Wednesday, December 26, 2007


A couple of photos of Siren enjoying his Birthmas. I love the expression on his face as he opens one of his many gifts. And look at him resting on MY fuzzy warm throw amidst all his loot.

When Siren came to live with me he was so emaciated that it was difficult for the vet to determine how old he was. His best educated guess was that he was between 4 and 8 months old. So I counted back - I'm big on birthday celebrations - and realized that Siren could have been born on Christmas. So Christmas became his day.

Given all his issues it makes me feel so good to spoil him a bit. To see how thrilled he is with his new stuff. To enjoy the fact that he sat next to me and opened his gifts.

And to see his contented look and the peaceful exhaustion he felt after opening his gifts and playing with them all.


Jay Simser said...

That is one fortunate cat - And you are also for sharing your space with him Happy Boxing Day. j & Bailey, And Max and Cassie also.

cher said...

Siren is so beautiful, it's hard to believe he's not the sweetest, most gentle cat in the world. Look at that adorable face!

It's not surprising that he has issues, considering what he had to go through as a tiny kitten.

At least he sits still long enough to pose for a picture! I love the one where he looks up after opening his gifts.

He must be thinking, "Mommy was so good to me this Christmas. Now what can I do to make her life a living hell?"

Dianne said...

"Now what can I do to make her life a living hell?""

LOL Cher - that's not far from the truth although his holiday spirit appears to be lasting - he's still so enthralled with his gifts that he's too exhausted for mischief.

and J - the pics of Bailey and Max and Cassie (and Pickles)inspired me once more to consider a second pet - I've always had at least 2 until Siren - he may be calm enough now to accept a buddy. I've got some thinking to do.

cathy said...

such a handsome boy!

you have put me to shame, dianne! i will have to hit the pet store on my way home from cousin lo's. if my cassie get's a look at siren's christmas swag i will never hear the end of it.

Jeni said...

Siren is, indeed, such a handsome guy, for sure! I think it's pretty neat that you calculated his birthday to fit with Christmas too. Wise move that way.