Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Much Is That Wordzzle In The Window ...

The days fly by and it is once more Wordzzle Day. Please stop by RAVEN’S NEST and check out the other stories. And think about trying it yourself, it’s fun and keeps the brain cells healthy.

Ten Word Challenge : follow-up, buffalo wings, silversmith, furniture, as the crow flies, little red roadster, photograph, pencil pusher, argument, streaking

Mini Challenge: Ireland, mashed potatoes, book worm, fog horn, T.S. Eliot

Finola’s Mega Story continues …

Ireland Silversmith stood in the tiny window of the giant luxury RV. As much as she adored traveling with the love of her life cooking in one of these things was a challenge. She had to move the spicy buffalo wings over to the sofa in order to have enough room to season the mashed potatoes. Thank goodness the RV was big enough to hold all the furniture she required to be functional and comfortable.

“Lovee, are you out there?” Ireland was positive she had seen his shadow pass between two trees a few feet from their camp ground. “Lovee, don’t make me keep bellowing like a fog horn” Ireland tried not to be annoyed; she didn’t want to have an argument right before dinner. Her husband was a good man. He worked hard, always put her first and was exceptionally kind. Ireland had never before known anyone so complex – he was an accountant but hardly a pencil pusher, he was a book worm who also delighted in racing around the narrow streets of their home town in his little red roadster. The night they met he had nearly run her over. Ireland chuckled at the thought of how that evening started with her streaking across the road fearing for her life and ended with Lovee reading T.S. Eliot to her at a small café. Later that night they walked along the river and then posed for their photograph at a little booth. That photo leaned against the window frame facing Ireland right now.

“Lovee, it’s almost time to eat, I …” Ireland stopped dead in her tracks. Lovee was walking across the clearing towards her carrying a cardboard box. Beside him was a young woman who looked frightened and angry. “Hey darlin’ do we have enough wings for three?” Ireland had to laugh at how matter of fact Lovee was. Nothing daunted him. “Ireland, remember when the police stopped us on the main road, claimed to be doing a routine follow-up. Well I think I found the follow-up” The young woman spoke for the first time. “I just need to get to Stonepoint” she said angrily. “My car broke down but I’m pretty sure I can get there on foot”. Lovee laughed. “On foot, really child what are you thinking, Stonepoint is miles and miles from here, and that’s as the crow flies. It’s even farther away for little feet like yours”.

Finola was not pleased with this development but she was hungry.

My 10 word:

The paparazzi all swarmed around the little red roadster as the lead singer of Silversmith jumped out. His pencil pusher assistant and his fast talker publicist struggled to keep up with him as he went streaking across the parking lot into the back entrance of ‘As the Crow Flies’ – Red Bank’s newest hot spot. The assistant tried to carry a giant bucket of buffalo wings and 6 cell phones without crashing into the fancy glass furniture. The publicist tried to grab the singer long enough to convince him to pose for a photograph with the club’s owner. “The papers will all want a follow-up to the photo” she screeched. “I won’t get into an argument about this” the singer snapped without breaking stride. “I’m here to get drunk and get laid and you’re here to see that it happens”.

My mini:

Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork was damned if he was going to spend the rest of his days as a lonely book worm; sitting in his tiny flat eating soggy fish cakes and runny mashed potatoes. He packed up his T.S. Eliot collection and headed for the docks. He was going to Ireland to be a boxer.

If you would like to catch up with Finola ...



Jeff B said...

Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork made me think of a short, geeky rooster with hairy feet. What a name!

You're on a tear with Finola's story, keep it up.

Raven said...

Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork is a superlative name. These are all wonderful. I'm really enjoying Fiona's adventures and the wonderful character's she's meeting along the way. I so admire all of you serial wordzzlers. Just awesome. I loved the mini too... and the 10 word. All superlative.

Shelly said...

I want to curl up with a novel all about Finola.

Dianne said...

Jeff - "short, geeky rooster with hairy feet" - Oh I wish I could draw because that is very much what I was thinking of - it would be so cool if we were having the same vision lol

Raven - I am now liking Ireland and Lovee Silversmith - I've never written about a couple before and it helps with my dialog skills. I think they may hang around ;)
thanks for all the support Raven!!

Dianne said...

thanks shelly! - maybe that will possible one day, I never know ;)

Carletta said...

Wonderful continuation!
Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork - love the alliteration in that and a short concise little jem!

So glad you visited my alpaca post.

Jay Simser said...

As with all your posts I loved it. Fiona is a fave but Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork has got to be this week's winner. Thanks, j

Richard said...

Dianne, I am so liking the Finola series. You totally fooled me right up to the last line. GREAT!


bobbie said...

More Finola! More! More!

Jay said...

"Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork" has got to be your best yet!

Poor Finola. Things don't seem to be getting any better for her. At least she might get something to eat though!

Dianne said...

carletta - Frodo appears to be a favorite, thanks! I love using aliteration in names, a really good name can draw the image of a character.
I loved your alpaca post.

thanks mr. simser :)
Frodo Lives!

rich - and it is not easy to fool you! cool! thanks so much.

bobbie - I'm so glad you like Finola :)
She'll be back!!

jay - I'm wondering if I could write a counter culture baby name book, or maybe name celeb babies ;)

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! You amaze me. I am hoping that Finola's luck changes soon, but if it doesn't, it is a keep us on the edge of our sit story.
Have a good weekend. Lisa

Michael Manning said...

Raven: How nice of you to offer me left over buffalo wings! However, as a former silversmith I simply had to demure as my furniture furniture would have never forgiven me. As the crow flies, I just finished re-reading "To Kill A Mockingbird"--not to be confused with my 32 Ford Little Red Roadster that I drive only on Sundays, mind you. It doesn't take a photograph to prove that City Hall is pencil pusher heaven. Any Jurist who has served on "Jury Duty" will tell you that endless argument, and even streaking isn't out of the ordinary. But then again, what fun it is to visit Raven's Blog!!!!! lol, Raven!!!!!!!:D)

Ron said...

Brava Dianne!

And like everyone else here...

Frodo Fog Horn Finkledork is beyond brilliant!!!

I was especially fond of your 10 word!!

Hope you're having a great weekend, dear lady!

Hey...and do feel how much COOLER it is??

Damn...I may have to bring out my ski mask tomorrow!

storyteller said...

I must admit I marvel at how you (and others) can do such an incredible job on these Wordzlles. I may need to return when time permits to catch up with Finola …
Hugs and blessings,

Faye Pekas said...

Hi Dianne, thanks for stopping by my place. The word challenge looks interesting. I would loce to give it a try some time.

I also need to come back and check out Finola's adventures. :)

SnoopMurph said...

You have the BEST character names-you have been bring the wordzzle to such levels! I love it.

I didn't participate this week, but as I told Raven, I am looking to get back in the game next week!

And as for your previous post, I love that you speak your mind!

Dianne said...

Lisa - thanks :)
I'm betting Finola's luck goes up and down, just like the rest of us ;)

Micheal the Secret Wordzzler!!

Ron - I'm positively 'freezing' this morning :( NOT
I hate when they say a cool front is coming thru and then ... Butkus
So glad you liked the stories. I was thinking of Steven Tyler in the 10 word

storyteller - thank you! and hugs and blessings to you too :)

faye - the more the merrier. I wasn't so sure when I first started and I never did a mega for weeks and the thought of a serial story seemed impossible. Now it is fun and relaxing.
I'm glad CG led me to your blog - your photos are amazing!!

thanks snoop - you have so much going on! whenever you do get a chance is great.
Tell the boys that Mia and Siren will be posting a new slideshow later today. The tabloids say there may even be a photo of them together!!

Anndi said...

I actually can't pick a favourite!

Someone actually moving TO Ireland? wow!

Patti said...

These are wonderful, Dianne! You are a great creative writer and I admire your talent.

I'm new at reading this, but I loved what I've read so far.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Dianne said...

anndi - that really made me laugh!!

patti - thanks so much! you're so kind and generous with praise.
Hope your Sunday is a good one.

tt said...

You know how I sit anxiously...just waiting to read about what happens to Finola next!!
And you know how I love the names you give your people...."Lovee" was especially nice this time ;)
And the new people???? This is going to get really interesting I!!!!

Dianne said...

tt - I was hoping you'd get to read this one, what with your birthday and all. When I made the husband so sweet and attentive I just had to call him Lovee, especially after hearing about the breakfast making :)

SMM said...

Finola is just soooo cute....and Loveee is just so like a man to spring an extra mouth to feed 2 seconds before dinner

Dianne said...

smm - I really like my Finola :)
she's the first character I've really wanted to stay with.
glad you like her too