Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Observations

On what would have been Elizabeth Taylor's 80th birthday how about some Hollywood hoopla ...

I DVR the red carpet specials and then run through them looking for shiny things.

Holy crap, she's a real life Oscar statuette. I like Stacy Keibler; she's funny and seems down to earth. George was talking about how fearful of life his Descendants character was which led to both of them being asked what they're afraid of. George said Stacy wasn't afraid of anything being 7 feet tall except perhaps low flying planes.

Busy Phillips is a TV and overall tough girl character actress whom I adore.

She came to the Oscar's with best friend Michelle Williams.

Perhaps Busy can make some of her style rub off on Michelle. No one has carried off the pale waif look since Mia Farrow.

Speaking of tough girls and waifs - Rooney Mara seems to combine elements of both. I think she has the most elegant, astounding face.

Other than George Clooney there were but a handful of men I was interested in ...

Jonah Hill, best supporting actor nominee, because he's so sweet - in every interview he has appeared genuinely amazed to be part of all this. He co-starred with Brad Pitt and whenever asked about staying at the Pitt-Jolie home Jonah blushes. His Mom was his Oscar date.

The oldest actor to win an Oscar. Christopher Plummer and his wife Elaine Taylor. During his acceptance he described her as "the woman who rescues me every single day". I think Mr. Plummer is one of the most elegant men and an exceptional actor. Plus I love that he calls the 'Sound of Music' the 'Sound of Mucus'.

There were some young ones around as well ...

Shalene Woodley - star of The Descendants with George Clooney playing her Dad. Shalene is a really good actress, she is on an ABC Family Channel series that my nieces love watching. How lovely that her grams put all their doilies together and made her a dress.

Even Rick Santorum described this as too conservative.

The lovely, I never remember her name, star of Modern Family shows how a young actress should dress ...

I had 3 favorite moments from the show itself.

1> Host Billy Crystal said that people turn to the movies during hard financial times - "and what is more appropriate than watching millionaires give each other gold statues".

2> The director of the Best Foreign Language Film gave a heartfelt acceptance speech about how Americans and Iranians are alike once you get past the aggression and corruption and greed of their political leaders. Hopefully a video of his speech will go up soon.

3> Meryl Streep gave a sweet, genuine, self-deprecating acceptance for her Best Actress statue.

My niece went to high school with Ms. Streep's daughter and met Meryl many times. She said she was funny and kind and usually embarrassed by whatever attention she attracted.

Let's finish with a few cheers and jeers ...

Asshat Douche goes to Sascha Baron Cohen plugging his new movie by dressing as a dictator and spilling what he said were the ashes of Kim Jong-Il all over Ryan Seacrest

Get Over Yourself goes to Jennifer Lopez for traumatizing the little girl behind her. "Daddy, that lady has a giant bun on her head and on her butt, why is she wearing tissue paper"? Lopez wouldn't know an award winning performance if it landed in her cleavage, why the hell is she there?

My Favorite Win goes to Octavia Spencer. She's just class all over.

And finally - Star of the Red Carpet who I would most like to meet.

Uggie from The Artist

Go forth and be glamorous everyone.


Ivanhoe said...

Wonderful review! I watched (until 11 pm only) and was rather bored. Octavia was my fave (so was movie The Help). I was little down that Viola did not get her statue. But there's nothing wrong with Meryl winning! Love her! :)

Jay Simser said...

I watched. I also DVR'ed em in case I fell asleep watching. I agree about the dog being the one I would like to meet. Although I was a little disappointed that Nick Nolte didn't win because he and I went to grade school together. I remember him but I am sure he doesn't remember me. Hugs, j

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I posted my Oscar thoughts, too, this A.M.
It bothers me that it has become ALL about what everyone is wearing---and I find many of the comments rather mean....(Ahem...doillies??) But, to each his own.
I wanted Viola Davis to get the Oscar, though I love Meryl Streep....And, I wanted George to get Best Actor---And if not George, than Uggie!!!! That is one adorable doggie!
There are too many Award shows now---and by the time we get to The Oscars---it all seems like we know what the answers are going to be....With some exceptions...Still--for me---it is the Best of the Awards shows....Been following The Oscars (on Radio...anyone remember Radio??) Since the late 1930's....!!!(Before what everyone was wearing was Soooo friggin' important...)...As far as I'm concerned, it is STILL the "Gold Standard", as they say.

LL Cool Joe said...

I have to say I didn't watch the Oscars. I'm just not into all the red carpet stuff and as I haven't seen any of the films I feel a bit out of touch too. :D

Mike said...

I think Rooney Mara can look a lot like Demi Moore depending on how she's made up.

Cherie said...

Having a train seemed to be the fashion trend for the ladies, and gold seemed to be a recurring theme. I do watch for the ladies' fashion, as I had only seen The Help. I really liked what I saw overall. Very elegant, I thought.

I was so glad that Billy was back as host this year. I actually enjoyed watching the show this year. I don't know if he had anything to do with setting the tone on the overall show, but I just loved it. I even decided that I wanted to see some of the featured films that I had missed. Perhaps, they need better trailer editors because several of them I purposely skipped but looked intriguing last night.

Ron said...

Since I didn't watch the Oscars last night I thank you for this GREAT recap, Dianne!

"Rooney Mara seems to combine elements of both. I think she has the most elegant, astounding face."

I agree...she's absolutely STUNNING! I lover her whole look!

And of course, Meryl...such classic eloquence.

The pic Uggie is so PRECIOUS!

Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Hope you had a great Monday!

X ya!

I'm With Stupid said...

George Freakin' Clooney. I would hate him if I didn't admire him so much. I watched The American again this afternoon. People focus so much on Clooney having such a "perfect" life, they forgot how amazing he really is as an actor.

I've had enough of Sascha Baron Cohen.

I couldn't dislike Angelina Jolie more. Seriously, she can go away too.

Also, I hated all the montages because they reminded me of when Hollywood made such great movies.


DJan said...

I watched, I loved the hype, but I was hoping that Meryl would win and she DID! Yay! And I am embarrassed to say I loved the gowns and the hoopla. :-)

HermanTurnip said...

If you ask me (and I'm sure you will), Michelle Williams was robbed.

And yes, Uggie was a definite highlight. And I'm glad Billy Crystal was back. After last year's fiasco, it seems that Billy was brought in to "reset" things. One wonders how the Oscars would have turned out if Eddie Murphy hadn't bowed out of MCing.

tattytiara said...

Meryl Streep gave my all time favorite award acceptance when she got the Emmy for Angels in America and said "There are some days when even I think I'm overrated, but not today." And she's still turning in as consistently brilliantly performances as ever.

Hilary said...

The Oscars are worth watching for a number of reasons but your reviews just make them all the better. How cold I have missed Uggie? He's Benny's idol. ;)

Daryl Edelstein said...

Sarah Hyland is the young actress on Modern Family, she happens to be a client of Toonman's and her mom is one of the least backstage moms in the history of show biz .. I thought Octavia Spencer looked fabulous, she should give the name of her stylist to both Melissa McCarthy and Sherri whatshername from The View ... seriously there is no excuse for looking frumpy no matter your size!!!! Actually I liked Shalene's gown .. her granny didnt crochet that, that was made by a Mormon family.

Jeni said...

I missed the first half of the show as I was late getting home from a church event but lucky for me, you picked up the slack there to tell me what exactly I did miss! Love it when you let fly with your opinions, Dianne! (Much as I like and admire Meryl Streep's abilities and work, I was disappointed that Viola Davis didn't get the Oscar but very happy that Octavia Spencer won. The Help -both book and movie -are at the top of the heap on my all-time favorites list! (And I love the quote by Billy Crystal about millionaires and the economy, etc! Good one! Peace.

Akelamalu said...

Your report of the Oscars was far more interesting than the ones we got on TV here! :)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Good chuckles from your post.

Especially about Shalene Woodley... Even Rick Santorum described this as too conservative. And that her grams put all their doillies together and made her a dress. ,-)

And your take on 'ol JLow or whatever Jennifer Lopez goes by, these days. What was she there for? Yishhhh...

And remember the "good old days"? When they used to show up with some really WILD outfits? Before Joan Rivers made them all act grown-up, about Oscar dressing? -sigh- The Old Days. ,-)

Gentle hugs,

Au and Target said...

You know I've no idea if that was even shown in Malaysia? How awful is that! Love your comments though.

One of my favourite actors now is Brad Pitt. Didn't know he could act until I saw him in Snatch. Fantastic. Meryl Streep doesn't really hook me - except for Lives and Loves of a She Devil and Death Becomes Her. When she's serious, all I can see is Meryl Streep acting. Weird huh?

nitebyrd said...

Wait! What about Angie's right leg? I'm still trying to figure out the cosmic meaning of that display.

Love Christopher Plummer and was very happy he won. Same goes for Meryl. I never watch awards shows but I woulda definitely watched that adorable dog!

Thanks for the best review of the show I've read!

Linda said...

I should've skipped watching the boring damn show and just read your blog post instead! Though I did enjoy seeing Billy Crystal host again - beyond that. Oy.

Kudos to Christopher Plummer and Meryl Streep though. They remind me of what Hollywood "used" to be like before the rest of these so-called celebrities came along.

I'm rather surprised you didn't mention Jolie's stupid leg which has apparently gone viral. The woman needs to eat a sandwich or two as she looked downright anorexic but hey, what do I know? I've never thought she was all that anyway!

Marg said...

Sorry, but the best picture is Uggie. But that was such a good review of the academy awards. Who needs to watch the TV with you around. Loved the info. I sure don't know anything about all the stars. Take care.

Granny Annie said...

The guy spilling the ashes on Ryan Secrest was the most horrible thing I can imagine anyone doing. It wasn't funny and it was totally inappropriate.

My Oscar evening was spent watching for my goddaughter. I did not see her but others did and her pictures are on my blog.

Jen said...

I so love watching the awards shows for the red carpet. I didn't see the Angelina bit until the other day. I still don't understand what's up with her showcasing her right leg. They are all so odd.

Geraldine said...

I am a big fan of Meryl Streep but that dress has gotta go! ;<) Thanks for this interesting post.

Linda Reeder said...

It's always fun to read your take on these kinds of events. I was not a fan of "The Artist" so I was unhappy with it's win as best picture, and the best actor award.
I really like two movies that starred kid - Hugo and Incredibly Loud - and wondered why these kids got no mention.