Monday, April 21, 2008

Project Looking Through: Boston

If you’d like to catch the last few days of Project Looking Through please check out Mark’s place.

I love the contrast of old and new in this shot. I was on the lovely and silly Duck Tour and was struck by how surreal the bridge looked through the rusted old beams resting against the shore.


This is Faneuil Hall late in the evening taken through the French doors of my hotel room balcony. Before you get the idea that I’m fancy schmancy the balcony was the size of my suitcase and you had better not close the doors once you’re out there cause there’s no room to open them up again. Danny Bonaduce had been at the hotel the night before I got there. Imagine the fun I missed. Just as well, I didn’t bring bail money.


On yet another boat tour I loved the way Bunker Hill looked in the background as the railing on the boat made a cross for sailors everywhere.


Hope you enjoyed these. I love Boston. It’s the best of old and new. The sense of history and progress. And my lovely friend Cathy lives there.


eGandalf said...

I really like these pics. Boston is by far the most beautiful city I've visited. Hopefully, I'll get to return soon.

CG said...

What lovely photos. I really want to visit Boston. You make me want to book a plane ticket..

We (the family) are hopefully visiting NYC next spring. Wonder if we could meet up?

Leighann said...

Great photos doll! I wish I had a more artistic eye when it came to photography, my pics are always blah!


CAROLYN said...

I like the way you shot through that first one. So often we don't 'look up' when we're out walking around. I love the angles you captured there! The others are very nice too. Makes me want to visit Boston even more. My hubby & I have been talking about it ever since we started watching John Adams, lol!

Dianne said...

thanks egandlf! Boston is a beautiful city.

cg - it would be incredible to meet up!! Yes!

leighann - you've taken some great pics of your kids and your hubby and then of course there was that cleavage shot!! talk about looking through ;)

thanks carolyn, I appreciate your compliment :)
I'm sure you'd love Boston - I've always managed to be there in the spring or fall and either time is amazing. one trip during winter was OK but the snow was a bit much, even by NY/NJ standards.

Odat said...

I love the black and white pic!!! At first I thought it was an old photo...but it's not!!! how cool!

Raven said...

Wonderful photos! I love them all. Each such a unique view of the city. Ok...

tt said...

I love that the horse looks as though he's listening in on the conversation! ha
Great shots. I've never bee that far North. I want to though....I want to see things through your lens...:)Will you take us on a tour??

Dianne said...

thanks odat!! I love that you thought it was an old photo.

raven - the time I took these I was there for 4 days and took close to 1000 photos. a very photogenic city.

tt - I would gladly be your tour guide. Fly in to NY and then we'll take a road trip!!

magnetbabe said...

I like the first shot best. I love when you can capture new and old together. Its a good contrast to the staged city photos we get in city ads. I've never been to Boston. There's a conference there every year that my boss keeps talking about sending me to, but it never happens. Maybe someday...

Jay said...

I would love to take an extended trip to Boston. I would spend every day just soaking in the history of the place.

Dianne said...

magnetbabe - I love old and new together as well. thanks :)

jay - it's a great city to walk around in. it's contained and tourist friendly. mass transit is pretty easy to figure out. and at night - well - great music, great food, great clubs. I got roaring drunk with a bunch of Red Sox fans who told me "you're the first Yankee fan we don't want to kill"
I was pleased.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Dianne - Isn't Boston great? My daughter is a freshman at BU. I'll be spending the day with her on Friday there. There's so much to do, we had a hard time deciding. I think we'll check out the new Contemporary Arts.

Glad you had a good visit.


kenju said...

I've never been there, but I hope to remedy that soon.

Mark said...

Nice PLT post. I've always wanted to visit Boston.

Jeni said...

I've never been to Boston either -actually never been to ANYPLACE in New England for that matter -but your pictures make it ever so much more enticing that I'd love to go and see such an historic city. Who knows, maybe someday I'll make it there after all but in the meantime, I'll let you and other bloggers show me around.

the walking man said...'s more than an out of date rock band. Spent many a good sailors night there way back awhen the horsepower was in my legs.

I haven't been back in thirty years, the wife goes to Baseball games when we go to New Bedford but personally I will continue to abide over in Concord, as it is my MA resting spot with friends.

Wonderful line up of photo's though triggering many a memory of a well spent teen age youth.



R.E.H. said...

I went to Boston when I was four or five, so I don't remember much of the place. Beautiful pictures!

Doc said...

I agree... Great photos !!

Dianne said...

pagan - have a wonderful visit with your daughter. the weather is supposed to be fantastic.

you'll love it there kenju

thanks mark - I should contact Boston Chamber of Commerce and tell them I'm an unofficial spokesperson :)

jeni - one of the things I love about the photo sharing is seeing so many places.

thanks REH!

thanks doc!

Dianne said...

walking man - my sister-in-law's family used to live in New Bedford. I went to some local bar there one Friday night and the next thing I remember it was Sunday and they had troopers looking for me. one of the troopers was really hot ;)
great Portgugese bakeries around there.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I love the second picture. Feels very vintage :)

fermicat said...

Ah, these photos take me back to my Massachusetts days, and also to the times I visited someone special there many years ago. Thanks for the memories.