Friday, April 18, 2008

Project Looking Through: Then and Now

I'm really enjoying this project. I get to share some photos, stay in touch but still keep as many active brain cells as possible focused on work.

This first photo was taken when we were looking at the house we now live in. It is the hallway of 'my side' of the house we converted into a kind of, well not really, but better than nothing Mother/Daughter (why not son?).

Once we bought the house we closed up the arch by the stairway that leads to my son's second floor. We also put new doors on all the rooms and spiffed up the walls and floor. As much as I love photos and art I decided to leave the walls bare since the hall is so narrow. I like to feel as roomy as possible.

The second photo is taken pointing in the same direction - the room Mia is standing in is my bedroom. I'm taking the photo from 'Siren's Special Screen Door' so you're not getting the whole hallway feel but all you're missing is walls. That pile of clothes is stuff I wore while Siren and then Mia sat with me. I was trying to get both of them to like all our smells. And yes, those are my shoes. My feet are big but as I told Leighann, they help me hold up my big boobs.

So in essence you're looking through my hallway then and now.

Tomorrow is Wordzzle and I'm going to try and be creative. I have given up on this month's PFC. My head and eyes hurt too much from data entry and spreadsheets. Plus I want to relax a bit over the weekend by reading all the others.

Happy Friday Night kids!

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R.E.H. said...

Sorry to hear you're not going to play the PFC this month - but I understand. Not easy to be creative when your head hurts ;)

Will look forward to the Wordzzle tomorrow though!

Sleepypete said...

Happy Friday Night :-)

I've got a project I should have started as well ... I kinda have started but it's just planning instead of actually doing. Just been a little too sore over the past few days to think straight.

Looking forward to peeking at the Wordzzle tomorrow :-)

Raven said...

Cool project. Nice to visit with you at home. Once I get the Wordzzles up, maybe I'll see if I can find something to post for this one too.

See you tomorrow at Wordzzles, I hope.

Jay said...

So did you guys take a single family house and turn it into like a duplex? It looks really nice. I watch all those home improvement shows all the time. I like to think I could do that stuff, but I know better. haha

Mark said...

I always like a good before-after shot. Thanks for making these PLT pics! I've enjoyed this project and will wrap it up early next week.

tt said...

your big feet help hold up big boobs??? ROFLMAO!!!!!! Holy crap...that solves one of my problems!!! I need bigger feet- that's why my boobs can't stand up!!!
I love the before and after pics. It's really nice to be invited in to your house.!
Do some relaxing and have a good weekend. find some yellow too ;)

Carletta said...

Nice to peek in your home!

Curious to know what Wordzzles is -be back tomorrow to see!

Thanks for stopping by mine.

CAROLYN said...

Your house looks very nice! We are also updating an old 1942 tudor we moved into in '06. Surprises never cease, lol! Thanks for letting us look down your hallway :)

P.S. Your Mia looks like my cat Molly!

Robert said...

Nice views of "looking through" home. Well done.

Leighann said...

*giggle* I feel like such a vouyer peeking down your hallway!

Doll *hair pull* I have HUGE feet and HUGE boobs, I can most certainly comisserate with you on that one!

the walking man said...

I have wide short feet and no boobs to speak of, yet I still wonder how anyone can live in such a lack of clutter?

Relax now, work will be there and for the most part you did what you could it sounds. Maintain your sanity first or you will turn into a myopic cultist of the frying shrimp clan.


TWM (the other saint mark ha ha ha ha)

Akelamalu said...

It's Saturday! Where's your wordzzle Dianne? :)

Jo said...

You rock with your big feet LOL!

I love what you did with the hallway...the trim is so pretty & crisp.

Dianne said...

REH - I was feeling awful about not doing the PFC, I got all worked up about not having time to do the stuff I want to do but then I just had to get over myself. There are only so many hours and so many brain cells. I'm looking forward to reading all the entries from everyone else.

sleepy pete - hope you're feeling less sore! thanks for visiting.

raven - I'm enjoying the photo sharing, especially when I feel I don't have the time to tell a good story. I will definitely see you at Wordzzle later today. Gotta do a shift at the store first.

jay - we did! it was a single family with 5 bedrooms. the way it was set up we were able to close that arch and make 2 entries to the kitchen. Plus the side door leads right to the basement where my office is so that helped with deliveries. The only thing that would make it perfect is if we had 2 kitchens and if my son had one more bedrrom upstairs BUT then the town would call it a 2 family and our taxes would triple. So it called a Mother/Daughter. My son watches all those shows too and has gotten really good at fixing stuff.

Dianne said...

mark - I've enjoyed this project too and hope to make one more entry. There are some really talented people participating and I've gotten some great ideas from them. thank you!

tt - you made me laugh!! Maybe I should get some big ass yellow shoes.

oops - gotta leave for work, will respond to everyone else later

CG said...

LOL, love seeing into your home. Feel like I've been on a visit. I have big feet and boobs too!!

Bob-kat said...

I had to laugh when I read your comment about the size of your feet needing to hold up your boobs! LOL!

It's quite nice to looka t then and now photos so thanks for sharing :)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. Those are two of my favorite colors, white and green, the colors of my living room. I find it very calming. Work will alway's be there. Take some time and enjoy yourself. Take care. Lisa

Dianne said...

carletta - I'm enjoying your photos.

carolyn - love the name molly :) thanks for checking out my PLT

thanks robert

leighann - you can peek into any part of my place anytime you want ;)

TWM - clutter make me anxious although my basement office is officially a disaster zone.

akelamalu - wordzzle's coming later this eve. :)

jo - I'm so glad that you like the trim! I love your taste so now I feel good about it. I go back and forth and sometimes think it looks cartoonish - like that music video that went from animation to real - I wanted to break up the starkness and have a color that leads into the jade and tan of the other rooms.

cg - you, me, tt, leighann - we should all start a big feet/big boobs group ;)

thanks bobkat - glad you liked the photos and had a laugh too.

lisa - I love green, my bedroom is a soft sage, it is very calming.