Monday, October 13, 2008

Half A Sunday Funnie On Monday

I didn't post a Sunday Funnies yesterday because I'm hobbling a bit behind in keeping my life on track. Apparently just trying to remain upright takes up far more brain cells that I anticipated - it was easy in my drinking days but alas I was younger then.

I don't have a new Sunday Funnie this week - hopefully next week will be back to abnormal.

But I did want to announce last week's winner ...

Her caption for this photo was ...

"I'll show you my little Maverick if you show me yours ;)"

The winner is KNIGHT -

Go by and congratulate Knight - she is a lovely wonderfully talented young woman whose inside is as beautiful as her outside.

And while you're there check out the time and place for her Halloween cabaret appearance.

All uh youse in dah try-state areeuh celebrate dah hollyday wit a bit uh kulture.
Ya know ya need it.

You can check out all of last week's brilliance HERE

Those of us about to tip over salute you ...


Dana said...

Ha! Knight did an excellent job with that one!!

Hope you find some "mad upright skilz" as my 12 year old would say!

Dianne said...

dana - I could use all kinds of "mad skilz" right about now!!

tt said...

Yay for Knight!!!! She's IS as nice on the inside as outside !!! I've been stalkin her too! ha
Great caption!!!
I'm thinking we need to call you 'Weeble" these days. You
know,"Weebles wobble but the don't fall down"...ha ha...

Daryl said...

Okay, I admit 'maverick' is slightly funnier than 'joe' but still .. (can you tell I am a sore loser? okay then)..

Your fun in the parking lot reminds me of a post I read on someone's blog about how this woman driver who parked in a handicap spot (and wasnt handicapped) when confronted said she'd recently lost a parent and so she needed the spot more than the person who was actually handicapped AND had the proper sticker.

I keep hoping to meet one of these people so I can help them attain the necessary condition needed to file for such a sticker for real.


Anndi said...

Now THAT was funny!

Knight hit that one on the head... well, you know ;)

kenju said...

Gee, I wish I'd thought of that!!

Ivanhoe said...

Yuppers, that's winner! Congrats Knight :o)

Dianne said...

tt - I am very weeble like :)

daryl - those are fighting words!! good for you - NY barely has any handicaped parking to begin with.

anndi - "head" hehehehe

kenju - knight is a youngun, they're quick :)

ivanhoe - I'n glad you agree with my choice :)

Tammy said...


Linda Reeder said...

Good choice.
I watch the Sunday Funnies on George S's show and love them. That reminds me, I need to record The Daily Show. I think the political humor has been great. Of course, I love it when it is at the expense to the McCain/Palin ticket. They provide soooo much material.
Hang in there.

Cherie said...

"Apparently just trying to remain upright takes up far more brain cells that I anticipated..."

Dianne's nagging Fairy Godmother said, "And are you supposed to be upright? It seems that I remember something along the lines of the ankle makes the knee twist one way, which causes additional injury to the ankle???"

Do they have you on any physical therapy to help? I would think that you'd qualify for home health, a few visits anyway. Okay, all my healthcare deamons are leaking out. I'll leave you be for now, but don't make me come up there. LOL

Reb said...

Knight is the best, that is a great caption! Now go rest!

Dianne said...

tammy - hehehehe

linda - I watch George S also, last half hour after CBS Sunday Morning.
Jon Stewart is wonderful and his writers are brilliant.

cherie - I will confess to being on my feet - uh - foot a bit too much this morning but just this morning and just a bit.

reb - she is and I will ;)

the walking man said...

Dianne there is hope for your balance, I navigate with just three remaining brain cells rotating in gyroscope fashion, where there's movement there is hope.

bobbie said...

She did good!

So did you. As one from dah try-state areeuh, I like your style, kid. Hang in there.

Matt-Man said...

Congrats to the lovely one. And here's to you regaining some equilibrium. Cheers Di!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Congrats to Knight! She's beautiful and funny!

Dianne said...

mark - not to mention that when you zig zag you make a more difficult target! I am finding that reassuring.

bobbie - she did do good! and I like your style too.

matt-man - thanks. I'm starting to adjust. it's a bit like being at sea, so I'll be all prepared when my ship comes in ;)

RLL - that she is! just like you are.

Knight said...

I went into hiding for the weekend and missed my win. I won I won! Thanks Dianne! Thanks to all the lovely commenters. AND you pimped my show! You are the best.

Dianne said...

knight - I kinda figured you might be away or just chilling for the holiday weekend.
everybody loves ya kid! me most of all!! I have all the adoption papers ready :)