Thursday, April 17, 2008

Project Looking Through: Take One and Maybe Only

I am going to give myself until midnight tomorrow, Friday, to finish my PFC entry. If it’s done then great, if it’s understandable and says something then great, otherwise I’m just going to skip this month.

I will now whine for one run on sentence and then I’ll clue you in on pretty things to look at.


I am so freaking tired and feeling just a tad sorry for myself and sick to death of how nothing ever seems to get easier, it just gets different and then even the different becomes tiring.

OK – I can’t do it in one sentence!

I’m just stressed, that’s all. The store is just waiting to explode because business is so off and the managers are all untrained unprofessionals who are being called to task for things they don’t even understand let alone control.

And then me precious business is full of nagging, bitching, penny pinching assholes who don’t know what they want but they know they need to keep asking for things because that’s what someone told them when they took “Corporate Bullshit 101”.

I’m good again. I will now return you to my usual self.

So …

Through the lovely CG I found the wonderful Anna. Anna started and hosted Project Yellow and every day I would tell myself that I was going to share some yellow but the past couple of weeks have been rough (we’re not going there again) and I never did. The lovely thing that happened though is that I now notice yellow everywhere. One of the wonders of photography is that it makes you take note; it allows you to see with your heart and your soul and your mind.

Through Anna I discovered Mark. And he is hosting ‘Project Looking Through’. Go to Mark's place and look at the April 15 post to read all about the project. It’s really simple – photos that give a sense of looking through something.

Of course I don’t have any time to take new photos, there I go again!, but I take so many all the time that it only took a few moments to find two.

They’re both of Siren which is fitting since I’ve always felt that Siren was looking through – through his bad beginnings to try and be happier, through his fears to try and feel safer.

The first is how Siren starts most days. Just surveying the world at his feet. I love photos of people (and cats) looking away. They always seem poignant. They always feel hopeful or tender.

This second one is Siren peeking through his special screen door. I played with the color a bit to give what I felt was an ‘Old West’ feeling to it. I thought that matched the etching on the door. It certainly matches Siren’s personality.

I feel so much happier now that I shared some pretty and I joined in other prettiness. Make sure to check out Mark’s place for all the others who are sharing.

And now I must return to the cocky-doody crapola that passes itself off as the work I do to pay for the house that morons built.

I breathe in and out and whisper – “let it slide, let it slide”


Clowncar said...

Project Yellow and Project Looing Through both sound lie wonderful ideas. Sadly, I'm more words than photos, and the images I use are stuff I steal off the web (with a tip of the hat to where I stole it).

You should host a Project Run On Sentence. :)

Siren is a great name for a cat.

bobbie said...

Dianne, you have every right to bitch a bit every now and then. And where if not here on your blog? Let it out!

Your Looking through pictures are just perfect. I'm going to go to Mark's place after I finish here.

And thanks for being such a loyal fan of Kitty's. Your comments to her are always perceptive.

Jeni said...

Love the cat pics especially the one of Siren from behind. Maybe you need to rant a tad more often though as I'm beginning to worry that carrying that much of a stress load is going to cause you to implode.

kenju said...

Good choices! I will have to try and get in on Mark's project too. I have known Anna since she was a baby, and I love her like a daughter!

Raven said...

Glad you got that off your chest. You are entertaining even when you whine. Your inherent goodness comes through. Sorry you are having such a tough time.

Looking Through is an interesting idea. I'll have to go check it out. I liked both of your pictures.

Think I had something else to say but I can't remember what it is. Sigh.

Mahala said...

Although it might not get any better, it will eventually get different.


Dianne said...

clowncar - Project Run On Sentence! that's hilarious and a great idea, I'm making a note ;)
Siren was rescued by a NYPD officer and all he did was wail the first few weeks here hence Siren!

thanks Bobbie - Mark's blog is a nice place to visit. And you're welcome re. Kitty, she's a great writer and I enjoy her posts.

jeni - thanks and hugs. I don't think I'll implode, too much fat! I'd probably just melt.

kenju - Anna is an amazing artist. I'm thrilled that I found her blog.

raven - my son always says - "I had something to tell you and now I can't remember, must have been important, I only remember the stupid things"

mahala - grin right back at ya!

Jay said...

My neighbors in the building next to mine have cat who sits in the window and watches everyone wander by all day long. Every single day when I leave he sitting there like he's been waiting for me. I always wave at him and the other he flipped his tail a bit and I think he was waving back.

Carletta said...

Very nice PLT.
I enjoyed your commentary!

Minnesotablue said...

Hey Girl! You have a perfect right to whine or feel sorry forself.You carry a heavy load. I know it's hard to be a single Mom but believe me you do an incredible job and along with working two jobs I think you are "The cat's meow" Literally cause I'm also including your cats. Love the pictures.

SnoopMurph said...

We love Siren! The boys were happy to see some more photos tonight. So, if you had a crappy day, just think you made two little boys very, very happy!

jientje said...

I love that first cat picture, its great! Thx for visitng my PLT!

Mark said...

Great shots here. You're right about pictures of animals (or people) looking away. Thanks for joining PLT.

the walking man said...

Dianne...that wasn't bitchin, that was chin waggin'. Come on let it out.

God knows how I miss throwing wrenches near stupid foremen, rippin off some good old language at the same time, and asking brain dead customers about their cluelessness as to what was wrong with their car.

My favorite memory though is cussing out a Hispanic foreman for 20 minutes when at the end he just said "I don't speak Spanish."

He was still an asshole but he made me laugh so he got a pass for the rest of the night.

Peace, it's where you find it.


Heya gotta get out anyway you can. Better than a sharp stick in the eye or a heart attack.

Leighann said...

How about a good old fashioned grope to lift your spirits doll??

xoxox *wink*

Dianne said...

jay - it sure does sound like he was saying hi, much of their communication is with their tails.

thank you carletta :)

minnesotablue - thanks :)
I get hung up sometimes in thinking it (whatever it is) should be easier by now. Lordy - the son is a grown man!! It's really mostly financial stress but then I think of those losing their homes and well - my life is good.

snoopmurph - Connor and Ian can brighten any day! I'm working on the next slideshow which I know the boys will love - there's lots of action and drama LOL

jientje - thanks for stopping by! that pic of Siren is one of my favorites too.

mark - I'm glad I joined, thank you. I'm hoping to post at least one more set of photos.

walking man mark - you just make me grin! Lord the trouble we could get into if we worked together, we could unionize the giant-ass store!

Dianne said...

leighann - Ohhhhh that felt great! and I love when you call me doll. next time promise to pull my hair. I love ya!

tt said...

You're just being very expressive...and that's a good thing. That's why you'll live longer than most men! No whining here....just self expression... :)

Love the sepia tone pic of Siren. He looks like he's in kittie jail. ha
yellow?? I never thought about that before. I just looked out my window and saw a yellow sign in my back yard. It's a caution symbol ..telling of hummingbird crossings....I'll look for more while I'm driving to "work" this morning. What a nice way to pass the time that will be.
have a good up and kick some ass whenever you feel the need!

Richard said...

Just so you know it is now named "Corporate Bullshit 2.0"


CG said...

Your sentence about being tired just sums up how I feel, too! I'm sending you a hug and hoping you feel better soon!

Great pics of siren :)

Dianne said...

tt - I like the sepia color too, it just felt right for the subject matter. the yellow project was Anna's baby - everywhere I went there were blogs with wonderful yellow photos. thanks!

richard - how could I forget!? of course the course went online!!

hugs right back cg :)

Akelamalu said...

Don't let 'em get you down, sod 'em!

Jo said...

I love that first pic of kitty in the window!

I feel for you, sorry you're having a rough go of things. Chin up, Cheeky Girl. There are so many asshats in life, you have it right in pacing yourself (let it slide). I usually say 'let it ride'. See? Together we make a lame poem...but still a poem! LOL!

Sparkling Red said...

Wow, what a mess you have to deal with! I'm so glad I don't work in retail anymore. I remember how much it sucked. I hope you see some improvements soon.

Siren is lovely. :-)

magnetbabe said...

This is your blog and you should bitch and moan with complete abandon!

(PS - love the kitty pics of course)

Dianne said...

akelamalu - I love the expression 'sod em' - thanks

jo - I used to work for this most wonderful, amazing man who always said 'if assholes could fly we'd never see the sun'
Oh I adored him
and yes we is a poem :)

sparkling red - thank you! I am hanging in :)

magnetbabe - I just want the blog to always be uplifting in some way or at least fun. but I think I manage that even if I'm bitchin' - thanks sweetie.

Shelly said...

You always amuse me, ranting or raving or just reading what you have to say about the world.
Oh...Siren through the screen...big fave for me in PLT.

fermicat said...

Cat pics! Hooray!

I like both of them, but especially the first one with Siren staring off into the distance. I always wonder what they are thinking about.

Dianne said...

thanks shelly :)
he's such an outlaw my guy Sy

fermicat - Siren is very poetic. Often he will watch the birds or the sunset and just start singing :)
the melody is often the same but I'm sure the words are different.