Friday, March 19, 2010

Nana Tells A Story

My friend KITTY mentioned that she’d like to hear some of the stories I make up for Hope. This got me thinking that I should try to keep a record of my ramblings. I wish my Nana had, she told the greatest stories and now I search my memory for them.

Hope wore the green for St. Patrick’s Day. When she got home from day care she visited our neighbors and tasted a bit of cabbage and then she came home to hang with Nana.

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen. She can sit by the window while we chat.

Hope’s ethnic heritage is diverse. She’s Irish, French, Russian, African, Native American, Greek. Roman Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Greek Orthodox.

Being the child of the universe that I am I often tell Hope stories that blend these cultures.

After asking her how she liked cabbage – I’m guessing from her face that the answer is “not so much” – we talked about the little shamrock pin and the little Star of David pin.

It seems that the shamrock was boasting about how she got to go out and go to parades and parties while the Star of David pin remained in Nana’s jewelry box. The star pin reminded the shamrock that it wasn’t kind to tease people and told the shamrock that Passover was coming and she too would be celebrating. This made the shamrock stop and think.

”What do you do on Passover?” the shamrock asked.

The Star of David talked a bit about the Seder.

It was at this point that the Easter Bunny and the gold cross asked when Easter was. The shamrock was excited because she knew it was April 4th and she also knew that both Catholic Easter and Greek Easter were on the same day.

”We don’t get to eat twice?” the gold cross asked.

”Oy!” the Greek Cross exclaimed. “We can get together and eat any time. You kids are so silly at times.”

Then all the little pins got together and made a pact to celebrate with each other all the time.

The End

The end is always punctuated with a “ta-da” from Nana and much applause from Hope. I love that she enjoys clapping and she’s very generous with her praise.

She watches my face while I speak and sometimes reaches up to touch it or she pats my hand while I hold hers.

One of my most vivid memories of my Nana is her telling me how “wide open and wonderful” the world was. How people were “so much the same, they love their children schmutz face and they want to be happy.”

And on we go …

Hope's ONESIE and her SOCKS came from shops on Etsy. They are beautifully made and both sellers were helpful about sizing. The prices were affordable and they were packaged nicely and shipped quickly. Check out the links - they have lovely items.

This is not a paid for post. Neither seller even knew I would be mentioning them. I simply like to support small businesses and crafts people.


Lund7 said...

What a sweet post! Thanks for mentioning my Etsy shop where I make ruffled socks and other fun girly items!

Hope is a beautiful little girl!! Stop back any time to see more fun stuff for her!!

Dianne said...

lund7 - I didn't know you were on blogger!! ah these internet tubes are a small world
the socks got a lot of compliments

jabblog said...

Hope is simply adorable and I love her name. I hope she'll always like it too.
Love the 'Irish' socks ;-)

Arkansas Patti said...

We can only hope your little walking UN child will pass on the story telling gene.Way to go Grandma, neat story.

Daryl said...

She is stylin' that adorable little Fashionista in training ... you must keep a record of your stories, maybe we can get together and make a little book for her ...

Doc said...

You are the Best Nana ever... (other than my own of course) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cute socks!! What a pretty girl! Are those the shoes that squeak when they walk? Have you ever seen those? If I had a little girl I'd have to have some. She's got such pretty hair, you're going to have fun buying accessories and stuff for her.

Mrs. C said...

Cute socks! You're so right; *most* people love their kids and want to do what's right.

I had no idea Hope had so many ethnicities! How on earth did ya fill out the census for that girl? :)

I was very tempted to check "other" myself and write "displaced Edenic peoples," but I didn't want a visit from the census workers. It bothers me to think that people's heritage comes down to a checkmark because as you wrote, it's more complicated (and simple!) than you might think.

God bless you and that pretty girl, Dianne!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Nana stories! I think it's a great idea to record them in some way. I wish so many of the wonderful stories that entertained in my childhood, as told by family, friends and carers, had been recorded in some way. There must have been some fabulous gems there.

pink dogwood said...

you are such a cool grandma. Hope is so adorable. I love watching her grow via your blog.

Best wishes,

Travis said...

I love that you teach Hope about the beauty and kindness in the world, and that diversity is wonderful. And you do that despite the difficulties you face on a daily basis.

Thanks for that. If we can manage our adult stresses and still teach our children that life is a terrific adventure full of people and things to enjoy, then there must certainly be a bright future in store.

As you say, there is always Hope.

Ron said...

Oh, man....what a faaabulouus story, Dianne!

What a rich and wonderful heritage. She's like a V-8 juice - a little bit of everything!

I am so glad you're documenting these on your blog because later on, Hope can go back a read your brilliance!

She looks SOOOOOOO adorable in her little St. Patricks Day outfit. OMG...I wanna squeeze her!

X ya's!

Linda said...

I love your story for Hope. So important children hear those kind of stories.

I also like that you buy from Etsy. Some of those sellers are young mothers trying to make enough money that they can afford to be home with their children.

Good for you!

Sparkling Red said...

I guarantee that Hope will remember her Nana with as much love and admiration as you do yours. :-)

Dianne said...

jabblog - I hope so too :)

patti - walking UN child!! I love that

daryl - she is stylin', that's for sure
I'd love to make a book for her :)

doc - I think I might need to settle for the bronze - behind your Nana and mine
and that's OK :)

3men/lady - I haven't seen the squeaky shoes, they sound cute
she wears bows and bands sometimes but she usually pulls them off and eats them within 10 minutes
maybe I should invent edible hair accessories ;)

mrs c - I always checked other for Jeffrey since they never allowed for multiple answers which says a lot about the world
bless all of you too :)

rob - Nana's are rich with history and imagination :)

pink - I try to fine tune my coolness!! LOL
I'm so glad you enjoy these posts

travis - the gift of Hope - and hope - is that it brings out the best in me :)

ron - my little V-8 juicy girl, I love that!!

linda - etsy is a wonderful place full of creative people, I enjoy shopping there

sparkling - thank you!! that's a wonderful thing to say

Linda said...

You're going to keep a book of stories for Hope so that when she's your age she'll be able to tell her grandchildren the wonderful stories that her Nana told her, right? It would be a wonderful legacy - priceless.

The socks are adorable! I need to check Etsy out more often but I always forget to go over there - too many things to do and not enough time plus my mind gets totally sidetracked most of the time and I totally forget that I was going to go check something out. It's a bit disconcerting to say the least!

Jeff B said...

This story is rich in its lessons. Respect for our cultural differences. Very nice.

Grayquill said...

Your subject - no the subject of your story - your overly happy clapping subject offers you enough delight for one happy blog. And your story was quite creative.
Question who's blog is this really - yours or Hope's. Either way, Hope is becoming/ has become/ the star.
Nice job Granny...
Kindest Regards, Roadquill

Linda Reeder said...

I love it that Hope stares at your face and even touches it while you are story telling. She is reading your face even if she doesn't understand your words. And it's so cool that you say those words anyway; real words, not baby talk. What a wonderful bond you two are forming.

Scott Oglesby said...

That’s a cool story for Hope and has a moral to boot! You should record all of your stories and write a little children’s book. My wife did it through and it’s completely free. You can even add pictures or illustrations. Then your just family can buy them or you can sell them to the general public. My wife has sold a couple dozen copies but would sell more if she promoted online ….something to think about.

Micky-T said...

That sure is a lucky little girl.

Dianne said...

linda - I hadn't thought about keeping any kind of record before Kitty mentioned it but now I think it's a great thing to do
I have done lots of baby shopping on etsy - for Hope, for baby showers and birth gifts and for holidays
right now there are so many cute things for Easter
and tons of summer dresses
and the search engine is pretty good
and you can favorite the shops you like the most

jeff - thanks :) I want her to know about all of her

grayquill - it's still mine but Hope has absolutely influenced it, I work more at being positive for her and spills over into the everyday stuff
thanks Roadquill ;)

linda - I love when she touches my face, it melts my heart
we always talk real words
her newest favorite is percussion - we don't bang on the drums, we play our percussion duet :)

scott - absolutely something to think about!! thanks
how do I find your wife's book, I'd love to see it

micky - she is lucky and she makes me feel lucky too

Sylvia K said...

Such a wonderful post, Dianne! And I love your stories! It has been such fun watching Hope grow and how quickly the months have passed!!! It seems like only yesterday they were coming home from the hospital!! She is so adorable and like Linda, I love that she touches your face when you're telling her a story -- it would melt my heart, too! Always delightful to see your latest photos! Big hugs to both of you and have a great weekend!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVE your "Pin" story....I think it is a great idea to document the stories you tell Hope...It could be made into a book for her---something she will keep forever!
And what a wonderful diversified Heritage Hope has...Marvelous!

Kay Dennison said...

You, my friend, are an awesome Nana!!

Mare said...

I agree with Kay! And your granddaughter is so very cute! You might record those stories while you are sharing them with her, and then she will still have you on record forever. And can listen again at will.

ds said...

Hope's shirt says it all--she is a very lucky little girl. And you are a wonderful Nana, offering lovely fables to guide her through life.

Scott Oglesby said...

Here’s the link Dianne. Like I said it is free until you order something. Karen’s book was more (around $20) because every page has pictures. But if you do less pictures, it’s a lot cheaper.

Hilary said...

Nana sure does tell wonderful stories. You must have inherited that gene from your own Nana.

jennifer said...

She is just so bloomin' CUTE!

Kitty said...

Thanks for the tale! and the shot of schmutz face!