Friday, December 5, 2008

It tells a story and I can sing along - and Jesus shows up!! - I give it a 10

This delights me on so many levels …

First of all – what a collection of talented people.

Then - it addresses one of my favorite pet peeves – people who use the Bible to fit their own agenda.

And it brings up how, if it makes money, it usually ends up being as American as apple pie. In this case I pray that’s true.

I could not get the embedded version to work


Hats off to LAVENDER LILY. I found this on her blog.

Please check out the HRC and Join The Impact links on my sidebar. This ain’t over until gay marriage is legal in all 50 states.


Knight said...

Ah! You beat me to it! I was going to post this tomorrow. It cracks me up.

Kerry said...

Yay! I'm glad I helped to spread the word. :)

Sylvia K said...

That is absolutely the best! You really made my day! I agree, it gets a 10!

Dianne said...

knight - post it anyway - we have lots of different readers, it should get spread around :)

kerry - you did good Lady ;)
this is too good not to spread around, thank you

sylvia - remember American Bandstand? I was thinking of that when I came up with the title
so glad you enjoyed it

tt said...

That is deffinitely a spreadable!!!! Woo-hoo...amen sistah!!

Maithri said...

Hahaha!!! I love it!!!

Jack Black as Jesus was fantastic...

Maybe we should all post this one too...

Thanks for everything you are,

Much love my friend,

meno said...

Saw this a few days ago and sent it around. December 20th, let's take to the streets.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Thanks for posting, this is not to be missed. And hope it opens some minds and hearts!

bobbie said...

I definitely give it a 10! What a great little show! Thanks for this one!

Dianne said...

tt - "a spreadable" - I love how that sounds

maithri - I loved "see ya sinners!" - that killed me :)

meno - something far more important to do than shop

deborah - every moment of it is just so good!

bobbie - you're welcome!

Mom Knows Everything said...

On my way to check it out now.

Travis Cody said...

The video has been on Rachel Maddow and Keith played portions of it tonight. This is the real power of actors...don't get up and make speeches. Make satire and show people how ridiculous we can all be in our self-righteousness.

Cherie said...

Picking and choosing out of the Bible is one of my biggest pet peeves too. Absolutely Fantastic! And yup, gotta agree with Travis that this is the way for actors to persuade people. Far more effective! Thumbs up! :)

the walking man said...

Now that our society has entered the final bars of The Beatles #9 the entire song begun by Ronald Reagan makes sense.

Everything repressive in American culture stand for repudiation. Not only the religious right but anti gay blacks as well as the sons and daughters of immigrants who want to do away with immigrants looking to make a life of freedom.

Everyone who struggles against individual freedoms of choice that have no direct relationship to their own lives will either wake up soon or be marginalized. Most Americans will go to a church every week not to find bible structure but rather to do what they have been taught all of their lives this is the way that we should begin or end our week.

That said in the prop 8 debate the Mormon church and any other found to have contributed monies to the influence of the vote should lose their federal tax exempt status. (personally I think all churches should not be exempt from property tax laws.)

So where does this revolution for rights go from here? Now the law must be enacted on the federal level. All marriages are a civil union (anything grown by God can not be dissolved by lawyers) and all unions consecrated by the courts should be allowed in federal law. As federal law can not be superseded by the state Gay civil unions just as hetero civil unions need be codified as the law of the land.

To me it has always seemed to be a losing battle to try to go state by state and change the laws, pool the money, hire the lobbyists and introduce federal legislation.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

So, now conservative Christians are not just expected to "tolerate" what they view as sin, but if they don't vote the way the left wants, they're accused of spreading "hate?"

And I only saw about the first ten seconds of the video because it was so repulsive... but stuff like that is supposed to change my mind?

I'm trying, but I do NOT get what passes for liberal ideas. I don't. I *could* grant you that more should be said about OTHER sins like gluttony or alcoholism or whatever, or I could grant you that gay people should be able to visit each other in the hospital... or... lots of things. I could also tell you that this line of argument sure isn't going to work on most people.

But who's really being hateful with the stereotyping of Christians? Not that anybody in my church really dresses like that, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

I really, really don't get it. And how can someone possibly argue abortion as being ok and then turn around and demand rights that have not been part of Judeo-Christian societies for thousands of years?

Well, anyway. I consider you a good friend of mine, Dianne, but think this portrayal is unfair. Maybe you and some of your friends should meet me and some of my friends. I've been going to the same Pentecostal church for about a year and a half and think homosexuality was mentioned maybe once or twice, and that only in relation to some question someone had. Usually we have other things to talk about. Like Jesus and salvation and faith, love and all that.

I guess I wonder what you and your friends would say if a local church put on a play like that with the roles switched.

Still wishing God's blessings on you. Still your friend. I hope.

Dianne said...

tammy - hope you liked it :)

travis - very good point. I can't believe how many people are in it! I've watched it several times and still can't name them all

cherie - I'm so glad you liked it :) and I'm very pleased that we share a pet peeve, sometimes I worry that I criticize things that are important to you

mark - I agree about it needing to be at a Federal level, I feel the same way you do about state by state battles - it sucks our union dry and puts us back to the times of the Civil War - which is where I often feel we are. Yahoos in Virginia can send guns to NY while they make threats about the Mayor of that city and then these same people will sit back and talk about the crime in big cities. The Mormon church was actually outspent by the Knights of Columbus (if I understand my research correctly) and so both should lose their tax exempt status. The IRS law is clear but of course no one wants to fight the church. I also never quite understood why they were tax exempt to begin with. Only those sectors that serve as true charities should get any tax breaks - most churches function as businesses.

mrs c - most gay people don't dress like that either - it's costumes for theatrical benefit. I am absolutely certain that had the churches not spread the lies and hate they spread during the campaign for Prop 8 the vote would have been quite different. As it is it was very close and I am certain that many uninformed people voted based on the nonsense presented in the ads fully funded by the Mormons and the Catholics. I will never agree that religious beliefs have any place in courts and government. As for this satire being repulsive - if you really want to see repulsive watch some of the ads supporting Prop 8. Ads that said that gay men are pedophiles, ads that said children should be taken from families, ads that twisted and distorted facts and exploited ignorance and fear. And those ads weren't campy musical skits - they were presented as fact and news. And paid for with my tax dollars. I have never once encountered a 'liberal' group attempting to deny rights to 'conservatives'. I doubt I would be welcomed in most conservative churches once I voiced my beliefs. I often see, from some who comment to you, nothing but self righteous contempt for 'liberals'. Recently I saw comments about Kwaanza that were nothing but racist and ignorant mocking of an otherwise lovely celebration devoted to nothing more but the principles of respect and pride. It reminded me of all the mocking of Obama as a community activist. But that is usually the tactic of bullies - play the victim and blame the people being bullied.

Anndi said...

Why is it that conservatives feel the need to enact laws that will protect people's souls? "If we keep them from marrying maybe they'll change their ways, repent and go to heaven"!

Oh come on... you KNOW that's why they're doing it! Right? For the good of people's souls. No?

Now I feel I need to go save the fishermen heathens that have been catching all those highly expensive shrimp and Alaska King crab...

Lisa said...

Just know that not all of us who go to church, believe in God, are Republican, etc. judge others who do not fit into the typical family stereotypes.

I grew up in a bigoted, prejudiced family and did not come out the other side with the same views. Thank God. When I hear my parents make excuses for their parents it makes me want to jump out of my skin.

"That's just the way they were taught. It's what they're used to." Yeah, well, guess what? That's what I was taught too, Mom... and you know what else, they didn't have electricity or plumbing either and they seemed to take to those things rather easily. Why is loving thy neighbor so freaking hard? Why is it up to any one of us to decide how someone should/should not live? If you're going to read the Bible, read the whole thing, and then go pray for your own salvation, because we're all in there. And it's not just about how bad we are either.

When I see stuff like this, it always rubs me a little wrong at first because I feel put into a stereotype, so then I tell myself that must be just a small piece of what someone who is judged for lifestyle or skin color goes through all the time.

The glass shatters equally on all sides.

L'Adelaide said...

well, this blog has so much to see, listen to and read, I must return as my bottom is hurting....the wounds we suffer for the land of blog....amen to gay rights in all 50 states!!

The Cunning Runt said...

Dianne, I'd heard excerpts from this vid on NPR, but hadn't seen it yet (I'm always the last to know stuff!) so thanks, it made some excellent points.

I've deduced from my "bridge building" efforts that we're never going to change the minds of the hard-core haters on the far right; they're immune to the logic of our positions. Rather, we have to try to educate the middle to see that if equality isn't all-inclusive, it isn't equality.

It won't be lesbians and gays who turn this ship around - it will be us, their allies.

We need to be legion, and we need to be as committed as our opposition.

Thanks for spreading the word on this one!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Dianne, if you're talking about Daja's comment... you do know that Daja's dad is black? I doubt she'd be racist against herself. She just doesn't like Kwanzaa. She also is against illegal immigration although she is part Latina, too. An illegal immigrant stole her child's social security number! Anyway... sometimes, when we're discussing issues, people have reasons for believing what they do that make sense to THEM. It doesn't NECESSARILY mean they hate people or are racist, etc. :]

For my part, since I believe the Bible is true, any arguments for gay "marriage" would have to convince me that that would be biblically sound. That's what I believe, so naturally that's how I vote. That doesn't mean that I hate anybody. It means that that's my understanding and interpretation of Scripture *where I am now*. Though OF COURSE my understanding of Scripture can grow and change over time. I know that GOD is infallible but I am not. I hope never to be hateful or mean, but I also hope to teach my children biblical truth and vote for things I think will create that environment in my society. And YES, that includes helping the poor and the orphan and the widow, though I think both parties really are missing how that can be done. Hopefully that makes sense and I have expressed myself in a friendly way, but also clearly.

PS. I haven't seen these prop 8 ads you're discussing, but I think we can both agree that the treatment of Mormons by some segments of the gay community is not going to build bridges or change minds. Actually, all that sort of thing does is give fodder for E-alerts that clog my inbox requesting donations. Bleh... I hate those.


Do you know something really funny? I hadn't thought of the Obama bringing sunshine first part of that video as being a silly stereotype until you mentioned that. Because that's what I see, really, when I read the news or the blogs. I have no IRL gay friends to compare that to.

Um, that I know of.


Dianne said...

anndi - before you go save those fishermen don't forget to stomp somebody or maybe sell your daughter - or at least stone somebody for working on the Sabbath - I mean really - if the gays need to be saved then all need to saved.
It's all about control in my view. Has very little to do with God, who, again in my view lol, really isn't as mean and petty and hateful as his earthly reps are.

butterfly - I can see you feeling that way but from everything I know most gay rights orgs./groups have done all they can to reach out to the religious community - and in some cases I believe they've been embraced. The people depicted in the video were clearly meant to be those who fought so hard to take gay marriage away and those who were so easily led down that path. I especially liked the depiction of the black woman wearing the giant hat and saying 'Obama-nation' in place of abomination. She fit the 'church ladies' I knew from my Baptist church days, many of whom also vote against gay rights.
It is not an easy topic is it? I try not to generalize but sometimes it is hard not to. The musical number couldn't possibly cover every nuance.

linda - come back any time :)

CR - yes I believe it will need to be the allies, I hope they/we don't get weary. It is so simple to me - why in the world would anyone ever want to deny another human the right to be happy and loved!! Who the hell are they to decide? As Keith O implored - "what is it to you?"
I'm all for building bridges and I have been trying since the election to pull back the snark but I am also impatient - there are those standing in the way of this being an inclusive, progressive nation and they're really getting on my last nerve.

mrs C - I don't remember if it was Darla or not, I kinda skimmed, got upset and left.
As for her being against illegal immigrants because someone stole her kid's SS# - well - hackers from Nigeria could also do that, or the Chinese or Russian mobs, or actually the kid next door from his Facebook page - would she hate all of them too. I'm tired of it being OK to be hateful if you're allegedly part of that group and once had something done to you (maybe) by a member of a group.
As for seeing both parts of the video as equally stereotype - that's why it is so important to read/watch/listen to things that you know you'll diagree with. I watch Fox News and visit religious and conservative sites so that my mind can be as open as possible.
But the bottom line to me on this ONE issue is that no church, no religion, no one group of people can or should tell someone else their love doesn't matter and their family is wrong. I wouldn't allow it to be done to you either.
and finally - glad you added 'that I know of' - but what a shame to need to hide who you are to be part of 'God's loving community'.
I have never been a fan of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' - I am more a fan of 'Tell it from the Mountaintop'

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hey, we agree on that last part, Dianne! The "don't ask" thing made no sense to me either. It's either LEGAL or it ISN'T.

I also don't get where if you're a secular business that it's ok to discriminate b/c you don't like their lifestyle. I would LIKE to have friends who are different from me. I really would! But sometimes it's hard to understand someone else's opinion when it's very different... I also wouldn't want those opinions force-fed to my kids in public school... another post...

But I clicked out when they started simulating sodomy. Wasn't sure if clothes were coming off or what at that point... I mean, I'm ok with looking into new ideas, but maybe I'm not quite that open-minded that I think porno is ok. And I draw my own personal line of "what is porno" pretty far back.

Though I'll admit to being a bit old-fashioned in that regard. My seven-year old was absolutely SHOCKED at the "naked" people at our local pool. He had never seen that before LOL. (I was taking the boys to a concert there that night in the same building.)

Raven said...

Well, I enjoyed it. I'm always puzzled that some segments of the church-going population feel a need to impose their beliefs on others, particularly when the Bible makes it pretty clear that God feels totally capable of handling it Him/Herself. (Judgment is mine, sayeth the Lord...) And Jesus makes pretty clear that the over-riding commandments are to love one another and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Many of those who feel totally comfortable calling other humans "abominations," get sensitive when a little mockery is thrown back at them as though they are the ones being picked on.

Not that there isn't nastiness on both sides. Just one side is trying to rob the other of the right to live their lives with the same rights as the rest of us and the other is trying to keep them from doing so. Which nastiness is worse? I know what I think.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Raven, I agree, there IS a lot of nastiness on both sides. And I sure hope never to contribute. I think we can have opinions without calling names, too.

I'm not sure what the role of the state vs. federal government should be on almost anything... I've heard of this piecemeal state-by-state approach also used with homeschooling. Homeschool orgs, like "gay" organizations, have been loathe to go to the federal government for fear they're just going to make things WORSE than they already are. :] SO I do get that idea that you want choices recognized legally... but... well, I already outlined my reservations.

OK, I'm shutting up now. Didn't mean to hijack the blog, but I find someone friendly in Dianne and feel relatively safe here.

Peace and God bless. :]

Anndi said...

First it starts with "don't let them get married", then it escalates to "don't let them kiss in public because children shouldn't be exposed to that"... *sigh*

Legislating lifestyles... Where will it end?

Don't answer that, because just imagining what the next step might be frightens me.

storyteller said...

What a marvelous find! I'm definitely going share it too ... in fact you might want to try 'embedding it again' because I got it to work. Of course, you've got a great discussion going here already so perhaps the link is sufficient after all. Thanks so much for keeping the 'discussion' going for when enough light shines, the truth is self-evident ... always ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Sylvia K said...

Hey Dianne, I got tagged for a "6 random facts about you" and you're next. You can check it out on my blog in about an hour and a half. No obligation, you can always pass and wait for the next one!

Unknown said...

It's great that this has been going around the blogs so much.

Askew To You said...

Thanks for having those links on the right. I will be joining the impact one, but for some reason, when I clicked on the links, nothing would load. I don't know if it was my computer or their site. Anyway, I will return and try again tomorrow.

Dianne said...

mrs c - you did find someone friendly in me - even when I get annoyed and lose my patience - and I'm glad you feel safe to say what you want here - you should
plus I love that comments often becomes a discussion here - a testament to the quality of all my readers/friends
I don't know how 'gayness' could possibly be taught in the schools other than to recognize a fact of life. I will admit, with no apologies at all, that my son had a very open childhood. He had all kinds of people around him and there were very few rules - the basics were - never lie, I will always help you and support you, never do anything that hurts someone or yourself.
He has always been a respectful, decent person. As a teen he was one of few (especially on the football team) who was never drunk, never in trouble for cheating, the Dad's of girls he dated always had good things to say about him - well I could go on LOL
I am very proud of the fact that he accepted and respected everyone and had the strength of character to decide things for himself while making no judgements as to how others should live.

raven - I know what I think too :)

anndi - as I said above to mrs C my son was brought up in a big, wide, open world and I am certain that he is the better for it

storyteller - I think it depends on how busy the site is when you try to embed
I'm glad you liked the video and the discussion

sylvia - I will check it out :)

pagan - I thought so too :)

askew - I think it happens when the sites are overloaded. I am thrilled that you're joining. I am trying to find more info about 12/20 but it doesn't seem to be that organized yet.

Anndi said...

It can't be taught or caught... or I'd be a very different person given that my cousin is a lesbian who just happens to be an exceptional human being. :)

You're a great Mom and he's the better for having you in his life. I think we can take sheltering way too far.

Ivanhoe said...

A very happy birthday to my friend in NYC :o)
Enjoy your day, Di!

Anndi said...


Happy Happy Happy!!!


Dianne said...

anndi - thanks kid! Chicklet is pretty lucky too!

ivanhoe - how did you know!? did it make the papers? lol
thank you

Ivanhoe said...

I just remembered from a few weeks ago from your comments. There was another blogger sharing a BD with you, but I forgot her name :o)
You sure made my paper ;o)

Anonymous said...

I saw this over at Journeys With Jood. Jack Black was the star, but I think Neil Patrick Harris stole the scene.

Dianne said...

ivanhoe - or wow, maybe it was terry!
now I have to go over there and check
thanks again

spartacus - I agree - I think Neil Patrick def stole the scene

Linda Reeder said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Quite the cast, too.