Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have a terrible habit of over explaining things but I'm gonna go with that anyway.

I hate videos that exploit children (or any living creature) who are clearly afraid or upset. It's idiotic and irresponsible. It's the reason I tried so hard to upload videos without using Youtube. I'm not a fan of Youtube unless it's an official channel.

Anyway - I do want to share all of Hope's moods and her growing joys and pains and so we come to her "bad" moods.

She's teething. Nana didn't know that the frozen apple tooth soother wasn't popular anymore. So Hope was a bit annoyed with Nana.

You'll also hear me say/whine "Why?" - I hear my son saying that to her and it stuck in my head. Then my brother mentioned that my son used to say/whine "Why?" when he was Hope's age. So we come full circle.

At the point that the videos ends Hope and Nana went outside and ran around the backyard yelling.

We both felt better.


Linda Reeder said...

Sometimes going outside and yelling can be a cure for what ails you.

Cherie said...

Poor baby. If you object to Youtube, you might prefer Vimeo. People who are supposed to know these things say that the quality is better. I don't know much else about them, but I thought I'd pass on another option to you.

Cloudia said...

The cure is simple :)

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I may try running around outside and yelling next time something bothers me!

Poor baby -- its sad when you can't explain to them why they hurt!

Scott Oglesby said...

Oh the poor, sweet child! I still ask “why” in a whiney voice at least 10 times a day. Because I can’t understand “WHY?”

Arkansas Patti said...

Awww, poor Hope with tooth misery. Just not fair.
I love running and yelling also and glad it helped.

Daryl said...

Teething is so hurtful .... tomorrow the frozen apple will be back in favor ... xo

Trisha said...

So sorry to hear that the frozen apple is out of style. Maybe a frozen bear?

Jay said...

You can upload videos through blogger. But sites like YouTube are much better.

Once on "Roseanne" Crystal's baby was crying from teething and Dan gave him a frozen waffle to suck on. It seemed to work pretty good. Just thought I'd tell you that in case you wanted to try it sometime.

Also, maybe she just wanted a beer? LOL ;-)

Akelamalu said...

Teething time is so horrible. When you think about it teeth are a pain coming and a pain going aren't they? :(

Dianne said...

linda - it really did help
she was laughing and then fell asleep

cherie - thanks for the suggestion :)

cloudia - simple is good

sallie - it really feels great!! as does jumping in puddles :)

scott - maybe we're all related - why is a biggie round here

patti - it's not that bad, I think she was more annoyed than in pain

daryl - apparently ice cubes are the fave so I gave her cubes and held my hand under for the dripping and slipping and replaced and on and on and on
no one told me she really just wants ice chips in a cup!!

trisha - there is a frozen butterfly that sometimes works :)

jay - blogger takes forever and 2 out of 3 tries result in an error
flip is not so easy to share unless it's direct to Youtube or Myspace
yes, Myspace!!!
think they need to update?
as for wanting a beer, could be
her Dad used to grab beers and try to drink from them before anyone noticed
Oy!! another circle I prefer to break ;)

akelamalu - so funny! and true
Hope and I often compare out tooth woes

Reb said...

Oh, poor Hope. Glad the running around helped...maybe I will try that!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Poor Hope. Both of you feel beter soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor little mite. Running around the yard yelling is a cure for many frustrations.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Yeah....But it seemed obvious she wanted something from inside the Fridge and it wasn't what you had out there with you....Oh The Frustration....(lol). She is really something, isn't she?

Linda said...

Ah teething ... they say that it's a good thing we go through that when we're too young to remember as it's supposed to be some downright miserable pain - as Hope so eloquently illustrates for us here!

The poor little thing, I hope she finds something soothing soon!

Mare said...

She is a beauty! And the 'apple' of your eye...frozen or not! Good luck with the teeth. Love her name!

Micky-T said...

Running around the yard yelling has always helped me get through the tough times.

JunieRose2005 said...

:) Poor little girl!! Hope she's soon over all these bad times! She sure is a pretty little one!!

(I miss my babies!!! :( )

Bob-kat said...

The trauma of teething! Poor little lamb. Still I'm sure the running around and yelling helped. In fact that sounds like a fabulous idea right now seeing as I'm blogging from desk over lunch and the morning has been horrid!

Glad you are enjoying your flip and (as I read back through your last few post) hope you have finished things with Mr Pothead. He doesn't seem worth it despite his natural organic charm ;-) LoL!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

See, I think I need to go outside, run around and scream some myself

Ron said...

Awwww...even through teething, I still think she's the most adorbable little girl in the whole wide world!

Please tell Hope that Uncle Ron was in the same mood with my tooth issue back in July, so I totally understand.

(((( Hope ))))

X ya's!

Matt-Man said...

I would always give Ryno a tablespoon full of Nyquil. Cheers Sexy!!

maryt/theteach said...

Poor kid, it hurts! :)