Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wordzzling Works Wonders

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy – and I didn’t think I had a creative cell left in my wrung out mind but Wordzzle always makes me happy.

Here are my humble offerings for this week. I still can’t go ‘mega’ – I leave that to juicier minds.

Ten Word Challenge: cocker spaniel, penultimate, fetters, warranty, tarmac, quartz, paparazzi, apple sauce, earsplitting, lackadaisical

I popped out of the Hummer limo and stepped onto the tarmac. I hoped the first impression I made would be as absurd as possible. I knew my fans still adored me, I could tell by the earsplitting screams coming from the roped off area. “Mia, Mia!” the paparazzi shouted my name. I walked toward them with as much of a lackadaisical air as I could muster. I posed and pouted. I held up Petunia, my cocker spaniel puppy, for all to see. She was dressed in a little pink cape and I stopped to feed her silver spoonfuls of apple sauce. I moved closer to the flash bulb wolves and smiled as they grabbed for me. “Watch the quartz crystals boys” I grinned as I shook my bejeweled arms in their faces, “the warranty has expired and I’m retiring so money will be tight”. They laughed like the jackasses they are as I turned sassily on my 6 inch heels and headed to the plane. This was my penultimate media whore moment. I would need to put on more show at the little airport outside Fetters Hot Springs before I headed to my new home, my vineyard and my real life.

And for the Mini Challenge: spinach, interwoven, compromise, tennis, intangible

Carla knew that the reasons for her huge weight gain were interwoven into so many issues, issues she was just beginning to understand. Although her emotions were real, the events behind them continued to seem intangible. If she couldn’t explain to herself, how could she explain to anyone else? So she continued her unsatisfying and ultimately unsuccessful compromise; she’d play tennis 3 times a week and eat nothing but fish and spinach. The weight would come off again, it always did, and the cycle would continue.

Make sure to go to Raven’s place and check out all the other entries. And consider playing along next week. If this could brighten my mood then it can do wonders for anyone.

Happy Wordzzling to all.


Raven said...

Works of genius as always. The first witty and clever the second poignant. I enjoyed being called a wordzzle goddess, so I'll share the title with you.

I hope Mia the kitty is thriving and that she and Lord Siren are making friends.

Karen said...

My story reminded me of yours....sort of. Great job. I enjoyed them both.

CAROLYN said...

Another interesting project! So many going on. I love the word "lackadaisical." I'll probably add that to my nickname list for my dog, Daisy ;D

P.S. I see you're in NJ. I married a Jersey guy!

Betty said...

I always enjoy reading your stories and your blog. Good job.

Dianne said...

raven - thanks for be a sharing goddess :)
mia and Lord Siren have gotten about as far as lying near each other with the kennel gate between them but that, to me, is major progress. I'll put together a new slideshow as soon as I can. Kisses to Tara Grace and Angel

thanks karen! I'm coming to read yours now

carolyn - I like the word too! and how cute to have lacksDaisy. I have to go back to your blog and check for her picture again. there are so many projects going on! I wish blogging could be an actual job :)

awww thanks betty! I appreciate that. BTW - I loved you talking about your purse over at jo's. too funny.

Jay said...

I love how many of us saw the word "paparazzi" and decided to make ourselves celebrities. Writing out our fantasies a bit, I guess. haha ;-)

Wonderful job on the Wordzzle Diane. You totally rock!

Michael Manning said...

As I looked outside my apartment toward the tennis courts as I finished my spinach, she stood out as a Mini Challenge for me, interwoven in my romantic mind as a bit of a compromise for the staid conformist type of girl others would want. Alas, tennis and sex became in this case an intangible, if not untouchable thing of beauty.

Thank you, no really! THANK YOU ALL. I'M OVERWHELMED WITH APPLAUSE, PLEASE... OH OKAY, BRING IT ON!!!!(Roses thrown at my feet from the balcony)!! :D

R.E.H. said...

Great stories! Especially enjoyed the first 10-word one.

Well played, as usual!

the walking man said...

yep got it nailed in both pieces this week. Not a stretch to your use of any words in the challenge, even the naming of the town fetters was clever and could be significant in its ramification.

well done from one happy scribbler to another.



Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Enjoyed both stories as always. Have a good day. Lisa

Dianne said...

jay - first of all - when you tell me I rock it has the same effect on me as when leighann calls me doll!! ;)
in karen's story she was feeding apple sauce to her dog too LOL I love it.

michael - that's wonderful!! you should play for real and get tons of applause and roses. that was so good.

thanks REH!!

mark - Fetters Hot Springs is an actual place! a town formed around a resort in Sonoma County built by the Fetters Family. I thought that was cool.

hey Lisa - you have a great day too :)

Odat said...

Once again...great job!!! I love your stories!!

Leighann said...

You always do a great job with these stories ;)

Akelamalu said...

You did a fab job Dianne - as usual. Loved them both. :)

Dianne said...

thanks odat
and leighann
and akelamalu
Youse chicks rock ;)

Jeff B said...

Now who would have thought cocker spaniels like to eat apple sauce?

Very cleaver.

Saw your comment and had to come by.

tt said...

I love that Mia was in your story.
Great job as usual. And i was thinking of the same thing that I see 'Jeff b' wrote!!!....applesauce and dogs....cute mental picture!!!

TheBirdman33 said...

I think you are doing just find in the creative department! Well done.

Dianne said...

thanks jeff b - glad you came by. karen's story also had an applesauce eating dog.

tt - Mia has always been a favorite name of mine. That's what was so wonderful when the rescue people sent me her picture and story. She was already named Mia! It was meant to be.

thank you birdman! any shot in my confidence arm is greatly appreciated these days :)

Jo said...

Just wonderful, Dianne, I loved the imagery in the first one. I posed and pouted...LOL! The mini was great too, you've got range, Baby.

Mia happens to be one of my favorite names too :)

Dianne said...

thanks jo! I love having range!!