Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday: The Agony of Da Feet

If The Shoe Fits, Buy It

I love shoes. I love their structure, they're like sculptures. I love all the designs and patterns and colors and textures. I love everything about shoes.

Except wearing them.

Even before my current state of big fat swollen ankle I had a terrible time with shoes. Back in my disco days I was famous for falling off my platforms, sliding out of my espadrilles.

I once got a heel stuck in a subway grate and left one shoe there as the other shoe, with me in it, boarded the train.

At the Minneapolis airport, while on a business trip, I ran toward the gate with heels in hand to catch the last flight of the day. As I arrived, waving wildly at the gate agent, one of the shoes in my hand went flying across the waiting area. Thankfully it didn't hit anyone. This was pre absurd security procedures. Now I probably would have been taken down.

Today my shoe adventures revolve around what will fit and feel the most comfy.



Hilary said...

Sounds to me like shoes are almost your.. arch enemy. ;)

Hootin' Anni said...

Me too...

and buy in all the colors!! <-my six words!!

Come view my 6 words here I hope to see you stop by!!

Daryl said...

Ah shoes. Love 'em and hate 'em. I discovered that boots and sandals are my best my best for comfort and walkability. I can fall off my barefeet .. and have

studio lolo said...

Hilarious! I thought you were writing about me for a minute ;)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Six words for you: Nothing like finding a comfortable shoe!

bobbie said...

At this point in my life, I hate shoes. Have to wear Rx shoes. Prefer sneakers.

John's comments said...

Shoes are tomorrow's bunions and today's vanity... a blokes perspective( he who think shoes from a thrift store are too expensive)

Mrs. C said...

The little children know that "shoes" mean you go somewhere. I will allow slippers in the house, but absolutely no outside shoes. Could you imagine how dirty this place would be if all eight people tromped in their muddy shoes?

As I was reading your post, I wondered if there weren't prescription shoes or some sort of special support gear that might be helpful. It might not look pretty, though, but who cares?

PS. Thought of you yesterday after I was accused of promoting the feminist agenda. I was going, I can't wait to blog this. I wonder what Dianne will say about me being a feminist? LOL

croleyc69 said...

I hate wearing shoes. I wear my croc's so much.
Happy 6WS

Jeanie said...

I am tending toward the comfortable these days too, but still love finding a great pair...if the heel is not very high.

faerwillow said...

~me and shoes have never been almost always...i l♥ve the vibrant colors in this photo...beautiful! brightest blessings~

Dianne said...

hilary - I love a good pun :)

anni - absolutely in all the colors :)

daryl - I find it hard to picture you clumsy, you're far too graceful :)

studio - isn't it cool to know it's not just you LOL

magical - excellent 6 words

bobbie - my Rx shoes don't fit when the ankle swells
how's that for irony ;)

john - you get no arguement from me, not at this stage of my fashion life :)

mrs c - none of us wear shoes inside either for much the same reason - the mess ends at the side door ;)
I read your femmie post and loved it
and you

croley - I was addicted to my Uggs all winter

jeanie - I read that flats are in again, isn't that great!? :)

faerwillow - I'm glad you like the photo
thanks :)

ellen abbott said...

I'm a bare foot girl. I hate to wear shoes. I'm bare foot right now and will be all day unless I have to go somewhere. then I wear sandals. And heels? Never ever ever...ever. One of my biggest grumbles about winter is that I have to wear some sort of shoes to keep my feet warm. Moccasins. I like moccasins.

Trisha said...

Comfortable shoes are the "white whale" in the lives of many women!

Ron said...

OMG, I LOVE this shot Dianne!

The color is freakin' AMAZING!

The image looks surreal; almost like how you would see something in a dream.

This post reminded me of my first pair of plateform shoes I got back in the early 70's. I recall running to catch a subway and trippng over my feet because I was not use to walking in such high heels!

I felt like a new born fawn trying to stand for the first time!#?!*

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday, dear lady.

X to you and the gang!

Linda said...

You want pain AND shoes then take a 17-year old with size 11+ feet shopping and deal with her getting frustrated and bitchy when none of the "cute shoes" fit the feet she inherited from her father. Oh yea, good times. NOT!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I have an extra toe , my left feet.. I custom made my shoes... LOVE your six words!

Happy Saturday! Have a truly blessed weekend! Mine is here hugs shakira

Linda said...

I love shoes and hate them too. I have a zillion pairs but none of them are comfortable any more. It is because I have gained so much weight and also have bunions! But I shall always love pretty shoes...and always wish they wouldn't hurt my feet so badly!

Linda @ truthful Tidbits

Travis said...

Lovely shoes on a

el vigilante said...

I loved your post, even though I am so not about shoes. Well, not *sexy* ones anyway. Give me a pair of Converse All Stars and I can conquer the world. :)

Sparkling Red said...

Every once in a while I lose my mind and buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes, which includes anything with a heel over 1.5", thinking "I'll wear them! They're so pretty, I'll wear them!" I never wear them. Or I wear them once, get a terribly sore back the next day, and then never wear them again. Oh well. There are plenty of cute sensible shoes to chose from.

Linda said...

Ah yes, I can relate to this one. Oh how I loved shoes. Those days are long gone, now I'm looking only for comfort.

Amanda said...

I love shoes too. I used to have quite a collection, but my feet don't like most of them anymore. :(
Happy SWS

kenju said...

From the ages of six through about sixty, shoes were my passion. When I went to college, I had 27 pairs, and since then I've seldom had fewer.
But, nowadays all I ever want to wear are my (fake) crocs. They are like going barefoot without the threat of damage to my feet.

ds said...

Great story--thanks for the chuckles!! Have completely given up on shoes: love looking, no point to buying...

3 Men and a Lady said...

LOL, they would have totally tackled you for the shoe at the airport thing if it happened today. I like beautiful shoes, too. But I don't like wearing them nearly as much.

Scott Oglesby said...

I would have loved to have seen you in your disco days Dianne! Since I grew up ‘urban’ –see kinda ghetto. I love shoes too. I used to have 2 pairs of K-Swiss still in the box, and they were only the sneaks. I love expensive imported Italian especially. Now though, in the middle of nowhere, not only do I have no real shoes; I’d have nowhere to wear them if I did.

Dianne said...

ellen - I was addicted to my Uggs this winter

trisha - so true :)

ron - we would have been hilarious at the disco together

linda - I've been a 9 all my life, my niece a 10
we understand :)

shakira - custom shoes are so expensive but I bet they feel good

linda - bunions and extra weight - yes, I know those well :)

travis - they can be very sexy :)

el vigilante - Converse can be very sexy :)

sparkling - flats are in! flats are in!
how cool is that

linda - I do miss that feeling of slipping on the heels and immediately feeling so sexy
and the click of my heels on the tiles at work

amanda - me too :)

kenju - there's nothing like comfort

ds - same here, the looking is enough for me

3 men/lady - I know!! I would have become a terrorist incident

scott - I was a hot mess in those days LOL
I can picture you and your K-Swiss

Akelamalu said...

I'm still a martyr to fashionable shoes, though I only wear my really ornamental (killer heels)shoes when I don't have to walk very far - like into a taxi and out of a taxi to a bar stool! LOL

Jacob said...

Very funny! I shoed think you'd wanta wear comfy ones now!

Mountain Photog said...

Oh My God! I loved your shoe stories, Dianne! They made my day! LOLOLOLOL! Great photo of the shoe store, too.