Friday, July 25, 2008

Take That Sister!

When I was in Catholic school the Sisters truly didn't like me.

Sister Dominique Dominatrix hated that I was always making the other kids laugh, especially during those times when she was trying to intimidate them.

Sister Bertha Bloodletter referred to me as someone who "should learn to keep her comments to herself".

I often found myself in the office of the school principal Sister Agnes Mary Margaret Margaret Mary Margaret Mary. It was there that I was inspired to greatness by sound advice from this pillar of childhood education. A few of her gems were - "Don't think for yourself - think what we tell you to think" - "Children should never question" and my favorite "A willful sarcastic child will go straight to hell".

Well sisters - nah nah na nah na nah. I still can't bring myself to curse at a nun - use your imagination.

My lovely friend Mary/the Teach gave me these two awards - I know! 2 in 1 - how cool is that!

One is for making her smile
One is for not keeping my comments to myself

Bless Ya Mary.

I'm going to pass these on to ...

Bob-kat - who always takes the time to let me know my comment was appreciated.

Jay Man - can manage to get to the heart of a post with one sentence. His delivery is always spot on - makes me laugh every time.

CG - should be cloned as every comedian's perfect audience member! She always delights in my silly comments and always lets me know I made her smile.

Lisa – Rambling Villas Girl - my warm hearted friend from "down dah pawkway". She leaves lovely comments where she openly shares how my post made her feel.

and last but not least - and I have no idea why I chose five - I could have kept going forever ...

Ron - my newest buddy. Ron is so enthusiastic that I can't help but feel good when I see he has commented and his wit is as twisted as mine - which makes me feel normal.

I hope you stop by all these lovely blogs and if you run across a nun today - give em a shout-out from me.


Charlene said...

lol~~i served my sentence teaching at a catholic school~~i really enjoyed it except for all of the time i had to spend on my knees~~that wasn't fun at all (i'm not catholic, but non catholic teachers were encouuraged to fully particapte in mass) except they didn't have wine for us

Raven said...

You so richly deserve these awards. I love your nun stories and I'm glad you didn't listen to them and stayed true to yourself, because you enrich the lives of everyone who visits this blog and I'm sure everyone who meets you in person.

the teach said...

Dianne, thanks for posting about these awards here and in your sidebar. You certainly deserve them! :)

the teach said...

Dianne, When I was in Catholic school Sister Mary Egidia (that's a real name) told me every time I sigh a drop of blood falls out of my heart. Ha! Weren't those nuns just the best?

BTW come to my blog you've won Second Prize in my "How Do You Tell the Good Guys from the Bad Guys?" contest. Congratulations! :)

Jay said...

Every time I hear or read somebody talking about Catholic School I think of Dennis Leary calling it "Comedy School" and it's so true. Catholic School really does produce people with great senses of humor.

Thanks for the award! I totally deserve .. I mean, you totally rock! ;-)

Oh and I wish you had said something about giving a nun a shout-out for you cause I actually tripped one this morning trying to beat her out to the last box of double chocolate fudge pop-tarts at Wal-Mart. Next time I'll look down at her and say "Dianne says hello!"

Ron said...

OK...this is yet ANOTHER thing you and I have in common....


Damn, girl...your description of your experiences while attending school and dealing with the nuns is such a mirror to my own. And your names for them, kill me!

(I too was NOT a liked child, because they never knew what to do with me)

And isn't funny how we all look back on these catholic school times and find the HUMOR???

Congrats to you on these much deserved awards, Dianne. I feel so blessed to have met you!

And MUCH thanks for sharing them with me. I'm touched...REALLY!

Later this week I will be sure to pass them forward to others.

Thanks again, my twisted sister!

Bob-kat said...

Your comments are always very much appreciated. You have a gift for saying something that always gives me a little lift.

I love your descriptions of the nuns, :) I never went to Catholic school but they sound like some of the teachers I had! They remind me of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Congratulations on the awards and thanks for passing them on to me :) I am touched, and once more you have given me a well needed boost when I need it. I am feeling pretty poorly atm with a chest infection after a nasty cold. Thanks again.

Sending hugs in appreciation and because I know there are times when you need one {hug}.

Dianne said...

charlene - "all that time on my knees" and "they didn't have wine for us" - kept me laughing all morning!!

raven - thank you lady! I ran into an old classmate from Catholic school recently and she was talking about how she pretty much ignored everything the nuns said and was so happy because of that.

mary - wow! so many goodies coming from your place - thanks!!
"a drop of blood from your heart" !!! good heavens! they really were so screwed up.

jay - see what I mean!! You kill me - it's so hard to convey a sarcastic humorous tone in writing but you manage it - You Do Deserve It LOL
Nuns at Wal-Mart - wow, talk about double your trouble.

Ron - "twisted sister" !!! another bond between us. My sister used to call me "twisted sister" and it is one of my favorite expressions of love.
Hugs sweetie!

Bobkat - I do need a hug at times although I go out of my way NOT to ask for one ;)
Feel better! The work and the stress and then the cold just wear your body down. Stay in bed and drink tea and eat ice cream.

Ivanhoe said...

Congrats on your awards, Di!
And why Am I not surprised that the Sisters did not like you :o) You little devil you :o)

Sparkling Red said...

Congratulations on your awards! You are a funny lady. Your made-up nun names made me snort-laugh.

Chuck said...

Nunnie nunnie nunnie!! (that s'pose to sound like nah nah nah nah nah nah). I know. Dumb, but hey, whatever. Happy you got the awards. Nice go'n and have a lovely weekend!!

Knight said...

I'm really hoping I see a nun today.

Catholic school was used as the ultimate threat in my family. "If you don't get your grades up we are putting you in *duh duh duh* Catholic School! Oooooooooo."

Thank you for not keeping your comments to yourself Dianne!

Odat said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards!!! And I must have gone to the same


Jo said...

I'll save you a seat in Hell, Sweetpea, I think it's going to be crowded. Maybe I can get us into the VIP lounge? LOL!

Your nun chronicles slayed me! My dad had such a horrid time in Catholic school, he opted not to send me. All of his stories end with him getting whacked with something wooden.

Congrats to everyone on the awards!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I came over from Bob-Kat's snd I am so glad I did! I LOVE the names of those Nuns! It put me in mind of the playright, Christopher Durang, who has written some scathing and Hilarious plays and the Church and Nuns are raked over the coals in the most Hilarious ways....If you are unfamiliar with his plays, it's worth Googling him and looking up some of his works and reading them....He was waaaay ahead of his time in taking on this rich subject!

And BYW: If you hadn't given B-K these Awards I might not ever have discovered your blog! Don't you just LOVE the Blog World?

CG said...

Thank you so much!! You've made me smile AGAIN!!

Betty said...

I have a friend who went to a Catholic high school. She didn't like it, but the only thing I have ever heard her say about the experience is "Nuns are mean!" Seems that says it all, though.

Dianne said...

thanks ivanhoe - they did think I had 'satan' tendencies ;)

sparkling red - I love when folks snort laugh ;) - plus I think it's good for ya

chuck - I laughed and that's all that matters!! have a great weekend!

knight - oh I can picture you doing your damndest to run into a nun lol
hugs kiddo

odat - thank you - there were tons of those schools around, they all used to the same nun manual.

jo - don't worry about getting good seats, I reserved a luxury box right near the ring of fire. I've had it for years now :)
welcome back sweet lucious one!

oldoldlady of the hills - I love your name! and any friend of bob-kat is more than welcome here. I'm so glad you came by. I put Durang's name into my "next time Barnes & Noble" list - thank you!

cg - you're welcome. it is so deserved, you just make me feel better every time :)
and your photos are like chocolate for the eyes.

betty - of course there were a few really good nuns/teachers but by far they were mean and cruel.

Tammy said...

Congrats on the awards! Have a great weekend! :o)

Ralph said...

I had nuns for a number of years through Grade 8. They could be tough, and it never dawned on me to say anything by addressing them as: "Yes Sister ******" and "No Sister ******". It seemed the safer course of action.

Although the toughest nuns at St. Christopher School in East Hartford seemed to have a heart of gold. Not that I always saw it that way then!

Of course, it seems to be that way while reminiscing as a grown up...

magnetbabe said...

A bunch of stuffy, uptight, ultra-conformist nuns didn't like you? Shocking. Just kidding, I'm so glad you are who you are despite their attempts of dulling your spirit.

Jeni said...

Judging by the tone of everyone else's comments, it would appear I am not the only one who is damned glad that you didn't heed the advice of those sisters! You RULE!

meno said...

I look forward to meeting you in hell someday! :)

Dianne said...

tammy - thanks and hope you have a great weekend too

ralph - I was a good student and very polite. they just didn't like me, even during lunch or recess. they didn't like that I was strong willed and asked questions.
Hope you have a great weekend.

magnetbabe - I know it is shocking! thanks kiddo :)

jeni - thank you!

meno - I'll leave your name with the bouncer at my exclusive skybox! ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you so much Dianne, for stopping by..You are only the second person I have known in ALL my many years whose name is spelled with 2 "N"s...And she is a very unique person...As are you...!
And I met Bob-Kat through Craziequeen...a l-o-n-g time Blog Buddy....
I LOVE the Blog World.

Dianne said...

oldold ... - it's too late to type out your whole name lol
I saw the photos of your Dianne and thought that was cool. There are very few of us 2 n'ers
have a great weekend :)

bobbie said...

Congratulations, Dianne! Another very well deserved award! And you could not have chosen better than Lisa to whom to pass it on. (Yea! I didn't end a sentence with a preposition.) Neither she nor I had the good fortune (?) to have a Catholic school education, but it didn't seem to slow you down any, so I guess it couldn't have been so bad. I did put my eldest into Catholic school in first grade - briefly. Couldn't take Sister's attitude and she and the rest all went to public school.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Dianne! Thank you for the award. You're the greatest. I enjoy reading your blog. Like this post. The names of the nuns are hilarious. How you come up with names and the story you tell in Wordzzle amaze me. You are sincere and always write from the heart. For me, this is refreshing, knowing that when I visit, you will made my day better. Mary/the Teach hit the nail right on the head with giving you the awards. You deserve them. Congratulations!

One of these days, Bobbie and I are going to come "up dah pawkway" for a visit. Lisa

Dianne said...

bobbie - thanks. we were "hardship students" - that's what they called it back then. I guess now it would simply be a scholarship. I think that was part of why the nuns didn't like us. they catered to the kids who had parents who donated. sad but true.
when I thought 'smile' and 'comments' Lisa came right to me - she always goes out of her way to be kind and supportive.

Dianne said...

Lisa - you're welcome! you really do make me feel wonderful every single time you leave a comment. And your enthusiasm for my Wordzzle stories makes me so happy.
I'm gonna come down dah pawkway in early fall.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Yup. You make me smile. Yup. You leave the warmest, coolest, happiest and most sincere comments. The awards have my stamp of approval. :-)

Dianne said...

thank you pagan!

fermicat said...

Sounds like those sisters could have moonlighted as drill sergeants!

My husband has good things to say about catholic school, but he probably never got into any trouble there like his brothers did.

Patti said...

I love this post! So THAT'S why you became a hippie dippie (your term I believe ;-))

I hope you have seen "Nunsense" - if not get to a showing as soon as possible.

I never went to Catholic school but as you can see Ralph did. He told me about some mean sisters he had as teachers in Kindergarten and the primary grades. Hope they didn't scar him for life.

Congratulations on those two nice awards from The Teach ~ much deserved.

Dianne said...

fermicat - wow! your husband must have been such a good kid!! I don't know of anyone who has much good to say about Catholic school.

patti - yep - hippie-dippie - that's my term :)
I doubt Ralph is scarred, he seems so pulled together to me. I have not seen nunsense but I do know what it's about ;)
thanks patti