, Siren

ron - I get so excited when I see your name!! you're my biggest fan LOL
Siren is very expressive so I take shots of every look and then match them
he was just starting to yawn in that shot
you did mention Ashley
Regis Philbin had a cat named Ashley that lived to be 20 or so
I remember Regis cried on air when Ashley died
and showed his pic for days
he looked like Mia too !!! just all white
Hope and Siren and Mia all send love to their Uncle Ron

The Peach Tart said...

This story was so cute and I love all the pictures.

Bob-kat said...

I just reread my comment and I hope it didn't come over wrong. I know you don't begrudge giving Mia the care she needs and I think you do a wonderful job of caring for both Mia and Siren. They are lucky kitties : )

Anya said...

Lovely story
You have two beautiful cats :)
hugs to all
Kareltje =^.^=

Sparkling Red said...

Hi Siren,

I'm sure your mom-person appreciated your help with the barf situation... but maybe you should just leave it for her to deal with next time. Humans are quite particular in their treatment of barf.

All the best,

Louise said...

Oh, Siren. You are so much like the Siren who owns me. She bites everyone, too! She gets cranky if anyone is getting more attention than her. (And really why shouldn't she--an you?) I know you wouldn't like each other, but that quality makes me know I would like you. (I love her somewhat crabby personality. She doesn't take garbage from people or other animals.)

Ivanhoe said...

Oh no! What a hard weekend you had. Hope it gets better for you and poor old Mia. Say hi to Mom for me and please be nice to that non-fur little person, k? She's too cute :o)

storyteller said...

Sounds like a chaotic time for YOU Siren. I'm glad you have Mom person's shoe to cuddle with. We've all been so busy I've not had time to visit blogs but I'm doing what I can to catch up this morning. Hope things calm down for you this week and you get some attention all to yourself.
Hugs and blessings,

Mountain Photog said...

What do you do, put catnip in your shoes?? lol

Hope is absolutely adorable in her costume, Dianne!

Wonderful photos, as always. :)

Luxury Pet Accessories said...

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CG said...

I always love to hear from Siren! That last photo with the shoe is so cute and so funny. Hope looks adorable as always. My two pusscats are really clingy after a week in the cattery - sadly they are also flea-ridden so we are all scratching like mad!

Reb said...

Oh, Siren, my person gives me a bath, in water! Try as I might, she just doesn't understand. At least I don't have my cousin here anymore, he went to live with his dad again. I don't get the shoes though, but I do have a small stuffed bunny. I hope Mia feels better soon and that hairless one will be worse torture in no time.

Lu' said...

Pic one and two are pettacular! Ok OK the baby is cute too but those first two pictures are GRRREAT!

jennifer said...

There are days that I would do anything to reduce that frazzled feeling. So if they haul me away for hugging shoes, please come and explain why I'm doing that.

Have a wonderful weekend Dianne.

Oh! I love the picture of Hope btw. She is so darn cute!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Life is tough, Siren..But you are right. You will get OLD too, and so try to have a little more compassion for Mia...It Ain't Easy, I assure you!

ALL Adorable pictures, my dear....
Siren hugging your shoe is precious! And Hope...well, she is beyond precious!

Anonymous said...

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