Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I Think It's All About

I’ve been trying to understand the varying opinions on healthcare reform.

I’ve been trying to see things from the perspective of others.

Ever since Hope (my grand daughter) was born I have been on a journey to be a more balanced, calmer person. I think we owe our (grand) children the gift of being thinkers, the peace of being empathetic, the joy of seeing the good in life.

I also think we owe them the courage to speak up when things are terribly wrong.

There are those who are afraid of the money being spent. I get that. Every year the price of necessities go up. Property taxes go up. And usually while salaries shrink. While jobs disappear.

I would like to know where this concern was when we invaded Iraq. When we started a war that has cost nearly 975 billion dollars – see COST OF WAR.COM

And let’s not forget the thousands and thousands dead. And the multitudes injured and crippled and maimed, whose lives are altered forever.

As for the concern about increased income tax. If you make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year and you’re going to bitch about an increase you can kiss my ass. You’ve most likely been reaping the benefits of tax loopholes and the Republican love for gifting the rich so pay up now. Plus you’ll just find a new way to screw the system, so don’t be such pissy whiners.

If you are a small business with 51+ workers and you don’t insure them you’re a piece of crap to begin with. I owned a small business. I cut back on office space. I took less of a salary. I spent less and worked more to insure my staff. That’s what a responsible employer and a good American is supposed to do.

If you fire people to be under the 51 count you should be legally bound to prove a down turn in business caused those layoffs. If you fired a person for cause then you should hire a replacement.

If you fire people to get around insuring them you are scum and you shouldn’t have a small business. You’re truly ready to be on Wall Street.

Then there are those who are worried about a loss of personal freedom. I heard this morning that several states will be suing the federal government claiming that healthcare reform impedes state rights and individual freedom. Back when I had health insurance – for the reasonable and affordable cost of $1200 a month – I had to call before I went to an ER. I had to change meds whenever the insurance company put out a new list of drugs they had decided wasn’t necessary.

When my ankle tore and I couldn’t walk my doctor spent over an hour on the phone explaining why I needed an MRI. They asked if I could stand – he tried to explain that I could only stand if I was leaning on something. He was told to just answer the question. He was asked if I could walk. He had to scream and threaten. His assistant had to fax volumes of pages. I had to wait over a week to get the MRI.

Then the fight for an orthopedic evaluation started. While that fight was going on with a health insurance company I was losing the battle with a disability insurance company.

So what happened – the disability money didn’t come. It was the mortgage or the health insurance premium. The health insurance was cancelled. Then the disability folks said that without an orthopedic evaluation I couldn’t be disabled.

If that isn’t a loss of personal freedom I don’t know what is.

Let’s get behind suing insurance companies.

And then there are the tea baggers. The far right. The fringe that gets so much press.

This is about ignorance. This is about racism. This is about religious zealotry and intolerance. Not since the America of the pre civil rights movement have I seen such hatred and outlandish behavior.

If a white President was reforming healthcare no way would there be this much of a storm.

And if every decent American isn’t concerned about that then we are in big trouble.

I found THIS compilation of protest slogans and signs. There are claims that FOX won’t/didn’t show most of these since they are so offensive. There are even stories of news outlets photo shopping the signs to make them less offensive. I can’t find outright proof but I sure as hell believe it.

Blacks. Muslims. Kenyans. Jews. Women. All insulted with the use of pithy little sayings. Parents having their children show words they shoudn't even hear or see.

I couldn’t figure out what some of the signs meant since the spelling was so bad. Here’s a little advice – if you’re going to advertise your views on national TV then get a dictionary. If you have already burned your dictionary then check the Bible. It has words in it. Read it, find the words you need and copy them.

And last but not least – Google what a tea bagger really is. For goodness sake you filthy, pathetic, disgusting, ignorant pieces of trash. Look it up!

And then get your testicles off the face of America.

You can read more about the fine outstanding American pictured above HERE


Anonymous said...

Why can't health care just be reasonable like it was 50 years ago? When did it become so expensive? Health insurance companies are the devil, I think. Doctors should just be able to do their jobs regardless of how you are covered. What really pissed me off was on our news last night an ER physician said "it'll be interesting to see how many DRs decide to accept this coverage". WHY is there a choice? Just care for the damned patients, you know?

And those idiot protesters... don't get me started.

Daryl said...

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I was screaming at the TV this morning as GMA aired Trash Limbaugh and Scary Palin urging in the most obnoxious (him) and almost laughable inability to get the words out (her) manner. I want to put them along with Senator Faux Tan (heard tanning salons will be getting hit with a big tax!!!) up front and center stage when the reality of how this will help people who need it begins to be heard over the lie and innuendo thats been spewed by Faux News and its opinionters

Can you tell my BP is soaring?

Phfrankie Bondo said...

"...fear is the way we die..."

Jay said...

Insurance companies provide no real service and certainly do not add any value. All they do is skim up to 30% of the costs off the top.

Believe me, the fact that a black man and a woman are the ones who got health care done is a BIG part of the anger. That's why they keep using the same arguments against HCR that they used against the Civil Rights Act.

I can see some of the old folks sitting around right now saying "See! We warned you this was gonna happen if you gave women and blacks equal rights!" hahaha ;-)

Linda Reeder said...

The hateful ignorance being shown by the detractors of health care reform is disturbing. That it is the product of purposeful misinformation and fear mongering is frightening.
Our problems still loom large. Many will long for "the good old days" when things worked, or the federal government was less intrusive, or life was easy. But's that's a fantasy, and be don't make progress by going backward.
Rather, we need to take our example from President Obama, remained calm, informed and persistent. There are more hurdles to clear, but progress will continue. We will work to solve problems and fight ignorance.
We must. For Hope.
And on the other hand, I loved your rant! I looked up tea-bagger several weeks ago, and noticed that the Urban Dictionary list of meanings is growing to include the meatheads who fight against the very things that would be to their benefit. The stupid are always with us.
BTW, here in Washington State the Attorney General has declared we will participate in the legal challenge, and Governor is going to take HIM to court, and a movement is spreading on facebook to send him the message "Not in my name...Not on my dime". I signed on.

Dianne said...

3 men/lady - I believe it started with Regan, the folk hero of the Repubs
he loved destroying regulations that gave large cos. more and more freedom to screw us for $$$

daryl - you're welcome sis :)
keep the BP under control, wouldn't want one of the death panels to put you on a list ;)

phrankie - amen

jay - according to Elizabeth Edwards' site my ex carrier spent $1 out of every $7 compensating it's CEO

linda - thanks for signing that :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following the debate about heath care in the US with interest. Firstly, thank God Pres. Obama has managed to get the reforms through. I just cannot understand how any civilised nation could want to deprive 30 million(!) people of the right to health care. I noticed that some Republicans used the British National Health Service as an example of 'socialised' care (as if using the 's' word is some kind of curse). The claimed the NHS is a mess and inefficient etc. Well, like many large bureaucracies, it could certainly do with some better planning but, as someone who has had to use its services to a great extent in recent years, I thank God it's there. I certainly could never afford private health care. It may not be perfect but its a God-send to the average person. I hope the poorer people in the US will now be able to benefit in a similar way. Keep up the good work, all of you.

Doc said...

Anyone notice that Healthcare company stocks went UP yesterday?

The only people that are complaining about healhcare are the ones who have it or access to it... Im glad we are doing something for the millions who dont.

Anonymous said...

I have to second Singing Bear's thoughts and add that I just cannot believe what I'm reading and seeing yet again (prop 8!) from a first world country. There is something seriously wrong with the values of way too many people. Where does this hatred come from?

ellen abbott said...

I personally don't think mandatory insurance is the answer. People who can afford insurance still don't get the care they are paying for re your own experience Dianne. Why will it be different if we have mandatory insurance? I'd rather just pay for my care, which is what I do now (fortunately I have not suffered anything catastrophic). What I would like to see is reform of the cost of health care. How can a doctor justify charging $800 for 5 minutes to glue together a little cut on a child's chin (true)?

I'm so with you on the hatefulness though. What is wrong with the people in this country? Cursing, throwing hateful epithets, spitting on people for crying out loud.

And what about Walmart and it's clones who refuse to give any of their employees full time hours so they won't have to provide benefits? Why aren't they being brought to task?

San said...

It's a shame the public option never made it into this legislation, but I'm grateful for some progress anyway.

What most offends me about these teabaggers is their touting of Christianity. As my minister here in Santa Fe has said, "I'm a fundamentalist. I believe in the fundamentals of social justice, in looking out for people's welfare. That's what a true fundamentalist does. They want the best for all." Did you see Michael Moore's spoof on this right-wing twisting of Christian values? In his film about capitalism run amok, he took clips from old movies about Christ and had him refusing to heal people because they had pre-existing conditions. It was hilarious and oh so tragic.

Another thing about these right-wing extremists: they don't seem to recognize that they are siding with big corporations who don't give a rat's ass about them. They are ignorant and really there's no excuse for their ignorance.

Mountain Photog said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you, Dianne? LOL! Well, I do. :) That was a perfect post.

I have to say, I don't get it. Oh, I get the Tea Party crap. After all, the whole Tea Party "movement" is in part funded by a group called Freedomworks, chaired by the former Republican House majority leader, Dick Armey, who is also a lobbyist for DLA Piper. DLA Piper's clients include pharmaceutical maker Bristol-Myers Squibb; medical device supplier SleepMed incorporated; health care provider Metropolitan Health Networks; and the pharmaceutical firm Medicines Company.

Yes, I get their reasons for firing up the masses against health care reform. That's a no-brainer. What I don't get is how the masses get suckered into believing this is for the good of the country. I guess, like most mobs, it's all fear-driven. Fear of losing money, losing good medical insurance, losing their "way of life," however misguided that may be.

The only thing I know for sure is that, right now, the power is the hands of those who are working toward the good and not in the hands of those railing against it. Thank God.

Mrs. C said...

I would echo much of what San said in his last comment, except for the fact that I *am* a Christian fundamentalist, and it discourages me to see a real lack of charity to one's neighbour in church... but lots of money in the coffers for helping some poor people group they don't know on the other side of the world... (I think BOTH aspects of giving are very important, don't get me wrong... but Jesus also spoke very clearly about not giving to the temple and ignoring family needs. Aren't we supposed to be church "family?")

I don't like the way things are now, and have lots of bad stories to tell you even though I have coverage that I should be getting for my children (I'll have to email you sometime with details)... somehow the ins. company says we don't qualify for. There is no way to force the issue on my budget. I don't want this health care thing because I don't think it's good for the nation spending-wise. And yes, I had similar worries when we began this terribly long "war" in Iraq for people's hearts and minds while we bomb the crap out of 'em... (ok, another post, but I remember freaking out about the deficit since I was little!)

I haven't seen any of this healthcare outrage based on the blackness of our president, but perhaps people just don't feel comfortable spouting such stuff in my presence. (One could hope. Or maybe these are the very fringes, just as the naked painted people in parades are -- I hope -- on the fringes of the gay rights movement.)

I think it has to do more with fundamental differences in perception as to what government ought to do FOR people and what the government ought to stay OUT of. Here, I think, is the clash.

But Dianne, certainly you can't argue for civil discourse whilst stating that people who disagree with you are rubbing their genitals on stuff... just sayin'.

You know we are always friends, and I think there is a just God out there somewhere Who will lead us both to perfect Truth. ((hug))

bobbie said...

Basically I agree with all you've said, Dianne.

And have you stopped by Singing Bear's place to see his Gil Scott-Heron post? speaking of Reagan.

Take a look at the third comment on my last post though. It came from a man who did NOT want to see the bill pass, but who is actually calm and intelligent and reasonable. There are some of those around despite all of the others.

Betty said...

Those photos are disgusting. Those people are truly the maggots of society. They are too ignorant to realize that they are being exploited. I can't even feel sorry for them.

Dianne said...

singing bear - I have friends in the UK and in Canada who all basically say the same thing - regardless of its issues universal healthcare is by far the best system
I doubt the USA will ever have that, sad but true

doc - I don't follow the market but that's really interesting, I'm going to do some research on that

rob - have you read any of the stuff about how several USA "Christian" groups are funding the crap going on in Uganda - where they want being gay to become a crime punishable by death!!

ellen - I would have gotten the care I needed if we had universal healthcare, and I believe I would have gotten better care at a better price had the pool of cos. been available when I lost my insurance and had the pre-existing condition bias not been allowed

san - I'm not grateful, I'm a bit heartened, a little less disappointed
I'm thrilled that kids can stay on policies til they are 26 and the bias against pre-existing conditions was a huge problem for me
but I wanted universal care - I wanted what most other democratic nations have
the ones not run by corporations that is :)
Michael Moore is a genius

lisa - I love you too, thanks - I need to hear that at times
and thanks for the info

mrs c - I understand about personal liberties but I still don't see how the govt. is going to be into our actual personal healthcare
it doesn't happen that way in the UK or in Canada
and if it does, I'd rather the govt. than an insurance company
I can write my senator, my congressman and - as has already happened - they will respond
the insurance cos. just ignore me
as for the rubbing genitals remark - what I was saying is that these tea baggers are so stupid they don't know/care what the term teabagger really means
oh - and it also means someone who literally carries tea bags ;)

bobbie - I'll check out your comments and bear's post

betty - I am a terrible friend to you!!
I haven't been by to visit in forever, my apologies
I get caught up in myself
I don't feel sorry for them either Betty although I do for their children
taking a child to one of their protests is abuse as far as I'm concerned

Bond said...

YOu know..if you disagree, I have no problem with that. We protested in the 60's and 70's for what we believed. People did not Jimmy Carter and they protested. People did not like Clinton and they protested. People did not like W and they protested.

These people are living in the 40's with their disgusting slanderous signs and words.

I read today that in a poll of the tea baggers, most think that President Obama increased taxes for the middle class, not decreased taxes.

Stop watching one TV station...stop listening to your neighbor Bubba who has not read a newspaper in 20 years...start looking at F-A-C-T-S!!!

Pagan Sphinx said...

What healthcare reform? This bill is piece of crap. When the idiots on Capital Hill get all fired up against a bill that is basically nothing, it just proves that this nation will not see real healthcare changes like the rest of the civilized work enjoys, any time soon and perhaps never.

I'm sorry to say (and I truly am sorry) that President Obama has been too lenient with the health insurance industry and that makes me worry about the financial ties he has with them. Some things will never change. I've given up.

Hilary said...

As a Canadian, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the resistance against health care. It's ludicrous to me. As a human being, I can't wrap my mind around this ugly bigotry.

Ron said...


I try very hard not to talk politics while blogging, but this is one case in which I feel as strongly as you.

So thank you, dear lady.

Thank you for saying what I feel.

X ya!

Jeni said...

I see nothing in this post, Dianne, with which I disagree!!! As always, you nailed so much of the current issues squarely on the head. The racist attitudes showing in the Tea-baggers, followers of Limbaugh and Glenn Beck too are absolutely mind-boggling as are those who proclaim to be Christians and yet...well, need I say more. Actually, yes I do have one more thing. If anyone here follows the great columnist at the Miami Herald -Leonard Pitts, Jr -please look up his column this past weekend about Glenn Beck and his particular little war on social welfare, etc. Excellent post and I'd be willing to bet the family farm Dianne, that you especially, would love his words(if you haven't already read this one.) Go Google him -he's superb!

Martha Z said...

My son sent me to "urban dictionary" for the definition. No way he was going to tell his mom!

I have been ranting much as you have about these people but have decided that you hit the nail on the head in one of your first paragraphs. They are fearful, and the right uses that fear to manipulate them.

One reason I think that the Coffee Party will not be successful is that they are trying to attract thoughtful people while the tea party wants people that don't think but just react, will recited back what Rush, Glen and others say without analyzing.

ds said...

Amen, Dianne! You've said it all.

Grayquill said...

I hope this works out better for you!

LadyFi said...

As a Brit living in Sweden, and where both countries have healthcare for everyone (free or very cheap), I have been surprised and saddened by the outrage and blatantly racist remarks in the US about the health care reform.

As you say, I sorely doubt that such remarks would have been made if a white president were in office.

Thank you for your take on this.

Scott Oglesby said...

This was seriously fucking beautiful Dianne. I love when you get going! I don’t want to leave the same comment I left on Matt-Man blog the other day, but you know how I feel about it. The majority of people on this planet are so identified with their mental positions that their actions become pure evil. In other words, they are literally insane.

I personally think that every human being on this planet has the right to medical care. I don’t care if he’s lazy or a drug addict, it’s just a basic human right. And there does need to be a little dose of socialism in America. The poorest are generally the people that work the hardest the longest, and have nothing to show for it at the end of their life. And that isn’t right!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HOORAY! BRAVA! THIS IS TERRIFIC, DIANNE! I LOVE your Passion and your deep caring convictions...And I agree with you 150%!!!
You say it all better than anyone, my dear!

Right On, Honey....RIGHT ON!

Dianne said...

bond - see that's the thing! they're so incredibly uninformed, how the hell do you have a conversation with lunatics?

pagan - no agruement from me, you're absolutely right
I have little hope for progress in this country
we took so many gigantic leaps backwards during Bush's years and it just gets worse
Obama has gone too far in his need for bi-partianship, they clearly don't want it, they clearly hate him and have no respect for him or his office
I can't begin to tell you how much I despise the Republican party - and most weak Dems as well

hilary - we have become a nation where far too many people think they and only they are entitled
I sometimes think 9/11 has something to do with it
there was/still is such a sense of righteous victim
we got hurt so now we can do whatever we want
Bush and Guiliani had a lot to do with that

ron - I don't get political that much any more, it's so ugly and dark
but after the bill passed and immediately the crap about overturning it started
I just had to say something

jeni - I will look up that columnist
peace jeni

martha - my son would never tell me anything like that either!! LOL
isn't it astounding that these idiots don't get it
this country has been so dumbed down, it's like a disease

ds - thanks :)

grayquill - if the bill had passed as actual, real reform it would have helped

LadyFi - we continue to embaress ourselves on the international stage
it makes me cringe
many are so self righteous about our superiority and then we act like loons and bullies and outright assholes

scott - you know that means a lot to me :)

old old lady of the hills - OY lady, if we were younger we could lead the revolution

Arkansas Patti said...

Thank you for venting MY spleen for me in such an eloquent manner. Easier on my blood pressure when you do it. You always hit the nail squarely. The same people who blasted SS and Medicare bills, eventually lined up gratefully for their checks.
Hopefully reason will prevail this time.
Bigotry however is always an undercurrent in our society and loves a platform. Sadly bigots breed.
One good thing though. Didn't Rush Limbaugh say he would leave the country HCR passed? Two blessings in one day. Lets enjoy our victories.

the walking man said...

Rush finally has what he wanted all along and Glenn is getting what he as worked so hard for. War fought on these shores. soon enough it will come to blood on the streets and for what...for these assholes to protect their multiple (30+) million dollar pay checks.

O guess they figure every veteran is a neo con conservative. BUZZZZZ! Wrong. But we all do know how to fight.

Cricket said...

Amen. For myself, I think what we should do is this:

Let the (insurance companies/credit card companies/banks &c.) write their "dream bills". Then, we take the exact opposite and make that the law.

Makes sense to me.

Congrats on the potw.

Land of shimp said...

Hello :-) We're in agreement on everything, from marriage equality and onwards.

Except for one thing: Although the taunts and criticisms of the health care reform tend to bring in racial nastiness, there was definitely a lot of scrambling over health reform when two other presidents both tried their hand at it. The screams of socialism were the same, the outrageous claims about Canada actually started back when Carter took his run at Universal health care.

The ads were just as misleading and outrageous when Clinton tried again.

Although the opposition has stooped so far in the accusations and slurs being thrown around they have practically reached the Earth's core, at least it isn't only about racism. Talk about damning with faint praise, eh?

So that's the only point that I wanted to make. Yes, this sucks. Yes, the bigots and racists, haters and shriveled souls of the world are bellowing their narrow-minded lungs out. They screamed just as loud about Carter, and Clinton...the words were different, but the kicking and screaming against trying to treat our fellow citizens as human beings worthy of well-being was just as loud.

It's very disheartening, but I hope that a new day is dawning. I have health care insurance, I'm in a tax bracket that will see an increase and I say, Bring It On.

I'd like to be able to take some pride in our actual societal structure. I'd like to be able to believe that we in the United States can still develop a social conscience and that as we do, as we gain this hard fought for ground, those bile spewing voices will become fewer and fewer as we grow.

Land of shimp said...

Shoot, I completely forgot to say: Congratulations on the post of the week mention over at Hilary's :-) Thoroughly deserved!

Hear, hear!

Daryl said...

Back to say Congrats on POTW mention from Hilary you fabulous broad you! xo

Micky-T said...

I LOVE how say it!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You Rock Diane!

Linda said...

I could just keep my mouth shut here but I know you to be a fair and equal person and that you don't get nasty with someone simply because they have a different opinion than you so ... with that said ... my reservations with this historic bit of legislation that just got signed into law is NOT with the health care portions of the bill but with everything else that they managed to slide in with it as well as the concessions that are being made to unions and the like.

I fully believe that everyone not only deserves but needs health care and I also firmly believe that the costs of health care need to be regulated. I shouldn't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for my insurance and still have to pay a $500-$1000 co-pay for needed procedures. Somehow I don't think it really costs THAT much for an MRI or for someone to read the darned thing but perhaps I'm wrong on that one.

Insurance execs aren't the only ones getting rich - doctors seem to be doing pretty well, too, though a lot of them are definitely having trouble paying the cost of malpractice insurance. Which brings up the entire problem of frivolous lawsuits but that's neither here nor there in this comment.

The thing that gets my goat in this is that there is already a major league abuse of the system by those who receive Medicaid and I'm really afraid it's only going to get worse. You would not begin to believe the number of 911 calls I get from people (the same ones over and over again I might add) who have Medicaid and want an ambulance for a ride to the hospital for something minor (like a cold for example) because they don't have any way to get there. And they TELL me this on 911! Unfortunately I can't tell them we don't provide that service and what they really want is a taxi (which Medicaid doesn't pay for) because once someone activates the 911 system, we are obligated to send them an ambulance.

And then there are the local drunks who have quite the routine down to a science for when they want to go to the Emergency Department to get a hot meal. For some unknown reason, drunk in public has now become a medical emergency rather than a police matter and we haul the same people over and over to the hospital - sometimes even from their own homes! Not only does this incur the cost of the ambulance and the EMTs who staff it but takes up a bed at the Emergency Room that perhaps someone with a true emergency could use and also has doctors and nurses tending to someone who is just going to go right back out on the streets and do it again the next day. I wish I could tell you what the cost of all that is but I can only tell you that the ambulance ain't cheap - not that my company is getting paid for these trips, mind you, but we still have to do them.

If there was some way that I knew this new health care reform truly was going to fix a system that has been broken for a very, very long time and not add more problems to it then I'd be all for it but I'm just not sure that it's going to.

Yes, we needed reform and yes, people need medical benefits but somehow I've got to think there was a better way to do it then voting through a package that had so many other things attached to it - like student loans being taken over by the government. What on earth does THAT have to do with you getting decent health care coverage??

Trust me, I am not with the so-called teabaggers on this one but I just have my doubts which I will be happy to put aside when I see this plan in action and working. Honest! And I'm sorry this comment was all over the place ... my train of thought kept derailing!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Di: despise is not even strong enough a word. Loathe. I have to watch it even as I write this comment because tears of rage well up. It wrecks me. I can't think about it anymore.

Hilary: I have lots of family in Portugal, the least prosperous nation in the EU and they can't wrap their heads around it either. They really love Obama (my family) and they can't figure out why he doesn't do something! It's hard to explain to them how a decent, intelligent man isn't allowed to govern in the way he believes and how he has to play th usual politics games because the corporations OWN this nation.

Dianne said...

patti - venting my spleen is one of my most favorite phrases in the whole wide under-insured world! ;)

walking man - I saw several things today that hurt my soul and made me furious
there is going to be a rally on April 19th in support of being allowed to carry firearms out in the open
it is being held in a national park as close to DC as legally possible
one of the leaders of this group has also been posting to the members that they throw bricks thru the windows of any and all associated with the Dems, he then goes on to tell them to 'clean your rifles and be ready'
Sarah Palin has a a message on Twitter telling her supporters to 'take heart and reload' and then directs to her Facebook page which shows a map of the US with rifle scopes over the Dem states
WTF Mark!! Worst I have seen in this country in 40+ years

cricket - unfortunately they really are already writing the bills
thank you for the visit :)

land of shimp - Oh how I want to be able to take pride in our society as well, and I often
or did
I do remember the rukus when Clinton tried to reform healthcare, and Carter before him
funny enough - even Nixon tried
I vividly recall how they tormented Hillary
but this is more and deeper and more sinister
Obama has more assassination threats than any other President in history and they have increased trmendously in the past few days
as have threats against Pelosi
and threats in general as I mentioned in my comment to walking man
thanks for visiting

daryl - this broad has to stop watching the news soon
it is more than a decent person can bear
thanks sis :)

micky - thanks buddy
I must say I am proud of my testicles line ;)

noe noe - and so do you lady

linda - you should never keep your mouth shut around me ;)
I'm not thrilled with the bill at all, I think it - and most legislation - is far too full of BS and deals and crap shoved in to get people to agree or to move away
lobbyists have got to get the hell out of DC
estimates are that the health care industry had 8 lobbyists working for every Congressperson
8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they can afford that but can't just cover people? or give affordable meds? or bring down malpractice premiums?
you're on the front line of the worst of people so I certainly couldn't question what you see and hear and deal with
and I hate scammers and lazy people and crooks
but - all of them put together still won't cost the/any system what the corrupt corporations run wild costs us
and some of these people really are disturbed/ill
alcoholism is a disease that does not get proper care unless you're Betty Ford clinic rich
mentally ill people are routinely thrown out into the world to just deal with themselves
we have a neighbor that everyone around us bitches about
he's a drink, he's trash, he's dangerous
and on and on
I went to see him with one of the guys from the VFW (my boys) because I just had this hunch
he's a vet
he can't afford his meds
he doesn't understand the paperwork
his VA counselor has too many clients and never calls him back
he doesn't sleep, he can't function and then he drinks
the VFW guys are working on helping him
he was ashamed to ask
this happens a lot Linda
hell, if it wasn't for my son I could easily have become a lost, broken person the past 2 years
there are no easy answers are there

pagan - I know, trust me I know
love ya

Linda said...

Indeed there are many "drunks" who are that way for a reason but most of the ones we see here in Norwich are ones who are sent to detox or to one of the local state facilities for help and they sign themselves out AMA (against medical advice) only to start the cycle all over again. For those who truly need and want help, I'm all for giving it to them so that they can try to live normal and productive lives. I just hate that there are those who abuse the hell out of the system and muck it up for those who truly need it - and sadly, there are a lot of people like that out there. The problem is separating the chafe from the wheat sometimes.

I was appalled when I heard how many lobbyists were involved in this bill - honest to God, they should have locked the doors in Washington and come up with a bill that didn't involve low-life lobbyists who got everything they could out of this bill riding on the coattails of much-needed health care reform. It's sickening and sad and you're right - they've got money to line the pockets of politicians but they don't have the money to help their employees or anyone else? Shame on them. They are a plague on society but as long as Washington allows them to be there, they'll have their fingers in every single pie they can find.

And nothing for nothing, lady, but I doubt that you would ever allow yourself to become a lost and broken person no matter what your trials and tribulations may have been or will be. You may be down occasionally but you're never going to be out because you've got the intestinal fortitude to keep yourself afloat. Living with a disability everyday and not letting it get the best of you has made you one hell of a strong and gutsy woman and I totally admire you for that. Totally.

My hope is that the country will get through the mess that it's currently in and come out better on the other side - if we could just get the jackasses to stop heehawing for a little while! ;-)

Linda said...

Oh, and that wasn't meant as jackasses as in Democratic donkeys - it was meant as jackasses as in ... well, jackasses!

Dianne said...

linda - well some Dems are jackasses, I'm almost as disgusted with "my" party as I am with the rest of them
maybe if it didn't cost millions and millions to run an election campaign we would get average, real people in office
and that goes to election reform which has also been blocked by lobbyists and then we go full circle again
thank you Linda for those kind words, I do doubt that I would/could become lost and broken in that manner but I do find it helps me be an empathetic person to realize how close any one of us can come

järnebrand said...

Wow. This post was very interesting to read. I have been following Obamas healthcare reform and the debates that have been going on through newpapers and other media. I believe Obama is trying to do something good, something long needed. If he was white, the reactions would not be the same... The racism makes me sick.
I live in Sweden. Health care here is free for everybody, or at least it is very cheap. I realize I am lucky.
Great post. Thank you.
(A Swedish Obama fan)

...By the way, congrats on the POTW mentioning! :)

Jacob said...

Kudos to you! The Republican Party as a whole has no soul, no morals, no ethics, and nothing whatsoever to offer to the country beside more of the same bitter corruption that sucks the lifeblood out of the people to enrich the Repug's corporate masters.

And, I'm afraid that most if not all of the so-called protests against health care reform, Obama, etc., are motivated not by anything other than racism, sometimes overt, but always present.

You told these creeps to read the Bible...I'm not sure that's a good idea as they always find justification for their deviousness in the Bible. Furthermore, most of them can't read past a 2nd-grade level!

Cricket said...

Just to add to my previous, the way I see it, there's only one way we will see any real change on health care (or anything else, for that matter).

We need two things:

1) An end to "corporate personhood."
2) Publicly financed elections.

As long as a corporation is afforded the rights of a person, it will always win out over the flesh-and-blood kind.

Until ordinary people can afford to run for office, we will always be governed by the rich.

I see no way around this. Once again, great post.

tt said...

lol...I knew if I came over for a wee visit I'd see something posted like this! :) You're so good at expressing your feelings. And...MINE!! Woohoo to you!
Missin' on ya! xoxo

Bob-kat said...

I have been watching all this from the UK and to tell you the truth nearly everyone I know is utterly bewildered by what is going on over there. We don't understand how people can get away with such public racism on a grand scale. We don't understand the aggression towards a bill that will help people and provide reliable health care for those who need it. I'm afraid we just don't get it!

WE have health care in the UK and thank goodness we do. If you lived here Dianne then you would never had to have fought and suffered for so long just to even get seen. You might have had to wait but you would have got the treatment you needed. I know some people hate the idea of freeloaders not looking after themselves (and I get that I really do) but more often than not it seems to be people like you that suffer. Those who paid for insurance and then were let down or who lost their insurance through no fault of their own!

Dianne said...

jarnebrand - thanks for the visit :)
I'd love to visit Sweden, has always been on the top of my overseas list

jacob - I'm not worried about them reading the Bible, they really should
most of the cretins use it incorrectly or out of context
maybe they should read it
but alas, you are correct
few of them can read, hence their spelling

cricket - I agree!
I was saying the same thing to Linda in the comments above
thanks for all your thoughts

tt - ahhhhh lady
I think about ya all the time
love ya

bobcat - I believe their are far more people who are victims of the system than there are those who take advantage of it
You know, I was offered a job in the UK several years ago
I often wonder if moving there would have been a better thing to do

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

Hi! Visiting here via Sylvia's. I saw the video and am just appalled...and a bit scared.

Thank you for writing this post.

christopher said...

Just over from 'Bobbie's' and found your blog. Glad that I did.

We have different styles, but I agree with most of your viewpoints.

Sorry that I never read works from your 'calmer' self. I like your delivery...you might also do well as an edgy stand-up comic.

Dianne said...

roshni - thanks for visiting, the video is apalling, and scary
and it made my heart hurt

christopher - nice to meet you :)
different styles make the world go round
I hope you'll visit again

happily retired gal said...

AMEN! You've given voice (virtually) to the inner (and outer) ramblings of my own mind. As the widget in the sidebar of Sacred Ruminations reminds me (and hopefully those who visit there) of the escalating costs of WAR I marvel that no one seems to TALK of this utter waste of money, resources, and human life. What has happened to common sense and where are our priorities as citizens of the world on this small planet we share? I just don't understand the hate speech and the lack of compassion and/or understanding of Democratic process in America ... seriously! Didn't Jesus tell us to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and tend to the sick? What is the 'moral majority' and 'religious right' thinking? I don't understand ...
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

While I want every single person to have access to affordable health care - this whole reform deal has got me so worried - especially the part where if you don't get insurance you get fined - if you can't afford insurance & if the subsidies don't cover enough of the cost you still won't be able to buy insurance and then will get fined?!?!

I am very concerned about how this may end up backfiring on the poor and, as usually happens, the almost poor that currently fall through the cracks.

fermicat said...

I can hardly bear to read the news any more (I stopped watching TV news years ago). Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

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