Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Want My Country Back

As of today – August 14, 2008 – 4,141 Americans have been killed in Iraq.

Four Thousand One Hundred and Forty One

This does not include the deaths of other coalition soldiers, this does not include the deaths in Afghanistan; it does not include the deaths of contractors.

And then there are the estimated 1,252, 595 Iraqi civilians killed as a direct result of our occupation of their country.

Earlier this evening, I sat with mouth wide open and hands shaking as I watched the August 11th episode of THE DAILY SHOW. The guest was RON SUSKIND. His latest book ‘The Way of the World’ has just been released. I listened to Mr. Suskind talk about the White House ordering the CIA to manufacture a memo that would link Sadam Hussein to al-Qaeda. The memo would also connect a few more dots by producing evidence that Muhammad Atta, the 9/11 ring leader, trained in Iraq.

You can read more of the details HERE and HERE

I watched Jon Stewart’s face twitch. I listened to the audience go silent. Jon asks why this isn’t news. Mr. Suskind shrugs – he has put the information out there, Congress has to act.

Congress has to act. What a novel idea.

I’ve stayed away from the whole impeachment discussion. After Kucinich was repeatedly shut down by the other Democrats and virtually ignored by the media I got frustrated. Then when Obama became the nominee I decided I wanted us to move forward. It’s very dangerous to get complacent. Now is not the time to enjoy a moment’s victory. The forces of evil never rest.

After watching the Daily Show episode I went outside. A huge thunderstorm had just blown through and I hoped the air would feel clean. My neighbor strolls over. After a few minutes of storm related talk he nods in the direction of my car – “So you added another Obama sticker”. Yes I did. “I don’t feel like quibbling over Obama” I tell him. He asks why. I start to tell him about the memo, about Suskind’s book. He interrupts – “that’s hard to believe” he tells me, “not one of the news shows has mentioned it”.

Of course it hasn’t been mentioned. We are all coping with the far more devastating news that John Edwards couldn’t keep it in his pants.

What’s a few thousand soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis when we must get to the bottom of why men cheat.

I’m so disgusted by my country. Not just its government, its people. I’m so fucking sick and tired of how lazy and stupid we are. For every Kucinich there are a thousand yokels waving flags and watching their President romp around China. While tanks roll further into Georgia this asshole plays volleyball. While a 23 year old soldier from NYC is being blown to bits by an IED in Sadr City this piece of garbage is dancing in his seat at the opening ceremonies; ceremonies being hosted by one of the most violent and oppressive governments on the planet.

Not one single death had to happen. We occupied a country because Bush and Co. wanted a war. There are pieces of evidence all over the place that this war is a lie.

People died. People continue to die.

The world does not trust us. I do not trust us.

And STILL people try to tell me they “don’t trust” Obama. He “isn’t ready to lead”. He “needs more experience”.

And STILL people are talking about Edwards. It’s “disgraceful”. It’s “shameful”. His wife is sick and he cheated. What kind of person does that? He shouldn’t go to the convention. How will this effect Obama.

John McCain will be standing arm in arm with a war criminal and we’ll be wondering about the guy who screwed the pretty girl because she was taking his picture.

John McCain hugged and kissed a man who can sleep at night and tap dance in the Rose Garden while our children and Iraqi children die. They die because he’s greedy and vile. They die because he’s hateful and power hungry. They die because he’s a drug addicted alcoholic with a C- average who wants to show his Daddy he’s a big deal. They die because he believes his pitiful Born-Again Christian ass is the only ass worthy of living. Fuck the Muslims! Kill Them All!

As McCain sang so cheerily – “Bomb Bomb Bomb – Bomb Bomb Iran”.

I took the link to Mr. Suskind’s website and e-mailed it to my Senators and to my Congressman.

I don’t know what else to do.

But I’m thinking about it.

I want my country back.


Rambling Woods said...

My daughter's boyfriend did a tour of duty in Iraq and came back. He doesn't have his hearing, he doesn't have 4 of his buddies or a good night's sleep...It makes me so angry that I can't even tell you. When I am done being angry, I cry...When I'm done being angry and crying, I write letters. It seems like such a small thing to do....

the walking man said...

Dianne...America was still coming off the sugar rush of the of an economy that we thought could withstand any blow, back when the CIA was ordered and complied in the memo manufacture.

Once this economy tanked all other cards came off the table. Nothing matters about what bush has done or mcain will do because they are time limited. Americans are historically notorious for not looking at past failures, it is the reason we never learn from them.

Not the 55,000 lives of American dead in Viet Nam, not the 4200 American dead in Iraq are enough for us to look at ourselves. We'll throw up a memorial, when the veterans find a way to pay for it and call it a closed chapter in American history.

Impeachment would be fine gesture, but I am sorry, that's all it would be...a gesture, with the same effect as flipping the bird at the White House. Makes me feel better but really is of no consequence.

What would be better is to recognize the World Court and to deliver Bush et al; to them for war crimes.

But succeeding generations of politicians will never do this either because we refuse to look back at ourselves.

Just think, if we know this much about how this travesty of war and greed came about, what don't we know? What is under a hundred year lock in the archives?

What you can do is stand as you have stood. Bring what information you have to them that read and them that don't (congress.) Keep your voice and scream at the winds of indifference. For the moment there is nothing else.

CG said...

So much of what you say is true for the UK as well.

bobbie said...

Once again, Dianne, you have said, and those who have commented above have said the words that are inside of me, but choke me as I try to find them. I want so much to express my feelings - but more - I want so much to have people LISTEN. What is wrong with us? Why do we not learn? Why are so many people whom we elect such complete assholes that they sit on their hands and do nothing?

And will Barack Obama turn into one of them if/when he is elected? That is a scary thought.

fermicat said...

I honestly do not understand how things could have gotten this bad with the current administration and they get away with it. If a democratic administration had done one tenth of this much, they would have been run out on a rail by now. So many things piling on... I can't wait for it to be over and for us to get some ethical people in there again.

Mrs. C said...

Hello, Dianne! Thank you so much for stopping by my boys' blogs and leaving me a comment. I will give them each your congratulations. It was VERY sweet of you.

Obviously if you've read my blog you know I'll probably disagree with you on about every political issue since I think *honestly* James Dobson is way too liberal ;]. But I think you have a loving heart and want to see things go well in the world as I do.

I'm pretty perplexed about the whole war as well. I'm made to feel traitor to my country if I question it. I live in suburban Missouri and I'm fairly certain that what passes for being "liberal" here is probably "conservative" to you LOL! But I'd tend to agree with liberal people on this one. (Or maybe I'm just all-around distrustful?)

Having five sons, I can't imagine sending them to Iraq. I feel very sorry for the people that they had a dictator or whatever, but do we need to send our children to the world's aid whenever we think it's in our best interests? I think we should stay out of their business and mind our own, but my husband is absolutely convinced there were lotsa weapons of mass destruction. I feel lied to, but D says if you wait 40 years history will show that to be true.

We'll see. :]

Casdok, you know, is a very good blog friend of mine and hosted our Flat Stanleys some time ago in London. Elf and Emperor are homeschooled because of abuse in the public schools here.

I think I'm on page 20 of my novel and I'll quit now. There were many things in your blog I wanted to talk about, but for today I will sign off...

Bob-kat said...

Good for you! You sound so like me when I get upset about things. I love that you care so much but I am sorry you have to feel this way.

I often stare in disbelief at newspaper headlines which include 'news' about Big Brother and the like while British soldiers are being killed and Georgia and Russia came to blows. I am not surprised about the news being full of why men cheat, although it seems more like food for Cosmopolitan to me. The 'flag wavers' (we have them here too) can't see beyond the end of their nose and are obsessed with 'celebrity'. On top of this the papers are not there to report the news, but to sell more newspapers. They will report (same for TV) whatever sells more papers (to the huge numbers of flag wavers) or gets the viewing figures. The more sensational the better. Add to this the fact that news can be played down by interested parties (linked to funding) and you can see why things get so skewed. It doesn't make it right though and it makes me angry too.

I hate to say it Diane, but many people in the UK thought that the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda was spurious and that the WMDs did not exist. There was a huge outcry when we went into Iraq with the US and other allies. And sadly you are right, there is an element of distrust for the US, but it's not distrust of America, it's distrust of your current President and his cronies. So good for you for caring adn for doing something.

I'm probably ranting a little and this is just tumbling from my fingertips. I hope it's coherent!

Jeni said...

Your words ring so true! I'm so tired of being told I am unpatriotic, that I do not love my country, don't support the troops, etc., etc., etc., because I -like you -find Bush to be one of, if not the most, vile individuals to walk the face of the earth! While I may believe that our country -this form of government via the Constitution, the Bill of Rights -is the best there is, I don't believe for a NY minute that we have any right to impose our beliefs, our governmental form, on any other country. Let them decide for themselves what is their best route -the same way our forefathers tried to establish things for us here.
It boggles the mind to realize how little we do learn here from prior experiences.

Dianne said...

rambling woods - I'm so sorry about your daughter's boyfriend and I hope he is getting the care he deserves - that is another issue - after they come home they have to fight for care. I'll tell you what I tell myself - keep writing, keep signing petitions, question at the local level - my feeling is that it can trickle up.

mark - "Americans are historically notorious for not looking at past failures..." - your entire comment made me feel calmer, I often feel so alone in my frustration with my fellow Americans, and my growing disgust. I'll keep my voice as best I can :)

cg - I know - friends there e-mail me and tell me very much the same things. In Suskind's book Downing Street's part in all this is discussed along with the now infamous Downing Street Papers.

bobbie - that is what is getting to me the most - the not listening, the not researching, the not thinking. The I'll just vote my party or even worse - I won't vote at all. And the selfishness - the bitching about gas and whining about immigration when all these soldiers are dying, coming back with incredible injuries - in all my 50+ years I have never seen Americans as isolated and self-absorbed as they are today.

Dianne said...

fermicat - I think 9/11 has a lot to do with it. I was in NY when it happened and all the days that followed. Of course there was fear, of course there was confusion but what then developed was a sheep like mentality - people literally followed Guiliani wherever he went as though he could deflect missles. Then Bush came, standing on the pile and promising revenge and salvation and they ate it up. And Rove began to spin the web of encircling us all in fear - when people are afraid they are easily led and easily fooled.

Mrs. C - thank you for your visit! The blog isn't always angry LOL sometimes it's photos and on Saturday it's a continuing story. I just had to share the feelings that practically overwhelmed me after watching Mr. Suskind's interview. And thank you so much for seeing my heart and respecting my opinions. The way we speak to each other and relate to each other's experiences is another thing that needs to be worked on in this country.
I think the world of Casdock and I'm very pleased to have found your blog through her. I hope you'll visit again and again :)
and write a novel any time you like - as you see we all do.

Dianne said...

bob-kat - you hit on a very crucial point, the news media and its funding. As much as many here rail on about the "liberal press" most of our news comes from outlets owned by (and controlled by) large, conservative corporations. Tumble from your fingertips ;) any time you want! You are always coherent and I appreciate your comments.

jeni - the questioning my patriotism doesn't work on me anymore. It did for a spell, no more! The greatest obligation of a patriot is to question their leaders. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - and I doubt they could ;)

Knight said...

And still people don't listen. They hear what they want to hear and disregard the rest. Obviously Bush isn't going anywhere at this point and I still meet a lot of people that think he is doing a good job even though we were lied to repeatedly. I CAN NOT BELIEVE people still think there are/were weapons of mass destruction. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people being so concerned with trivial shit that makes no difference and allowing the government we elected to kill a million people. Then I find myself enraged with myself for not knowing what to do to change things.

Daryl said...

Again you said it all .. we watched TDS and I, as usual, was yelling at the guest author ... Suskind's 'its in the book' mantra really says it all .. the question however is will anyone read it AND act on it?

The Senate seems to be made up most of ostriches ...

Impeachment is too good for Bush & Cheney ... I think the real punishment would be to send them to the romantic front lines with the same lack of protection they sent 'our' kids there with ..

Thank you AGAIN for such a wonderful rant ...


pink dogwood said...


I want to say something, but am lost for words. This makes me angry too - the more I think about it the angrier I get. But what are we going to do about it.

One time I overheard this guy at work saying that we need to take over Saudi Arabia or something because these gas prices just won't do???

Matt-Man said...

I saw Suskind on Stewart. Amamzing.

McCain is another old, rigid fuck, who thinks diplomacy and problem solving is best done at the end of a rifle.

I hope we can take a different course as a country and as people. Why the hate? Cheers Di!!

Ivanhoe said...

I sure hope that Obama can win in November. And I hope even more that he is the change that we need.
Off course news like that will not be made public. Our government is a disgrace. I've lived here for over 11 years and watched America go down in most of those years. You know what other nations think of us and how much most of them hate us. When did this happen? America was always #1 and the dreamland. Where did my dream go?
And then I hear the conspiracies that 911 was a set up by the US government or that it was done in Hollywood. Are you kidding me? I'm about to start crying here right now... I degress.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend :o)

Bond said...

I did my rant last focused on the BILLIONS, that has been stolen from us, the citizens of the US by the war-profiteers...If you want some more anger to build, you can find it HERE

Dianne said...

knight - After reading Walking Man's comment and thinking during the daylight I'm back to not caring what ultimately happens to Bush and Co. - I do believe in karma and I'm pretty sure their souls will spend a lot of time in deep shit.
What is really worrying me is all the people who don't see that McCain is not much better. And McCain will keep all the same crooks in place. And McCain will cover-up for his party - he's already a shell of the man he was, he has sold himself out.

daryl - I remember the 'it's in the book' mantra. Stewart kept asking how all this info could be ignored so long - a question without an answer. thanks for the support lady :)

pink dogwood - funny you mention Saudia Arabia. My neighbor blames them for everything but refuses to acknowledge the ties that the Bush family and Cheney have to Saudia Arabia.

matt-man - and I keep running into all these McCain supporters. and they're getting rabid! I've had Obama stickers on my car since the first primary but lately the comments are coming more often and are nastier. I truly believe the closet racists are showing themselves - kind of like roaches when you turn on a light.

ivanhoe - I often feel like crying (and sometimes I do). thank you for sharing your feelings.

Bond - your October post is a work of beauty. I'm so impressed with the amount of research you did! And the way you presented it. And then there's Blackwater - making 10x as much as our soldiers - then they create a bad situation and our kids get killed.

Mojo said...

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State."
Dr. Joseph M. Goebbels

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."
Hermann Goring at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials

"To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: 'Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve."
John Ashcroft on public outcry over the USA PATRIOT Act.

Back in the days before Blogger (or at least before I signed on with Blogger), I put together a few thoughts on this very topic. This was also in the days when Bush's approval rating was hovering in the positive numbers (just before and immediately after the 2004 election).
People thought I was being a hard-left liberal extremist when I used these three quotes together in
this piece. I couldn't find a publisher for it anywhere. So I posted it on my old website, which was rather like firing an arrow into the darkness and hoping it landed somewhere important. In the almost four years since then, the context has only gotten older. It hasn't changed. You can read it or, not as you like. You can believe it or not, as you like. And if you feel so inclined, you can read the rest.

There are newer pieces on my current blog (most of them are permalinked), but it disturbs me that these are still relevant after all this time. Some of the names have changed, but the story ... not so much.

OMG OMG: said...

oho,~~ so many comments for you :-)

Akelamalu said...

Our Government is as guilty as yours Dianne and it was all about the oil!

Bond said...

Glad you enjoyed it Dianne...I really enjoyed writing that one and may break it out again as the election comes nearer...I have picked up a number of new readers since then

Honestly...I have always felt we fight too fair. We have some of the most stealth technologies and humans in the world...Have a problem with a guy like Osama, send in a hit more problem and it saves lives and money

This was was about trying to fix daddy's mistake when he stopped the troops from continuing into Baghdad during the first war...

Jackie said...

Spot on Dianne (again!). The world is a much more dangerous place, thanks to this evil so-called war on terror. It's so frustrating feeling so powerless about it. Yes I've marched, yes I've signed petitions, and what's changed? But I can't not do those things - if nothing else, I want someone (even if it's a faceless civil servant) seeing that this war isn't in my name.

Dianne said...

mojo - those quotes gave me chills. as did your analogy of shooting an arrow into the darkness and hoping it lands somewhere. I have bookmarked the pieces you wrote and I'll read them over the weekend.
thanks mojo

omg - I'm always amazed that anyone reads me and then even more amazed that they tell me about it. my readers are the best.

akleamalu - the Downing Street papers play a prominent role in all this - and you're right both our leaders are guilty.

bond - if there was billions to be made sending out an assasin for Bin Laden then it would get done. War is far too big a business and you're right - Little Bush wanted to prove himself to Big Bush. Not to mention all the holdings the Bush family have in Saudi Arabia.

jackie - "... isn't in my name." That's such a great point, it's like you read my mind. I constantly speak up because not doing so is always perceived as agreeing, worse yet - aiding in this insanity. Keep on girl ;)

Tink said...

Hoop and I have decided that if Obama doesn't get elected, we're moving to Canada.

tt said...

I'm at such a loss for words that I can't even pretend to write anything that make sense.. Does that make sense? LOL
I'm a wee bit confused. And i know you are the one I would trust to explain it all. I doubt you'd ever have the time...:)...but I would completely trust you to teach me. ( hopefully one day we can discuss it over a bottle of wine or 7&7!! :))
Here's my confusion. It seems as though whenever there's an election, the party not in office finds fault with the party that is and vise versa. Right? Also both parties "find" evidence to back up what they claim but I never
see..physically see, what the evicense is. It's seems like there's a bit of 'speculation' and 'supposes' and 'he says' and 'she says' but nothing concrete...physical...that the other side can't possibly deny.
Does that make sense?
I am an Obama supporter...100%. But....I'm really not understanding several issues about this war. Oil/not for oil...WMD/no WMD...9/11-not 9/
That being said...I wish we hadn't gone to war simply b/c I abhor wars of any kind. Period. It took my brother in Viet Nam...
I'm done now....can I borrow a cup of sugar?? ;)

tt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
magnetbabe said...

This "non-story" continues to leave me stunned. Why oh why has this story not gained traction?!?! I felt the same frustration after Joe Wilson reported there was no yellow cake Uranium in Niger. AND when the White House outed Valerie Plame, an offense technically punishable BY DEATH.

The main reason why President Bush and VP Cheney need to be impeached is not as a gesture. It is to hold them accountable for all the power the executive branch has stolen from our government, thus rendering out constitution completely impotent.

I have supported Barack Obama from the day he announced his candidacy, but even in my infatuation I can recognize that I do not want him having as much power as GWB, even though I trust him a thousand times more. No president should have that kind of power and the constitution was written specifically to avoid this very situation.

I feel so sad that people won't just wake up and see how vitally important this election is. We can turn things around or we can keep going with the same old shit, watch our country go down the toilet.

You sure know how to get a girl fired up! Excellent post, Di.

San said...

The priorities are ass-backwards. And I am embarrassed by the ignorance that prevails.


Richard said...

You said what I've been thinking about saying for some time. Good for you girl.


Dianne said...

tink - I hear ya! Unfortunately Bush's buddy won the election there and from what my friend's tell me things aren't so great.

tt - of course you can borrow a cup of sugar! how about some cherries too? ;)
In a nuthsell tt the charges against Bush and Co. have nothing to do with the election in general or Obama specifically. Since the moment we set foot in Iraq, no actually even before that, the ethics and morals of the Bush family have been in question. Papa Bush has deep financial ties to Saudia Arabia. Baby Bush stole an election and then when 9/11 came along his chief advisor, the evil genius Rove, jumped on the fear bandwagon to start the process of completely duping us into thinking we need to invade Iraq. the plan has always been to de-stabilize the region, to create civil wars and chaos. It's a plan to gain control of oil rich nations and to destroy any chance of Muslims uniting.
In a nutshell that is LOL
Read the first of my 2 'Here' links - it explains it rather clearly.

Magnetbabe - you don't need me to fire you up! you're on my list of 'hope for the future'. Keep on Kid!

san - "embarrassed by the ignorance" - exactly San! I feel like I'm part of some out of control detention class, full of idiots and bullies.

thanks rich - it's freakin' exhausting!

Rambling Woods said... you want to know the truth about how well we take care of the soldiers that are lucky enough to come home in sort of one piece? Not well at all. The hearing loss must have been like that before going to Iraq according to the military. You want to go to college? Well, they will pay for a small bit? You want decent free medical care? You can sit and wait all day. It is disgusting, dehumanizing and embarrassing. Now I am really angry again..

Raven said...

Standing up and cheering! You have once again spoken my heart. I was and am a Kucinich supporter and now an Obama supporter. I am terrified of the idea that McCain has even a chance at being elected. But I listen to his ads - I get PA tv - and they are campaigning hard for PA votes and they make my skin crawl with their slickness, their inuendo, their lies, and their empty promises.

Like you I don't understand - haven't as you know understood for ages - why the country has not raised up as one to impeach these men, why there is no coverage of the truth. I don't understand what has become of our honor and our integrity. I am stunned that politicians on the right put party over truth and right and wrong and why politicians on the left put fear and a desire to be elected over the good of the nation. It stuns and depresses and infuriates me. I sign petitions, I write emails. I cry I fume. I am always profoundly grateful when voices like yours speak up. It makes me feel a little less alone in the wilderness. You are awesome.

Shelly said...

From your side of the country to mine...two times this week, from two different people... I've heard the words "I think there's a strong chance that Obama isn't going to win"...the eyes on the faces that utter those words are open wide and scared.
I'm freaking out.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for an outsider to comment without seeming importunate but if it is any help, I feel for you.
We have our ten week old granddaughter with us - her parents have been released for the afternoon - and I, at age 72, have to wonder what kind of world she is inheriting. If your compatriots vote in McCain... well, I don't want to contemplate.
It affects us all.
November draws closer and I even fear that man will find a way to stop the election.
Enough - I wish you all the good fortune you need to bring this terrible episode to an end.
What did 'it' call it - a 'comma' ?

CrystalChick said...

You thoughts and many of the comments I'm in complete agreement with.
Not much else I can add.
I'll go to the website and send out the link too!

Dianne said...

rambling woods - I know! I do some volunteer work at the VFW - it's not even work, I visit some of the most amazing people I've ever met.
A few of them can't drive so I take them to appts. - the VA clinic is a joke and the hospital is even more insane. I've seen grown men and women who have withstood the most severe circumstances break down from frustration at how they're so routinely disregarded.
and yet this administration accuses people like me of not supporting soldiers.
I'm so sorry he's going through this - I've been signing every freaking petition I can find re. the veteran benefits bill.

raven - didn't we meet over my Kucinich post? a million years ago. I took a 'which candidate fits you' quiz and of course Dennis was my guy. I laugh at those who say the country is too liberal - if the country truly was free thinking then Kucinich would be the nominee. and I laugh even more at those who say Obama is too liberal - he's more to the center than many of his peers.

shelly - when I think of all that can go wrong between now and November my stomach tightens, my eyes tear, my throat closes up.

aileni - thank you for your comment. you're a citizen of the world - this matters to you too, and thank you for that as well. my own fellow Americans are too short-sighted to see how vital this election is - so wrapped up in their petty concerns while wearing their selfish blinders.
on a much happier note - enjoy the baby! every day is a blessing isn't it.
oh - and your photographs rock!

crystalchick - thank you! every voice counts.

aims said...

You should run for president.

Again - being Canadian - we have and are watching with horror the atrocities being committed by your government.

I cry each time one of our fellow Canadians comes home in a pine box. Why? Because of your country and what they have done to the world? It's not worth it. It isn't.

Every single time I travel to the US - I come home and say the same thing. What a beautiful country. Too bad it's full of Americans.

You know what I mean and who I mean.

Here I have taken up the fight against just one neighbour (noise violation) and have ended up fighting with the police as well. Why? Because I am taking a stand. Shit. It didn't use to be like this. People in power - their heads fill the universe don't they?

Keep on saying girl - Keep on. The world needs people like you!

holly said...

this is so well put that from now on when i feel like talking about this stuff i'm just going to say "yeah, what diane said"

Kimmie said...

Dianne...AMEN. There is nothing I can add that hasn't been said. Way to go, you said it all perfectly.

scrappysue said...

dianne - found you thru daryl. so refreshing to find an (american) blogger who's willing to speak her mind. as a new zealander, whose prime minister refused (with such foresight) to send troops to iraq in support of the bush family's latest 'conquest' - i feel i can speak with the benefit of some distance from the topic.

many new zealanders think george bush is a joke. the last picture i saw of him he was spanking the butt of a female beach volleyballer.

i now read that your troops will be out of there in 5 years - a 10 year occupation.

i totally support your blog and feel for those who feel they can't speak out as it's seen as unpatriotic - that's how it looks from here too, but isn't your country founded on freedom of speech?

you speak well - great post.

Jo said...

I'm here from Daryl's blog, and what a great post you have done. I live in Canada, and we sit here across the border watching what is happening in your country, and we feel heartsick. Americans are such lovely people, but because of your politicians, it's true that America is becoming hated around the world. You don't deserve it. We find it hard to believe that Bush actually served two terms in office.

I have always had a theory that he started that war as a political tool to get re-elected to a second term in office. Traditionally Americans don't like to change Presidents during a "new" war. So, the timing of 9/11, the Iraq war, and Bush's second "election" to office was perfect. Bush would not have been elected to a second term if that "new" war had not been going on. At that point, Bush looked like a "hero" to everybody. It's so easy to connect the dots, and no one seems to do it. Here in Canada, it's painfully obvious! And now that Bush has served his two terms, he doesn't care. He will leave office without even looking back, and someone else will have to clean up his mess. I don't think he cares whether it's McCain or Obama. The war has served Bush's purpose.

Dianne said...

aims - I do know who and what you mean! they make me cringe every single day and how they may vote come November scares the crap out of me!

holly - thank you! you're no slouch yourself - I often read your post 2 or 3 times because the way you twist and turn delights me!

kimmie - thank you Lady :)

scrappysue - there are so many images of Bush that define him so well. I saw a photo of him holding up our flag the wrong way! Imagine if Obama had made that mistake - they'd be hunting him down.
thank you for stopping here and for your kind and supportive words. Daryl rocks and so do her friends :)

jo - another voice here from Daryl! thank you! I think your theory has a ton of truth in it. one of the most vile things Bush has done (and there's such a menu to choose from!) is corrupt the goodwill of the world right after 9/11. Instead of embracing the world and joining them to fight terror he pulled us aside, isolated us and then took advantage of our fears. An idiot surrounded by evil genius, that's his legacy.

Raven said...

I think we met over a crow that adopted a kitten and then bonded over Kucinich. He is such a great man. I wish there were more like him.

Dianne said...

raven - that's right!! that great video of the crow and the kitten!! that was so sweet. and then came Dennis. I admire him very much also and hate the way he was treated just about everywhere - shows how far the nation's thinking has to go to even be borderline progressive.

travelling, but not in love said...

it's all a nasty business and nothing more than bush saying 'look how big my dick is'. Unfortunately for him, the whole world now sees it for the teeny tiny wiener that it is.

great, great post.

the teach said...

Dianne, I'm with you all the way on everything you say here! I give you credit for having the energy to write it all (I'm sure not all) down. We'd better get to November soon...yes men are still dying For what? I ask. Stupid John McCain thinking "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, bomb Iran" is funny! Did you read what I put up about trusting photographs? Here's the link: Never trust photographs

Dianne said...

traveling - what an exquisite turn of phrase

Dianne said...

Oh Wow Mary! - the munitions dump holding WMDs turning into an IHOP!!
On a serious note - what a shame Colin Powell became a liar after such an illustrious career - until he joined Bush of course.

Lisa said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto, Dianne! Great post!

All of this (and more) has been highlighted in many Frontline episodes. The one that sums it all up can be found here: Bush's War. And the rest of them are here.

You can watch many of them online. Very eye opening. But I warn you, you will get angry all over again. . .

Why this has never come out in mainstream media I'll never know.

Dianne said...

lisa my lisa :) - so good to see you here!
the mainstream media is owned by large corporations who are - as my Nana would say - tied to the apron strings of Bushand Co.
thank you for the links!!

Diane Mandy said...

Oh I like when you get angry!!! This was another amazing post from you. I cannot believe that the Ron Suskind story hasn't gotten more play and that the public isn't clamoring for justice. Why aren't people demanding action from Congress?

I also agree with many commenters here. I am getting more concerned that Obama won't win the election. It's so disheartening.

Mary said...

AMEN!!! Have you read Frank Rich's book, "The Greatest Story Ever Sold?"

Anonymous said...

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