Thursday, April 24, 2008

Green Earrings and Meme

My lovely and talented buddy from across the pond tagged me for the ‘Six Word Memoir” meme. To see CG’s entry and to follow the chain back go Here

The back story is:

Legend has it that Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Last year, SMITH Magazine re-ignited the recountre by asking our readers for their own six-word memoirs. They sent in short life stories in droves, from the bittersweet (“Cursed with cancer, blessed with friends”) and poignant (“I still make coffee for two”) to the inspirational (“Business school? Bah! Pop music? Hurrah”) and hilarious (“I like big butts, can’t lie”).

Never one to pass up an opportunity to be compulsively, neurotically, chronically efficient I decided I would combine the ‘Six Word Memoir’ with ‘Project Green’.
Make sure to check out all the Green folks by going to Anna’s place.

I was thinking of how to sum up my illustrious life in six words and of course thinking always gets me to thinking.

When I moved from the big bad streets of Brooklyn to the idyllic rolling meadows of New Jersey (Lordy – I am so full of crap) one of the first things to change was my face. I stopped wearing make-up everyday. As much as I’d love to think it was because I became more confident, less shallow, I really know it’s because of two things.

You can do almost anything and everything from your car in NJ. NYC is so in your face, you have to walk, you have to tell cabs where you’re going, you have to jostle past dozens of people at every turn. You have to show your face.

And – shortly after moving here I had my ears pierced – again and for good! Guess third try was the charm – first two had resulted in allergic reactions and infections. I have no clue if there was an initial connection between no make-up and ear piercing; I doubt it – I’m crazy but I rarely plan that well for myself.

So now I reserve putting crap and color all over my face for shifts at the giant-ass store or client meeting or dates (that’s hilarious!!). If my face has to be in your face then I will be kind and fix it first.

But – I must have earrings on at all times.

These darlings are one of my favorites …

And they have inspired ….

I accessorize well, therefore I am.

Sunglasses on, earrings in, I’m hot!

Hell No! Talk to the ear!

Oh Baby Baby! Feel my sparkle!

Can you see my ears now?

So there you have it – green earrings and meme.

I’m supposed to tag five folks but I rarely do what I’m supposed to do. If you’d like to try your hand at ‘Six Word Memoir’ then put on your earrings (you too ladies!) and go for it.


Richard said...

Hey Diane, I liked your six worders. Of course it got me to thinking. So here is mine:

I feel, I think, I write.


Raven said...

Lovely earrings. And five excellent six word bios. Well done as always.

Doc said...


You Just Keep On Believing That

Dianne said...

I like your 6 words richard!

thanks Raven - as Rainman would say - they make me feel sparkly.

doc - that would be a great name for a blog! ;)

kenju said...

I love green and I love your earrings. I always wear them too, and I don't feel dressed without them.

CG said...

I knew you would do it! I often forget to wear makeup but I feel quite naked without my earrings!!

Sunglasses on, earrings in, I’m hot!
That's going to be my new motto!!

Sleepypete said...

Mine would probably be :

Crazy fool, bouncing off walls. Ouch :-)

Cherie said...

"It is not easy being green." Jim Henson

I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I haven't been able to touch base with you for a while, but I see that you're still doing great work.


Jeni said...

Gosh, you make me jealous again! I love earrings -or rather, I LOVED them! Pierced my ears myself when I was about 23 years old and wore earrings all the time after that until about 15-20 years ago when the itching finally got the best of me! As it turns out, I am allergic to nickel and nickel is frequently put in with other metals in the making of jewelry so guess what -the earrings went by the wayside! RATS!
And, those six word bios - fantastic! I can't even come up with one and you developed how many? WOw, I am totally impressed and in awe of your creativity there! Great job, Sunshine!

Needless to say, your earrings and writing skills always brighten my day.

Jay said...

Great 6 word memoirs!

"Oh Baby Baby! Feel my sparkle!" .. was my favorite! ;-)

Dianne said...

kenju - lately I've been getting into long drop earrings and I love how the feel when I move my head :)

cg - it's amazing how a great pair of earrings can make you feel and what a huge pair of sunglasses can hide. thanks for your faith in me :)

sleepy pete - you're very adorable :)

thanks cherie - I did try to catch up on Yuku but it all moves so fast and I'm juggling all those plates. miss u.

thanks jeni - I love the notion of brightening your day :)
I couldn't have earring until 5 years ago, I guess my body chemistry changed? I would always have terrible reactions before that - maybe that's why I love them so much now, making up for lost time.

jay - thanks!! I wonder what earring would look like with the Viking hat!?

the walking man said...

Dianne, what a wonderful lead up to your six word bio. Woman I saw NYC the same way 30odd years ago when I lived there and more recently when I re-visited. I laughed at the rolling meadows of Jersey, I must have missed that part of the state as well.

OK six words.

The cosmos is a short path.



bobbie said...

You did good!

I remember the "big bad streets of Brooklyn" and of Massapequa and a few other places. Now I'm amid the "rolling meadows of NJ", and you know what? Not that much difference. Except the pace is much slower. Well- maybe a few other differences.

I love your blog SO much.

Dianne said...

love your six words mark. ya know - if you look at the land fills through the McMansion construction sites they almost give the impression of rolling meadows ;)

bobbie - I keep saying that we MUST close the borders!! the one between Brooklyn/Staten Island and NJ. enough!! everything I left Brooklyn for has followed me here.
and thank you for loving my blog - that makes me happy.

Leighann said...

Oh Baby Baby! Feel my sparkle!

That's hysterical!!

Let's see what I can come up with....

I tried, my brain is fried.

magnetbabe said...

Once again, soul sister, we are too alike. I very rarely wear makeup, but I am an earring WHORE. Anything with beads or sparkles. I feel naked without them, and even if I'm just hanging out in a t-shirt and jeans I at least put a pair of studs in. I LOVE the ones in the pictures and am coveting them now!

The six-word memoir is very interesting. Drawing a blank right now, but I might revisit it later.

Dianne said...

leighann - love your 6 words - you're so clever ;)

magnetbabe - I know you'd do a great 6 worder - put on those thinking earrings and take a stab at it soul sister.
Mi and Si send hugs to Aunt Babe

Farmer*swife said...

That was really nice! You had great 6 worders. Those earings are really lovely.

Hmmm. Six words about me...I'll have to think on it. Almost intimidating...

Sure hope you have a nice weekend!

Happy Friday!

pink dogwood said...

'Oh Baby Baby, Feel my sparkle!'

Like that one :)

I love your earrings - I also wear two things on my face - eye liner and earrings.

Now what would my 6 words be? Let me talk about the current moment:

Friday afternoon, sunny skies, happy happy!!

Jo said...

I love Baby, Baby... :)

Your make-up routine is exactly like mine. I call it high-low maintenance b/c I'm still paranoid like a diva but I behave like a bumpkin LOL!

Those earrings are so pretty, totally my style...I love dangly sparkles. I think I need to get mine pierced again b/c they hurt after an hour with earrings in...I'm still working off of the holes my friend punched in them AT HOME when we were 17.

tt said...

I've been known to turn the car around and go back home when I discover I've forgot to put in earrings! Something is just off w/o the universe is tilted a wee bit to the left. I do however need to 'paint and spackle' everyday before i venture into the outside world...or inside for that matter. I can't defend myself or look at anyone w/o my paint on. Aren't we silly?

'To keep me spackle with love"

tt said...

btw....I LOVE those earrings!!!!!!!!!! danglie,shiney they have it all!I may have to borrow them...yes??

Dianne said...

farmers wife - I can't picture anything intimidating you! :)
you're a firecracker - hope you have a great weekend too, don't forget to stop by for Wordzzle on Saturday

pink dogwood - since living in the moment is a great thing to do I think your 6 words are perfect

jo - I love the cross of diva and bumpkin! so perfectly suitable.

tt - I definitely have to 'paint and spackle' if I'm going to be in close eye contact!! LOL it might be silly or it might be brilliant. my earrings are your earrings any time.

SnoopMurph said...

Six words? Wow! I will have to think about that! I can usually write succinctly, but I am not certain about six words! lol

The earrings are fabulous-my favorite jewelry to wear-always have them on. I tend to wear the same few pairs over and over again, but I have a ton of them!

Shelly said...

The line at the end cracked me up..."put on your too ladies"...he he he.

Dianne said...

snoopmurph - 6 words that immediately came to my mind for you are
I'm their Mom, hear me roar!
I'm just so impressed with all you've written this month.
I go on earring buying binges! I like cheap but classy and I love odd ones and crafty ones and antique looking ones.

shelly - I was stealing one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite guys - Craig Ferguson. He's on after Letterman and is the most hilarious guy on TV - plus he's HOT!

the teach said...

Great six-word memoirs, Dianne! And beautiful earrings! Great Project Green (which I participate in as well) :)

Quiet Rage said...

Love the story behind the ear rings.

Minnesotablue said...

I love those green earrings. Somehow I knew you were a "classy" earring babe.Guess I,m going to have to dig out a few of my old dangles! I wear earrings everyday, just love how they make me feel.

Odat said...

I just love all of them!!! I always have to have my earrings on too...
I've been thinking of doing this meme.. maybe tomorrow...hehe.

Akelamalu said...

Oh you did the six word memoir too - I like them all but I love the third one!

Dianne said...

thanks teach! isn't project green fun!? you've posted some great shots.

quiet rage - I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have given up on the whole every single day make-up thing! earrings on goes so much faster.

minnesota - you were born to wear dangles! dig them out :)

odat - I'd love to read your 6 words!

akelamalu - you tagged CG and she tagged me so we're related :)
I like the 3rd one too - it's very me.