Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Morning Wordzzle Town!

The birds are chirping, the air is fresh and clean, the green grass is wet from springtime showers, the coffee is delicious, and I got to sleep past 6 AM – and all on the same day!

What could possibly add to this charmed existence?

My Wordzzle is ready! My Wordzzle is ready!

Ten Word Challenge: pleasant, flukey, desperation, penumbra, hoarsely, triumph, burden, colander, Kermit the Frog, lavender

Kermit the Frog was so tired of being pleasant. It was a burden he had carried for years and years. It was his persona and his livelihood but in reality it was just the outcome of a flukey moment. Before being discovered he had lived on the penumbra of the underground frog world earning money any way he could. In desperation he had even spent days sifting lavender through a colander to make potpourri. Poor conflicted Kermit couldn’t decide whether his being discovered by Hollywood was a blessing or a curse. Although he met every new engagement with a smile of triumph he yearned for those simple days when he’d peddle his potpourri while hoarsely singing out about the tribulations of his color.

And for the Mini Challenge: avalanche, masterpiece, yellow, alligator, thieving

Lord Percy donned his best yellow polo shirt, the one with the alligator on it, and headed out to find the thieving bastards who had stolen his masterpiece. It was to be a quiet weekend at the ski lodge; drinking brandy and enjoying the end of season warmth. The robbery had ruined all that and Percy couldn’t imagine anything worse than losing his beloved sculpture. As he searched the melting snow for tire tracks and other clues he heard a roar that filled his head and heart with dread. “Avalanche” he screamed as he realized the day could indeed get worse.

Skip on over to Raven’s Nest and read all the other Wordzzle Wonders. Check out the words for next week and consider joining in. It's a great way to rev up your mind in the morning.


Richard said...

Poor conflicted Kermit - that has a great sound to it.

Will we get to hear more about Lord Percy's trevails in the future?

Loved em,


Raven said...

I love them both! I wish I had thought of that second one. You are so good at this. We both had similar takes on poor Kermit. I do love that frog.

SnoopMurph said...

Kermit is going to have his day in the Wordzzles for sure. I love your story ideas-it would be really fun to see some of them developed too!

I am glad you are having such a sunny start to the day! May it be a great weekend for you.

Dianne said...

richard - kermit truly is so much more than a puppet for the man ;)
I've tried a few times to continue some of these stories and it never works for me. They come to me and then they're done.

raven - I tried finding all my son's "kermees". He has several. Actually I know they're in the memories box but the box is up high and very heavy. I wanted to do a series of photos of all the kermees who have lived with us.

snoopmurph - thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too! long live Kermit!

the teach said...

Dianne, great wordzzle challenges, did you mean by any chance that the day couldn't get worse? Maybe, Maybe not! Just asking... :D

Pagan Sphinx said...

So, anyone can do this or does one have to be invited?

It's brilliant fun!

Leighann said...

You're awesome!

Betty said...

Great stories! I went blank this week. Maybe next week's words will inspire.

tt said...

**heavy sigh..where does all this come from** talent-talent....
Fabulous as usual. I had to nod my head in agreement when I read-
"hoarsely singing out about the tribulations of his color." Man...don't we all! seriously.

Jay said...

Kermit has always carried both life's and his own personal burdens.

Loved both your Wordzzles this week Diane.

Dianne said...

teach - for Lord Percy the day couldn't get any worse. For me - it was a delight to have many good things all happen at the same time!

pagan - it IS brilliant fun. anyone can participate. just go on over to raven's for next week's words, it would be great to have you join in!

leighann - I just want to squish you in a big boob hug ;)

betty - blank happens, to us all. thanks for coming by :)

awwww tt - there you go again, making me blush. thanks.

thanks jay - kermit has indeed carried far more than his share. he is a legend.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Every week I said to myself "this is great. Dianne will not be able to top this." Every week you prove me wrong. Keep up the good work.
I am glad that you got to sleep past 6:AM and had delicious coffee.
BTW how is Mia and Siren making out? Are they friends yet? Lisa

the walking man said...

Dianne, first wonderfully done again. These flash fiction pieces are actually some of the hardest to write, even with the writing prompts of the words. You do, do it very well. Very entertainingly, which should be the purpose imho.

A suggestion, probably nigh unto impossible, given your hectic schedule but if you really want to develop these more, once you have the wordzzle challenge portion completed, simply keep going. Drop a paragraph break in there while you have the momentum going.

This is what works for me, because it is hard to re-center the mind back on a piece that is "completed." Unless it is a long term project you are committed too.

Most of the longer works(+50k words) I have, which will most likely never see the light of day, were written in one colossal sitting, sleep gone until exhaustion set in, but after the end of a week or two or three...

I had the basis for a novel I could lay aside for a bit and then go back to edit, lay aside, edit, lay aside, edit, and finally coming to the place where my mentor read it and said, "good work. done, enjoyable. Ship it out for dissection."

You are talking more of a short story here in developing, maybe two to three thousand word length. "A Love Story" on my blog, is barely over a thousand words. While at the same time complete.

These flash fiction pieces are like that, they are complete or not as you decide. That, as the author, is truly the only right you can retain once a work is in the public domain, the ability to say it is completed as it sits.

*shrug* your wordzzle challenge pieces are complete or not as you say and they are a fine write, and read. Kermit will be proud to see his name again brought to memory. Even tied over an environment that he probably caused the avalanche in, with his singing.



Jo said...

No surprise, you're awesome with these wordzzles--they always make me smile. There's an underground frog world? LOL! I'm sure he met Piggy in the red-light district!

I'm glad you're getting some sleep! Yesterday I woke up for good at 4 AM & watched the Hair Club infomercial. WTF.

Odat said...

"....sifting lavender through a colander....." I love it!!!
Great job, as usual....glad your day went well.

Dianne said...

Lisa - wow!! thanks for such kind praise. Mia and Siren are still sniffing around each other with lots of growling and hissing and yowling going on. I've got a new slideshow of them that is almost edited so I'll share it soon.

mark - I am honored that you took the time to share such wonderful advice with me, thank you. I do feel the fire when I'm writing these and I'm going to try to stop telling myself - 10 words, you're done - and just keep going. sounds like a plan ;) - thank you.

jo - I love the Hair Club commercials! I watch just to hear "I'm not just president, I'm a client" - years ago my best friend's Dad was a Hair Club member and I went with her to pick up some crap from one of their store fronts. The guy there had so much chest hair and I couldn't resist asking him if it was real. Let's just say he wasn't thrilled with me ;)
I'm so glad you like my little stories. And yes - Miss Piggy is a ho.

odat - couldn't you just picture Kermit sitting there sifting little pieces of lavendar!? thanks for more kind and supportive words.

Akelamalu said...

Oh fabulous Dianne - I love them both!

Dianne said...

thank you akelamalu! I loved yours as well.
Hope your weekend continues to be great fun.